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  1. FE7 convenience patch

    man put some talk help like FE8_QOL_1.1
  2. excellent....Very good hack rom I'm playing right now and I love it
  3. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    nice xD
  4. Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis Nightmare Modules

  5. Fire Emblem-The Extinguished Blade

    MAN this hack is soo good man more i need more xD
  6. FE7 convenience patch

    THXXXXXXXXXXXX ; ) i love this xD
  7. Mariah's Stuff

    thxxxxx i love F rogue xd and erika xD
  8. hey man the link is off please repost xD ... I WHANT to play this hack xD
  9. Fire emblem 8: Quality of Life Patch 

    hey man i love this thxxxxxxxx xD friend I tried for my game and it did not work said that it is not compatible with size something like that, because I have already used another patch to increase the difficulty of the game has to do to use two hacks together
  10. I hope he does it ... I'm playing and I'm loving it and a lot of fun.
  11. Fire Emblem 7 ~ GBA Team 1.1

    OHhh i happy now xD PLEASE I NEED you help i will pm you
  12. FEXNA (Currently In Private Beta)

    niceee man where the dowload link xD
  13. finally I found a very good hack ROM play with the villains excellent ...a question how I transform Lyon into a necromancer
  14. FEBuilderGBA

    have english patch for this