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  1. Games you are waiting for.

    SMT 5 / Strange Journey Redux also hoping to purchase a PS4 for P5
  2. What unit is the worst of their class?

    Tell your friends to use PoR Astrid :c She's probably one of the best archers in the franchise imo (granted she has a horse so, I guess you could separate Bow Knights from just Archers)
  3. Yeah I did that for Awakening, Fates, and SoV. I just like seeing everyone be on the same level (no pun intended)
  4. What unit is the worst of their class?

    oh yeah that's what I meant, I was thinking about regular infantry units -1, rather than mounted units -1
  5. Who do you usually bring to the Endgame?

    I just bring whoever has the best stats (usually the majority of the Greil Mercs), 1-2 laguz royals (using all 5 is gimmicky and cheap), and Reyson w/ Laguz Gem. So my last end game team was... plus the required units. Haar (Silver Poleaxe) Nephenee (Wishblade) Geoffrey (Brave Lance) Soren (Rexcalibur) Elincia (Amiti) Gatrie (Silver GreatLance) Shinon (Double Bow) Boyd (Urvan) Mia (Alondite) Caineghis
  6. What unit is the worst of their class?

    Troubadour/Valkyrie - L'arachel (pains me to say it). Bad join time (considering you get 2 solid healers that join way earlier), troubadours/valks also got nerfed for whatever reason having 5 movement speed instead of 6 and also they use Light tomes instead of Anima tomes, and also joins with bad staff ranks Cleric/Bishop - Maria, literally ass with her nonexistent base stats and bad join time (in both games but, more so focused on FE11). Pegasus Knight/Falcon Knight - Est, other late joining Falconknights (Sigrun, Syrene, Juno, Farina, etc.) have rescue/ferry utility whereas Est does not. Should be self-explanatory since she joins late with bad base stats, making her a pain to train to utilize her solid growths. Wyvern Rider/Wyvern Lord - Idk a lot of them are pretty solid but, I guess it'd have to be Beruka just because she gets eclipsed by Camilla the majority of the time. Pretty meh unit but, also still pretty decent at times. She's not a bad unit per say but, when looking at every Wyvern Rider in the franchise, she just loses to all of them. Cavalier/Paladin/Great Knight - Agreed with Vyland, Matthis barely edges out since Matthis joins early. Vyland is just bad, bad stats, bad growths, and also Cain/Abel exist. In Fe12 there are also way better Paladins such as Sirius/Rody/Cecil/Luke (possibly Ryan), so Vyland is just kind of there. Also @ the whole Nolan is the worst Axe Fighter, you probably should try and use Marty from FE5 since he is literally the worst axe fighter I've used so far.
  7. Characters you wish you could recruit?

    Probably Reinhardt, Eldigan, Selena, Ishtar/Ishtore, Galle, Linus, Lloyd, Shihiram, and Guinevere
  8. Name 5 personal weapons from any Fire Emblem game, excluding the "personal" weapons from Awakening such as Celica's Gale. (Sanaki's Cymbeline, Elincia's Amiti, Eliwood/Roy/Eirika's Rapier, Ross's Hatchet, Corrin's Yato, etc.) Name all 8 Divine Weapons from the Binding Blade series (Aureola, Apocalypse, Durandal, Mugleirs, Matlet, Armads, Eckesachs, Forblaze) Name all 8 ultimate weapons from the Archanea series (Falchion, Mercurius, Gradivus, Hautecleure, Parthia, Excalibur, Aum, Aura, Excalibur)
  9. Meg is in search of finding a husband but, everyone is trying to avoid her by barricading villages/towns, etc. so she has to barge her way into their defenses to find a mate. In the last chapter, she is faced by the 1 and only Zihark who tries to stop her.
  10. Linde as a Bishop
  11. Most Powerful Unit in Fire Emblem

    Wendy Probably Caineghis with Dragonfoe
  12. Physical Books or E Books?

    If I'm in a pinch and I need a book right away, I'll try to find an electronic copy if I can. Other than that, I prefer physical copies all the way. I find it easier to flip through a book if I wanted to go back, rather than just spam clicking or guessing page numbers to find the page I need. Also since I'm pretty much on the computer the majority of the time, reading physical books helps me relax my eyes.
  13. What's the BEST pokemon competitevley??

    Probably Landorus-T, it has been a staple in VGC (except maybe in VGC 2016 where it kind of faltered slightly due to the presence of box legends) ever since it was released due to the amount of sets it can run effectively. As for the best Pokemon in the franchise, it'd probably be the god itself Arceus just because it is so easily customizable and it's really effective.
  14. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Some of my unpopular opinions... Revelations wasn't that bad in all honesty, I thought some of the maps were pretty creative and cool, which forced you to be a little more strategic and careful with your units. The story was pretty bland but, I didn't think it was that bad as most people paint it as. The Wind Tribe map in Conquest and Revelations is one of my favorite maps to play in Fates Lyn wasn't even that bad to use outside of Lyn mode, she's still pretty decent for the most part Lilina > Lugh (though both aren't worth using tbh) Jill is overrated AF in Radiant Dawn (and so is Marcia for the most part) As much as I love Anna, seeing her all the time in every game is annoying GBA games have better art than the 3DS games
  15. Ilyana considered bad?

    Idk why you felt the need to call me out on "being high" lol, but you do you. And I had the wiki open to compare the before/after stats of Thunder tomes to show how hard thunder magic got hit.