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  1. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Liao Feeling the refreshment from the orange, Liao resumes his attacks on the adjacent Chuchu, seeking to deal the final blow.
  2. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Liao Bruises are starting to appear everywhere on Liao's body, accompanied with a few torn-off sections of his clothes... although he seemed to pay more attention to his outfit than his wellbeing, being a somewhat materialistic person. "Great, I just bought these jackets not long ago..." He directed his gaze at the Chuchu, still confused of the fact that a weapon designed for fighting and killing is dealing less damage than a watery being's tackles. There is one.. no, two things that he is certain of, is that both of them are wounded right now, and the Chuchu will not attempt to attack as it is surrounded by his comrades. Liao thought he needed to retreat and request healing from Simón to avoid getting himself killed by a living wobbly blob... until he realised he still has an orange in his pocket. Liao stays still where he was and without hesitation, consumes the orange, waiting for the fruit to automagically heal him to his best possible shape.
  3. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Liao "How the hell do you kill water?" Liao's attack did not deal much damage to the creature, although he can sense that it is going to approach its limit soon. Unwavering, Liao still decides to press on and attacks the Chuchu again at F21.
  4. Lost Hope - Introduction, Information and Signup

    The Discord invite link isn't working for me... Might wanna check if you didn't set the link to expire after a period or after a set number of users joined the server
  5. Lost Hope - Introduction, Information and Signup

    Is there still a chance for this RP to happen here? I'm planning to work on my character's biography.
  6. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Liao "You should go help the others, let me try to finish this living liquid thing off." Liao said to Raven, while secretly wanting to get the kill for himself, before attacking the Chuchu at F21.
  7. Just imagine the bad consequences that might happen to you if you don't go to sleep early. Sleep late -> lack of sleep -> wake up tired -> weaker performance -> worse results -> get fired -> no money -> no place to stay and nothing to eat -> depression -> commit suicide This alone is the reason why I have never arrived late at school... Yet.
  8. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Liao "Pokémons...?" Liao can't help but notice the 2 Bug Pokémons spawning from east and west. Seeing their small size, Liao inconsciously blurted out "Just stomp on them or something... Problem solved." Liao moves to E21, where he can also easily hide behind the bushes and trees, and flanks the Chuchu.
  9. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Liao moves to F19, equips his Bronze Lance then drinks the Defense Tonic.
  10. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Liao "Where are the oth-...Oh well." He stared at Link flying to the castle before following the elf. Liao deploys at H21.
  11. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Liao Liao is seen looking attentively at the castle, trying to assess the situation. After a brief moment, he turned his head at the group. "So are we heading there or not?" He points his finger straight at the castle. "We can either storm inside the castle, retrieve whatever the huge half-horse half-human greedy beasty bastard thing was carrying and maybe cut down whatever is charging at us with the intent to harm and/or kill, whether with a sword or with sharp claws... or mutated zombies with disgusting appearance and abilities..." He began to think for a bit then suddenly shivered after thinking about something that sent chills down his spine. "...Uh, I think I'm overthinking right now. Gotta stop." Then he turns behind, pointing at the exit of the town. "Or we can just leave this place right now and avoid any conflict instead. I say we should regroup then make a vote. I'll just go with a blank vote since I don't really care whether we're going there or not. I'm sticking with you guys... for now." He said, implying that him leaving the group isn't impossible. "I might be able to fare against human beings, at least... though I can't say the same for huge beasts that don't exist in the world where I came from."
  12. moving to europe--any advice?

    Smoke some nice weed
  13. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Liao Liao followed the Lynel for a bit before slowing down to stop, knowing it'll be pointless for a mere human being like him to keep up his pace with some four-legged horse-like beast that is twice his size, let alone to be able to reach it. The big chest it was carrying caught his eyes."Why did it steal a chest? What was inside it?" He looked at the direction where the creature is heading and saw a castle. "Eh, guys? Was that castle there when we first arrived here?" A flock of birds can be seen flying past Liao, heading to the opposite direction of where he was facing. Naturally, birds fly away when they see something they deem as dangerous. Perhaps there are more trouble waiting for the heroes in that castle.
  14. Lost Hope - Introduction, Information and Signup

    Still hesitating whether I want to join this RP or not, but I think if the aforementioned toxicity in the forum where this RP came from is seriously disrupting the flow and the progression of the story, I think y'all should just move it to here instead. Some of the benefits include little-to-no toxicity in most of the RPs, if not all of them, and the fact that this is a Fire Emblem forum. Of course, nobody is forcing you guys to rush and make a final decision. Just take your time and think thoroughly.
  15. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Liao Liao was just checking the wares when the Lynel bursted out of a house. He immediately rushed to the shopkeeper while the others are leaving. "Can I have that bottle thing, please? And thank you." Even when the danger is near, courtesy should not be something that has to be ignored, according to him. He hastily left the exact amount of money before running out of the shop with his hands gripping tight on the Bronze Lance. Liao purchased 1x Defense Tonic.