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  1. Wait, wasn't there another cut area of Xenoblade where it was like a tiny-ish village of sorts? I know Breath of the Wild had a cut village of tiny people, but I recall Xenoblade having a cut town as well.
  2. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    Granted, but the game becomes too easy due to all the passive stat boosts everyone gets from standing next to each other. There are also multiple copies of the same kid? The game is also looked down upon for it's pairing practices. I wish there was a Fire Emblem racing game.
  3. What anime/manga are you following right now?

    I went ahead and started watching Initial D, and I gotta say that it's really fun to watch, especially with the Eurobeat songs. I also started Cowboy Bebop, but I haven't watched it in a while due to being busy.
  4. Fire Emblem's OST

    Music Box from Genealogy of the Holy War. It's always a great track to listen to, and I feel that it is an extremely fitting choice for the end of the game. Seeing the final results screen with the song playing in the background is always such a treat.
  5. Over the course of development, there's a lot of concepts and unique ideas that end up being cut from the final game, like a 3rd generation in Genealogy of the Holy War for example. So my question to everyone is what cut content would you like to have seen make the cut in any video game? If there's any concept art or videos talking about the cut idea, feel free to share it. Something I would've liked to see is the aging mechanic in The Wind Waker. Link would age slowly as the game progresses, and I think that it's a really neat idea that I hope is revisted and implemented for a future Zelda game.
  6. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    Granted, but they're unkillable super bosses only found at the end of the game as long as all of your units are alive, at the end of their class chain, and the maximum level. I wish that there was a game where traveling through different universes was part of the story, and the player's army would be chasing an antagonist through each world (no, not Heroes).
  7. Problem solving

    Here's what I'll do. You wake up one morning to a group of priests at your bedside, praying for you to be released from a curse you've never heard about.
  8. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    I've had similar problems with KOTOR 1 and 2 on all the computers I've played it on. Sometimes the screen is black and it's just audio in 1, and in 2, there's a part of the game in the beginning where the droid (I forgot his name) gets stuck and I can't progress, not to mention the fact that the area is laggy, although these are probably just the problems with my copy. My excuse is that it's an old game, and my suggestion is to try out different settings and figure out what works. I always try to go with lower graphics when I can so the game runs faster. Nah, Disney is reviving old movies and making them live action, so I'm pretty sure that it's the opposite of Thanos (even though Disney has the rights to him ironically enough). Is JoJo's Circus an alternate universe of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?
  9. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    Each new spinoff is a port of the last, only adding in one new character each time. Oh, and the only characters that are in the game are the units that are the Dancer class. I wish there was a game in the series with the genre of the soundtrack being mainly Rock.
  10. What is the avatar of the user above you saying?

    Tis the season to be over soon.
  11. Our Favorite Mayumi Hirota Designs

    I have bias for Saias (yes, it's a rhyme, I know). I also really like Linoan's art and Carrion's art.
  12. Most kings are responsible people, right? I'll give him the go ahead.
  13. Problem solving

    Capitalists are the scissors to a communist's paper. We won't kill them, but we might make them swim with sharks. After they're gone, attempt to maintain order, set up a way to survive, and wait for rescue. You and another person that you don't know have been placed into a windowless room that is fully carpeted (so the walls and ceiling have carpet, too). You're both tied to steel chairs with elastic rope, and there is a single candle placed between the two of you. There is about 10 feet of space between the two chairs, so there is about 5 feet between you and the candle. Whoever can escape from bondage first is allowed to leave, but the other will die. There are no visible doors, and the candle's flame is dying fast.
  14. How'd you guys come up with your usernames?

    I got the indigo part from Inigo, and the oceans part is merged in with the o at the end of indigo since I feel that it rolls off the tongue nicely. I've used the username indigoskies before as a reference to Laslow and Odin's C support in Fates. So far, I like the one I'm using now the most.
  15. Which one is babysitting? All of them? If that's the case, I'm sure they're all responsible adults.