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  1. Chapter 10 stealth on Maniac Mode?

    Managed to do it within 22~ turns, I guess I should've used my head a bit instead of immediately asking for help. Those beautiful 700 BEXP are finally mine. Thanks for your help.
  2. (Hello) I tried following the video posted here But I lack Paladin Oscar (can you even promote without Master Seal?), so I can't rescue Mordecai. I was wondering if it's doable without him? Of course I need to loot all the chests and recruit everyone. Help is appreciated
  3. MC: Elincia, I somewhat dislike Ike Cavalier: Geoffrey, if Ephraim was a side character Mage: Soren, reminded me of Erk in my 1st run, whom I really enjoyed using Myrmidon: Zihark for president Fighter: meh Soldier: Nephenee, duh Knight: Tauroneo, Duessel#2 Archer/Bow Knight: Shinon Thief: Volke reeks badass Medic: Rhys Pegasus: Tanith Wyvern: Haar Cat: meh Tiger: meh Hawk: Tibarn, followed by dodge god Ulki Dragon: Nasir Other: Giffca