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  1. Fate/Grand Order USA

    AAAY how is Hektor treating ya? And I do agree with you, Cu is a boring support anyway - mine is sitting at lvl30 :P
  2. Fate/Grand Order USA

    I think the main issue with Nyanta is her atrocious np gain... if only hers was a lil bit better she would see much more action. Now, she is relegated to 1shot wonder pretty much. I have my own Hektor at max ascension just because he was my 1st option to clear hands. He can do that mind you, but I would strongly do not recommend investing in him for that use only. If only hands farming is the goal, pick any 1~3 aoe zerker - I really like Spartacus nowadays (with 1/9/0 skills) he can get a charge of np with MLB sakura CE! And enough dmg to 1shot waves 1 or 2 (3 only with some kind of buff, maybe after his SQ)
  3. Fate/Grand Order USA

    erm.... then it wasn`t a Cu solo if he got all that help (;¬_¬)
  4. Fate/Grand Order USA

    That ghost fight was really fun! My first time using Bride as main dps since she is finally decently trained (90 8/10/6) and man, she packs some punch! 5 turn fight, she NPed 3 times, and strongest hit for almost 200k dmg! Jesus!!! edit: sry for double posting, internet acting up ><
  5. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Yes in this case the lack of consistency might prove to be fatal - 60% crit chance is like ASKING for trouble :P I still think a team like that is poorly designed for a crit user, but that`s just the way I see the game. I would prob give up on Herc`s dmg potential for something like Hans or CAH, and make my crit user a dedicated dmg dealer ALONE. Dif approaches, neither is wrong or right! In your case, for sure someone who can actively pull the stars without doubt would work much better! that IS a good idea. The moment the game starts to get boring you should take a break from the events we still have more then enough time - go slow don`t go crazy on ap refils! I recommend CasLiz + CasCu + Medea for some fun comps! I just like CasCu np so much giggle
  6. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Hmmm I mean, everytime I intend to use someone as a main CritDmg dealer, I usually create the comp around a single dmg unit And when the unit happens to be an archer/rider, Star Weight usually isn`t the main issue - mostly it`s the lack of dmg buffs - in my exp but yeah, if you use another archer or a rider as a support, I can see why he would have some troubles acquiring those stars indeed
  7. Fate/Grand Order USA

    really? Emyia has troubling acquiring stars even tho he is an archer servant?
  8. Fate/Grand Order USA

    802 is considerably harder, but drops more Hagen Dazz, some cats, and grants much more bond/exp - for the same AP if time ain`t a problem, 802 is better in the long run.,... but much more annoying to farm
  9. Fate/Grand Order USA

    that depends on how you use Liz. Myself I have lvl9 Innocent monster (1st) lvl6 Mana burst and lvl1 Guts :P
  10. Fate/Grand Order USA

    CasCu was indeed a fun fight! I used for the first time my own Yuri Pirates with Hans/SuppWaver. Good numbers from them :D About room 802 with the zombies + Bride boss...I think I found a decent enough team... did 5 times in a row without a single casualty: Scathach + RobinHood + AssShiki. try to kill the zombies slowly on wave 1, it might be possible to charge some NPs there. So far been working for me! And since we need to clear 10 rooms from each floor, I figured might aswell max the number of zombie kills :P
  11. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Rapunzel was ok I guess? Good cat drops + lanterns here and there, so not complaining. Thx to that, Bride 2nd maxed now =D running out of Lores ><
  12. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Sadly I do not have any Gacha CEs... I am skipping rolling this event As much as I find SaberShiki gorgeous, I have to start saving my funds for the summer banner - Martha is coming!
  13. Fate/Grand Order USA

    yeah that was a good amount of skill ups indeed. But not many SSRS... those damn units EAT QP like it is candy! and unless you really need it quickly, just farm qp slowly daily. It is an easy enough quest to just clear mindlessly at work or something. but if you can afford to wait, farming during Lotteries is just so much better! I have couple of high lvled skills myself (Sca 10s, Waver 10, Okita/casko/Bryn 7s) and still around 400 million mainly thx to xmas and to excessive SeibaWars tubes (got like 200 million there). I honestly think try to gather mats and go ham during next lottery, while you do dailies as usual :D
  14. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Remember that the event give some QP rewards... for collecting bottles / ice creams / cats - so prob around 18 million QP - if you haven`t collected them all yet and the event is making justice to some chars finally!!! Boudica and Methman <3
  15. Fate/Grand Order USA

    If you play the events from KnK till lunchtime, you should have plenty enough prisms. Future events stars to shit prisms out! This started with the lotto on christmas or ladder on saber wars, but became a regular item on shop/rewards so don`t fret. If you go on a hiatus and/or do not play any of the events inbetween it might be trickier edit: KnK will have 2k total prisms: 1k from shop and another 1k from mission rewards