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  1. Official Pull Topic

    @mcsilas Looks like there's enough fortune to go around! Fantastic Myrrh pull there! I'll be revisiting the banner before it expires, now that I have staff Valor, there's no need to rush things while the tempest is still going. I hope I'm as fortune as you!
  2. @Hilda Impressive as always. @mcsilas Haha! An "ana" themed clear! I would never thought of something like that. Very cute. When I heard the music I thought I was going to cringe (and yes, the Psycho Soldiers are my favorite KOF team, but I usually hate their themes) but it fit perfect actually. M!Kana's tankiness was incredible. He didn't get a single bit of healing and didn't have Aether but he tanked every hit, defense tile or no. Everything was perfect down the the exact damage at the end. It was so smooth that Nanna's presence almost felt pointless. Second clear was similar to the first in the beginning but showed more synergy and just a bit less of Kana doing basically everything. Always nice to see you and Ginko use the Fates kids. Loved the music as well. Male Kana though... you've renewed my interest in him. I'm tempted to build up one now. Who says he has to have DC or Lightning Breath? @mampfoid @Alexmender @Junkhead @Rafiel's Aria @NegativeExponents- @Cute Chao @Usana @Ginko @[email protected] @Glennstavos @Roflolxp54 @Quintessence @Ice Dragon @XRay @eclipse @silveraura25 @Nanima @kirauza343 @SatsumaFSoysoy @Astellius @DefaultBeep @Vaximillian @Poimagic I wasn't interested in doing this with my Morgan team the first go around so I thought I'd do it now. What this map taught me is that you don't always have to start the map with a bang. What matters is that the AI does what you want it to do and Morgan manipulated them brilliantly. Amelia tanked superbly and both Morgan and Ninian got a chance to shine. Amelia naturally used her warping skills to their full extent. As much as I'd love to give her Bold or Vengeful fighter, I almost can't even imagine her without a teleport now. Priscilla's been doing a lot of heavy lifting for this team recently, so it was refreshing that she got to sit back this time and heal like an old fashioned staff user. That's about it. Did a special clear as well. After tossing around theme ideas I eventually thought this would be a good stage to dip into FE7 units. Line up is Lyn, B!Hector, Raven and Serra cause you know me and my love of color coverage when I can get it in. If you think this is one of those maps where the OP Armor destroys everything you are sorely mistaken. While B!Hector played a crucial part he was only one portion of what made this clear work. It was really tricky figuring out how to deal with the enemies with no ranged units, particularly that green mage who could 2RKO Serra and ORKO Hector. Sadly there was no way to clear this map while giving screen time to everybody. I experimented a bit after clearing it but wasn't able to pull it off. Still it was a fun clear and M!Kana went down. It might even surprise you just by who. Enough chitchat. Aaand we're done.
  3. @mampfoid Clears like this are a testament to just how far you've come, even to how good the game can be to us sometimes. Even if you foddered S!Tana you still have a red tome flier to use Not that she did much of anything.You made this look effortless even if your calculations had to be on point. Though I must admit, seeing NY!Azura use Galeforce and then refresh herself only to refresh someone else was a treat to watch. I need to catch up on your clears. EDIT: I notice you have sound now also, congratulations! @Fei Mao @mcsilas @Alexmender @Johann @Junkhead @eclipse @Ginko @Hilda @SatsumaFSoysoy @Rafiel's Aria @NegativeExponents- @silveraura25 @LordFrigid @Glennstavos @Rezzy Tagging everyone that saw the original clear and a few people that watch the newer ones. I know this was one of the easier Abyssal maps, but beating a map of this difficulty with my team was still a big achievement. This one took a bit of time for me to figure out. The key was Vantage on Matt and Draw Back on Ayra if you can believe it. Sure Matt led the way, but he couldn't have done it without his team. Every single stat point was just as crucial as the action taken by each unit. I'm not going to stress myself out with these maps. They aren't going anywhere so I'm going to take things at my own pace. I'll get around to the others sooner or later, though I can't make team comp promises. When you've got maps with inflated stats like these, anything goes. But enough banter. Enjoy the ride as always. And with that, Abyssal's put to bed.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid Just so you know I am getting notifications to your posts. Just haven't had time to respond to every single thing, but I will get there. I've mostly been posting before bed. @mcsilas @Alexmender @Rafiel's Aria @Cute Chao @Usana @NegativeExponents- Yeah... so I said that until the next week (or thereafter until the Legendary) I wouldn't spend a single orb outside of the inital 0-15 for new banners and I'm sticking to that. But we had a new banner and technically pulling now is within that rule even if I have all the units. I figure this is a chance for a better nature of my Tana (+DEF/-ATK) or Innes (+1 +ATK/-SPD) and let's be honest, it'll probably just be a bunch of red and green stones right? ...Nope. 5, FIVE. COLORLESS. STONES. Now I know what you're thinking "lol Colorless hell" or "you already have Innes" well not only that, I have virtually every powerful colorless archer you can get in this game and most with optimal natures. Still, it's probably been almost a year since I've had a full colorless pool. There could be a Sothe, Klein, Kagero, Nanna, my first Legault or most importantly, that all too important Matthew merge. I told myself I would continue to pull colorless until I got him so I'm sticking to that. So I bite it and decide to pull all 5 stones. Even if it's all 3 stars if I could get even 1 Matthew or even just a Kagero/Klein, it's worth it. Yeah... free pull~ Oh yeah, you probably thought I was done, right? Down to 14 from 29, but I regret nothing. Back to stocking up~
  5. My phone is already broken, so there's that. Not because of Luke though. And he did pitybreaker, and at -ATK at that. I'm literally waiting to see if he'll get a refine because I would have foddered him forever ago. I remember when I thought Fire Boost was a good skill. lol. Almost put it on my Chrom instead of ATK/DEF Bond.
  6. @mampfoid Yeah I know, sorry, I tried. Was cool both going for it at the same time. I'll probably work things out in the Arena Calc and see if I can spare the assist.
  7. Bold and Underlined: Panic Ploy. Fire Boost is nothing, but being able to run Panic Ploy in the C slot would allow for things like multiple Armors/Dragons to run them on Arena Defense teams which no one wants. That being said, I'm all for more versatility, he's a terrible pitybreaker. Still that skill alone is likely IS' reasoning for for rarity stagnation. Mist on the other hand? Yeah, no.
  8. @mampfoid Lon'Qu is one of the bonus units in the rotation so that's pretty much perfect for me. Only thing is he's not the easiest bonus unit to use. His offense is unparalelled, but he's paper thin and it's hard to feed him kills, especially when only one unit has a repositioning skill. He's got the new Brazen ATK/RES seal and he can destroy even blues but more often than not he needs help from my Windsweep Poison Strike Matthew and Watersweep Savage Blow Nino (contemplating upgrading the Spur RES or Spur DEF seal now instead...). Lukas can only support by being a wall with dual Drive DEFs. I gave Lon'Qu Recp. Aid so he can have more sustain since Nino and Matthew basically never get hit unless they're walling for Lon. Still with higher scores (he's a supermerge which bumps me into the 726 - 740 territory) comes nasty things like dancers with G-Duel infantry and supermerged mages with +Rallies hiding behind nonsensical armors. I've probably killed more blue armors than anything so far. I only have managed 3720 so far which likely won't be enough with everyone running around with L!Tiki. It's not as high as I can go though, I can do better. Heck, this is what I wanted, a chance to show what Lon'Qu can do. It's hard but I'm going to figure it out. Maybe I'll even record it. That's always fun.
  9. @Astellius That saddens me. I was 2 points below you at 3720. As it turns out I didn't get a crown this time. That power creep from Rallies is probably starting to set in now since 3715 was enough to get into T21 2 weeks ago. But what really gets me is that had I just gotten 2 or 3 more points I would have made it. Oh well. @mampfoid How'd you do?
  10. Official Pull Topic

    @mcsilas +SPD/-HP. Her ATK is fairly low for a healer, you can patch it with a boon and/or ATK+3 (or a premium skill) in the A slot but it's not worth sacrificing her speed which is far more important. She'll likely run Pain or Gravity in which case ATK isn't as important. You'll want her to avoid being doubled however (which will pretty much always kill her) and +SPD helps with that. For pure offense, there are better options both mounted and infantry if you want a +ATK healer I think. @mampfoid Yeah I know.... I convinced myself I'd be saving orbs for the legendary, but one morning I had some orbs and just decided (meh... I'll get Mia then I won't be able to train her in the tempest.) That left me with 0 orbs and a 3.50% rate. Not to mention 2 red orbs I left on the table. I prioritized Mia, but I would still like Myrrh and I could have very well left her on the table. I regretted the choice even if I could have pulled her. But the real nail in the coffin is that I cant pull anything from colorless anymore but Clarine, Saizo and Gordin. No Kagero, no Sothe, no Klein, no Legault, no Matthew. I haven't been exercising self control I've realized, but now I'm going to make it official. Outside of the first pull of new banners, I'm not spending a single orb until the last day of the PA Banner. On that day, I'll decide weather or not I want to spend or save for the legendary. After that, not a single orb spent until the legendary itself. @Alexmender @Rafiel's Aria @Cute Chao @NegativeExponents- @Usana ....I made this post an hour before the reset but I didn't submit it... then the Halloween banner from last year has a re-run so I eat crow, take my 11 orbs and go in... Free pull~ This changes nothing!! I'm still saving from here on out!
  11. @Sunwoo @mcsilas I'm sure you've long since made your decision on a +ATK or +SPD Legault but I wanted to throw in my opinion. Legault isn't like Matthew or Saizo, he's more offensive which makes his choice of nature much simpler. Being +SPD gives him pretty much the best Wind/Watersweep set imaginable. If that's what you're going for (like say, an Arena babysitter) and wanted to +10 him that'd be great. He could potentially use the nature for a set with The Cleaner but it would be niche and situational. For just about any other build imaginable +ATK would be better. He's got plenty of speed but attack is something he's in dire need of. Matthew can get away with his low ATK because he's a tank, Legault has no such luxury. He wants every point of ATK he can get. Sorry I never responded. Just digging in my notifications and finding stuff.
  12. @mcsilas Nostalgic Kula theme man... Ice Clear was great. Didn't matter that Felicia wasn't finished, she still played her part and yet more 1 HP clutch. Also this vid reminds me that I didn't pull Flora or Ophelia, but you know what? These past few banners when I don't pull a unit I'm going for I wind up with a unit I really want as a pitybreaker (Ephraim/Veronica) so it's all good. Enough about me, would have loved this theme on an ice map, I'm actually saving a few themes for the same, but it worked here as well. Also the theme I used in the Ishtar map is "Song of the Ancients: Fate" from Nier. Which reminds me I never told you the name of the theme I used in the Saias clear. That one was "Wir fliegen" from Xenoblade Chronicles X. @Alexmender Faye is premium fodder because of her bow but honestly if she were to demote she'd be a fantastic candidate for a +10 merge. She's literally the best defensive infantry bow. Jakob is superior, but you probably would want Brave Bow+ Bold Fighter nonsense rather than an EP build. @mampfoid I just wish I knew what I wanted to do with this +5 Serra sitting in my barracks. Or rather... I had what I needed to build her. And yeah, Flashing Blade is perfect for Lon'Qu, but that SPD+1 seal put him at exactly 50 SPD which was really, really appealing to look at. Plus he didn't need it so it was fine.
  13. @mampfoid Seemless 1-turn clear. Just another day at the office for you, but I must admit the use of Olwen was literally perfect, even if it was just out of convenience. The Celica clear was interesting because I had no idea how you were going to get to Ishtar, Brave Celica strikes again in that regard. Celica is so absurdly powerful (basically all her variants really) that she tends to ignore the weapon triangle all together. That 49 SPD also was delicious. Oliver didn't take a single point of damage in his clear. I thought you would camp out and make more use of Skadi so Oliver would reverse Ishtar's Odd ATK Wave and tank her on the first turn, but I imagine the archer probably made that difficult. Still you made good use of it and Walhart had just enough ATK to oneshot Ishtar. A little touch and go there! @Alexmender Ishtar was dispatched so easily you wouldn't think Eirika wasn't able to deal with her at full power, so hearing that was surprising. Still, units like Eirika trivialize maps like this where the entire enemy army likes to dogpile on the first unit in their range. A classic Eirika sweep. @SatsumaFSoysoy Wow... can't remember the last time I saw anybody use F!Robin. As usual, Kagero makes extremely quick work of another map. Wish I could bring myself to build her though. @Ginko I blinked and it was over. This map was pretty easy to deal with depending on the team composition but I wasn't expecting a clear that effortless. @mcsilas Loved the first clear. The one thing that was missing from Mampfoid's clear was Olwen dealing with Reinhardt and you used her to do just that in both clears. Music was on point as always, clutch 1 HP moments abound and Omnibreaker Hector shows that OG Hector hasn't missed a beat and is still completely relevant. First clear is obviously my favorite. 2nd clear I was mostly impressed at how bare some of the Thracia unit's kits were. The music ending on Leif's finishing strike was a nice touch too. Love things like that. @Nanima @NegativeExponents- @tobuShogi @kirauza343 @Junkhead @eclipse I'm fashionably late as always, but at least it's just a day this time. One of the easier BHBs. It's intimidating at first, but once you find a way in everything quickly comes together. It's definitely a lot friendlier than Saias' map. Matthew was king here. The only issue was figuring out when and where to strike. In all my clears I have to avoid Odd ATK Wave but once that's done things become a lot more managable. Matt does what he does best with support from his team. Not much else to say. This isn't his first rodeo with Ishtar. He's fought her alone in the TT. So why wouldn't he be able to handle her with his friends by his side? For the Morgan clear, it's how it usually is. Feels impossible at first, but then all you have to do is find where to use the team's trump cards. Ergo, Amelia's teleporting shenanigans and Priscilla's Miracle shield. Morgan needed the ATK/DEF seal to deal with the green dragon. The true key here though was my only use of SI: Vantage on Priscilla. It never actually sees direct use, but by putting it on her the AI redirects itself to a safer alternative which wounds up still resulting in a clear victory for Morgan's team. Amelia did need Darting Blow 3 and the SPD+3 seal to naturally double Ishtar though, so that was key too. Fitting that this team's clears are always the most surgical. Well... that is unless you count Takumi's GHB where Amelia just bulldozes everything, but that's besides the point. On with the show. For the last clear, I honestly wasn't going to do anything. I really just needed an excuse to take my newly built and refined Lon'Qu out for a test run. Even if he wasn't able to be fully utilized due to the nature of the map it was still fun. It was also a chance to take B!Veronica out for a spin (though she wasn't quite finished yet) and I'm already seeing how useful shes going to be for clearing maps in the future. She's utter nonsense and I love every minute of it. Focusing back on Lon'Qu though, I think as of now he's seriously slept on. Quite possibly in the top 10, maybe even 5 best swordsmen in the game. As of now he's my most powerful player phase sword unit, bar none. He lacks Ike and BK's DC EP utility and Ayra has superior mixed phase capability, but as far as pure player phase goes, he's unmatched in my barracks. (Yeah, I'm looking at you, -SPD|-ATK Mia). I'm really excited about him. So look forward to seeing him in more clears. I may even give him Galeforce. Enough gushing though. Last ride. I'm still behind on things, but at least I'm done here. Cheers~
  14. Official Pull Topic

    B!Veronica needs SP so she'll be my healer for the team so it'll be OG Mia/Blue Unit/OG Myrrh/B!Veronica. Maybe a mage or something. I could be lazy and put the armor boots on B!Hector and call it a day though.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    @Alexmender @mampfoid Nice! Looks like you two are all set for TT. As for me, I have 2 Mias. One is +RES/-ATK and the other is +DEF/-SPD. There were 2 red stones and one green in my pool. I only pulled the green. Yeah there could have been a Mia in one of those stones, or there could have been nothing, or another -ATK/SPD one. With all the different banners and the legendary coming up, it's just not worth pulling for a unit I already have 2 of, even if the natures suck. I'm looking at the PA and Halloween banners. Can't afford to spend insufficiently. I'm set for OG TT anyway. I've got both Mia and Myrrh. My OG Mia is a permanent benchwarmer due to her nature but she's still a favorite so it's fine. At least she'll see some use here.