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  1. Who has the "best art"?

    @Kurrin Haha, I could argue you're a mind reader as well! My post was originally longer and mentioned L!Ephraim, but I shortened it to avoid writing an essay. L!Ephraim and L!Hector's injured portraits are perfection! They're both half-dead, but look like they're having the time of their lives. So true to their characters.
  2. Who has the "best art"?

    Nephenee's art is among the best in the game, in my opinion. All of HACCAN's work is gorgeous, but Nephenee really sticks out to me. The colors in particular are pleasing to the eye. Totally not my bias for the character, either. Definitely not. Wada's Legendary Hector, LA!Lyn, and B!Roy are also amazing. I enjoy Wada's art in general, but those characters look incredible. I'm especially fond of Legendary Hector's special and injured art; they both seem to perfectly encapsulate the character.