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  1. I hate Soren. He's a total edgelord and there's pretty much nothing interesting about it and the game tries to shove him in your face the whole game. He's nothing special as a unit either in either of the games he appears in and in my experience he's always outclassed by Ilyana/Tormod. Tharja is a thot and Henry is better in every way. If Tharja weren't a dark mage or if the nosferatu tome weren't in Awakening she would be garbage. Camilla/Leo/Xander aren't that great of units especially as it gets later into the game where they just fall off because they get doubled by everything and don't even do enough damage to make up for it outside of maybe Xander who's basically carried by his good weapon and defense stat. Nephenee is pretty overrated. She was okay in PoR and RD but that's all. In RD there's no reason to ever use her over Aran unless it's because you just like her as a character. Gatrie really isn't much better than Brom. I love Makalov. Bryton isn't that good and is pretty much useless after his recruitment chapter without scroll abuse. Black Knight is a shit villain. Shiva is overrated and outclassed by Mareeta. Eyrios is just as good as Olwen. Oboro is a terrible unit. Stahl is way better than Sully. Lucina is a bland character. Hinoka is no better than Subaki. Azama so heavily outclasses Sakura to the point that there's no reason to ever use her and Azama is one of the best units in Birthright. Saizo is pretty mediocre. Felicia is hot garbage unless class changed to Valkyrie. Benny is potentially the best unit in Conquest and outclasses Effie. Odin is better than Nyx. Shiro is the best child unit in Fates. Silque is bad in SoV outside of the minion spawning spell. Atlas is one of the better units in SoV if made into an archer. Shin is hands down the best unit in FE6. Rutger is not that good. Astore is the best of the thieves in FE6. There's no reason to use Lute when Saleh is in the game because Saleh so heavily outclasses her. Seth is overrated. Forde is the worst cavalier in FE8. Vanessa is bad. Marisa is bad. Knoll and Ewan are both pretty good. All the pegasus knights in FE7 are trash. Legault is better than Matthew. Rebecca isn't that bad. Lowen is pretty good. Raven is good but he's not one of the best units in FE7 like so many people like to say. Saul is the best healer in FE6.
  2. Why is it that Fire Emblem has more male fans?

    One thing you haven't taken into account once in all of this is biology. A major reason why men act masculine outside of the social aspect is because males produce more testosterone. People who say "she was asking for it" or "she's a prude/stuck up bitch" are generally not doing it because of something they saw in a game. They're saying it because they're desperate losers and complete assholes who think they're owed something for existing. Same with the nice guys bullshit. Media really doesn't change people's whole worldview that much either. It does to some extent but in media now men are already shown in many different ways outside of just being hypermasculine. Also it doesn't just end online for all men either. Also what stigma around gaming? If anything people who act like gaming is complete hell for all women and that women aren't allowed in gaming are why it seems like it's become more stigmatized.
  3. it's just marketing. they marketed the game much more heavily than other games and they tried to appeal to more audiences such as the anime/weeaboo audience
  4. i don't want any new units to be added to an fe4 or fe5 remake. i think it might be kinda cool to have a couple characters who were already there but not recruitable to become recruitable like maybe reinhardt, ishtore. if they really wanted they could also make a couple of the fe4 second gen units other than nanna and diarmuid recruitable in the fe5 remake. either way i highly doubt those games will be remade anyways.
  5. for me the best cast of characters would probably come out of genealogy of the holy war or shadows of valentia. i see a lot of people saying the tellius games on here but for me there's lots of good characters but there's way too many shitty characters for me to actually pick it for best characters and the genealogy and SoV characters are generally better. I also really liked the Thracia 776 characters. worst characters would probably be shadow dragon if we're talking blandest cast but if we're talking just out right bad no game had more characters that i absolutely hated than fates. the game had characters i like but there were some god awful characters and it gets a ton more points in the shit character category just for having corrin in the game.
  6. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    does anyone actually like sanaki? if so that's news to me. also how does anyone like sanaki?
  7. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Kaga made two of the best games in the franchise just before leaving. Kaga leaving may have been the best for the popularity of the franchise but not for the quality of the games. I highly doubt the series would be around now if not for his departure because I highly doubt he ever would have let awakening happen with the waifu emblem shit that basically ended up saving the franchise
  8. What anime/manga are you following right now?

    i've been watching ergo proxy that show is so good
  9. Why is it that Fire Emblem has more male fans?

    Sexualization of women just isn't the cause of sexual harassment and it never will be. Games have implemented features such as muting as well to deal with trolling/racism/sexism. Also I think it's kind of stupid to say that women can't handle trolling/racism/sexism and therefore get turned away from video games. Men experience shit too in online games and most men deal with it. Seems a little sexist maybe to say that women can't handle trolling/racism/sexism. I understand what hypermasculinity is and it's pretty stupid but it's there and sometimes you have to deal with stupid shit. When it does lead to sexual assaults and violence that's a real problem but I don't believe it to be anywhere close to the root cause of violence or sexual assault. Also the "promoting negative behavior that will carry over to real life thing" sounds a lot like the "shooting people in video games will carry over into real life" thing. Also just want to show you something: Oh yeah, man look at all these just pushing so hard that there are no girls allowed! Man after seeing how the game is advertised I totally understand! Just really sending those messages that no girls play the game or should play the game! Oh wait...
  10. What is your favorite class in Fire Emblem of all time?

    shamans and dark mages are my favorites. also really like axe infantry
  11. Overall Favorites: Wyverns

    had a few picks here, had to go with deen, miledy, and altena. actually such good characters and units
  12. Overall Favorites: Wyverns

    that's gonna be manfroy dude he stole sigurd's wife and gave her to arvis so arvis could steal sigurd's wife too
  13. Overall Favorites: Refreshers

    gotta go for sylvia just because she and leen are some of the best dancers in the franchise just because of how the class works in genealogy
  14. Overall Favorites: Axe Infantry

    othin so good
  15. Overall Favorites: Myrmidon

    ulster is an absolute monster with the lex ayra pairing. for me he has the highest strength, defense, and hp, while having skill and speed only really matched by larcei. he just tanks everything and one rounds everything no matter what. actually just the most godlike unit. i also really enjoy him as a character