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  1. Most Powerful Unit in Fire Emblem

    play a binding blade reverse recruitment run, he's the first unit you get and replaces roy as your lord so he starts level 1 so you can see just how beastly he can become
  2. If the next game had a new cultural "theme" what should it be?

    An Arabian setting would be cool but the game could take place in a place with many different areas inspired by Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe expanding on just the Arabian setting. This would allow for a lot of diversity in map design and would make the places in the game more distinct than if they stuck to just one region.
  3. Do you think full voice acting should return?

    if the voice acting is gonna be as good as it was in Echoes it should absolutely return
  4. What Next?

    like other people said, not warriors, but I have a couple suggestions. If Fates is the only game you've played you should move towards Awakening or Echoes, doesn't matter which one or you should play FE7.
  5. Your Personal Tempest Trial Play Style

    3 of my cavalier emblem units with one TT bonus unit and I run through the level 30 or 35 so I can run over the maps and do it really fast
  6. Games you loved as a kid that aged poorly?

    When I first played this game I was like 6 or 7 years old and I really liked it up until a point where I couldn't figured out where to go. I tried to play the game again a few years back and it was pretty bad
  7. i don't think most fe players are adults but being attracted to little girls is creepy as fuck if you're over the age of like 13-14 and the FE audience is probably mostly in the age range of about 12-25
  8. well you're right about that, avocados and guacamole are also disgusting
  9. it's not name calling it's just saying that lolis are disgusting. i never called anyone anything.
  10. lolis are disgusting and veronica still is only in heroes so it's really fucking weird that anyone voted for her
  11. i'm pissed about this dude. fucking ephraim and veronica. i seriously don't understand why anyone would ever vote veronica. also i really wish they would have just combined marth's votes. he would have won over ephraim by a landslide without split votes
  12. Just a grumbling female player...

    wolt will be passed over because he's a terrible unit and pretty much nobody used him as far as i can tell, not because he doesn't have boobs. if they release an FE6 banner they can't make it all female without repeats or using unpopular female characters since most popular female characters from FE6 are already in the game
  13. Will Knoll end popular due to memes?

    i don't think it'll go very far sadly but i'll still love knoll
  14. Banner: Sacred Memories

    It's a stand alone game but I don't think Nintendo would release a game like that before its predecessor just because it is a direct (sort of) sequel to gen 1 of FE4. you are right that olwen and reinhardt being the only characters so far is weird though. especially reinhardt.