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  1. Would FE4 be Different if Sigurd had a gun?

    They also end up killing the boss of Chapter 10 5 chapters early, which is a nice bonus.
  2. Sleep is a waste of time

    Can we start a petition to make saying "meme" illegal if it's out of context?
  3. Pick a card!

    In 6th grade, our English teacher was showing us un-aired Superbowl commercials. It was a video on YouTube showing 10 of them in a list, and one of those commercials was something 6th graders definitely shouldn't have seen. So the commercial went like this: A guy was getting home from a date with his girlfriend, and he had his car parked inside his garage. Once she left, he got out of the car and made sure the coast was clear. So, you know those little icons cars have that identify who made them? (Ford, Chevy, Subaru, etc.) I don't remember what brand it was, but the guy opened up that icon like a cupboard, and on the inside, it was blurred out. And then the guy started having sex with the car. It's bizarre to say, but that's about the best way I can describe it. Our teacher rushed to turn the video off before we could really comprehend what was going on. Jack.
  4. can get laid but don't feel like it

    I feel like this is a rhetorical question, but I'll answer it anyway. no
  5. Sleep is a waste of time

    Humans sleep for, like, 1/3 of their lives, meaning we only have about 2/3 of our life to do worthwhile shit. I suggest we eliminate sleep from our schedules to maximize on all 3/3 of our lives.
  6. I doubt it would've been put into the game for no reason. From a gameplay standpoint, it's some after-story bonus content, but from a story/timeline standpoint, it let us know where Grima came from. As for Alm actually going there, my guess is that he did. I can't think of how the First Exalt would've come into contact with Grima had that one door in the Labyrinth with the shield on it not been unsealed and Grima escaping through there. Not unless the First Exalt did that himself or Grima grew too big for Thabes. It's all up to player interpretation for right now until we get more concrete information about it. But if it's in the game, then it's probably canon. I know that last part doesn't hold true for some games, but let's just roll with it here for right now.
  7. I think this theory could be interesting. All that's really being suggested is that each game's Dragon's Gate is connected to the other. Fateslandia could be at a point in time WAY before anything we know of the world's history, but at the very least civilized enough to the point where the connections pointed out make sense, or WAY in the future where everything of the past has been forgotten. The point in time doesn't really matter as long as it's not during the events of Fates or its backstory. It was also mentioned earlier how Fates' Dragon's Gate connected to several different worlds and Elibe's only connected to one. Elibe and Fateslandia are two different worlds and are bound to have different technologies developed, like how Elibe has world-breaking weapons and Fateslandia... not so much, but has a dimension-hopping gate that can lead to many different places. Say what you will, but those are just my thoughts. There are probably plenty of holes that can be poked, so don't yell at me about it.
  8. hi, it's natsumi again

    Well, welcome back. I think. Give it some time, make a few comments in other threads if you can. You'll eventually be able to make topics (again). If you can't, then the best thing you can do is wait, I'm afraid. It might be best to DM a mod and ask.
  9. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    Biorhythm returns. I wish for a wish about Fire Emblem that cannot be corrupted.
  10. can get laid but don't feel like it

    I can guarantee you that there will be some hardcore Christians out there that'll give you a piece of their minds if they ever see this. But hey, who cares
  11. Pick a card!

    I worked at a summer camp as a counselor one year (I had been doing it for a couple years prior), and this particular year, we were going for the whole summer... or at least until mid-August or so. Anyway, there was one kid there that had some unique quirks to him (although there were a lot of oddballs at that camp, let me tell you). Everyday, we would take a short-ish field trip to a public pool. One day, when we were getting ready to leave, we had all the kids change in the bathrooms in the stalls so the seats on the bus we used to get to the pool wouldn't get soaked. Well, the same kid mentioned earlier said that he forgot something. So he ran out of the stall to go get it. Problem was... he was naked. Thankfully, one of the older counselors grabbed him in a pool towel and brought him back. I guess while I'm still on the topic of it, at the same camp, one the younger kids would bring Starbucks coffee to camp each day, and she couldn't have been older than 5 at the time. Wild times, that year was. King.
  12. General Music Thread

    I recently finished Need for Speed: Carbon (a game I've had for years, but have never actually beaten), and I never realized it until not too long ago that a lot of the music from the game was actually made by real bands and artists. I always thought that it was music made for the game by EA. It was a neat discovery. Here's one of the songs that I really liked.
  13. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    I guess he should've just stuck to comedy then. Oh wait, nevermind, he still makes it.
  14. Star Wars: The Clone Wars announced

    Ah, the movie theater/drive-in. Expensive-ish, but fun. I'd love to go again sometime, but there's a cheaper alternative with things like Redbox, which is nice as it allows people to watch a movie in the comfort of home while having full viewing control (ability to fast forward, rewind, etc.), but frustrating because the rental DVDs don't have bonus features to check out. Then there's the actual retail releases of movies that are more expensive, but could be worth more later, like Collector's Editions. Why does life have to be so expensive?
  15. Did you know voice to text picks up trombones?

    That's because you're tired and can't think straight. Get some sleep, dudette.