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  1. Eternal Bond, The Devoted, A Grasping Truth, Origin's End, Distant Traveler, Echoes of Daybreak. There are quite a good few blending themes. For me the best blending theme is The Task at Hand. You'll find yourself listening to that for quite a while. I may use it to fall asleep to actually haha.
  2. Didn't get to experience the Fates/Awakening music, but PoR/Radiant Dawn had a pretty fantastic soundtrack that was pretty easy to get immersed in. Even the GBA games had some tunes that would stick with you that you'd find yourself humming afterwards. Video game music used to help me focus, now it's more distracting during real tasks. I go for more serene themes I'm finding, or just chill vacation esque music. Whatever gets you through I guess. I still enjoy the stuff, but I find myself stopping what I'm doing to listen now more than just working with the music in the background.
  3. That's how I generally played on my phone. But these days I can only play on my comp which gives me more flexibility with music and stuff like that. The cheesiness of that show is unparalleled, and I've been a fan of the series since I was 8. Was listening to the tunes outside of the games for years. Only just stopped doing that going into adulthood haha. I would probably listen to the standard music of the game so much more without that annoying Enemy Phase music. The music in Fire Emblem is so great, but the aspect of enemy phase music in a game where the player phase only lasts 5 to 30 seconds just wasn't well thought out.
  4. @mampfoid Funnily enough I'm sitting on 70k feathers now and I'm partially saving in case I need to promote my only Erika for the SS TT (if Lute isn't a bonus unit and I don't pull from the new banner) and I'm also out of Matthews to merge. Since we're on some down time I'm going to share a nerdy fun fact about myself. These days and times I play other music when playing FEH (unless the stages are new so I can hear the old themes) and for one reason or another this has more or less become the theme of my Matthew team. I turn animations on and play this whenever I'm doing an Arena battle or some other "serious" content with them: It just... feels epic. Geeky as that probably sounds.
  5. Stayed in the top 5k and got 8k feathers for the first time ever. Feels nice, way too stressful though. Now I'm sitting on 70k feathers.
  6. That actually explains a whole lot. Now I can just push everything back a day basically in order to be on track since we're over here on Eastern time.
  7. I'm a bit more surprised than I should be. ...And disappointed... yeah disappointed. Seems like the schedule is wrong then... it says the 24th but the 24th is tomorrow which would mean that the banner would drop with no trailer. So I guess there will be a trailer tomorrow and the banner will drop on the 25th. Seems about right in line with the fact that there's 2 days left on the RD banner. I really should have payed attention there. Now off to be emotional and in-effecient with my orb stash and spend 5-9 last orbs on that banner.
  8. Colm is actually... one of my favorites from that game up there with Ephraim, Lute and the trainees. I use him literally every playthrough and he's my main Rogue. I'd welcome him with open arms. Vanessa is meh though and Dozla?! *BLUGH* Funny thing is I didn't see Ross or Duessel as even remotely popular before the CYL results. But honestly, I'd rather not any surprises for this banner. Someone like Franz or Forde popping up instead of one of the listed units would be more of an unpleasant surprise. Even Gilliam who I thought was pretty cool. (even if he wasn't very good and 100% inferior to Amelia if you bothered to train her.) Every banner has at least one unit of both genders. That's why Myrrh, L'Arachel and Marisa was debunked as a banner. It'll be two girls most likely and either Ross, Gerik, Duessel, Cormag or Ewan. The TT Reward could be anyone honestly. @Humanoid Pure irony. Colm (and typically Neimi) turned out amazing literally every playthrough of mine except one where he just didn't seem to want to gain Speed. Moulder on the other hand was terrible every single playthrough and was benched for Natasha every. time. Also train Ross, you'll thank me later. And make him a Berserker. Anything else is heresy.
  9. Um... no. There are 34 playable characters in FE8. I listed 9, and one doesn't count. EDIT: Before someone decides to crunch numbers on me, there are 7 SS characters (not counting Valter) in Heroes already so subtract them from the pool and we have 27. Still not half.
  10. 2 Hours until the trailer... The banner is all but certain to be from this specific pool of characters. Fingers crossed for your favorite...
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Saw people pulling Azuras and Takumis and got a little excited. So I spent cautiously even though I'm saving.. 1 green, 2 colorless. *3 Barst - Can't ever get mad at Reposition. I'll take it. *4 Lachesis X2 (+HP/-DEF) (+SPD/-HP) - Worthless. Her speed is unsalvagable and her other nature may as well be neutral. If this keeps up I'll do a *4+10 project for other. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Matthew's cock-blocked yet again. 76 > 63. I should really just avoid this topic when I'm trying to save orbs.
  12. No longer true unfortunately. I have 101,577 and I'm at 3,305. These people are ridiculous. It'll probably take another stamina potion or two, and still probably another one an hour before the end in order to secure a spot. I hope you keep your place in the top 5k when you wake up. This is exhausting and I doubt I'm going to do it again.
  13. Same. Feels cool to be able to participate this time, feels like my voice matters, no matter how little. Even though I've pretty much mentally prepared for Hector/Chrom/Tharja/Camilla, it would be pretty amazing if another character could claim the female spot. I like the males but wouldn't mind a surprise winner on that side either. Just... not Marth.
  14. Hm, so no trailer for the new banner. Guess it's going to be another one of those trailer-the-day-before types. I might actually be kind of ok with Ross not being on the banner because it'll be a lot easier not to pull from it that way.
  15. 91k points and only rank 3585. Man these people are crazy. Forget top 1k, I'm going to just try to stay in the top 5k.