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  1. Fire Emblem 6 GBA Cartridge

    A flash cart is probably going to be your best option.
  2. Stuck on conquest lunatic endgame

    If Corrin can't get the kill alone you can probably rely on a second unit to kill Takumi. It's especially easy if you spend a few turns to set up the Rescue chain.
  3. chapter 26 lunatic CQ makes me want to quit

    If you have enough competent units it's possible to deal with the heroes on turn one while also having them in position to deal with the enemies near the Entrap Maid on turn two. If your units can't survive the rest of the heroes on enemy phase just use Freeze staves on the ones you can't take care of.
  4. Conquest Lunatic LTC

    I'd rather you post it as the run feels more complete with it there if nothing else.
  5. Any Tips for Rev Ch. 9? I want to quit.

    Just abuse the MU here and take it slowly if you have to. Have Felicia pair up with him if he's taking too much damage. There isn't really a great benefit from leveling the rest of these units early on.
  6. Pokemon Crystal Ratings

    Totodile has the best start because it kills faster than any other Pokemon, so your statement doesn't make much sense. You can't really compare two different points in the game the same way.
  7. Pokemon Yellow Ratings

    This is late too, but Charmander isn't only an option as an HM slave, but he is the best option since he is free, quicker than anyone else to get, and he learns Dig and Cut which are both important for HM slaves. Most Pokemon are useless and Charmander has a reason to be on every team, so I would give him some merit at least for that. I don't really disagree with anything though, just that Charmander should be rated a little higher for utility.
  8. FE9 Tier list v3

    The statement I made about the RNG has nothing to do with what I told you of efficiency versus reliability pertaining to the current method of evaluating characters. Boss abuse, tower abuse, and arena abuse are all examples of inefficiency because of the input required. They are entirely different from RNG abuse which doesn't require turn deficits, so your examples still show nothing. Your point was this: Which has little to do with feeding characters one bonus experience at a time and doesn't invalidate what I said.
  9. FE9 Tier list v3

    I wasn't talking about the diversity of criteria we could use to rank characters. I was talking about the specific criteria being used. The OP posts the tier list FAQ, so using that assumption one should easily come to the conclusion that this is the main criteria: This isn't a well defined system, but it does show that faster average turn counts are more important than more consistent strategies. What? This doesn't even address the main point. The games use an easily manipulable number generator that lets the player control how the game plays out. This has nothing to do with Path of Radiance in particular, but whatever. Giving a character a certain amount of experience at a time to maximize leveling potential is different from abusing specific stat gains.
  10. FE9 Tier list v3

    The problem with this is that it isn't subjective. Assuming that characters are ranked by efficiency resets don't matter as long as the result is the most efficient one. This is a poor way to determine what is more efficient because if things are defined in terms of efficiency then time takes precedence over turns taken and failure. If you wanted to depreciate the value of resets you would focus on the chance of success of a single strategy over a longer period of time. For example if a strategy only works 20% of the time but is faster to use on average than any other strategy normally it's likely not going to be a strategy used in a single segment run. Note that efficiency still takes precedence over reliability, but reliability does become more important in this situation. Toothache's TAS is a good example of Fire Emblem 6 being played. RNG abuse is simply a tool used to play Fire Emblem better, so I personally don't understand why no one considers RNG abuse in tier lists. Perhaps it makes ranking characters less interesting, but it is a more accurate representation of the game rather than trying to 'fix' the game to make it more 'interesting' to debate. How would you rank characters in a tier list? I find that giving characters 1BEXP at a time to maximize their level ups to be a pointless exercise. It doesn't even change stats to a significant degree. Ultimately though it doesn't matter how the characters are ranked, but I find that it is more useful to know which characters are better for beating a game quickly than it is knowing which set of characters beats the game the most reliably There is still a correlation between the two making the latter somewhat important anyway, but I think you get the point.
  11. Pokemon Crystal Ratings

    Totodile can eliminate its problems with grass attacks once it gets Ice Punch, but I don't see why Totodile is getting the same score as Geodude. Geodude is actually better in tool assisted conditions as far as I know, but without all the luck required it's worse than Totodile, though you give them the same score. You'll see that you list weaknesses for Geodude (namely the speed issue it has and the weaknesses that actually matter) don't exists for Totodile. Even if Totodile compares to the other Water Pokemon (and Totodile doesn't, just to be sure) that would only mean that they would all deserve a higher score, or that Geodude deserves a lower one. I'm not saying that Geodude deserves a lower score since it is still a great Pokemon, but Totodile is still better which I feel is still getting ignored.
  12. Pokemon Crystal Ratings

    I meant Rollout since that's what I compared Rage to in terms of damage, but it was because I thought you were talking about total damage. It's not as easy to calculate per hit damage though without looking at the damage done directly with memory watcher or whatever, but I didn't really feel like going through the trouble.
  13. Pokemon Crystal Ratings

    I tested by playing the game. The damage doubles after every hit for Rollout, so after two uses it's 60 total base power to 80 for scratch.
  14. Pokemon Crystal Ratings

    I'm guessing it works like Rollout and doubles the base power every turn. It's the only option that makes sense given that it almost goes even after two turns and wins after three turns. I think that the best way to rank Pokemon is to assume they are being used without any other assumptions being made. Tier lists for some of the Fire Emblem series are done this way too.
  15. Pokemon Crystal Ratings

    I think that the Rage mechanics given by bulbapedia are false, but I don't know why. Two rage (the first without the boost) are almost equivalent to using two Scratch (being slightly weaker) while the third does more damage than three scratch attacks. After getting Water Gun Rage is still useful for 3 battles though, but the main point isn't that Rage is a good move, but that it lets Totodile fight enemies more efficiently than the other two starters early on.