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  1. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    One can dream, right?
  2. Illusory Dungeon!

    Boi, I tought we will get something big, and then... Well, it sure was a surprise :D (wish I could be in that hotspring now instead of the cold train...)
  3. Training Tower now useless?

    I'll probably use training tower for badges only, levelling up units with auto-battle (with a team like: 2 healers and a dancer (all without weapons) and the unit you level) just became super-convenient with these special maps. It works until ~level 30, while in training towers it usually becomes less automatic at around level 25.
  4. Who do you predict for future Seasonal Banners?

    @Arthur97 Yeah, but there must be reason why they have a special ending.
  5. Who do you predict for future Seasonal Banners?

    I would summon the shit out of that banner tbh.
  6. Who do you predict for future Seasonal Banners?

    I think we will see another Lucina soon enough, because even though she was the second most popular in CYL1, she only got 1 seasonal version (spring). Yeah, I know Masked Marth is there as well, but it's basically normal Lucina in a mask without skills (as far as I know even her stats are the same). I think bride Ninian is going to happen sooner or later (probably sooner). Marth might get a new version, after all he didn't get any attention since the release of the game up until now with his Falchion update. Maybe new versions for some Sacred Stones units, possibly Tana, Innes maybe Joshua or Marisa (please make Bride Marisa IntSys), or some kind of Performing Arts banner with Tethys involved. Well, at least I hope some of these come true.
  7. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Spent like 30 orbs, got a +spd -def Lilina, and a 5* Athena (forgot to check IVs, but it doesn't really matter since I have Marisa as my main sword-infantry). I'm pretty happy with it, so I will probably not summon more on this banner, since there are at least 2 new heroes banners coming, I'll have to save up some orbs for that
  8. Illusory Dungeon!

    I quite love it, but on casual it's just so slow, it's even harder for me to S-rank them than on hard - though I haven't cleared everythin on expert yet, since the lack of rewards is kind of discourageing, but whatever, it's fun by itself, so I'm gonna try and do my best :D
  9. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    I guess (for me at least) it's not about how many versions there are, but how much love the games get. Fates/Awakening got much more than every other game imo. Also, I see the fact that Camilla appeared on a Hoshidan banner as a reason for some "discomfort", there are females in Hoshido, they had no reason to include Camilla (well, money of course, but other than that...) and they still did, so I want to beleive it wasn't about 4th Camilla, but that they chose to make Camilla another version (even if it doesn't make sense given the banner's name and theme) instead of, idk, maybe give Hinoka or Kagero some attention. So yeah, I would pretty much choose a 4th version of any pre-3ds game (except Ike - another sword Ike would be sad), than one of a Fates/Awakening character. Yeah, even over another Lucina since I still miss Bunny-Lucina and I'm saving up for her right now.
  10. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Ohh boi, the game just took away my orbs with the Sacred Stones banner, and I tought we won't get 2 pre-3ds banners in a row, so I didn't mind that. Up until now. Though I'm not particularly interested in any of the characters, Blazing Sword was the first game I played, so it's just natural that I want to have as many versions of them as I can. (Hope I can get Lyn, as I know I wouldn't really use Hector). I like Lilina more as a character than Roy, but being a cavalry-archer is pretty appealing, although I'm not going to dive into colorless hell. As for this new system that one of the units is a reward from a TT, I really love it. Not just you get a (sometimes seasonal) unit, you can also get tons of orbs and sacred seals, so I hope this will be a thing for the future as well.
  11. It depends on how much I'm interested in said game, and what alternatives I have. If the game is playable (and it doesn't mean enjoyable) AND I really-really want to play it, I will. If it's playable, but I don't really want to play it/watching a walktrough gives the same experience I won't bother playing it. If it's enjoyable and I'd like to play it, I'll probably play it. Though I prefer to not play bad ports, and just wait for the opportunity to play the original (basically that's why I don't like playing game on emulators - there are exceptions), and in some cases it means I will not really play the game ever (or in the near future at least).
  12. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Eirika being a mage, and coming out in a normal banner was strange for sure, but I don't really mind it, however V!Ike is just simply disappointing... I mean, Fjorm and Gunnthra were new and original characters never seen before, while V!Ike is just another sword infantry Ike... When I saw the video I was so hyped about a new character, and then I was like "must be a joke, right?" My problem is not that it's the third Ike (I would actually like to see more versions of the same unit than just one), but the fact that he is kind of unoriginal. So basically that's why I won't vote for him at all (I don't really know what I would do with him if he wins, maybe give his warding breath to one of my other units) Hector's situation is a bit different, he has only one version (yet), and he has DC which is one of the most wanted skill for a lot of players. If he would win, I wouldn't mind it because unlike V!Ike's skills, I actually do need DC. I still won't vote for him, because I think this hero rises stuff is the best opportunity to receive seasonal units who rarely appear otherwise. (I hope we will see the seasonal banners reappear each year, but one year between said banners is still more than the legendary banners which so far happened almost monthly)
  13. His Dark Materials - worth reading? (spoiler free)

    Thanks, I think I'm going to read it then, I became quite curious about how the things change in the third book. That thing about religion didn't really came trough for me in the movie, but I looked it up and realized it kind of got left out from it. Actually it just make the books the more appealing to me. Also, I like your profile picture :D
  14. Alright, so I just finished watching the Golden Compass (it was on tv, and I tought I might watch it since there was nothing I planned for tonight), and actually I've started watching it a few years ago, but never finished it up until now, even though I always felt like I should. Obviously, I liked it (hence the topic), and I regret it a bit that I watched it so many years after I first learned about it. So, I tought I might start reading the books, but I found mixed reviews about it (mainly the ending), stating that it was lazy, unfinished or just simply bad - while others said it was emotional, and darkish (u know, sad stuff and all...). Now, I do like fantasy stories, and I'm interested in the world of this, but I'm not sure how I would feel if it turned out I read a trilogy for some rough-and-ready ending. So I just want to get some ideas if it's worth reading, or should I just skip it? (Once again, I know nothing of the books, except for what was in the film, and that the ending was controversial - though I don't know what happens there) Also, please keep the topic spoiler-free, not just for me, but for others wandering here as well :)
  15. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    My first vote (and second, and third, and...) Though I still hope She will come back this spring, all I managed to get last year was that scary Xander...