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  1. What is your ideal pet?

    I read somewhere that plants react if you talk to them, like growing faster, and being healthier. Now, I'm not 100% sure if it's because of the talking, or something else. Well, I think I will only want mine to not look out of place, and to add an extra flavour to the room overall. It'd be nice if it could communicate with me though, like somehow "tell" me if it needs more water, or something special, like fertilizer and stuff. But I guess I will just have to learn to watch out for the signs it can show so I will be able to keep it alive as long as possible.
  2. What is your ideal pet?

    Heh, well, for me it's either a German Shepherd, or a plant. Yeah, you read it right, I've just written plant after the dog. Since I'm about to move into dorm (again) I probably won't have a dog, but I need something that needs me to take care of, so I won't become lazy and negligent. I've always wanted a Venus flytrap since like kindergarten, but something small and green would be enough as well as long as it doesn't have flowers. I like to keep things minimalist.
  3. Well, yeah, one might wonder why they named the weapons like that, but think about it: does Sigurd have anything to do with them? He was the half-brother of Sieglinde's and Sigmund's child after all. If the weapons name have a meaning behind them, I guess there shall be a meaning to every name. Sigurd is also known by the name Siegfried, so is Fates connected to these two games as well? Since it's also a weapon there, there might be a meaning behind this. In the Völsunga saga Now, back to the topic, of course I don't think Fates or Genealogy is connected to Sacred Stones in any way other than being Fire Emblem games, and I don't think that the weapons' names indicate that Ephraim and Eirika married. Siegmund and Sieglinde were close to each other before that happened - Eirika and Ephraim are also close to each other since they too, are twins. Their story is also a bit similar And, well, Vincent already said that Eirika was called princess in japanese not queen, so this is just poor translating imho. On the picture you linked nothing indicates that the queen is Eirika, it's only about Ephraim, and the queen, whose name isn't mentioned. And yeah, they might as well just shared the task of being a ruler, I mean, there are dragons, and magic, and monsters in that world, why would they use the same rules as we? Nothing said in the game that there can't be a king and a queen who both rules the land, without being married and such... They might even have a rule saying twins can co-rule, who knows? :D
  4. Oh wow, my own gallery !

    Wow, seeing Ib here is a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one :D I like how you've made her, only tiny-little thing that could be changed is her hair, as it shouldn't be that long in front of her ear. I guess? I don't really know how should I put it, so I'm just gonna put a picture here that shows what I'm talking about. The more I look at Link, the more I see him being a woman, but he does look like Link, so good job! For the other 2, well, I've never played Undertale, but I guess the skeleton guy does look like... a skeleton? As for Organ Trail, I've never heard about it, but that man looks like he would be one of the coolest Jagens of all time!
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Completely neutral Legendary Lyn, and 4 star Hinata as a free summon for today. I guess it also means I will stop summoning on the legendary banner, since I'm back at 8% from 10%. I should also save up orbs for CYL2 and the new banner, hoping it will be either Echoes or Sacred Stones focused.
  6. Board games! What are your favorites?

    The one I play most of the times with my family is Dixit, even though I sometimes get bored (like, 4-5 rounds a day is too much for me from it) it's still insanely fun, and I recommend it to everyone I meet and know they are into board games. There is also Story Cube, which is kinda similar, as you have to tell stories. With my cousins we always play Bang!, it became quite a tradition. I became interested in Legend of the Five Rings: Battle for Rokugan recently, but I have yet to find someone to buy/play the game with. Of course there are a lot other (everyone in my family likes board games, so we always played together when I was little), but these are the ones that usually get considered when we are about to play something.
  7. It's gonna be visible from here as well, it will start at around 20:20 local time, but the peak will be at around 22:20. I'm glad it's this long, it will be hard to miss this way :D
  8. New Tempest Trial+: Sweet Dreams [Datamine]

    It must be some kind of sick joke... Guess I might have to play on the easiest difficulty just this once after all...
  9. A ''Hi'' and a question.

    Hi there, and welcome! As for the question, I think you may get more answer in either the modding, or the game's topic, but here are my ideas: Kliff would probably be a mage, just by the looks, and physique. Tobin might be a mage as well, but he acts less serious most of the time, so I guess he can be an archer instead, or some guy with a sword? Myrmidon's in older games weren't too bulky either as far as I remember. Gray looks like a mercenary, I can't really imagine him being a ranged character. As for Faye, almost everyone would say cleric, but I think it doesn't really suit her personality. Like, she is cute, all right, but she also desperately tries to be noticed by Alm, and she is kinda crazy in some sense, so I would say mage for her as well. Maybe peg knight, but that fits Clair much more, and they are not really similar in anything. Oh, and Atlas... Well, looking at him I want to say anything with an axe, but, well, that's not an option. So he possibly would be a mercenary as well. Well, that's all I guess, it is a bit longer thatn expected, but I think I've written everything I wanted to. Hope it helps!
  10. If only there were more good rewards. Like not 1 orb as the last reward for each character. I know it's basically 4 free orbs, but it's way too much grind to be worth it imo. Though we got 20 orbs because reasons, so it's actually fine by me. Also, the accesories looks great, the flower makes Leon look even more fabulous!
  11. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Atlas 5 Boey 24 Celica 38 Clair 4 Gray 34 Lukas 1 Mae 15 Mathilda 3 Palla 25 Silque 26
  12. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Atlas 7Boey 28Celica 38Clair 4Gray 32Lukas 4Mae 15Mathilda 3Palla 26Silque 25
  13. I remember a few years ago when I was still in middle school, we were at my grandparents with my siblings and cousins (they are all younger than me), and they introduced me to the wonder that "ismeretlenek" is. It literally means "strangers" in hungarian, and it is basically a chat site where you choose your gender, and the gender you want to chat with, and voilá. It was mostly used by like, well, kids (it feels strange to say this, as I was a kid as well, but it was not so used by my age group), and by strange fellas, asking for nudes and stuff (basically all the same as everyone else said). So, I was paired with a girl, she was like a year younger than me (at least she said that, there was no webcam option - not that I would've used it anyway...), and we started talking about some stuff. At one point I said it's strange to talk with some stranger, who is not acting like all the others my sister and cousin have trolled here, and she asked if it was my first time using this site, than told me it really is mostly about perverts/trolls. We continued to talk for like an hour. It was surprising. Like, I want to say I barely even knew her, but it's a lie, as I didn't knew her at all. We were talking about books, music, films and then about everyday stuff like sports, hobbies. I don't actually remember what happened in the end. I know something happened to the laptop I used, like the battery died, or disconnected from the wifi, I don't know, but basically we were disconnected and so I never learned who she was. Looking back on it feels really strange. Like, as if it had some meaning. Or maybe I'm just reading too much Murakami lately, and I start to think like one of his characters about the past. Anyways, I haven't used that site since then, so I don't know what people are there nowadays, but I guess it's basically the same. So the thing I want to say is, rarely, like, super-rarely, there is a chance you will meet someone, who is not like everyone else on these sites, but you have to be really lucky for that. So yeah, you can have positive experience, but it's more likely you will have a negative one.
  14. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Hurt Palla, Heal Clair Atlas 37 Boey 21 Celica 38 Clair 35 Genny 5 Gray 30 Lukas 31 Mae 34 Mathilda 19 Palla 15 Python 28 Saber 8 Silque 22 Zeke 19
  15. I've given Bladetome to Tana, as I use her only to take it out enemies fast, and that plus damage from hone and fortify makes it much easier. For the new Camilla, I'll probably keep her original weapon, as I want to play around with built-in desperation a bit. F!Morgan's Blárserpent proves to be useful paired with Iote's Shield and Distant Def 3, so I will keep using her as a ranged bait. I don't really use bladetomes all that much, I find owltomes and special weapons much more fun (like Lucina's blue egg), but I have some fodders ready in case I decide to use them.