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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    to be fair, leveling bonds is pretty much useless, so taking tons of time isn`t an issue! Rest assured xD
  2. Fate/Grand Order General

    Isn`t the bond lvls used for the farming part of the singularity? I mean extra dmg always helps :P For me, no bond10. But Scathach and Bride need like 20k to max and Benkei / Phantom / Stheno are finally at their ultimate form! Bond9 and guarding 2nd archive
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    HA you got Jebaited! And now I am feeling sad... Christmas so early means I`ll have to wait even longer for best rider godess to grace my home! C'est la vie I guess
  4. Fate/Grand Order General

    Friend of mine found out by nailing a Stheno! He was so happy Kappa
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    wait really? Is that a thing? Huh interesting. I wish gluk to anyone who ventures into the gacha, since I dipped some SQ on cleo earlier this event, I have to fast until Quetz arrives
  6. Fate/Grand Order General

    I feel his pain... still eagerly waiting for my own Fionn MacCumHaill >< I am prob one of the few that actually WANT this dude
  7. Fate/Grand Order General

    October 28 I believe. Just taking it easy since like you said the drops are plentfull and time ain`t a constraint for now
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    SUBTITLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! Fina-fuckin-ly And the bonk sfx are amazing! Having a pretty good time with this event! So I summoned on my alt - that I created specifically for Cleo - 171 tickets + 800 sq = no Cleo >> Gave in, used half my sq reserves on my main... got 7 vlads + 2 Cleopatras in 450sq + 20 tickets. So I am happy but won`t be able to grail her here which is a bummer! At least, I`ll prob dump the alt since nothing appeared there Cleo is GREAT!
  9. Fate/Grand Order General

    After doing many SQuests (the 2x sucess made me lvl up many of the not so used guys) and couple interludes from new FA guys, I am also tired of QP farming Lets have fun with Brave Liz wooooo
  10. Fate/Grand Order General

    She looks rather cute atg least - this Sitonai girlie
  11. Fate/Grand Order General

    This is the second event where the time is weirdly managed (last one was fate zero accel with 3 weeks for na) There just isn`t enough content on the rerun, so I`ve been running most dailies as usual, in the fruitless gold gem farm :P
  12. Fate/Grand Order General

    Nice haul!!! I am not JSND but looking at the skill, the Star absorb is already strong enough for a non Zerk unit. If the mats are scarce, I would 10/6/10 him since that way the CDs would all align anyway o/
  13. Fate/Grand Order General

    Got baited by the Camelot Gacha... tossed 10 tickets at that one Got 1 heavens Feel (mlb) +1 BGrail (2nd) + 1 LZO (number 9) + Saberlot (np2 now) so YAY :D
  14. Fate/Grand Order General

    zzzz half AP ember right after a lottery? Seems like a weirdly timing thing if you ask me so with nerofest coming to an end, we should expect Halloween then... Babylon? God Quetz is coming finally <3
  15. Fate/Grand Order General

    Ok after everything is done here are my thoughts: Siegfried was the hardest quest for me to figure it out. Tried some DoT comps, some spam def break ones - had loads of fun. In the end, killed using Martha as a spearhead unit Herc / Gil were solo kills. Final was fun aswell! Took me like a good 12~13 tries until I could see all the abilities of the enemies! Winner team was Martha (rider with taunt CE) + Martha ruler + CuZilla / mash + george + Deon. Cu dropped earlier then I planned...ate a random rule breaker I wasn`t expecting :P As for the farming, after 81 boxes I`ve managed to 9/9/9 Ozy and got a good surplus of chains (sitting at 309). Should be plenty for Quetz and maybe Nito if she ever appears. And enough of the other materials for all my wanted units from today until we reach summer 2020 on NA so... yeah good enough! Saving the rest of the apples for maybe hunting quests or an early christmas start!