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  1. FE16 "leaks"

    Nah, no character is a real opponent to Lucina not for me at least :P, but her arts are pretty amazing. They remind me of Rage of Bahamut cards somehow, which is definitely a positive thing.
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    There might be some new character maybe? Like they show one or two promo cards with characters we've never seen before, and it would turn out they are from the new game? I don't know. Honestly, even that would be enough for me to be able to wait patiently until E3 :D
  3. SoV nintendo wallpapers

    May Mila bless thou @Chconroy , thank You very much ^^ I can also use the top one to create a wallpaper for my phone, so I guess I won't have to look for the original anymore!
  4. Hey, so I just realized that the official Shadow of Valentia wallpapers (the ones at the my nintendo rewards stuff) are no longer available to download (not in Hungary at least). Now, I do remember I've purchased them back then, but - like the fool I am - I forgot to save them onto my computer (unlike the FE Warriors ones). So, if perchance anyone have them, can they please send them to me? Or maybe direct me to a site (if there is any) where I can find them? I couldn't really find the mobile version of it (just one which is cropped, but not like the original, and doesn't really look as good as it did), but I feel the urge to set it as my background.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Couldn't resist the urge to get the new Ninian, so I started yet another round. 3 blue, 1 red, 1 colourless. Nothing good came from the blues or the red. My pity rate was at 3%, so I thought "hell, I will use these 3 orbs for the colourless, I do need some more Rebeccas, so it's fine". I got Takumi. So yeah, not counting the free Takumi, this is my second. Clouse Counter for Rebecca incoming, sooner than I expected, and I don't even have to use 20k feathers for it. Now I'm left with only 30 orbs, so I will wait for the reveal of the legendary banner. Hopefully the new unit won't be Lucina (never thought I would say that), so that I won't regret spending almost all of my orbs for the bridal banner.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    First session: Mia as free summon. I was hesitant to use the green stones as Ninian is my top priority, followed by Tharja, but I did anyway. Bride Sanaki. 1 down 2 to go. Second session: Hardin (wtf), but with good IVs, and also a 4* Shigure, so It was a fine round as well. Third session: nothing, pity rate up Fourth session: pity breaker Brave Boy... guess I better start sniping blues, or else I'm gonna run out of my F2P orbs...
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    Never thought I would say this, buuut..... I hope it won't be that good.
  8. Ballistae as Vehicles

    It's a rather interesting topic. Though I myself never learned engineering, I do think a pedal system would need godlike leg muscles to be able to move the whole thing. Except if there is some sort of engine I guess? Also, the more gears, the less raw power it needs afaik, so it might even work.
  9. FE16 "leaks"

    I'm surprised we hit 100 pages before even getting any information about the game...
  10. Should guns be added in Fire Emblem Switch?

    As much as I want to say yes to a steampunk-fantasy FE, I just can't look over the fact that guns would potentially replace bows. Since bows are probably pretty much my favourite weapons of the games, I can't say anything else than no to guns.
  11. Favorite Character Titles?

    These are by far my favourites, though there are others I like, for example Berkut - Prideful Prince, or Lute - Prodigy
  12. Fire Emblem - Genealogy 2nd Generation Remake

    This looks amazing! I've been thinking about playing FE4 for a long time, but never actually started it. GBA games are favourites of mine though, so I look forward to the completion of this one.
  13. Question about Celica (lorewise not gameplay)

    Probably this tbh... Celica being posessed was not a big part of the game (timewise) as far as I remember. This is from Wikipedia, I don't think the game gave an explanation for this
  14. Headed for Japan in the Morning...

    Lucky :D Have fun, man! Hope I'll be able to go someday.
  15. @Javi Blizz hmm, I don't remember anything about a new free choice summon. Can you maybe provide a link to where you read it? I'm really curious since I need some Steady Breath fodders more Brave Ikes...