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  1. London Cipher meetup?

    Ah man, now I really wish I would be living closer to London... I mean, real close, and not like, say, 1800 km away... Anyways, I wish you all good luck with the meetup!
  2. Jahn GHB, Idunn as mythic hero... Although I really want Fomortiis as the next mythic, and I kind of want Idunn, so I would be happier with Idunn being the FE6 GHB...
  3. What defines your favorite characters?

    Personality and Appearance are almost the same level of important to me. I don't really care all that much about performance. I usually include some units for their performance only, but I wouldn't choose someone as my favourite because they are strong or have great bases/growths...
  4. Have You Had A Near-Death Experience?

    Short: Once I've almost fell down in an elevator shaft. Long: So, once when there was a one-day school break, me and some of my friends decided to go out in the city, do some parkour/free-running stuff. Now, in that city, well, there wasn't anything like you would see in a parkour video. No old factory buildings, no big parks, seriously, our best bet was the castle, where we could climb up to the bridge and the wall. It proved to be alright, but then the security guy came out and chased us away, threatened to call the police. So we just wandered around the city, and came to my mind, that there was this building that was supposed to become a hotel, but the money run short (the ones responsible for the hotel just put the money away, which is not uncommon here...), and it was basically only a 5-floor tall concrete stuff, without windows, doors, etc. Now, we managed to climb inside the fence, and went inside the building, where there were stairs. We climbed up to the top floor, drank some energy-drinks (my first and last time drinking that sugary-sweet-saliva... I get some headaches from too sweet stuff...), and just chilled there. Then I had to pee. And so I thought (reminder, this was in high-school, I was young, and stupid, and careless, and I could go on... but then again, the building is still untouched, and at least 5 years have passed since... whatever...) I will just go around the corner, and do what had to be done next to a wall. And when I was about to turn around at the corner, I realized it's actually a freaking elevator-shaft, and I've almost stepped into it. Like, my foot was only centimetres away from it. Man, that was some serious adrenaline rush. It's still hard to imagine how time slows down in cases like these. Like, I was already thinking about how I will try and grab the floor while falling, or kick myself away from the opposite wall, to land somewhere rather safe. (actually, that seemed real cool after that) But yeah, I managed to grab the wall next to me, and step back just in time. After that we went into the basement instead, as we figured such things couldn't happen down there, with nowhere deeper to fall. So yeah, that's the closest I got to death I guess.
  5. Huh, interesting, though not unexpected. I do save grails right now actually, as I'm waiting for a GHB/TT unit I want to +10 (Lyon and Valter are already here, but I'm waiting for other Sacred Stones units, before I start spending on them... there are quite a few I want to see in Heroes...) I want to save up enough grails to use them in one go, so I can't change my mind while building a unit. However I do feel safer to fodder off units I already have.
  6. I'm curious about it. For example, I've used some units like Oliver, Arvis... as a fodder before the Heroic Grails, as I figured they aren't really worth holding onto, since I can't +10 them anyway, I usually thought I'm going to keep 1 copy, and 5* it. I haven't used TT units though, as far as I remember. And I also used them only for rare skills, like Arvis for Def Ploy, Oliver for Mirror Strike. Then Grails have been added, and it opens up more possibilities. I've already used up a Fallen Takumi for Fury for example, as I only have 3* Hinatas right now, and don't want to spend 2k feathers as I can get a Fallen Takumi any time I desire. This is good and all, but now it's also possible to +10 these units. Which means, of course, one would hesitate to use them as a fodder. So my question is, did Heroic Grails made you feel you can "safely" use limited units as fodder, or quite the opposite, made you hold onto them, in hopes of getting them to +10 at some point?
  7. L!Eirika, as I'm sitting at 10% on the ongoing banner, but only get like 1 red each session, and it's almost always a 3*... Except for that good IV Laegjarn who pitybroke me at 9% the first day, but I can't be happy, as I already have a good IV Laegjarn... If I manage to get L!Eirika though, I'm going to vote Azura, it would be cool to get her for free, would open up possibilities for f2p guides, and she is simply a pretty strong unit anyways.
  8. CYL3: A Breakdown of the Rankings For Those Not In (Up to no. 350)

    Really? 295? Even a brigand boss scored better than him? At least Rinea has a much better score, but still pretty low imho. I guess we won't see her coming to Heroes anytime soon then... At least Louise scored rather well, so I'm hoping for a FE7 banner in the near future (which means like 6 months from now, as they said it takes that much time to create characters for a new banner or something)
  9. Can this mean they are asking us which heroes should be demoted? Like, say, there is a hero who a lot of people love, but don't have yet, will IS consider demoting them? Tbh, they might do quite the opposite, actually. Maybe feature them in more banners, so more people can buy orbs to try and get them.
  10. [DATAMINE/SPECULATION] Anniversary Present?

    Hooo boi, this sure sounds awesome! Wish it wasn't Legendary Units only, but still awesome. Now, I do have a few Legendaries already: (Fjorm, Ike), Ephraim, Grima, Lyn, Hector and Lucina... man, I really thought I had more... not a surprise though, the last legendary banner I pulled on was Eirika's... Anyways, who I miss are: Gunnthrá, Ryoma, Marth, Tiki, Eirika, Hríd, Azura I'll definitely go for someone I miss, and I will definitely not go for fodders... I won't pick Tiki (as I don't like neither dragons nor armours), Ryoma (I have Caeda and Laegjarn for sword flier), Hríd (because he is just so... empty?), Gunnthrá (I have Horse Lilina for green cavalry tome) This leaves only Marth, Eirika and Azura. I kind of want all of them, mainly Eirika as I've wasted so many orbs already trying to get her, but for f2p guides Azura would be the best choice imho. Will see if I can get Eirika on the current mythic banner, and decide after that. But yeah, Eirika will be my choice if I fail to get her now. I really wish we are going to get this banner
  11. What does the word Casual mean to you.

    In Fire Emblem context it's like playing for fun, without a care in the world. At least in the new ones. In Sacred Stones I sometimes use Seth for most of the things, and don't really care about anyone else dying (except Eirika of course). I like to call this casual, as Seth can literally solo the entire game. In general gaming context: relaxing, fun games, without competitive multiplayer modes, no levels which you have to complete under the given time limit, no impossible puzzles (looking at you TLJ, even though I love it I could never call it casual because of some of the puzzles)... For example, I love Rayman 2, and replay it quite often, as I grew up playing that game, and I think it is a casual game. There are fights, there are "puzzles", but it is just something (at least for me) that I can sit down and play in any mood, and it's guaranteed that I will feel better in a couple of minutes. I guess it's different for everyone else though. TL;DR: I don't like when casual is used in a negative way, as I think it's more about having fun playing the game (for some it means a challenge, for some it means an old favourite etc.), and that's what playing a game should be about.
  12. Hooooooly Naga Mila Duma, now that's something I've never seen coming. I was almost 100% sure that the "almighty" and "godly" stuff they said was just there for, you know, to make people feel interested I guess? But this! At least now we know they hadn't forgotten SoV. Will we get more characters in the future then? Valbar when IS, plz gib me Valbo However, despite my hype, I won't throw too many orbs into this banner. Like, I'm not really a fan of neither dragons nor armours, so it's like the worst that could've been. (Only armoured unit I actually use is Christmas Eirika, but only because she is Eirika...) With that said, I will try and get L!Eirika, since last time I failed to do so, and she is the last Eirika I need for my Eirika Emblem. Also, just a heads up: we will have a special hero banner in like a week, so if you are not really into this one, you might want to save you orbs. I don't know if we will get the reveal before this mythic ends, but I would advise waiting for the last day, to see if the reveal comes. I just want to make sure I don't spend my orbs before a potential Leon alt, which we will never get, but hey, one can always hope
  13. Official Pull Topic

    ~40 orbs in for the quest for the wrathful staff. There are so many units who could've pity-broke me. Nina, Faye, even Jaffar, and I would've been happy. But no. Ladies and gentlemen, I can finally say that I just summoned my first ever Mist. And she is even -atk/+spd... If only she had a Pain staff instead of Slow, I could give it to Priscilla alongside Miracle, and I could say it wasn't so bad getting her after all. I will never understand why is she even in the 5* pool, let alone being an exclusive, but I know I'm not the only one who thinks that way. Also, congrats to everyone who was luckier than me! :D
  14. The only unit I'm actually interested in out of all is Camilla. But only because of her skills. That pouch - while I don't necessarily like the weapon itself, normal daggers or the hoshidan fans looks better - can be utilized because of that skill tbh. I might give it to Kaze, to see if he can make good use of it. Hone Fliers, while I've been waiting for it for far too long, no longer interests me all that much. I have a flier team to use, but I usually play with mixed teams for tactics either way. Atk/spd 2, now that's something I've been waiting for. I don't like push, solo or bond skills all that much on pain+ healers, but atk/spd 2 will be useful on my Priscilla. Also, I need to pull a Sakura For wrathful as well, but I will wait until we know more about the coming banners. Let's hope for SoV.
  15. Then you are quite the opposite of me in this :) History was the one subject I couldn't learn, no matter how hard I've tried. Mythology, on the other hand, I could remember almost anything I've read in any story, be it about creation, wandering etc. I wish it was the opposite, as mythology knowledge helped oh so little in history exams. As for the original topic, quite an interesting way to start off my day, but hey, biology was never too far from me, so there is that.