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  1. Fate/Grand Order USA

    if you do not care about gourds drops, might spam 1bp. A bit better for bond pts and similar drop rate IIRC
  2. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Finally this raid is approaching it`s end. 5 days for zerks is just annoying >< It was fun, still is messing around, but after 1 week it is getting old fast! Tired of replaying the same fight over and over tbh >< Might break 500mil who knows.... still hunting for 2 more carp drops to mlb 2nd one, but prob won`t happen sadly
  3. Fate/Grand Order USA

    as many said, the yuri duo is very worth the investment - if you need a strong single target rider. Tried her during couple runs vs this Ibaraki and she managed to BNPQ for close to 4,4 million total dmg on 3bp !! Fun stuff Kinda sad that I did not manage to repeat the Shishou solo again... I need to get a decent hand right at the start of Ibaraki match, or I cannot 1shot a caster hand nad thus my tauntwall survives for too long. Every extra turn, George always gets some cards and make my dmg go down a lot. edit: for anyone still having issues on 3bp - assuming you have 4 carps + MLB ushi CE - raise David + Mash +Leo/George. And if possible pick a ST attacker with some kind of utility - a dodge / atk break / np drain. If that isn`t possible, learn to master Robin Hood and Mozart duo !
  4. Fate/Grand Order USA

    as an update, managed to clear 6mil quest with Leo (lvl1)+ Leo sup (lvl1) + Scathach soloing second stage!! SO fun hahaha loved it
  5. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Nah I just used some rice balls and I do manage to kill the 6million version every time, so it adds up pretty quickly. This, so much this. Taunt + stun on demand helps a ton to stabilize the run. twice per quest mind you (during the 15turns that is) so you have 2 stuns to plan around and a decent turn of atk up (maybe 2 if you pop it early)
  6. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Yeah, I always kill the hands! Still need many gourds and would like some CE drops... those never drop for me - over 100Million dmg already I was using the plugsuit since I can be lazier with him and just let a taunt eat an np for free. But I might swap for something else to lvl up a dif MC Now, with a MLB Ushi CE + full carp team (4 from me +1/2 from support) and one waver OR MC atk buff, a single buster from Scathach can kill a hand - mine is lvl100, so the extra atk helps. And remember guys, if you use the BP diligently, you only need to clear 3bp 15~20 times. We will get +/-550 total bp from regen+riceballs. Farm the CEs if before. 1 Ushi +2 carps would be the minimum I would say - and I am using a cheat team (Sca Waver Waver)
  7. Fate/Grand Order USA

    I am =p Ok after 10 2bp runs decided to dive into 3bp Sca (ushi) +2x wavers + Leo + mash + caesar (2 total magicarps including support) Just TRY to take it slow on first wave - gets much harder with extra carps, since everyone hits like a truck AND crits on 1st round anyway. cast waver crit up for np on Sca (60%) then facecard 1st wave. Took me 3 turns, now only 2 since even waver art card can 1shot random drunkards At Iba, just cycle cooldowns and keep 1 waver def up as long as possible. With it, not so hard to sustain the dmg she does. Might cut close since lack of CEs the dmg isn`t really there, but I`ve managed to kill her every single try so far. 3bp is MUCH more fun!!! Now farming for my last Ushi CE from the shop to MLB it!! ps: had a run where I managed to fire Gae Bolg Alt with Sca quick up + 2x waver atk up + lvl7 plugsuit atk up + lvl6 charisma + np dmg from caesar! Fun times :D
  8. Fate/Grand Order USA

    So far only did 8 rounds of 2 BP Shishou + 2x wavers is super braindead...without CEs. With a single Ushi CE Scathach can dish around 750k in a single np...she straight 1 round killed Iba with a brave quick chain for me. Scathach np gain is subpar, just remember to toss her buster card at the end of chains. 5% give or take helps a bit (if the chain starts with anyone else art card) And between MC stun / Gae Bolg Alt / duo wavers, Ibaraki hardly has time to cast nasty stuff. Gonna test 3bp once I get at least mlb Ushi CE. Eager to try
  9. Fate/Grand Order USA

    really? hmm I kinda want him but not veeeery much =p oh and btw if anyone got a spot open on friend slot, just send me one! I had a dude away from the game for 20 days so he got the booty ><
  10. Fate/Grand Order USA

    is Li available already?? I thought you could summon him only with Sanzang during... journey to the west I think it`s the name?
  11. Fate/Grand Order USA

    I was specifically talking with Czarpy about Vlad - mainly because his zerk modifier would be wasted on Ibaraki dealing only 1.5x dmg instead of 2.0 of ANY other class. And Vlad takes the same dmg as any class aswell. Among your options, if you plan on using a single dmg dealer - for 3BP specifically - Scathach should work on most of the days. Even with her subpar np gain, and assuming the ever so often used support Waver, with the lengh of the quest she should be able to fire 2~3 times her lance without THAT much issue. Remember we have a wave 1 of trash units that helps with np gain. Specially if you have some stars to help her land some crits along the way. My fear with AoE dmg dealers like Gil is allowing Ibaraki to have 3 actions per turn! With her zerk mod and possibilities of 10k+ critical strikes, I don`t know how early we can destroy her add-ons. I`ve also saw some old videos using Robin Hood comps, so that should be an option! I believe you do not own any of the Caster SSR supports right? No waver nor Tamamo correct?
  12. Fate/Grand Order USA

    I mean yeah, but in this quest specially, the fact that his berserk modifier is SMALLER then those from ANY other class is kinda of a killer. If only he got some extra defences vs fellow berserkers :P
  13. Fate/Grand Order USA

    I do not know what The Priest has at his disposal, but if you intend to np spam that specific quest, there are better options - specially an archer named Orion :P In my case, I have the supports... so I can pick any art dps, not sure about evereyone else. I would just do not recommend Vlad as a 1st pick this round. Orion / Bride / Shiki seems better, but I am just speaking after reading the quests and watching couple videos. No 1st hand experience.
  14. Fate/Grand Order USA

    In this specific case, Vlad might not be a great choice... remember that being a zerk himself he still deals 1.5x dmg but also receives the same amount! Unlike other classes that deal 2.0x dmg and receive 1.5x from Ibaraki (zerk)
  15. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Touta is...the riceman ?