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  1. My first PMU! (Closed)

    Take Ranger Neimemes (Neimi)
  2. Nope units don't share exp, I just like being able to use a wide array of units. Exp really isn't a problem in FE games (except maybe Radiant Dawn) because of either Arenas (GBA series, and the Jugdral series I think) Bonus Exp (Tellius series), and also grinding (in Sacred Stones, Awakening, Fates, SoV). On average, you deploy around 8-10 units excluding required units once you are able to deploy who you want in a map, so I like having at least 14 or so units that are good to go so I can swap them out if needed.
  3. I personally like saving all my units (even the shitty/memey ones) just because I'm a perfectionist. Though for efficiency's sake, you are better of leaving behind units that fall in battle, since the whole point of FE is to play your units carefully or suffer dire consequences. And I assume you are referring to Shanna (the Pegasus Knight), I wouldn't leave her behind tbh just because she's your earliest flier and she's a solid unit because of her availability as well. Though it really is up to personal preference. I like using multiple units and rotate them in and out and switch them out when a better unit comes (for example I swapped out Clarine for Cecilia), while there are other FE players that prefer to train a small group of units to use for the entire game. Both are valid play styles, just find one that works best :) Like the above post, I would start with Blazing Sword. Blazing Sword makes sense chronologically since it is the 1st generation (Binding Blade is the 2nd generation of the Blazing Sword cast) and the game also has a fairly in-depth tutorial that will be useful for beginners.
  4. Who's your best unit in any Fire Embem Game?

    Besides the obvious (Ike, Laguz royals, Haar)... Nephenee in Radiant Dawn was a real trooper since she was so tanky but, could still dish out a ton of damage, being able to double almost all enemies. Gartrie was another amazing unit since he doubled a decent amount of enemies (failed to double swordmasters and some mages for obvious reasons) and I also gave him boots so he was a fantastic mobile knight. I also had an uber Sain that got around 18 str as a Level 15 Cavalier (though I used the Energy Ring on him), which was around the chapter where you fight Uhai and recruit Fiora, so he was pretty much kind of broken. My Sain also maxed out Str at level 4 as a Paladin so that was a plus as well. He didn't hard carry per say but, he did a lot of the work during maps. Mage Kliff in SoV pretty had the potential to solo maps just because he was incredibly powerful (especially once he gets Sagittae)
  5. Fire Emblem Character Spotlight!

    Micaiah or Amelia would be pretty decent ones to make videos of. Though I'm curious to watch a spotlight about the more underrated/overlooked units in FE such as Tanith or Isadora
  6. My first PMU

    Lon'qu Mrymidon -> Thief -> Trickster
  7. Another PMU

    Nowi, whatever class you want
  8. Which game should I nuzlocke?

    Pokemon Y is ok to nuzlocke mainly because of the sheer number of different Pokemon that are available (though nuzlocking the game doesn't make the game any harder imo). Though, I will recommend the hacks by Drayano (Sacred Gold / Storm Silver, Blaze Black / Volt White 1&2, Rising Ruby / Sinking Sapphire) as they are essentially harder versions of the game (all overworld and boss trainers have been revamped significantly) and you are able to catch all the Pokemon that are available at the game's release (so BB/VW will have Pokemon from Gen 1-5 available). In order to play this game, it's easier to play it on emulator (for the DS versions) otherwise you need like an R4 or Sky3DS/CFW to play them. If you aren't interested in hacks, then I recommend Platinum because it is one of my favorite games and it has a decent challenge curve while also having a diverse amount of Pokemon.
  9. Yeah I agree with the Fates Rainbow Sage Tower (for some reason, I tend to like maps that split up your party), but I also liked Chapter 10 CQ (aka Takumi or "we got trouble" chapter). Echoes final battle against Duma and PoR's final battle against Ashnard were also some of my favorites.
  10. Sacred Stones has the best cast by far personality wise, each character is expanded upon pretty well through their supports (though some of the villains such as Lyon are pretty ehh). Blazing Sword and Path of Radiance come next imo (though Radiant Dawn falls short since that support system is shitty so you hardly know anything about the DB and newer characters such as Kyza and Lyre).
  11. hey hey hey Lord: Chrom Tactician: Robin Cavalier: Stahl Mercenary: Inigo Hero: Flavia Myrmidon: Owain Thief: Anna Fighter: Vaike Wyvern: Cherche Knight: Kjelle Pegasus: Sumia Mage: Emmeryn Dark Mage: Tharja Cleric/Monk/Troubadour line: Maribelle Archer: Virion Taguel: Panne Manakete: Nowi Unique: Olivia
  12. Post fanart requested by the person above! Kuri and Shiro from Elegant Yokai Apartment Life (Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijo)
  13. Best Villain

    Sephiran is it for me just because he is so different from other FE villains (aka not a dragon or ruler) and also how I didn't suspect him (thought he was good all along smh) as the one pulling the strings until he shows up in the Tower of Guidance. Other than that most of the other villains are kind of meh (haven't played FE 4-5 so no comment on those games).
  14. First word comes to mind