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  1. Ah yes one of the more "interesting" things one can do with this game's VA. I've done it and I am not ashamed to admit that. It's a shame you can't really do it with form changers though. I mean it's possible just more difficult due to the extra animation. Also it makes you wonder if this was intentional. A part of me wants to give the devs the benefit of the doubt but I dunno.
  2. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    fair point I suppose but yeah, they just kind of dumped all the 3ds beasts on us all at once(minus yarne of course).
  3. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    well you know IS and their fates bias.
  4. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    I hope to god this is the case cause then Hopefully my favorite girl will finally get in the game. I have waited two years IS give me my twintailed tsundere time traveling daughter please!!!
  5. The place of a protagonist in Fire Emblem

    the two may appear similiar but it's the subtle nuances in how they are involved in their stories that make all the difference. You know I've honestly started to hate the argument that "all FE stories/lords are the same" cause it ignores all the fundamental subtle differences in themes, nuances, and storytelling that each story has. Yes, they may all appear the same on the surface and follow the same general archetype/template but when you really dig deep and analyze each of them for what they are they truly are different in their own unique ways(For better or for worse). Since I have only played ten chapters of PoR, I'm gonna compare Corrin to a protagonist I'm a little more familiar with like Chrom/Robin(Even though Comparing two characters is fundamentally a moot point cause they are in fact different people and as I said the way their stories are told are different on a fundamental level). Let's break things down shall we? What kind of story is awakening trying to tell? Well in the case of Chrom it's a case of generational burdening. You know stuff like passing the torch and all that jazz. The idea that you must place your trust in the next generation to fix the failings of the previous. You must find the strength to be the person your country needs to set a standard and guide the next generation toward a brighter future. The way Chrom is used to tell this theme is relatively solid. A little rushed and rough around the edges sure but it works for the most part. Chrom starts out as sort of a hot-headed shounen hero. He's reckless, quick to anger, and is always to the first to bark and take action. If Gangrel wants a war by the gods he'll give him one. It is only after Emmeryn's sacrifice and Robin's influence that he begins to cool his head and learn what his sister truly stood for. He learns to think before acting. He is able to grow into the leader his country truly needs to lead it into a brighter future. Now this arc is not perfect. For one, Chrom's recklessness is not dwelled on as long as it needs to be. Secondly, A lot of that growth does kind of get undercut/overshadowed by Robin and Lucina and the greater emphasis on Grima later in the story. Fundamentally(I'm using that word a lot) speaking though, it's sound and it works. Now let's do the same for Corrin. What kind of story is fates trying to tell with Corrin? what is Corrin's arc? Well the only overarching theme I can think of is the whole blood vs bond thing which is directly undercut by Corrin being allowed to S-support his hoshidian siblings meaning their whole side of the argument is rendered completely moot cause at that point they're just being hypocritcal selfish assholes. Now besides that what exactly is Corrin's character arc throughout the course of any of the three paths? war is bad? well we kind of already knew that cause it's nothing new to the FE franchise. Thing is I can't really think of one. Even if we're under the assumption that they're going for a "flat character arc" with him(Which they're not judging by how much stupid angst they go through), then they certainly didn't do a good job of it. Again, they don't go through any sort of real character arc. They don't change or grow throughout the story, the way the world reacts to the them isn't at all interesting(Again that's if they were going for a flat character arc), they don't learn anything. Corrin just exists as a stand in to stroke the player's ego which is what most light novel isekai harem protags are used for like kirito(and we all know how those stories turn out).
  6. Voice actors [Scattered Fang complete]

    Either that or an alias
  7. Which of these would you rather do?

    Never use a touch screen cause then I could just attach keyboards/controllers to things WYR: try and hug a tsundere or yandere?
  8. The place of a protagonist in Fire Emblem

    You’re missing my point. My problem with the sort of pseudo-incest in fates isn’t the fact that it’s incest it’s the fact that it exists SOLELY to fetish pander to the lowest common denominator. I dunno how much you know about modern anime trends/shows or otaku fetishes but I can tell you fates is a prime example of those things. Elise and Sakura calling you “onii-chan” or “nii-sama” all the damn time is about as blatent as you’re gonna get when it comes to this kind of pandering and don’t even get me started on those camilla cutscenes/supports. I don’t really care so much if it’s optional if it’s CONSTANTLY being shoved in my face like this. I can just sort of feel the devs nudging me and whispering “hey see that cute little girl that keeps calling you ‘onii-chan’ yeah you can f*ck that” and that’s kind of annoying. however at the end of the day that is all my opinion and I will respect yours. I just you are able to see my side of things
  9. The place of a protagonist in Fire Emblem

    Here’s the difference between incest in fe4 and “incest” in fe14. Its presentation. I can’t speak much about FE 4 cause I have yet to play it but as far as I can tell the incest is mostly portrayed as a bad thing and is used more as a major plot and world building point. Without incest, the plot would not happen cause that’s how the events of the game sort of kick off. In fates however it’s presented as nothing more than fetish pandering to all the sick otaku out there who are in to that sort of thing(you know the type). Like the kinds of people who enjoy sh*t like eromanga-sensei unironically. In fates the incest is not necessary to the plot or world and solely exists to pander to a specific fetish. If anything it more so detracts from the game’s story and themes than it adds to them.
  10. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    The sheer amount of energy that voice actress has in delivering selkie’s line gives me life. Selkie is a f*cking treasure and Imma roll for her. Gacha gods have mercy upon my soul and my 50 orbs
  11. I totally understand that sentiment but what can ya do am I right?
  12. Yes! That she does! All she needs is a hug and for someone to tell her that she’s special! And thank you. Hah rolling that's funny considering the title of the song I based my story off of. I wouldn’t feel too bad about it. I mean I was gonna awakening from the minute I read the prompt. Great minds think alike as they say.
  13. Hi

    Welcome! And I see you’ve aligned yourself with second best dere type. I hope you enjoy it here.
  14. One More Time Fandom: Fire emblem Awakening Words: 1.441 because I just couldn't resist. Anywho I like how this one turned out. Severa is my favorite FE girl for a reason and damnit am I going to show why. Title is an allusion to this song which is what I used as a sort of blueprint for this story.