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  1. @JSND Alter Dragon Boner Oscar has completely standard BST, only Finn and Ephraim have boosted BST (and Camus by 1 point I guess). Until Ephraim came along, was my second choice lance cav behind Camus, a job that gets plenty of action. I'm quite happy with his default Sapphire Lance and Lancebreaker, easily counters blue and red threats. Since I'll never give him DC, he has the better stat distribution for me over the likes of Peri, Roderick and Abel. Amazingly he was the hat-trick pull on his introductory banner, I pulled Elincia, Nephenee then Oscar consecutively, and Oscar had the perfect +Spd -Res nature, so that helped endear him to me. Well, there's also the eldest-of-three thing. (Peri's also bizarrely rare for me, only pulled 2-3 ever. I get about double that amount in Oscars and Abels, and double that again in Mathildas and Rodericks)
  2. Tempest Trials: Loki’s Flames!

    Annoyingly, Honed Bridelia is 1 damage short of ORKOing Loki. I should have known I'd be punished for cheaping out and going for LnD2.
  3. Tempest Trials: Loki’s Flames!

    For some reason I've got it in my head that Ephraim is a dancer, almost got me killed a couple of times when I attempted to dance one of my ranged nukes only to find him using Swap instead. I guess I should just accept it and bring Ninian instead next run. Dammit Ephraim, learn to dance!
  4. While Klein would be quite happy to take the Firesweep Bow, do bear in mind that the clearly superior Bride Cordelia might be available again very soon, in the VG banner.
  5. Yeah, 13 knockouts for Alfonse, 5 for Anna, and Sharena is dead. Finished 18:3:9, having started the round with a mere 6 tiles. 5000 feathers takes me just over 40k too, didn't think I'd get enough for a double promotion this week but here we are. The knockout mechanic can be a bit problematic, I've read that on some realms every tile ended up being knocked out with half an hour to go, making it literally impossible for anyone to battle at all. That would suck if someone needed to fight to get their GC tier up. Second account ended up at tier 24.5 from Hard autobattle, d'oh. At least it ended up on the winning side of 9:12:9.
  6. Similar to my realm, I woke up this morning with Alfonse sitting pretty at 15 tiles. Then he was reduced to 9, and then 6 heading into the final round. However it looks like a whale has woken up and we've somehow knocked out 8 tiles through brute force. I spent about 7-8 lances myself so I can pretend I'm helping, but I suspect the knockouts would have happened anyway. Got to tier 25 with two crests remaining, although closer to 2.75 in reality. Closer than I'd have liked but happy to get all the rewards. 90% manual Lunatic, the rest were small 1-3 sword spends with autobattle hard.
  7. @NegativeExponents-Bikini Tharja already takes care of the defensive mage role, so the likes of Sophia and Julius are probably a lesser priority because of it. I love my 4* merge Sophia as a Raven counter but that can be done cheap, I don't think it's worth investing too much in her until you're done with other options. Can't say too much about Arvis, I'm usually too lazy to use ploy-based strategies so I'm all about the killing. And killing is Lilina's specialty. With the recent addition of refined Forblaze, she's certainly left Sanaki in the dust for most purposes. In terms of firepower the only competition is probably fully-buffed Raudrblade+ Tharja, ideally in Bridal form, and perhaps Nowi and Eirika with fully buffed Bladetomes. I like to pretend Raigh doesn't exist. Wait for a Morgan to pop up instead if you want another mage to build.
  8. It should only be Tharja, and should happen anytime the intended rally target is already buffed, and there are no enemy units in a cardinal direction relative to Tharja. As posited in the reddit thread, normally the game doesn't let you use rally on an already-buffed ally. However, having a Feint skill overrides this because the devs kindly want to still let us use the Ploy aspect of the skill even if the buff doesn't apply. However if there are no valid ploy targets, the game freaks out and this happens.
  9. My wish is that one day they'll turn around and make all passive skills learnable at 4*, making the likes of Bartre, Hawkeye and Hana desirable fodder. Wishful thinking I know, but Ares having his Brazen whatever available at 4* gives at least a glimmer of hope, plus it's probably the easiest "fix" to implement.
  10. Back to T19 after my T18 demotion and I'm torn on whether to even bother trying for T20 again. I got an above average score last time out during an easy scoring week and still got demoted, so trying again during Water week is probably a futile endeavour. :\ My only chance would be merging all my Ikes and giving him a water blessing, but that doesn't seem worth it.
  11. Just like the rest of us, he has no Hinatas left. Hinata has Odin covered for desirability, but Niles handily beats out Oboro so it's even for me. P.S. Athena and Tailtiu are post-launch additions to cover for Odin droughts, but no such luck for Hinata alternatives, whyyyyyy?
  12. For some reason I can only imagine Raul Julia's Bison saying that line.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    One red, two blue so easy decision when I only want the freebie. It's Marth, yay. Oh, he's only 4-star, boo. But he's +Atk -HP, yay. Well that was a rollercoaster of emotions. First time I've ever pulled a decent Marth, and I do have enough feathers to promote him. Would welcome opinions on whether he prefers +Spd instead though.
  14. It's a lot more palatable with the new feather reward structure, certainly. A strong personal contribution in the final round might be worth, say, 5 zones if we're being optimistic. That's 500 feathers difference, certainly not worth the hassle of me doing fifteen battles in the final round, that'd drive me to the brink of insanity.
  15. Eyeballing how much the meter goes up with every Lunatic victory, it feels like you get a little more than a third of the bar each time, maybe somewhere up to 40%. At that pace I think it should be fairly safe, considering we also have about 3 lances worth of natural stamina regen between now and the end of the event. (Conservatively estimating you need 10 battles to finish, and can do 13 or more depending if you've counted quest and GC tier reward lances into your 10) I'm T20.5 at the moment, 9 lances in hand, 6 more to earn (3 from quests, 3 from GC tier). At three lances a tier I should be able to make it. Tempted to just go ahead and get it done early at the cost of a few hundred feathers, hmm.