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  1. FE9 Newbie Normal Mode draft.

    Give me Nasir/Ena I guess. I feel like I've got everyone I actually need secured, so now it's just whatever lol @DarthR0xas
  2. FE9 Newbie Normal Mode draft.

    Zihark @TheJuk
  3. FE9 Newbie Normal Mode draft.

    Sorry about that, I'll take Haar @DarthR0xas
  4. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    It's a sadist draft so what the hell. Give me Jeorge and Bantu. TIME TO GO @Sturm
  5. FE9 Newbie Normal Mode draft.

    I'll take Muarim Honestly I dunno, he comes a little late, but probably it'll be fiiiiiiiine @TheJuk
  6. FE9 Newbie Normal Mode draft.

    Jeez, I guess I'll take... Tanith? @DarthR0xas
  7. I'm with you! ...And also ready to be disappointed :/
  8. FE9 Newbie Normal Mode draft.

    Little did you know I TOO love the Minerva archetype, ha ha ha! But yeah, sorry about that
  9. FE9 Newbie Normal Mode draft.

    GIVE ME JILL And yeah, I'm down with no bands. Also sorry I'm so late, I fell asleep for three hours without meaning to :/ @TheJuk
  10. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    Minerva please @Gradivus.
  11. FE9 Newbie Normal Mode draft.

    Let's do it. I'm in
  12. I didn't think so either until I met one. I maintain Breath of the Wild has its flaws (the story for one) and I can definitely understand why some people don't like it, but I know a guy who says BotW "ruined the Zelda franchise" and his argument is basically that's it's not like the other Zelda games. And that's it. More on point, I read the title of this thread and thought it meant people complaining that a game is good, but not good compared to other games in the series, which I think can be fair. There are lot of games that are good by themselves, but have successors or predecessors that for whatever reason do a better job of executing staple elements of the series. If you've never played a Fire Emblem game, Shadow Dragon is a great time, but if you're used to Fire Emblem mechanics like supports, map objectives other than seize, ect. you'll miss them when you play it. I think that's a fair complaint even though I love Shadow Dragon and everything about it.
  13. Do you love bacon?

    This is a wild thread. But yeah, bacon is radical. Although it's hard for me to eat bacon from pigs I haven't raised myself. Store-bought bacon is just can't measure up. It's not bad, but it's not the good stuff. You only get that by taking the pig on a mile-long walk every day for about 90 days, feeding it cream cheese in the last month, and making sure you've got a complete pelleted feed with the necessary minerals, proteins, ect. Also avoid raising on cement to prevent pig anemia. Those iron shots can mess with the finishing and backfat (gotta get that 1/2 inch, no more no less).