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  1. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Hmm about Tamamo I think you could argue about using her bond CE... she usually is a np battery with support capabilities and her main issue is charging her OWN np - she kinda struggles. Adding a +card effect helps her 3 arts card charge a bit more, while also powering up the team DMG dealer! I do not have raw numbers but 15% arts up looks just a little less then a Divine Banquet MLB from some runs I tried. Could be wrong, maybe with future updates it changes can`t say.
  2. Fate/Grand Order USA

    not yet but maybe in the future!
  3. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Prisma Illya is... well past the fan service there is some decent animation and cool fights IMO. But don`t expect ground breaking stuff. Kuro/Chloe is an AMAZING arts archer, with a very strong skill set! She is a top tier unit for sure. And among the current Gold archer you named (Garcher / Orion and Atanyanta) first 2 will have SQ that makes a world of difference! Emiya becames usable and Orion gains charge gauge reduction on np - which is AWESOME! Cat is... welp, she has a nice party quick buff aight? RIGHT??!?!? PS: resisted Fuyuki bait, staying strong for Bryn and Bride!!!
  4. Fate/Grand Order USA

    know not to get baited is good but so HARD to put in practice!!!! like this Orleans banner... such a good chance for a Gilles spook is super tempting!
  5. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Can`t say, I am mostly an NA pleb too >D I think Ishtar Archer have a... she rides her giant bow? And the extra classes are pretty unique on their own I would say - Melt Lip and Lizzie Mecha NA is SO overprepared it`s not even fair! And we having so much info on what and how to tackle future content makes it much more manageable! I don`t see a huge upproar anytime soon, maybe on nerofest special quests but that is still soooo far way xD
  6. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Can`t say about how difficult rerolling is, when I started the game it was almost halloween already. But honestly why? Just to try some new units or for extra pulls? I personally would HATE pulling something amazing on my alt account >< And I am pretty sure the FIRST pull - the one you the game makes you do - you cannot get a 5* unit and you get at LEAST 1 4* - but only among the old roster (Carmilla / Herc / Emiya and the other old dudes)
  7. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Dedicating it to help improving the most loyal of the hounds! And skill lvl10 is amazing indeed! I don`t wanna even look how many rare mats it cost. Well, I am not sure, you look happy I guess? Congratz maybe?
  8. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Real? o.O At least, here in Brazil ppl are usually more chill. Like the char? Go for it! Simple as that If you don`t mind some spoilers for the quests, you maybe can check what you will be facing and plan for those in advance!
  9. Fate/Grand Order USA

    what`s not to get? you like the char design / lore / gameplay then you use her/him more then other characters... isn`t that it? and plan carefully before burning your precious hearts!!! think real hard if Fergus is really worth them - I cannot bring myself to use Brock =p but that`s just me being biased and remember you can always use a strong support for events, saber wars most likely will be Okita again and she can carry pretty hard! So you can prob get by with somewhat weaker units - I think*** personally I will be running Lilly (lvl80) Okita (80) + Caesar (70 max because used him on 50ap xmas) + supports for points most likely IF everything goes smoothly
  10. Fate/Grand Order USA

    You might consider trying farming some hearts on saber wars - if that event ever comes to NA. There seems to be a fabled node that drops hearts AND gears and is reasonably farmable, like Caster node was during GudaGuda! And I am pretty sure Fergus eats some hearts too...think for his 3rd ascension?
  11. Fate/Grand Order USA

    That depends... Euryale is a single target with a strong niche as a male killer, but not so much needed in the present and near future - you might wanna raise her for camelot so after America (London -> Murica -> Camelot) David is a really helpfull unit, with a ever so good charisma 3rd and AoE dodge. His np being a buster helps if you enjoy B chaining since his deck is BQAAA. Skill seal on np is usefull when you usually need him for harder quests. Follow your D...I mean heart in the end =p --- No news on new paid gacha so far, but there will be a stream on London launch from the official team of AniplexUSA on twitch, they might say something about it? --- And on the CE topic from before, I think Prisma Cosmos should shine on units that have usefull NPs but you rather avoid using their cards if possible - like hans / jeanne. Outsides of forming chains, their cards are really lacklusters, so when possible to avoid the bonus from Cosmos helps a ton on their np regen. Maybe? Just thinking out loud tbh =p --- AND I am done with the lotto from christmas!!! almost completed box 74! Feels good now having units usable for combat haha - if anyone wants to add me 314369629
  12. Fate/Grand Order USA

    done redeeming all socks! kept some healthy 240 exp cards on treasure and filled second archive!! considering grailing my Loved Scathach after I clear septem + okeanos and rush her to 100! I won`t even look at the banners...I could be baited with Drake banner - might try to roll for her on valentines! not sooner then that since wallet kun took a hit on sca banner >D @Talandar: Divine banquet is a pretty decent CE! specially usefull when MLB! you bound to get spooked by those later down the road - I use it with my tamamo for exemple! and prisma cosmos looks to be an awesome CE indeed!! Jealous =D
  13. Fate/Grand Order USA

    nah not really need. I`ll just open 2k here and there. not so bad as it seems
  14. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Good event overall! Farmed more then I planned for the future!! all those dragon fangs and skill gems gonna be important I hope
  15. Fate/Grand Order USA

    About Tamacat someone mentioned earlier, she is a good farming berserker! She clears hands easily and after she np your team get a good number of stars! that`s pretty much it. Lu Bu and Vlad have totally different jobs (heracles lite and the latter is an arts team dpser) I just reached box number 45.. considering going back to 10 ap to farm some seeds I need to ascend Sumanai-kun. No more apples left and decided won`t roll on sber wars so I could spend some quarz on AP this month. Not rolled for jack either since I really do not enjoy her design >>