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  1. Attention all Thracia 776 Gamers

    Reinhardt has E P I C A L L Y taken children - this part always makes me laugh (or smile at the very least) no matter how many times I've seen it. :D
  2. Oh boi, why did I read "seen" instead of sent? Anyways "Coldhand: This bad boi just burnt my **** throat" *insert picture of instant soup*
  3. Have you ever felt like this after a breakup?

    Wasn't she a bit narcissistic? It definitely feels like she was, reading you post, in which case the best thing you've done is to break up with her. Reading about narcissistic relationships, people often say it's unhealthy. Personally I've never been in such a relationship, so I can't tell for sure, but I think it's the best for both of you. Maybe not for her, but definitely for you.
  4. Coldhand: Sorry, I was in a dungeon just now My friend was trying to convince me to start playing wow with him for a long time, and when i was asking him about stuff this morning, he responded in only like 2 words each time, and just at this moment he wrote me this, so here it is!
  5. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    Oh, yesss, demotions please!!! But skill refinery... I mean, it could work out great, in fact it could be real good, but I just can't really see how it should be to not be broken... Abyssal maps are all no for me, I'm not whale enough to do them easily, and not patient enough to come up with a working strategy. Anything my Leon can't handle, is just another thing that I'm going to skip. Except if the rewards are orbs. One can never have too many orbs. But even if we do get a Book 3 preview, I don't expect it to be a cinematic, or trailer or anything like that. It will be just a big "COMING SOON", with maybe a date for when new information will be released imho. I do hope I'm not rigth tho... I only hopw for TMS#FE units to be announced or teased or whatever, but I don't think they are going to come anytime soon...
  6. FIX: Forging Bonds: rewards right now are so very bad, it feels like a constant, boring, grind for 4 orbs, and some accesories, out of which I don't most... multipliers would be on all the time, and they would be like 2.5x, so it would make things faster, but there would be less rewards. Maybe 1.5x feathers, but no bagdes. Also, the orb reward at the end of each character would be doubled, and there wouldn't be normal and EX version of accesories. Training Tower: more exp for I guess, so that people wouldn't only use it for monthly quests Arena: well, there are definitely problems here, problems that are hard to fix without triggering half of the playerbase. I get it, it would feel bad if all of a sudden your broken +10 whale armoured units wouldn't worth their value, and I honestly don't want this, as it would probably make whales spend less money, which could end in the termination of the game sooner than expected, but something is really needed to balance it. No, duel skills aren't good, as they are 5* locked, which means most f2p players still don't have acces to them... Allies menu: as said before, filters. As for the design, I don't have a problem with it, it's still better than in FFBE imho. Summoning pool: please, demote some more 5* units already! Take Lucina for example: no exclusive skills that would make her a powerful fodder, far more powerful options to use, including Alm with falchion refine, horse Chrom, because of cavalry, and even Masked Marth is there, who was free, and has the statline of neutral Lucina... she is 5* only because she is popular, and it feels bad... Also, add seasonals to the pool. At least the ones that are already over a year olds. Would make summoning a little more exciting. TT and other reward units should be added as well!! Monthly quests: I do think most of us usually does most of the monthly skills in the first few days, which makes the rest of the month uninteresting. Weekly quests would be better. ADD: Units: while personally I don't really care about if beast units are going to be added or not, I would like to TMS#FE units in the near future. They are so colourful, and cheery, and all, they would definitely make the game (for me at least) more enjoyable. They don't have to be a new unit type (which would be quite interesting actually), but they would have a transformation animation before their first battle, just like manaketes. Skill/Fodder shop: special shop with combat manuals for badges or something. Sometime even 1* units (ANY non-seasonal, including for example TT rewards as well), for a higher price. Since badges can't be bought, it wouldn't be a p2w situation, but would give players a chance to create a +10 version of their favourite easier. +10 Marisa please
  7. New Legendary Hero: Eirika

    I agree with this part, but doesn't that mean Heroes OCs should never get a legendary alt? None of them ever done anything legendary afaik.
  8. New Legendary Hero: Eirika

    Do they have to be equal to get legendary versions though? As for the banner, the more love Sacred Stones get, the happier I am!
  9. What Do You Like About Helping People?

    Okay, this gonna sound strange, but what I like about helping people is the feeling, that there was something I was able to do, but other's weren't. So, for example, when I help my friends with maths or with business informatics, I like the feeling, that they needed my help. It's not that I don't like helping, or I only do it to be praised (which I don't mind, but still). It kind of like makes me see that what I know is not necessarily basic knowledge, that there are things that I know, and others might not.
  10. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    This one was rather easy, my Leon was able to enemy phase almost everyone after getting rid of Myrrh and the Red Mage on hard and lunatic. As for infernal, I used my Flier team, with Bride Sanaki took out Ephraim right at the beginning, and after that it was all about avoiding the archer, and taking care of the others with firesweep Shigure and Grima.
  11. Nostalgic Songs

    Ooooh, I do have some that I don't usually listen to, mainly because I feel like I'm going to feel.. idk, shitty I guess, like remembering how fast time goes away (this sounds stupid coming from me, but I miss high school that much), but they usually give this halfway happy, halfway sad feeling, like when I can't really decide if I'm happy, and glad that I have all these memories tied to said songs, or if I'm sad about how I'm never going to go back to those days... Anyways, without the ambition to be exhaustive: Santa Esmeralda: Don't let me be misunderstood - Rayman M was the first ever Rayman game I've played, and the one that got me into my (since then) favourite game series. We usually played turns with my sister and brother, like one map per person, and then switch. One day they've found this Rayman M music video, with this song in the background, and man. It was sooo long ago, and I still remember how we listened to it all the time, without even knowing what the song was. Of course, we've found it out since then, but still, from time to time and plug in my headset just to listen to this one song. Nostalgia level: Couldn't be any higher The original Ben 10 opening - For a long time my mother wouldn't let us watch it, as how it is scary and all, but we usually listened to the opening with my siblings Nostalgia level: Medium Final Fantasy XIII: Battle theme (Blinded By Light) and main theme (Promise) - I started playing the FF series only after XIII was released on PC (I've played a bit of the first or second one before, I don't remember exactly), and I've started with XIII, and - since I preferred playing games instead of watching cutscenes - I've skipped all the cutscenes, which made the story make even less sense, but nonetheless I enjoyed it for some time, and the main and battle theme are still on my top game music list Nostalgia level: High Big Time Rush: Oh Yeah - Okay, so this one surprises even me. Like, why would this of all songs make me fell nostalgic? So basically, when the BTR series first started airing here in Hungary, I was like 14, and not me, but my sister started watching it, and eventually I joined in. The one episode with Oh Yeah wasn't my first one though, so it's not that why I fell nostalgic when hearing it. I started playing guitar a few years before all these, and I was tired of all the classic and renaissance music I got from my private teacher, so I looked up the sheet for Oh Yeah - it might have been the last episode I saw that time, or I don't know why I chose this one. Well, yeah, that's pretty much it, I learned to play it, I've learned the lyrics (I used to have a good voice when I was little). This is one of those songs that hits me hard, because I always remember how I've given up on singing after I wasn't invited back to the school's choir after my break in the voice, and how I've neglected my guitar studies after starting university. Nostalgia level: Painful There must be a ton more, but that's all I could get from the top of my head. All of them are so nostalgic for me probably because how my life changed after growing up, and how strange was it for me to get used to everything new, like living away from home, learning not for good grades but for myself, trying to keep in touch with old friends, while also making new ones. It's rather strange, and while sometimes when I'm home I just wish I could be alone in the dorm instead, from time to time I still wonder about how good it would be if I could go back in time to those easier days. Anyways, I think I've written quite enough for now, I hope it was not as boring to read as I think it is :D
  12. Names you like

    Joshua sounds good imho, so not a suprise that Joshua became a favourite character of mine just by his name :D Benedek (which is nowadays becomeing more and more popular here) is also a pretty cool name After Ephraim, Ephram and Efraim are also some good ones to me Well, and then there is Narcissus (Narcisszusz in Hungarian), which I kinda like, but would hesitate to give this name to anyone /also, any version or short form of Leonard, and also the feminine versions (Leonóra, etc...), I really like this one actually/ For females, Daniella, Titanilla, Cecília all sounds good, probably because of that "-la" ending, idk For non-hungarian ones, Chloe and Joanna both are nice All in all, I think I prefer longer name over short ones, but other than that, it's really all about how good they sound to me
  13. Do You Enjoy Messing With Telemarketers/Scammers

    Well, in Hungary we still have those big ass telephone books, so virtually anyone have access to others phone number - it's not a big deal to get someone's. My parents used to tell if my mobile ever brakes or the battery dies, I should just go to the school's gatekeeper (I guess it's called that in english), ask for the telephone book and call my grandparents, so they can call my parents instead of me and stuff. I think mobile phone numbers might not be listed there, but as I said, since we changed to using only mobiles, we never had such calls.
  14. Do You Enjoy Messing With Telemarketers/Scammers

    Sure I do, tho I don't often get calls like that anymore, since we only use mobile phones in the family for some time, and with the change the scam calls seemed to stop. I used to use a fake name, crafted from one of my classmates first name, and a random job as my family name (it's quite usual here, things like smith, tailor, etc...). I always asked back as if I don't really understand what the guy said, or randomly started asking questions as if there was someone else around me, and talking to them as well, while talking with the scammer on the phone.One time, the guy eventually lost his patience and said his work time is over (it was around 15 minutes into talking, and it was early afternoon), and he had to hang up, but he will be sure to call me back the next day, so we can continue whatever the hell he called me about. Needless to say, he never called me back. Scam e-mails on the other hand, I usually just laugh some (it's nice to learn I had long-forgotten uncles and aunts, living somewhere in Africa, Asia, etc., having a castle and whatnot, and after their death I'm the only relative they had and I can get their money and all...), and delete them.
  15. Pretty much what the tile says, I'll start For me it's capoeira. I've been doing aikido for about 14 years now, but I became interested in capoeira like 8-9 years ago, after reading the first book of "The Joshua Files" series (still not finished, just restarted yesterday, no spoilerz plz). At that time I was around class 8, and there was no capoeira nearby, so I never had the chance to try it out. By the time I got into university - in the capital - I completely forgot about my desire to do capoeira. 3 years passed, and while I was packing my stuff to move to dorm (another university, another city even further away from home), I've found the book that made me want to try this sport. I instantly went to google, looked up if there is anyone teaching it in the city I'm about to live in, and it seems Lady Luck smiled on me! It's easy to see what happened after that, I've asked them if I can try it, I went to a class (it was so intense and hard - even though I wasn't in a bad shape, the moves and stretches were just different than what I'm used to), and now I feel like I've been doing it for years, even though I've started only 2 weeks ago. There were also positive surprises here, as it turned out the teacher is actually brazlian, who has been teaching capoeira for more than 7 years, and is doing it for around 20, and even though here it is only a small class, we often have workshops with famous brazilian instructors as well. A bit long story, but I hope others have had at least as much luck as me, and I'm curious if anybody else has anything alike to share. It doesn't have to be this long, trying a new food, reading a book, watching a film, anything really!