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  1. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    Looking at the rewards, it seems the average player might expect something in the order of 50 Grails a week, which means it'll be a fairly hard slog to +10 anyone other than Marthed Mask. Xander, for example, would take 1750 Grails, or 35 weeks worth. Aversa (only F2P-viable +10 flying mage) and Bride Marth (best mergeable axe cavalry) seem the best projects for investment, even though I'm personally a bit eh on their overall presentation. Aether Raids don't excite me, but credit where it's due, it looks to have some real effort put into its development rather than being some old thing in a new wrapper (like GC, FB and BG). It's good that the rewards are mostly self-contained so there's no huge obligation to do it. My biggest concern I suppose is that there mightn't be any more new stuff (other than Book 3, but that's just maps) until the 2nd anniversary stuff comes around. That said, that's only three months away ....god, where did the time go? P.S. 100% expecting Askrian parents have just one month left to live. Will we even see what they look like I wonder?
  2. Just want to clarify a few things I guess, since I seem to have set off a bit of a dust-up, for which I apologise. It certainly wasn't my intention. 1) When I decided to semi-retire from FEH last month, it was with the expectation that I'd be in a holding pattern waiting for 3.0 news. Whether this would come in the form of a FEH channel or not is immaterial, though being such a major thing it would be more likely than not. At that point I genuinely did think that continuing to play was a real possibility, depending on what was announced. 2) In the weeks that followed, however, I found my loss of interest accelerated quite a bit despite already having significantly reduced my time commitments. By the last week or so, it had become clear to me that I needed more of a clean break from the game, and for more than a brief period. To the extent that I had previously been waiting for the FEH Channel to help me make a firm decision, I decided that it would be somewhat topical to mention on the FEH Channel thread. The point is that it would no longer shape my immediate decisions, but nonetheless I would watch it to see if anything interesting happens. 3) The little addendum bemoaning a little bout of bad luck doesn't really have anything to do with anything, and bad luck is certainly nothing to do with why I'm quitting. Other than the initial stages of the game, long ago, I don't consider myself any more or less lucky than the average FEH player. I do consider the outcome somewhat of a bittersweet reminder of the nature of gacha, but that's nothing more than a wry observation. 4) The real reason I'm leaving is for the same reason I stop playing any other game. Sometime's it's enough already and you just want to get some sleep play something else. I mean, I love Civ4, but I also haven't played it in years. That's the way games are. I've had my fill of FEH's gameplay, which has essentially been unchanged since launch. Maybe in future they'll release the mobile equivalent of a major expansion for a single player game that will draw me back in, but until such a point, I simply feel I've had enough. P.S. Case in point, I am now playing XCOM Long War again with Ucross' rebalance mod. I completed a Long War campaign back in early 2016 and hadn't touched it since. I absolutely adore the game/mod and have it as one of my favourite games ever, but after winning the game I certainly had no desire to dive back in. It's only after a subsequent mod-for-a-mod that's significantly overhauled some core mechanics and introduced some fresh new ideas that I've come back. If FEH is still around in a year or two's time and has some similarly significant core changes, then I'd absolutely come back and try them out.
  3. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    As for the 13 minutes thing, maybe they got a new VA for Feh, and it's Yahtzee. :P
  4. Kiran is panicking because the very next line is "and then I foddered him off to Cordelia for Life and Death 3".
  5. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    Arrives at the right time for me. Tomorrow marks one month since my "trial separation" from FEH and I was just waiting for the major update news before making it final. I've stopped even pretending that anything they might announce would stop me from quitting, but hopefully at least it'll be something to show they're heading in the right direction and who knows how I'll be feeling six, twelve months from now. I've been playing so little lately that I've basically already quit, so it'll need to be something seriously special to win me back. I've barely gotten the 4 quest orbs from each round of VG, I only got the final daily orbs from FB yesterday, only have one of the eight reward accessories, only did the level 30 RD last week, didn't do AA at all, and only did an autobattle Beginner arena run. Pretty sure I didn't log in at all for a day or two even, even if I have my phone with me all day. To top it all off, my 10% legendary banner pity rate (sniping purely red) was just broken by a Bride Sanaki, the only 5* I've gotten out of the banner, and I now have 0 orbs, so it looks like she will have the distinction of being the final 5* unit I'll summon. +Atk -Def is perfect, admittedly, so if I ever come back it'll be good to level her. Certainly won't do it now, even the Legendary Hector I pulled last month is still at level 20-odd because I can no longer be bothered levelling anyone at all.
  6. Voting Gauntlet: Clashing Thunderers!

    As much as I like Olwen, practicality and my reduced playtime means I need reliable multipliers, and I think that means Tailtiu even if her voice annoys me. 8123590456 - will field my usual Lilina lead for now I guess.
  7. They ought to just put the old seasonals into a replacement 5* pool that is used instead of the regular 5* pool, and use that for any and all seasonal banners. That pool should have no regular units in it, so if you get pitybroken during a seasonal banner, it will be by another seasonal.
  8. New Legendary Hero: Eirika

    My infernal clear ended up resembling Space Invaders, with Lilina (and a dancer) shuffling back-and-forth across the bottom of the map shooting down the enemies as they made their way from the top. First time the AoE Special Spiral build has really paid off to be honest, usually content with Glimmer. Spent ~40 orbs exclusively sniping reds and got nothing but a couple Hinatas, meaning all I've gotten over the entire month has been a Sonya and a Tana. Would be saltier if I played more regularly but mostly just indifferent.
  9. The chart being cumulative net sales is misleading though, because it will always go up. However, the gradient is pretty constant so the claim is accurate in that active users and revenue are stable, neither gaining or losing great numbers throughout the months shown.
  10. Didn't feel like doing anything remotely challenging for a while and only got around to looking at this today while waiting for lunch. Definitely a tricky one mainly because I'm generally a Blade fiend and Aversa is specifically designed to counter that. Fliers were dismissed pretty quick as they're pretty helpless without hone and the adjacency required by reposition. So horses it is. The Gronnwolf mage heavily suggested I use my G Tomebreaker Xander (who had it because of his own Infernal map), the other two were staples in Reinhardt and Lyn, rounded out by Gronnraven Inigo. Pretty obvious in what needs to kill what, but it took some attempts to make sure I kept the correct sniping spots clear and get Inigo where he needed to be to tank. If I had done it last week, it would have been Earth week and maybe the fliers would have been viable, but oh well.
  11. New Legendary Hero: Eirika

    No strong feelings one way or another about it being Eirika, but I'm glad she's a cavalry unit. I would be totally fine with cavalry sword Hrid too, but after Marth was added, the legendary sword infantry bucket is full. As for the banner, between my reduced orb income from playing less, and freely frittering away the ones I do have because there's no point saving if I might quit at any moment, I have maybe one or two pulls on the banner total. That's unfortunate, because as I was looking through the units on the closing image in the trailer, I was happy to see all the units weren't desirable to me at all ...until I saw the consecutive red fliers. They're possibly my two most wanted units in the game. Oh well, it would have stung a lot more if I was still active so that's some small comfort I guess?
  12. October Legendary Banner Expectations

    Clair is already Wing Spear Caeda, so I'd much prefer a Wing Axe Caeda.
  13. The previous Forging Bonds was interesting in that it managed to make me outright dislike Ophelia. I was sort of familiar with her because I played Fates, but I didn't really use 90% of the child characters despite recruiting them all, so I was neutral beforehand. This one sounds like it might be more of the same ...but I'm only going to do the 7x2 orb fights so I'm not going to see the supports. What a shame. __________________ In other news, I managed to hit T25 in GC without fighting a single battle manually which was neat. Super-tight in that it took my final lance to get there, but then I was super inefficient, at times not fighting at all between morning and night and "wasting" a lot of the natural stamina regen. Was it worth it? Ehhh. Forgot to do Relay Defense other than the very easiest difficulty, which I did on the day it launched because I needed the one orb for a summon round. Oh well, no real loss. Next week will mark a full month since my semi-retirement from the game, and far from refreshing any desire for me to get back into it, it's just affirmed my decision. I find myself happier not playing at all, so I can see myself moving into full retirement in the not too distant future. Will see what's announced for the book 3 update, and barring any major overhaul, that might be it.
  14. How do you think IS should handle Skill creep?

    Make all third-level skills learnable at 4* for consistency. Then for skills that have a fourth level, have it learnable at 5*. Being able to get Fury 3 from Jagen or Bartre would be huge.