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  1. It's just an arbitrary fifth colour when they need to make five announcements instead of four. Example:
  2. Throwing plausibility to the wayside: - The new banner is the new-and-improved Askr trio. Plus Kiran. - Mass demotion ....from 3-4* to 1-2*. Bye Oboro. - Arena Assault down to 5 matches. That last one is obviously the least plausible. EDIT: 1-2* characters are summoned using Arena Medals instead of orbs.
  3. Yeah, I'm happy about no-CYL2 announcement, because unless they do something different to last year, what's there to show? A standard trailer showing their skills is just occupying time that could be used to announce something meaningful. 18 minutes without filler trailers (though I suspect we'll have one anyway) increases the odds of actual new news.
  4. This Google translation from the official twitter account is provided without comment: 何名かの召喚師様が気にされているようなので・・・ 今回の「フェーちゃんねる 2018.7.20」では、総選挙特別バージョンの英雄さんたちの情報は手に入れられませんでした。 彼らはまだまだナゾにつつまれているようです。 It seems that some summonsmen are concerned ... ... In this "Fey-channe 2018.7.20", information on heroes of general election special version could not be obtained. They seem to be still being caught in the ass.
  5. He's still there - - kinda scary if you think about it.
  6. Hopefully some core changes instead of all fluff like last time. We'll get the usual new unit trailers, next GHB and regular event, possibly "free" orbs in one form or another (probably like 20 daily level 5/15 maps again at most) and while that's nice and all, I'd like some announcements that'd be relevant beyond the immediate future. Judging from the competition for arena and TT ranks, the playerbase numbers look to be still as high as ever, so I doubt they have any incentive to change anything major though. Is it wrong for me to hope for a bit of a downturn so that they give us some more generous incentives to play? :P
  7. Hector Guidance and Hector Formation.
  8. So flying and three movement? I'll go with that.
  9. Surely they'd have to, unless they plan to run another FEH channel next month. Not that I'd be against that... Doesn't hugely help with planning what unit to get because we won't get their stats, however, and there's no obvious lure like the novelty of horse archers to pick one over the others. Unless one is a horse dancer of course. :P
  10. Oh, I thought for some reason the original FEH channel was the one that announced the CYL heroes, and that this one would be the one-year anniversary of it. Didn't realise there was one back in April last year, so the CYL one was the second, yeah.
  11. The original FEH channel gave us free summons on every banner. I want something at least as generous. How about a free unit from the actual banner, every banner. I can dream right? ;)
  12. Nephenee with her default Moonbow only needs one hit to charge it on the first turn, and with Wrath active never needs to charge it, so Flashing Blade would do literally nothing on her. With Lyn, it means you can run a 3 cooldown special like Luna instead, and it'll proc on the second hit.
  13. I only played Sacred Stones for the first time earlier this year. My abiding memory is that after recruiting Joshua safely using Natasha, I figured I could do the same to Marisa with Ewan. She promptly walked up and slaughtered him without mercy.
  14. We're still missing a red tome dancer so Tethys gets that by default. Even if she wasn't a dancer she'd still be my pick because she's one of the older crowd and not some shy teenage wallflower. Moulder and Artur for me to round it out, not that that's any chance of happening.
  15. Probably just easier for the devs to define it that way in the first place, makes a theoretical demotion in future easier to implement. Data like that was needed when, for example, we were given a free 3* Catria back when she was only summonable at 4-5*.