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  1. What FE chapter did you have the most trouble with?

    Chapter 20x Sacae Route of Binding Blade. Your deployment slots are scattered into 3 clusters around the map, and then having 6 different thrones, with 5 of them being fake thrones. Adding on to the annoying nomads and myrmidons you have to deal with in Sacae route with their avoid as well. It's not a fun map.
  2. Units that are good in spite of their class

    yeah just fe8 Great Knights, suffering an extra 2 move for all 3 weapon types isn't worth it imo
  3. Units that are good in spite of their class

    Some that come to mind are... Ayra/Lewyn/Ced (all amazing foot units, the problem is that they are foot units in a game where move is everything) Duessel (Ephraim route Duessel specifically is very, very good still but, Great Knights are just an awkward class with their move stat) Louise (would've been a lot better if she wasn't a sniper, she has a automatic A support with Pent, so I can see her being much better if she was in a different class)
  4. Special Episodes and Friend Areas (from PMD1) are the 2 features that I would like to see the most.
  5. Most useless unit in Fire Emblem?

    FE4 - Arden: You literally use him to guard the first castle of each chapter, literally the game kinda hints that this is really the only reason why Arden was even in the game, he's just a bodyguard. Also he's slow af (speed and movement wise) so, he's pretty much never gonna be useful. I don't even think there are really any kids/pairings that synergize with well tbh. FE6 - Wendy: Yeah she joins with low bases and it'll be quite difficult to train her unless you give her all the exp in her join chapter (aka chapter 8), considering the Shadow Isles chapters are mostly filled with brigands and pirates which dick her with axes. Not really any reason to use her considering Barth/Bors are better overall, and access to triangle attack doesn't make things better considering all 3 of the armor knights are kinda bottom of the barrel picks, moreso Wendy. FE7 - Rebecca: Good availability but, bad bases means that you'll be babying her for a while before she starts to pull her weight. Archers aren't even that good in FE7 in all honesty due to lack of chokepoints and generally open maps (except Rath and maybe Louise just cuz of her support). FE8 - Marisa: Really no reason to use her honestly, considering Joshua is such a superior pick that comes way earlier. Amelia still has some uses just because an extra Paladin is always nice, Ewan can be a Summoner which is ok-ish (not really), so Marisa's niche is kinda there and not really useful considering a higher SpD growth than Joshua doesn't really matter considering his speed growth is already solid. I guess she could make an ok Assassin dodge-tank thing? idk... FE9 - Mia: Sword-locked unit into a game where the bulk of the enemies are bulky (Cavs and Knights) and wield lances which is not good for her. Hard to train just because she needs babying for the long run, even then there are better options in Stefan and Zihark available later on. She's also an infantry unit which isn't that desirable in FE9 considering mobility trumps everything. FE10 - Lyre: Lethe is better (I said better not great) considering they join at the same time. Really bad stats for a laguz unit and her growths don't really matter considering laguz units take a long time to level up. Not worth, considering there's better options for non-royal laguz units out there. FE11 - Vyland: Bad unit, bad bases, bad growths, bad weapon ranks (though doesn't really matter considering it's still early game). Also the fact that you can get 2 great cavs (Cain/Abel) and a kinda below average one (Matthis), he'll probably be fodder if you want to access the gaiden chapters anyways. Overall not worth, also added that Hardin joins in that chapter as a far more superior choice than Vyland. FE12 - Bantu: Wow what a bad unit lol, unlike in FE11 where he has a use (recruiting Tiki) he does not in FE12, therefore he is kinda a terrible, bottom-of-the-barrel unit. Join time is ok, but those bases are terrible and the firestone also depletes rather quickly so, you might as well save them for Tiki/Nagi. FE13 - Ricken: Not really a bad unit imo, it's just the amount of investment he needs is kinda makes him not worth using tbh. Virion edges out because of his character/personality. FE14 Birthright - Hinata: Really weird growths (emphasis on HP/Luck of all stats) for a myrmidon so that's already pretty bad. Join time isn't a problem, it's just Hana joins earlier and is a lot better due to better offensive growths, and also Ryoma exists in the game so, there isn't much of a reason to use him. Also his child sucks soooooo... there's that FE14 Conquest - Felicia/Jakob (Chapter 15 one): Just really bad base stats for a prepromote at that point in the game, you should already have a good maid/butler (or Great Knight Jakob) considering one joins early so, it's kinda redundant to get a 2nd one. FE14 Revelations - Peri: Like is there a reason to use her? At least the other 3 retainers have use through pretty solid children, whereas you don't really need Peri at that point. FE15 - Forsyth: No reason to use him honestly, Knights in general are pretty bad in echoes unless you have Warp (even then you might as well Warp a more mobile unit anyways), but Lukas at least joins early enough to be useful and Valbar can be used to hold off chokepoints in boat maps.
  6. FE7 - Rebecca and Wil turned out really good for some reason (moreso Wil during a HHM draft run), dealt a lot of damage and I used them as a meatshield when necessary and it works out fine usually. Obviously getting them to beast mode takes longer than other units due to their base stats and join time (in regards to Wil) but, they served me quite well and turned out to be one of the top units during both of my runs. FE8 - Always thought Great Knights were a flawed class just because they are just a weird compromise between Generals/Paladins (can't really think of a reason to promote into a Great Knight, and getting to use all 3 main weapons isn't exactly convincing tbh), until I used Duessel in Ephraim's route. This guy is actually a beast, with amazing stats and was a very handy mobile knight that helped me a ton (especially in the ghost ship chapter), very good unit overall. FE9 - Nephenee was also one of my top units in the run surprisingly. Considering this game is part of the "horse emblem trio" (FE4, 8 and 9), I was surprised how well Nephenee fared against the other mounted units I had (aka Boyd, Ilyana, and Rhys). She was a great meatshield/rescuer when necessary and had solid offensive capabilities as well. Giving her the Flame Lance also helped her surprisingly since it made the matchup against Generals a bit better (also gave her some range too).
  7. Who is the worst "Est" type unit in the series

    Sophia, Coirpre, and Nino are probably the worst Ests in the franchise. Nino is completely outclassed by Pent and Erk (moreso Pent considering he joins much earlier and is such a fantastic unit), and Nino also needs a ton of babying as well as Body Rings to offset her low con. Not worth using imo Sophia just needs a ton of babying due to her low base stats and low join level (especially since it's a desert map full of units that can attack from any direction + fog of war) and isn't really that great (considering either Raigh or Niime are much better alternatives). Coirpre joins late at a low level, in a game where horse emblem thrives due to how large the maps are. Base stats aren't too bad, it's just that he's a low level priest that joins way too late without a horse much less, and you get 2 better staff users (Nanna and Julia) that join earlier and are just better overall Dishonorable Mentions Miranda's promotion is a choice (while most promotions strengthen units, Miranda's promotion doesn't change her at all), considering her nonexistent strength and con makes it nearly impossible for her to benefit from swords, which is half of the reason to even use a mage knight imo. Though she does have really great growths as a mage and she has a horse, which is okay I guess. Overall kinda underwhelming when I randomly decided to use her, though I personally wouldn't call her the worst. Est (FE11-12) just not worth using honestly, in FE11 Est (and her sisters) do come quite late but, Palla and Catria are both salvageable due to their ok join time and growths. Est just joins way too late to be of any use. Same thing goes with FE12 but, there is literally 0 reason to use her considering Palla/Catria (and potentially female Kris) join so much earlier and are easily the strongest units in the game. Though the fact she joins with Ridersbane in FE11 lets her pick off weakened Cavs easily and, she also has the perk of triangle attack as well. Her growths in FE12 are honestly jacked af despite her base stats not being any great soo, she is still usable in a way because of that. Zeiss, Sara, and Delthea are probably the best Ests in the franchise Zeiss has great growths, decent base stats in NM (amazing stats in HM), and also Wyverns are just a really strong class overall due to ferry ability + bulk and better offensive capabilities. Not too difficult to train despite being underleveled ish, very worth using. Sara is strong because of her Kia Staff (which is very useful for curing Stone), and also her growths are really good for an offensive unit (80% in both magic and speed). Joins a bit late but, she has Elite (aka Paragon of FE5) which makes training her easy and she has B staves which lets her use Rescue which can also speed up the process quite a bit. Delthea starts off slow but, she can catch up quickly due to her growths. Mage Ring patches up her lack of Thunder (or just any long range spells), so if you aren't going Mage!Kliff then Delthea is a good investment for the Mage Ring. Rewarp and Ragnarok are also kinda cool too I guess. Honorable Mentions Elincia comes with high staff ranks and also an unbreakable Brave Sword (though swords users kinda suck in this game considering how common Wyvern, Knights, and Paladin units are which commonly wield lances, she's also weighed down by it and has a poor Str growth and stat). She is a great staff bot considering she can use Physic and Rescue from the get-go which is really nice and she's also mobile due to Canto. High magic growth helps her get more healing range (despite her Mag stat being kinda mediocre), so she's a pretty good investment in horse emblem 3.0. Est (FE15), not on the list but, while she does take effort to train... She easily surpasses Palla if you decide to invest in her (in both my playthroughs) and she helps a ton on those swamp maps due to the fact that they are fliers while the rest aren't.
  8. Which FE game has the most missed potential?

    FE11 is the biggest one imo. The main problem is how you know little to no information on 3/4's of the class (Tomas, Macellan, Midia, Rickard, Bord, Cord, etc.) due to the lack of support conversations, or just something that made the characters more interesting. The focus on the entire game was pretty much Marth and Caeda go off on an adventure, with a few add-ons. Also, not a fan of how you can count the number of viable units on just 2 (maybe 3) hands. Lastly, I don't understand the point of the gaiden chapters (and recruiting specific characters, mainly Norne and Nagi). The game essentially encourages you to sack units just to unlock another unit down the road, which imo defeats the whole purpose of fire emblem which is making meaningful decisions to keep your units alive. FE10 while my favorite game, also had some issues. Mainly the shitty availability of some characters (Geofferey, Tormod, Muarim) that could be really good, but you get maybe 2 chapters with them in total. While I mean that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just that I'd rather not have the character be available early, and then they leave and come back towards the end (mainly a personal preference). Also if FE9 didn't exist, then we'd probably know nothing about the majority of the cast. The lack of support conversations kinda sucks since you don't know much about the characters (especially the Dawn Brigade), and a lot of the information we do know about the characters come from FE9. The support conversations in this game end up being 2 units being like "Oh good job" or "I have your back" or some cheesy line like that.
  9. Valkyrie!Natasha just because Fe8 is pretty much mounted emblem if you think about it. Assassin!Marissa can work since the ohko mechanic they have can help with her nonexistent Str growth, I've seen Mage Knight!Lute work (though Mage Knight is probably more common than Sage), and also I've personally preferred Falcon Knight!Vanessa/Tana over Wyvern Rider.
  10. Well technically Robin isn't a lord as he/she doesn't have any royal blood (at least that I'm aware of), though he/she is an honorable lord/protagonist regardless. Anyways for the best lord I've used it's probably Sigurd (because he is OP af in the 1st generation of fe4, practically being able to pretty much solo the first half), and Ike who is also really good and I liked using him (moreso in RD than PoR). For worst it is definitely Roy and Lyn (moreso Lyn). Roy is just so weak with terrible growths and also not getting the mount like Eliwood, Lyn is just a struggle to use just because she's sword locked for the majority of the game full of lance users (Pegs, Knights, Cavs, Wyverns, etc. all use Lances and they are pretty common units). Roy at least is one of the better units in the early-midish part just because of the Rapier being accurate a lot of the times, though he's still bad and a hassle due to late promo. Honorable mentions for good lords include Celica, Micaiah, Hector, and Ephraim.
  11. Games you are waiting for.

    SMT 5 / Strange Journey Redux also hoping to purchase a PS4 for P5
  12. What unit is the worst of their class?

    Tell your friends to use PoR Astrid :c She's probably one of the best archers in the franchise imo (granted she has a horse so, I guess you could separate Bow Knights from just Archers)
  13. Yeah I did that for Awakening, Fates, and SoV. I just like seeing everyone be on the same level (no pun intended)
  14. What unit is the worst of their class?

    oh yeah that's what I meant, I was thinking about regular infantry units -1, rather than mounted units -1
  15. Who do you usually bring to the Endgame?

    I just bring whoever has the best stats (usually the majority of the Greil Mercs), 1-2 laguz royals (using all 5 is gimmicky and cheap), and Reyson w/ Laguz Gem. So my last end game team was... plus the required units. Haar (Silver Poleaxe) Nephenee (Wishblade) Geoffrey (Brave Lance) Soren (Rexcalibur) Elincia (Amiti) Gatrie (Silver GreatLance) Shinon (Double Bow) Boyd (Urvan) Mia (Alondite) Caineghis