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  1. Hi!

    Welcome to the forums! Which Heroes character has your favorite art?
  2. New Video on The Weapon Triangle and Real Life

    Basically, Minerva wins all fights. Works for me! (Skall also has a few videos about the Armorslayer if you guys are interested, I'm putting the first one in the spoiler below)
  3. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    The next Smash features so much Fire Emblem representation that fans get fed up and there is never another Fire Emblem character in Smash. I wish my sister liked Fullmetal Alchemist
  4. New to The Forums

    Welcome to SF, hope you have a good time!
  5. You ask where you might find more information about the vest. The man tells you the vest was dropped at the door of the Goodwill by some sort of enormous green monster. Great, you think, what did you do this time? It sounds like the only person who can answer your questions is you! Obviously this means you'll have to: A) Get angry and transform into the Unstoppable Behemoth B) Research a way to recover memories from when you're the Unstoppable Behemoth C) Forget about the vest. It might come up later, but you'll worry about that when you get to it. Instead, continue your quest for BBQ knowledge!! D) Go to sleep
  6. You fully intend to resume your quest to learn more about traditional Texas BBQ but first, you seriously need to get some new clothes. You head to the nearest clothing store: A) Bloomingdale's B) Old Navy C) Goodwill D) The trashcans behind Goodwill
  7. You've decided that the Attorney General's laser eyes are not something you're particularly interested in tangling with, as you are a rather large and rather uncoordinated target. Instead you persuade him that you only came here in the first place due to your love of barbecue and you explain that if he'll help you out, you will share the fruits of your labor, (speaking of fruit, you're kind of in the mood for orange juice, but you push that out of your mind for now). He agrees and together you steal all the meat. However, you didn't completely destroy the shop, so you're not sure if the master of the Q will still be willing to teach you his ways. Do you: A) Hope he will be satisfied by you stealing all the meat B) Return the meat and seek help from the owner of the Carolina BBQ C) Have Jeff Sessions BBQ the meat with his laser vision D) Shrink
  8. You've just woken up in the Hospital. CYOA

    Eh, personally I think it might be time to let it go. I'm out folks. I'll definitely be in the next one though! And thank you! @ProfImpossible
  9. You've just woken up in the Hospital. CYOA

    I know Speed said we should wait, but I had to. We can do his promoted art later. Both arms are deformed given the numerous experiments he's endured. Now somebody else do Taneglo.
  10. You've just woken up in the Hospital. CYOA

    Ah shoot, that didn't even cross my mind! lol As you wait for your soup to be prepared, you worry about your citrus-y goddess. Is it possible that it was all a dream? A figment of your imagination? It felt too real. It seems like you've been there before... You're still strapped to the table so the chef feeds the soup to you when he's finished. Then he leaves you alone with your thoughts. Although the nerds with the clipboards said the tests hadn't gone as planned, they still won't let you move. You decide to: A) Try to use psychic powers B) Try cross over C) Yell for a nurse D) Pray to your goddess
  11. You've just woken up in the Hospital. CYOA

    Your heart flutters as you hold out your hand. You tell her you've been working to start an orange orchard which you now intend to name in her honor. Tangelo Orchard you'll call it (although that might be misleading since you have no intention of growing tangelos...) Finally, you say you know you don't have much to offer, but you would be honored if she would deign to call the orchard her earthly home. She looks you over, then smiles and says yes, she would be happy to live with you on your orchard. You're not sure what your partner will have to say about this, but whatever, it's probably fine. He'll be one of your first converts. And now, you are faced with a choice. A) Live happily ever after on the orchard until some unforeseen cataclysmic event calls you back to battle as an old Saint of Tangelo in a few decades. (LET'S TIMESKIP FOLKS whooooo) B) Eat an orange and regain your psychic powers (and maybe cause the apocalypse in the process, who knows?) C) Die happy. D) Wake up in the hospital.
  12. You've just woken up in the Hospital. CYOA

    The pegasus knight rolls her eyes, but you can tell she's into it anyway. She says she's not dead, you idiot. This is what really happened.... A) Aum Staff B) Outrealms nonsense C) Body double by Invoke magic D) She's a goddess!! (Looks like you've got a religion now, sport!)
  13. You've just woken up in the Hospital. CYOA

    You ask the witch queen by what metric you're getting paid. How do you feel about oranges, she says. You simply reply YES. She tells you to get back to work. You are about to try your hand at defeating a shaman when a flying unit swoops in out of nowhere and defeats him, taking the exp for herself! That's kill-stealing! How do you confront her? A) Like a Monk. (Excuse me, but I had planned to take that experience.) B) Like a Pirate (Y'aaarrr, nobody steals from Shanty Pete!!) C) Like a playah (Hey baby, I saw that kill you got there. Realllllll nice.) D) Like a coward (you don't say a word)
  14. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Heal Gray, Hurt Luthier Atlas 30 Berkut 26 Boey 27 Catria 15 Celica 38 Clair 34 Forsyth 29 Genny 27 Gray 26 Lukas 27 Luthier 9 Mae 28 Mathilda 23 Palla 29 Python 28 Saber 13 Silque 23 Zeke 38
  15. You've just woken up in the Hospital. CYOA

    Well this is a disaster! You've got to get out of here! The ship is passing a small island, and you vault yourself overboard and into the sea. Within a few minutes, you have made it to shore, where a curious voice mentions some sort of trial. You really don't have time for that. Besides, you're still feeling sort of nauseous. You're going to have to... A) Pass out. B) Attempt the trial (you're still seeking out those psychic powers and maybe this will give them to you!) C) Try to swim back to the ship. D) Check for new supports.