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  1. FE 12 Pick My Units

    So how's the playthrough going??
  2. Silith judges your battle ballot.

    #RallyMarth Just found it lol. And, ouch. But as long as we get a Brave Marth, It's worth it. And then next time, I can spread it out :)
  3. Silith judges your battle ballot.

    Spread the love?? Naaaahhhhhh
  4. Just a grumbling female player...

    I just do not get why some of these characters are popular. I know that fanservice is a thing for a reason, but SURELY everybody can tell those designs are absurd. I showed the Camilla Birthright cutscene to a few of my male friends and they agreed that it was just uncomfortable. Seriously, who likes this stuff? And Loki.... jeez... just... why. I mean, I know why.... But WHYYYYYYYYYYY
  5. Just a grumbling female player...

    I feel :\ I can honestly accept a lot of fanservice--I get that they're appealing to their demographic, but it's still obnoxious to have the screen suddenly filled with boobs every time there's a cut in. The gender divide has always been there, but Fire Emblem's waifu culture obviously got big with Awakening and Heroes hasn't helped things... Frustrating to say the least.
  6. Desmume lags

    Have you tried messing with the display settings under Config? That might help... Otherwise, I'm not sure if there's a way to make it run faster :P
  7. Shadow Dragon's bad reputation largely comes from being basically just a graphically improved port of the SNES games. That means 15+ year old map design, story, characters, ect. Following Radiant Dawn didn't help it's reputation either. I think that impression has started to wear off though. Personally Shadow Dragon and New Mystery (FE11 and 12) are my favorites in the series for their straight-forward simplicity. Lots of charm.
  8. Desmume lags

    I've had it lag a lot before too, but it's usually when I don't have my laptop plugged in :\ And plugging it in fixed things. I've heard that's a general problem with Windows 10 though, so probably not what you're looking for... What kind of computer are you running?
  9. Nintendo DS Emulators

    DeSmuMe is what I use. The official site is the first thing to pop up when you google it. Enjoy FE12, it's super fun!!
  10. My favorite thing about Heroes

    While I know it's wrong.... I still say Kay-da because I think it sounds nicer :P Screw the canon!!! Ar-kay-nee-uh ftw!
  11. The least popular characters in Heroes

    Eh, I understand why a lot of those are in there. Heroes likes its archetypes, so any red-green knight pair or peg sisters had a good chance at showing up. On that note, a lot of Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem characters are in there period, maybe to show off the original game's characters or maybe because all the archetypes are in some ways based off them. Popular or not, Julia and Deirdre are main characters, so they were sure to get a spot eventually. And all the young, handsome, tragic bosses are perfect for Heroes antagonists, so they all fit. The New Mystery characters make sense too because there aren't that many characters from strictly New Mystery, they pulled the ones with memorable designs and called it good. On Seigbert, it was a matter of time before Fates children crept their way into the game. Which leaves: 555 Bartre (Binding) 470 Klein 371 Hawkeye 310 Gwendolyn And I don't understand any of those. Maybe Gwendoln for just another female armor unit and dare I say Bartre for the meme? As far as characters I wish we didn't have, just fewer Fates characters in general. I honestly didn't hate Fates but everybody knows the characters were very one-note, and there are just gobs of them in Heroes clogging up my summons. :( Probably the same can be said for Shadow Dragon/Mystery characters, but I happen to love those games so.....
  12. Good Fe6 Emulators?

    I run mGBA on my PC and it works pretty well, but honestly there are TONS of good emulators for PC. A google search will give you plenty of options. On my phone (an android) I have myBoyAdvance. The free version is totally serviceable, and it's fun to play an FE on your phone that is not Heroes :D
  13. Same! I want my Brave Marth, damnit! I wonder how they'll do the outfits this time? With Ike, Roy, and Lucina in the top 4 last time, I think the fatherhood theme was a pretty easy direction, but depending on who wins this time, it could be a little harder...