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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Just the one round will do me for now. 4* Hawkeye Atk/Def 4* Soleil Spd/Atk 3* Raigh Def/Res 3* Frederick Res/Spd Meh. EDIT: Second account got a free Laevatein because of course it would.
  2. How long you've been playing Heroes?

    From launch week, but not necessarily launch day. Or more accurately, I did try playing on launch day, but didn't have a satisfactory solution for accessing the game, so I'm pretty sure my account now is not from that day. I didn't have a smartphone back then, and the first few days were mostly occupied trying various emulators, and it'd have been a new account every time. Leapdroid (now discontinued) worked, sort of, and eventually managed to get through and link an account before being hit by the dreaded 803-3001 error. For the first few months I pretty much had to live with it, using an additional app to reset the config whenever the error happened. The only 5* unit I got was an off-focus Maria. Obviously knowing what I do now, I would have re-rolled, but I didn't really understand the game back then so I just rolled with it.
  3. Forging Bonds: High Tea Jinks

    Yes, the same user posted a schedule for the previous event as well (and it's different to the current one), so we can expect one for next time unless IS change the way they do things again. Original post here which has some extra detail for the technically minded about how the numbers were derived.
  4. Swordbreaker probably. Vantage is an option too I imagine.
  5. Grand Hero Battle Breaks: Garon

    The cleric doesn't even have Dazzling or Wrathful, they were merciful.
  6. Grand Hero Battle Breaks: Garon

    Horses, horses, horses, horses Coming in in all directions White shining, silver studs with their nose in flames Think it was pretty average difficulty by the standards of reinforcement maps. Just my default horses of Xander, Ephraim, Cecilia and Lyn. Appropriately enough Garon ended up suiciding into Xander, who survived with 1hp - good thing I gave him those merges.
  7. Forging Bonds: High Tea Jinks

    More than just simple datamining, as per the comment from the original poster if you follow the source link.
  8. It does amuse me how Laegjarn's weapon is basically designed for her to keep her little sister in line. "Oh, you have +6 to everything? How cute." *gains +12 to everything*
  9. That double blow of no paralogue orbs and no compensation orbs. :( I mean, I can sorta understand why, we've gotten our two lots of story chapter orbs this month, but still, pretty much guarantees I won't go beyond the free round on the banner. (At least it still has login orbs, if they took those away from the banner too...)
  10. Forging Bonds: High Tea Jinks

    There totally is a schedule: (source)
  11. Favourite Heroes OC

    I have a hard time calling any of them my "favourite". Helbindi is a possibility I guess, who despite the heavy-handed way in which they designed him is kinda adorable. It's telling that I even considered Laegjarn because I consider Camuses to be stupid, both as individuals and as an archetype. I like her hair though. And if I had to round out the podium, I guess I'll go Bruno, though I disliked his pointless appearances in Book 2. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Anna. I genuinely think it was a mistake to incorporate her into the story at all, and she stifles the character development of both Alfonse and Sharena. Anna should have just been an orb store mascot or whatever. Maybe they should write her out like they did Virion and replace her in the Order of Heroes with Helbindi. :P Other members of the "generally dislike" bucket are Veronica (might be because of TT1, though I enjoyed her telling Ylgr to shut up), Loki ("haha, look at me, I'm so capricious"), Laevatein (as smart as a sack of bricks, but with worse hair), and obviously Surtr.
  12. I always get them mixed up (and also forget to actually use them in combat) but it was from Tailtiu so Spd/Res, not quite as useful as Marth is doubling everything already. I did give Marth himself Rally Def/Res, but of course he didn't really get a chance to use it himself. No Tactics buffs either since the team is locked into three infantry, and there was no Fortify support either unfortunately. At any rate, I went ahead and tried again, dragged myself over the line for a record 3715. To be quite honest, it was a miserable experience and I don't think it's one I would ever repeat, at the end of it I only felt relief at it being over. I feel a little better about it now that I've slept since then, but still, the experience of having to fight with skills optimised for score over performance was horrific, as was the extensive fishing required. Don't know how some folks can do this every week. It's high-week for T21 entry though I think, so it might fall just short, but either way, I've given myself the best possible chance to tick it off the bucket list and I'll have to be content with that no matter the result. The opportunity only came along because of the combination of a legendary fire bonus hero, so if I fail, then it'll be a long while before I get another shot.
  13. So, it completely slipped my mind that my Cecilia+10 is fire-blessed and as such easily outscores my Nino+9 this week with the aid of Legendary Marth. I plugged my team into the score calculator and I realised there was a chance of me staying in T20 for the first time ever, and all it would cost me is two 4* Tailtius and one random AoE special. Well then, that's definitely worth a shot. - Legendary Marth +0, base kit plus Reposition and Close Def seal - Lilina +10, Forblaze[special], dual Rally, Growing Flame, DB3, Special Spiral, Drive Spd 2, Heavy Blade - Nowi +8, LB+[def], Reposition, Glimmer, Fury, Vantage, Hone Spd 3, QR3 (this isn't optimised for score but I plugged in a dual rally, AoE special and Drive Spd 2 and the team score didn't budge, so no point optimising until I get a spare Bike) - Cecilia +10, Gronnraven+, dual Rally, Growing Flame, TA3, Escape Route 3, Drive Spd 2, Distant Def Fished for 728+ and a minimum of three bonus kills per battle. Ended up with exactly 3700 points which demolishes my previous record by almost 40 points, but it's still touch-and-go on whether it'll be enough to stay. It'd have been enough last week, though just barely, so there's a reasonable chance. Had Nowi been fully merged and optimised, I'd have been a shot at T21 but that's definitely not happening without premium fodder which I don't have. I do have one Bike but I'm not giving him up, nor my one spare Like (who wouldn't give Aether either). EDIT: I screwed up the calculations by forgetting to set Marth's bane, so actually I could improve my score by one notch by adding a dual rally to either him or Nowi, or more palatably, an AoE special to Nowi. High probability it still wouldn't be enough for T21 though so I'm not sure I can be bothered redoing my run. Will see nearer the end of the week I guess when TT fatigue subsides. EDIT 2: Whoops, turns out my Marth never learned Fire Emblem. Yeah.... plus he needs the dual rally regardless.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    4 reds and a grey, so despite already having Olivia, the game didn't give me a choice but to accept my 3* Gordin.
  15. No, it's never been like that. It's been one fixed season for the month, corresponding with the current month's legendary hero, plus just a rotation of the other three seasons each week. @silveraura25 There was a change to what season an entire month would have been, which indicates they changed their mind (or fixed an error) about what element the legendary hero would have been that month. I think it wasn't until next year though. Interestingly the implication is that we'll get consecutive Water heroes in November and December, then consecutive Wind heroes in both January and February. The seasons for every arena week for the next six months are available on the wiki -