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  1. Bound Hero Battle: Into the Ground (Corrin and Azura)

    One of my weirder adjustments for Infernal: after having Hinoka shot down by the blue mage for exactly her HP pool, I equipped the Res+1 seal on her and got it second try. This was admittedly after a couple tries figuring it out on Lunatic, mainly that the Brave Axe will move first, and that they move without provocation. So I put the QR seal on Elincia, had her bait and kill the axe turn one, had Corrin kill Corrin turn two and then everyone runs away. Turn three Hinoka and Corrin combine to take down the archer, Hinoka needs to tank the mage (who first shoots Airzura then Hinoka after being danced) because using Elincia to reposition her out would leave Elincia in range instead. Then just cleanup. There are probably far more elegant ways to do this but I've had an annoying day dealing with my house alarm falsely tripping and am in a bit of a mood.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Only one blue orb and it's 3* Florina. Oh well, you win some you lose some.
  3. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    "So who's our victor, Vector?" It's almost as if they don't realise that their method of RNG unit distribution is inevitably going to screw over people based purely on their past luck if they decide on giving away the one same unit to the entire playerbase. It's a particular shame because they've seemingly regressed on a solid system they already had in place for CYL1. I'm not angry, just a little disappointed, and that's despite me likely ending up with the unit I want. No, I'm disappointed at the thought process behind this (or lack thereof). I mean, I personally would take any of the units except Hector. But that's no slight on Hector, I simply already have him, and none of the other three. People who vote for Hector because they don't have him yet are being fully rational. People who vote for Hector because they have everyone else that they want and just want the most useful fodder are being fully rational. In a vote where some people have played since launch and have spent tens of thousands of dollars, and others have played barely a month and haven't put in a single cent, the one-size-fits-all approach is grossly inadequate. Still, there's the thing about gift horses and what you shouldn't do with them. I'll contentedly take my free unit and either use them or fodder them off to Myrrh. I just hope they're smarter about it next time.
  4. I got two Cordelias almost back-to-back in March or April last year. I haven't seen one since. Well, other than two Bridal ones during Legendary Heroes.
  5. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    @mampfoid Camus is exactly the same. My Xander only has Fury 2, the Distant Def seal, and was directly next to Camus on instead of the corner tile. My Cecilia is completely different, Gronnblade+, Draw Back, Glimmer, Darting Blow, Desperation, Ward Cavalry, Spd+3 seal. Lyn is built the exact same but mine has Summoner support. Just realised Cecilia has S support with Camus, so she gives him +1 to all stats since they're a tile apart as per my diagram. Wouldn't have thought that'd make the difference but I guess it might.
  6. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    @mampfoid No idea, maybe the Ward Cavalry on Cecilia affects it? He survives the green cav with 7hp so the Ward isn't critical to his survival but it might affect which unit goes first. My formation for the bait is: Lyn Cec Xan Cam Where Lyn has Fortify, Xander and Camus have Hone and Cecilia has Ward (at the start of the fight Camus is in the middle of the formation to ensure he's both Honed and Fortified).
  7. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    A few attempts with dragon emblem before I slapped myself in the face for forgetting Fae has Lightning Breath and can easily dispatch both Ursula and Mr Gronnwolf on turn one. So turn one Fae baits both horse mages, Nowi baits the lower ninja. Both then back off and let ATiki kill all the other things. Fliers was a matter of shuffling them around correctly, Corrin baits and kills the lower ninja, then next turn Desperation kills the green mage and retreats. Airzura ends up needing to tank both Ursula and the upper Ninja, then dances Corrin as she kills both the sword cavalry and Ursula. Hinoka (this probably could have been anyone with reposition) flings Elincia into the ninja, who then tanks then kills the armour. Horses was a matter of remembering Camus has Grani's shield. Unmerged and fully buffed he survives and kills the Gronnwolf mage, and with Bonfire charged and the Atk seal (needs to be at least +2) can Vantage-kill Ursula. Meanwhile Xander easily counterkills the lower ninja and then takes over on turn two, tanking either killing or near-killing everything remaining with the help of Lyn and Cecilia (but probably could have been any horses as long as long as they provide buffs). Guessing armour may have been trivialised by Hector but as usual I don't want the extra unit clogging my barracks so I didn't try. ___________ EDIT: All I have left to do are Xander with Cavalry and Narcian with Armour. I think I know what I need to do to get both, but I'll wait until I can spare the feathers for the SI that I need.
  8. Sitting on 195 nuggets at the moment, so in a couple of days I'd be able to afford a new Dew refinement. At the moment it's a three-way battle between Def/HP Hinoka, Spd/Def Jaffar and Spd/HP Caeda (who is only 4-star currently). Caeda's seems the most fun to use, but on the downside she will need to wait for me to get feathers to promote, and I'm still unsure whether I should wait for a +atk copy instead. No rush to decide I guess - I doubt I'd use any of them in the current TT and I'm not hurting for people to use in the GHB reruns. I not only need to decide who to use the dew on, but the four people I need to use the nuggets on to get the dew, so I'll take my time.
  9. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    Step one is to find something interesting to watch on TV or YouTube or whatever. ;) Step two is remembering to check your phone every couple of minutes while doing that. Autobattle has been pretty easy for far this TT, about a dozen runs in and not even a single unit has died that I can remember. Helps that the entire team is bonus units of course. Just taking the exact team I use for manual fights at the moment, Lilina, weaponless Clarine, Klein and Ninian.
  10. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    Gave myself a heart attack after my first run of the day when after getting A/A, I went to Lilina to have her learn some of the skills I had given her just before the run, including the big investment on Gronnblade+. They weren't there. I absolutely panicked. Turns out I had taken my older +Atk Lilina to the TT instead. She had the Spd3 seal equipped giving her 33 speed, same as the base speed of the +Spd copy, making it so I couldn't tell them apart at a glance. It also made it all the more surprising that she being -Def somehow managed to eat a Brave Axe to the face from Raven on map 6 and survive. I also walked her into range of a red mage on map one, so yeah, it wasn't my best executed run. (In my defense I've been extremely sleep deprived all day owning to the Spurs vs Juventus match) Anyway, took the correct one to the second Lunatic run and got the same result, she's so powerful it doesn't matter much either way even with her default tome. Klein cleans up everything that she can't. I'm kind of operating as two separate squads most maps, Lilina and Clarine clear up one side and Klein and Ninian the other. I guess I may as well ally support the former two. Unfortunately for Klein,m I'm having trouble justifying giving him any skill inheritance whatsoever since this 5-star copy is neutral and I have a 4-star +Spd copy. The lack of a movement assist was annoying at times but he's doing okay otherwise so I'll leave him be for now. Haven't done any autobattles yet since I devoted the rest of my stamina to cleaning up quests and daily maps. EDIT: My sister just called to say that just like me, she got a second Lilina in her search for Hector, and just like my second one, her second is +Spd -Res. Freaky.
  11. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    This wasn't too bad - 2-3 attempts for each of Flier, Infantry and Armour, didn't attempt Cavalry because I only want the orbs. Flier: Elincia, Palla, Corrin, Airzura. Corrin takes a potshot at the upper axeman then gets the hell out of dodge via reposition dancing. The enemies all pursue to the chokepoint. Corrin finishes off the axeman through the wall, then tanks and kills both red and blue mages. Elincia and Corrin both flee to the top corner, Palla goes south one tile to kill the other axeman on the counter. Final turn Corrin kills the lancer with the aid of WoM dance and Palla takes out Robin. Elincia doesn't actively do anything here, no idea if her goad even affected anything. Infantry: Olivia, ATiki, Tailtiu, Fjorm. Attempted to replicate the flier strat using like for like units. It didn't work out as planned because Tailtiu is no Corrin offensively. She needed a dance to kill the axe, and on the enemy phase couldn't ORKO the blue mage either. On the other hand, Tiki easily kills Robin through the wall, greatly simplifying the task of kiting the lancer to death through simple magic and dance. Armour: Just swap shenanigans. DC Effie baits the upper tile, BK baits the middle one, no one on the lower one to avoid the Drag Back from the lancer. Second turn, BK runs the hell away, Effie takes the middle tile, Hector the upper one, Amelia the lower one. Enemies die.
  12. You don't need to learn the skill on the source unit in order to give it away, you can pass TA3 from a level 1 Roy just fine. Hone Attack is easily obtainable from Olivia and F Corrin, and Hone Speed from Matthew. There are also seals for the various Hones and Fortify that you can use to double up on different buffs. If you have an Eirika to promote, her sword has Hone Attack 2 built-in and she also comes with Hone Attack 3 by default, making her the perfect companion (and S-support) for Nino. Ephraim is technically better since his weapon is refinable to give Hone Attack 3 instead of 2, but he's not available at 4-star.
  13. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    I think he's just tired after a long day of work, he's just gotten home, hung up Alondite on the rack, taken his helmet off ...suddenly the pager beeps - the boss needs him to head back to work to do some overtime. He sighs, grabs the car horse keys and trudges back outside. He arrives back at the office and realises to his dismay that he left Alondite at home. Normally, this would not be a big deal; he can borrow a Ruby Sword or Wo Dao from the office armory as he had many times before - but it's TT week and so all the weapons have been taken by his generic swordsman colleagues. He shrugs. "I'm not paid enough for this crap", he thinks to himself as he wanders off into the battlefield.
  14. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    They have new interns doing the translation with the aid of Google Translate every time. :P
  15. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    Blah, I haven't used Klein since he hit 40 so I have to build both him and Lilina first before jumping in, they both just have default skills. But they need SP from TT to get properly built, catch-22. Oh well, just Draw Back on each will have to do for now. EDIT: Argh, I have barely any movement fodder to give. Only 2 Ninos and 1 Sully, and 2 Selenas and 1 Barst. When did my fodder list get so thin? EDIT2: Screw it, I'll do the training maps to properly build my spd Lilina first, can't justify burning extra fodder just for day one use.