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  1. Why Lyn is a bad unit?

    It really isn't that tight if you play through most chapters quickly. It's definitely possible to hit promotion for 3-4 characters in FFO and still S rank tactics somewhat comfortably even while playing chapters like 19xx. The amount of enemies that Lyn can fight effectively is pertinent to her contribution as a unit in a ranked run. How easily a unit can gain experience is one of the most important factors in determining how good a unit is in a ranked run. There are a handful of units that need to be babied or can't really contribute to the ranks in any meaningful way, and Lyn is at least a step above those units.
  2. Why Lyn is a bad unit?

    In a ranked setting we're going to be cycling through units for the experience rank regardless, so it's not really as important a question as it is for an unranked playthrough. Even if the rankings are of concern it's possible to do this with a few units, and it can beneficial to plan for it given that any arena kill is basically free experience and money. Not every unit can enter the arena for an extended period of time safely in HHM though.
  3. Why Lyn is a bad unit?

    Yeah, there are a lot of places where you could have saved turns. The ranks in 7 are really rather lenient. It's not as easy to S rank as 6, but with some LTC strategies in mind and a healthy amount of safe arena abuse in chapter 24 none of the ranks are too difficult to reach.
  4. CHAPTER 14!!! WHY?

    The desert item trick is not a glitch of that's what you're referring to.
  5. Early Promoting Guy and Lowen (HHM)

    You could have also lured the stronger enemies later and cleared the map that way if you didn't have units strong enough to take them on. Raven can still be useful throughout the game with early promotion. He really doesn't lose all that much and Harken is fairly similar anyway. That's just one map.
  6. Early Promoting Guy and Lowen (HHM)

    In chapter 17x you can avoid the level 17 units by not going towards the center of the map. They don't move unless you get in their range. It's not going to hurt you too much to promote those units early though. Raven is probably a better choice for early promotion than Guy since his promotion bonuses are much better, but you can get another Hero Crest fairly soon anyway. Why can't you spare slots for some of them? It's fairly easy to use a few of them to take on stragglers or reinforcements in most maps while Marcus and another unit or two do the heavy lifting. You don't need them to be sure; there are enough good prepromotes anyway, but having a trained flier and another cavalier/paladin can help.
  7. CHAPTER 14!!! WHY?

    Don't waste your time with bringing thieves in this chapter. The link has the desert item trick that guarantees getting items from the desert with any character. Otherwise Miledy can carry the chapter almost on her own while the other flying units pick up items.
  8. What are the good characters?

    It's also possible to avoid using her and have her avoid enemies when she has to be deployed. That's not very difficult either.
  9. Fire Emblem 6 GBA Cartridge

    A flash cart is probably going to be your best option.
  10. Stuck on conquest lunatic endgame

    If Corrin can't get the kill alone you can probably rely on a second unit to kill Takumi. It's especially easy if you spend a few turns to set up the Rescue chain.
  11. chapter 26 lunatic CQ makes me want to quit

    If you have enough competent units it's possible to deal with the heroes on turn one while also having them in position to deal with the enemies near the Entrap Maid on turn two. If your units can't survive the rest of the heroes on enemy phase just use Freeze staves on the ones you can't take care of.
  12. Conquest Lunatic LTC

    I'd rather you post it as the run feels more complete with it there if nothing else.
  13. Any Tips for Rev Ch. 9? I want to quit.

    Just abuse the MU here and take it slowly if you have to. Have Felicia pair up with him if he's taking too much damage. There isn't really a great benefit from leveling the rest of these units early on.
  14. Pokemon Crystal Ratings

    Totodile has the best start because it kills faster than any other Pokemon, so your statement doesn't make much sense. You can't really compare two different points in the game the same way.