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  1. I don't have any of the units, so I'm not going to be crushed if I get any particular one. On the other hand, the only one I actually want is Azura, as none of the others suit my playstyle. I'm well aware Lyn is considered the "worst" legendary, but at least she isn't an armoured unit so I think that cancels out. I suppose in order of preference: Azura - Don't have her and her unique capabilities. Therefore need her. Myrrh - I suppose she's probably better than my unmerged Zelgius in my rarely-used armour team, although giving up DC is unfortunate. Actually given she has Armor March, it means she'll displace Amelia. Myrrh + CYL Hector + Grima + Cecilia (I have no other ranged armours) as my default armour team works out I guess. Lyn - Legendary blessings at least work for general content, so I can build a decent team around her. Duma - I don't do Aether Raids so the Mythic aspect is useless to me. Other than that he seems a pretty mediocre unit since unlike many other recent armours, he only really operates in one phase.
  2. I didn't actually notice any of the weird cutouts or shorts when I watched the trailer, so it's easy to miss. That, or I was still in a half-asleep daze. Looking at the screenshot, and I do agree that it's a bit much, though the it's possibly just as well most of the detail will be lost in the action when it comes to actual gameplay. Though surely current hardware is powerful enough for FE to finally implement outfit swapping that's not linked to class. I was hoping it'd be a nice elegant pantsuit myself. :P
  3. Golden Deer. Rule, Britannia! Britannia rule the waves!
  4. Missed the Direct because it was at like 8am and I'm not a morning person, so the only thing I've seen is the standalone trailer, which I assume is the same. - I don't mind the avatar, and I don't mind that they're a focal point of the story. But I'd rather they didn't have some weird special powers, oh well. I do like that the avatar is not a teenager this time, or at least is someone who can pass for a twenty-something. I'd say I want a thirty-something but that might make the romances even creepier than they will already be. - I like that it seems we'll have way more flexibility in building each character. I don't expect an FE game to ever ditch the concept of classes, but this might be the closest we can get to approximating a class-less system, which I've always preferred in RPGs. Gygax has a lot to answer for. - I'm okay with there being no explicit big-bad, if it comes to that. Ultima 4 is one of the most iconic video games of all time precisely because it avoided the concept. - I hope that all the shown characters being students is just an artifact of the trailer framing, and that we can recruit other, more age-appropriate characters. Like fellow academics, colleagues and the janitor.
  5. The Special edition up for preorder

    Looks like the UK gets a better deal this time, with a USB stick instead of a CD (arguable I guess for traditionalists) and a set of pins instead of a calendar. Hopefully Australia doesn't get left out completely. It's not a particularly premium CE but if it's say, $20-30AUD more than the standard edition, I'll probably figure why not.
  6. It took a full half year for the final two copies to arrive, but I can finally +10 Nowi. However a quick check of the usual resources shows there's no clear consensus about which boon to take, with both +Spd and +Def having just as many proponents, if not more, than my current +Atk base and so I'd like to hear some opinions here. Currently she has a budget Fury - Vantage - Hone Spd - QR Seal build because that' what I gave her almost two years ago, and is currently using the Def refine. That said, I am open to eventually setting her up with the standard premium build of Steady Breath - Aether should I ever get enough fodder if this affects the decision. (Right now I have one spare Bike and can't decide between merging him to +1 to eliminate his bane, or otherwise decide which of my dragons should get it) P.S. Fully expecting a new personal weapon to be announced for her as soon as I commit to my build.
  7. The monthly orb pack occasionally comes with 60 Refining Stones as the "bonus", so they sort of do. But it'd take four of those packs to refine just one Prf weapon, and because the rewards rotate every three months, it means you get a grand total of one Prf refine a year from them. Whoop-de-doo.
  8. I'd rather just extend the current Accessory system so that it can properly replace pieces of clothing rather than just add little details. Like a tux that I could equip on anyone.
  9. Still waiting on my final copy to get to +10, but I figure I may as well start building now. My question is mainly on whether it'd be folly to try to build dual-phase Palla given her so-so statline. That said, she will pretty much always been on a flier team, so a Hone and some Goads are pretty much assured. My incumbent red flier is +HP Elincia +1 so it's not a high bar to clear. So with that in mind, do I: 1) Keep it simple, make her a straight one-for-one replacement for Elincia as a player-phase assassin with Death Blow, Hit and Run. And would I go for +Atk for the guaranteed damage or +Spd for the possibility of quadding? 2) Go for a compromise mixed-phase build hopefully retaining good player phase killing potential but also making use of her superior defensive stats. Not as sure about the skills here, assuming Fury+QR as a baseline but there are a lot of newer fancier skills I'm not too familiar with and happy to take suggestions. Even have DC but not sure she has the stats to make that sacrifice.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Freebie Ike (Spd/Res) on the daily banner, feels like forever since I've gotten a freebie. None too exciting as a unit these days of course, and I already have a +Atk +2 copy, but not sure who'd want the Heavy Blade + Aether inheritance either, hmm. The Year Two seasonal pick ended up being Hrid with the possible worst-case nature or +Spd -Atk. But whatever, I intend on making Palla my primary red flier anyway so no room for inferior substitutes. He can fly around the castle making the ladies swoon instead, as I do find his NY art significantly better than his constipated-looking regular self.
  11. Got Hrid, +Spd -Atk so he's not going to be doing anything anytime soon. Pretty much my least-desired unit from red, but not by a huge margin so whatever. At least it wasn't Bride Tharja. Had I known the red was Hrid, I'd probably have gone for grey, but then I'd probably get Noire and be even more disappointed.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Been a while since I posted here, eh? Indeed a quick search says the last time I updated was on the 17th of October when I got an OG Tana. Looking back at the units I've gotten since then (units new to me in green), I have: Bride Sanaki +Atk -Def - Fixes my -Atk original one, neat. Hinoka +HP -Res Laevatein +Spd -Def Jaffar +Def -Res Eir +HP -Def Ophelia +HP -Atk Winter Lissa +Spd -Def Legendary Hector +Def -Spd - Fixes my +Spd -HP one, also neat. Horse Chrom +Res -Atk Eir +HP -Atk Summer Takumi +Spd -Def Fjorm +Atk -Res - First Fjorm I've actually pulled, bit of a surprise, but a pleasant one. Dancer Elincia +HP -Atk - Identical nature to my two OG Elincias, I think she's cursed. Halloween Nowi +Atk -Def - Was very disappointed to get her as the anniversary freebie ...until I found out her nature with yesterday's update. Some decent ones in there, especially considering my orb earnings are probably around half of what they used to be. I haven't gotten the free Eir yet (obviously I need the game to remind me I can get Eir as a free ally for completing chapter 1 of Book 3 more often), but there's a ready merge or two for her when I do. _________________ Which brings me to today. Just did the one partial circle, which ended up being only three units, on the Greil banner. Horse Chrom +Atk -Res Can't complain about that. Very glad I didn't merge my +Res -Atk copy into my old base +HP -Res one. Instead I get to merge the old base into the new copy, and will be able to freely fodder the +Res one for Chill Def + Aether next month. That having been done, I looked at my 80-odd orbs plus the 90-odd more in my mailbox and decided to go for the Hot Springs banner. Unusual for me these days to put any orbs into a 6% banner, but after reading the February Legendary expectations thread, it seems I'd be better served going for the March one, leaving a big gap in expected orb usage. I inconsistently went for green-only at times, and green+grey at others. Took about 100 orbs for Hinoka to show up. Finished the circle, and Sakura turned up the very next orb. Happy with that outcome. Towel Hinoka +Spd -Atk Towel Sakura +HP -Res Not that great in terms of natures, but since I'm not actively playing, it doesn't matter much. I won't be levelling anyone anytime soon so there's plenty of time to get a +1 merge on them in future legendary banners. Theoretically I can now field a Hoshidan siblings flier team now, alongside Legendary Ryoma and Summer Takumi, kinda neat I guess.
  14. Fortunately you can see the returning Flaw by selecting the "after" on the promote screen, so external websites are still unnecessary. Happy that I can dump my (hopelessly outdated) unit spreadsheet too. Would have been nice if it was directly visible on the screen though, instead of having to go to the unit card. I'd have preferred Green/Red for the colour-coding, not least because the baby blue is so pale that it's easy to miss. As someone unfamiliar with Pokemon, having Red be the Asset colour would be super confusing to me, so personally I'm glad that isn't the case. P.S. For anyone who can't see the display, it's because it's off by default. That stumped me for a minute.
  15. All things being equal, Titania is a little worse than Eirika offensively, sure. On the other hand, we get two copies for free, and with the merge changes, Titania+1 matches neutral Eirika in both Atk and Spd, shades her in HP, loses a bit in the dump stat of Def, and has significantly better Res. That's actually fairly appealing, especially in my case where I've only ever gotten one Eirika, and with her being +Res -Atk.