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  1. Nino can't bait reds and Matthew is crippled by magic if he doesn't have his buffs up. I'm glad you brought up WE!Tharja as she is a primary example of one of my teams biggest counters. Nino can't kill her, she counter-kills Matthew (depending on her build) and Chrom and Lukas both being enemy phase physicals can't kill her on player phase but rather are killed themselves. The only real solution to her is either DC Lukas or DC Chrom. She's only one unit, but it's still a primary reason why DC is important on at least one of them. If I were to give Chrom something other than DC, (specifically) my options would be Fire Boost 3, ATK/DEF Bond, Steady Stance 3 and of course Distant Counter. Out of all these ATK/DEF Bond and DC are probably the best options. Fire Boost is fun but it's worthless after Chrom's first round of combat since he can't Proc Aether to heal without SB or clogging up the Heavy Blade seal. ATK/DEF Bond sacrifices the +1 cooldown for an extra point of DEF and 5 more ATK which is great but Lukas has a monopoly on the Close DEF seal and this more or less just makes Chrom a 2nd tier physical tank with a dragon slaying niche. I know what you said about redundancy but when you've gotten Lukas to the point of invulnerability (especially with Matthew/Nino support) vs physical units and Chrom's not running DC, depending on the team composition you're either fighting 1. physical units (which Lukas solos while Chrom does virtually nothing) 2. Ranged units (which Chrom and Lukas can do nothing against unless they are physical so Matthew and Nino essentially have to carry the team) or dragons (the only scenario Chrom is active in). With SB Chrom and DC Lukas, Lukas can fight any magic threat except green and Chrom can tank physical units, not to Lukas' caliber but the team is less extreme and more rounded out as a whole. As for baiting. Matthew wants to attack and be able to survive to debuff units and bulk up his team, in arena basically everyone runs DC so he can only do this once there. He loses the ability to do this if he baits ranged because 9 times out of 10 it's going to be magic which ruins him if he's not buffed or running DD3 seal so after that encounter he's done being able to operate safely. Then we factor in that if Nino can't bait, Matthew has to and if there is a WoM unit on the team Matt is likely going to be finished off by that unit as the +6 to bulk from Rogue Dagger+ (or even the additional +3 from Nino if she's there) is likely not going to be enough to survive an additional attack from what's likely an optimized merged arena unit with what HP Matt has left. With DC Chrom, physical and green ranged units are non issues, with DC Lukas, red, blue and physical ranged units are non issues, with neither we play touch and go with Matthew/Nino and depending on the team comp (WoM, Dancers, Reposition) this can go from dicey to impossible. Now, at the higher levels (everyone +9 or +10 in AA or one of my team members as a bonus unit in arena) we could potentially see less ranged units but considering I myself will have 2 of them, I'll be paired against other teams in my score category which will likely have them as well. This doesn't help me make a decision as to who I would give DC to, but it's more or less stressing the argument that DC is important on this team. That and without it, i have literally no counter to W!Tharja. I still don't like the idea of giving yet another red DC when I have more DC of that color than anything, but this doesn't factor in to my decision. At least right now. At +10 with their respective builds, Matthew is worth 2 more points than Nino and he's probably the funnest character in my barracks right now. Not factoring in bias or ease of stage clearing, it's probably more optimal to bring him. If I'm lazy though, then yeah you're probably right. This is what I was doing when I first got him after I gave him QR and Ignis and I'd love to be able to do it again. But it leaves me conflicted because I've been eyeing Steady Breath for Chrom since I first started building him. It's only now that I'm having second thoughts. My personal desire to give Chrom SB aside, it's not even about who necessarily edges eachother out in the role but about the overall balance of the team. Chrom with Lukas' build can tank physical units almost as well as he can with 45 DEF vs Lukas 52 but with built in Aether and natural healing. For Lukas, he can't heal like Chrom can, but he becomes a mixed tank with bulk for both stats in the upper 30s. I hate the idea of giving DC to a red unit when I already have 4 of them but only 1 blue and green, but that doesn't even matter here. The question for is what setup rounds out the team best? I can't help but feeling like DC Lukas and SB Chrom put in similar amounts of work but that SB Lukas and DC Chrom turns the latter into a second string unit. At best he's filling a small niche (with DC), at worst he's literally a worse Lukas + dragon slaying (no DC or SB). Ha! Thanks for that, I've probably been typing that wrong for a long time... I wouldn't put DC on Chrom for general purposes, it would only be for the utility of this particular team, which is why I'm so conflicted about doing it as there are other units, even reds that would run DC better (Like Eirika who also wants DC and I only have 2 fodders.) I see a lot of Gronnowl Ninos actually in +10 arena from videos and the like, didn't realize that was why though. Roy is a better DC unit altogether. With his refine and DC he'd have DC, Close/Distant Def 2 and QR5 with his B skill free to run anything from Renewal to Wrath to Vantage to Guard. He's amazing, but I've already chosen Chrom and I don't have a Roy to my name. Thinking about him however only makes me want to give Chrom DC even less. Perhaps it would be best to swallow a pill and regulate Chrom to Fire Boost or a Bond A skill and simply save my DC fodder for someone who would use it better. Even if things are a bit harder in arena. As simple as this is, it's given me some of the most clarity. I'm going to sit on my fodder a while longer and think about it. Perhaps I should throw optimization to the wind in favor of team balance with SB Chrom and DC Lukas, perhaps I should abandon the idea of DC Chrom and go for SB Lukas and either re-evaluate Chrom or simply wait for another breath. My mind is in too many places however. When I make a decision I know what I want, otherwise I regret it. And I don't know what I want right now. So I'm going to wait.
  2. I can confirm. The emulator is an Android one and I've swapped between it and my nephew's iPhone. If you earned 1 orb on iOS and 20 on Android, your 1 orb will still be there if you switch back to iOS. You're safe, just make sure you don't collect orbs on the device you aren't spending on, otherwise they'll be relegated to barracks space tokens. @mampfoid This method is lightning. I've already maxed BK (who was initially at 1400 HM), Hector and both Palla and NY!Camilla who were in the lower 2000s. For the Clarisse, Navarre, Lloyd and Xander rotations I'm going to be switching to them because I can farm 3 units instead of two, but for the other days for the rest of this week? This is 100% my go to. I'm upgrading like clockwork.
  3. My Nowi was +DEF/-SPD. That's probably why she couldn't survive Saias. Didn't think to do Fortify RES and I don't have RES Tactic. And thanks again! Grinding 2 units for 5.00 HM beats grinding 3 for 2.25 HM each.
  4. Not necessarily, but in the case of this particular team, if I were to run one of them with SB and the other with a filler skill, not only am I limiting my ability to bait/counter ranged units to Matthew/Nino but I'm overlapping roles to the point of redundancy and one unit is just going to be an inferior version of the other. Assuming +0 and =DEF which is what I'll have most likely. With SB on Chrom (w/Falchion refine), he's reaching 45 DEF and has a ceiling of 48-54 depending on the buffs. With SB on Lukas, he's reaching 52 DEF naturally and has a ceiling of 55-61 depending on the buffs. Chrom's bulk is inferior to Lukas and he cannot dual Bonfire his enemies, but he heals passively and doubles as a Dragonslayer of all colors. If I give SB to Chrom and don't give Lukas a DC BL+ build, his role on the team is redundant, if I came into another SB fodder and gave it to Lukas, that would make Chrom's role on the team redundant and make my team susceptible to kiting and other manners of unfun dealings from 2-range. If I were to give SB to Lukas, how would I build Chrom if he's not running DC? Upon inspection you may be right, for dragons in particular his role doesn't change all that much. He's still an unreliable DC unit though. He can safely kill green mages on the counter, but red mages depending on their speed/bulk will still 2HKO him which regulates him to greens and archers. Then like I said before, if I give him something other than DC (Like Fire Boost 3) I'm hurting my team's ability to fight range. Baiting range with Matthew is iffy because he can't activate buffs that way and Nino is squishy. DC Chrom can't bait like DC Lukas can. If we're being honest, Lukas is superior to Chrom in both the DC and SB roles, but I'm having a hard time convincing myself that SB Chrom isn't superior to DC Chrom. What about the numbers for SB Chrom and DC Lukas? Then I won't worry about that for now. The first step is getting that high in rank in the first place. Based on his stats alone, Donnel is the superior mixed tank. He runs Berkut's Lance+ beautifully and can still run the SB set if he wants to, yet when I ran the numbers between both Donnel and Lukas for the DC BL+ build, Lukas outperformed him. I still have trouble understanding why but I did. Despite that, I know Donnel is a more sound choice based on logic, but I like Lukas more and that factors in, inefficiency and all. Had I not pulled a *5 Lukas in the first 2 months of playing, I'd probably have picked Donnel as my *5 +10 lance of choice. This has me really conflicted now.. I was leaning towards the SB Chrom and DC Lukas builds but now I'm not sure. This is a big decision. One that has me wondering if I'd just run SB on them both if I had 2 fodders. The idea of not being able to bait ranged units is wretching however...
  5. @mampfoid Funny, my Hero team fell apart on that particular stage when Matthew bit off more than he could chew. The last flyer did 4 damage when he had 2 HP. It was my own fault though. If Inigo had been in range he would have had 4-5 more DEF and been able to tank everything. CC was fun though. My team is perfect for endurance modes like those.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    At the highest level possible, +ATK is netting him over 10 more kills. It's a super boon in ATK. It just can't be beat. At lower merges +SPD is better, but for endgame? He wants those 4 points of ATK unless he's committing to a Sweep build. I'm going to build her, just waiting for the right nature. I'm pretty sure I have a +SPD/-RES variant but I don't want to dump that particular stat on her. I do want to spend Dew on her, but I don't know what's next so I'll be waiting for the next update to see who's next on the upgrade block. I'd want to slap myself if I spent Dew on Felicia and then saw Matthew getting a prf in May. (Funny, it would be like a birthday present since my Birthday is next month.) Wanted to respond to this, just never got around to it.
  7. @mampfoid Dang it.. I need to get on your level. Unfortunately I had to do things the hard way because my Nowi was unable to farm Saias. Tried as I could I could not get it to work. As for this BHB though, your BK + Hector strat works nicely. I didn't need to do any SI though. I just used my basic QR set on BK and Vantage set on Hector and it worked fine. I needed the CD3 seal on Hector but not the ATK+3 seal on BK so that's good. I hate shuffling things around. I'll run this strat for most of the week, but Clarisse and Navarre are the best farming days for the normal rotation.
  8. @mampfoid Great use of Savage Blow to secure the kill at the end there. It's pretty nuts how you'll have just the right amount of bulk to survive some of those hits with just a little bit of help. @mcsilas @NegativeExponents- @Rafiel's Aria @Quintessence @Alexmender @Johann @Fei Mao @Ginko @DefaultBeep @Nosmur @DarkLordIvy @Rezzy @Cute Chao @eclipse and @Hawk King cause why not. Easy for the most part. Not too much else to say but I actually had a bit of a brain fart in the middle as you'll be able to see. I could have used Genny's Gravity shenanigans and made use of Ayra's new Drive ATK 2 seal to get myself out of the situation, but I hadn't beaten the stage beforehand so this was a bit more organic thinking on the spot. Couldn't be bothered to record it again but it was nothing major. Still cake all the same. Can't wait for M!Kana and the challenges that come with him.
  9. A bitter fact, but a true one. Still Matt is a rather potent tank and great user of Close Counter even without merges and SS. I really think he deserves a higher spot in the hierarchy. Even if it's only a tier or two. The fact that he's still paired together with the likes of Odin is pure nonsense. This made me laugh IRL. It was a really sad time for daggers.
  10. Sheesh.. just realized the influx of *5's I've gotten after the dry spell I had before. Between Sonya, KN!Hinoka, Finn, my new B!Ike (who isn't -ATK) and my unfinished B!Alfonse, friday is going to be busy. At least I've got Lance and Bow Valor to make this easier. Really need to stop forgetting that a Tempest exists and train up Finn while it's easy to build him.
  11. The thing about that though is that regulates Chrom to DC which he isn't great at (since I only have 1 SB) and with the BL+ build Lukas has 38/34 defenses which can be dual propped into the 50s with Matthew's influence and Nino's Rally and Spur DEF+RES. One touch from Nino and Lukas' mixed bulk skyrockets to 44/40 and that's just with her support and not Matthew's buffs + debuffs on enemies. Then you factor in Chrom who's hitting 45 DEF if he runs the SB build instead with the Close DEF seal and with any sort of rally/spur influence (or DEF tile), is pushed easily into the 50s for Lukas-tier physical bulk while doubling as a Dragon Killer, something Lukas isn't.
  12. That's evil and amazing at the same time. That is over 40 Ninos pulled. Jesus. I like the builds though, it's easy to just make her a Blade Tome unit but you can do a lot with her and the [DEF] Owl Tome build is strangely popular among the +10's. I'm not looking forward to that at all. I'm honestly not sure how my endgame team would deal with that. Also your AA team is fantastic. It's nice that I finally get to see it. I likely won't reach your score area for a while as 2 of my units are ranged at the cost of BST, but I'll get there. I haven't done any Arena for this week yet. Just coasting along. Will get around to it later on.
  13. True... but considering my team has 2 ranged units from launch (old BST) I don't think other ranged units are out of the question. Still I'm leaning towards Pair 1 which was my original plan anyways. There's a possibility also that Chrom could take an HP bane if that were to show up instead of SPD. So Lukas would have the Infantry Pulse skill since SPD is more dumpable on him than Chrom. And thanks, this team doesn't have a healer or a dancer like my original one, but if I play my cards right, no one should be taking much damage anyways. Marching forward. Proc-ing Bonfire twice is enticing actually. I would go with that if I go the SB route on him. Drive SPD is better for points but Nino wants buffs for her tome. I'll send you a request before the day is out I think. You'll know my Matthew when you see him. It's funny, I was interested in a +SPD Chrom with Wind Boost 3 and Speed+3 seal for offensive purposes. It sounded really fun but is more trouble than it's worth. I Like the idea behind Chrom utilizing that superboon and propping up his speed but who knows when/if a +SPD variant with the right nature could come about and if a +ATK/-SPD|HP variant would come before it. I'd like a -HP bane over a -SPD one though because if his SPD is low enough then +SPD Nowis are going to double him naturally and that's a problem. Sure Nino is an option vs them but that complicates things a bit. Surely slapping Aether on Matthew/Nino and a double rally or two would fix that, no? Maybe the Heavy Blade 3 seal on her also since that's an extra point or two? Blessing teams aren't an option for me at the highest level since I can't whale for more copies of a legendary hero and a +0-1 Legendary would tank my score. Either way, I do have plans for future +10's so maybe I'll aim for higher BST ones. Donnel actually is a *4 +10 in progress and I'm sure he'd be better for magic tanking with the BL+ build, it was between him and Lukas for my *5 +10 however and I chose Lukas. Even if Chrom swaps out his -RES bane for a -SPD or -HP one? I do like the idea of mixed tank Lukas though. Leaning towards my original idea even more so. I think I might make a decision by the end of the day. That +6 is actually her rallies and spurs combined. This is a safety net in the event Matt can't buff his allies safely. If we're stacking her spur with his buffs that's +9 DEF/RES or +12 DEF and +9 RES if she's running the Drive seal. I'll probably throw Glimmer on her just to see how it turns out. It's majestic on Lilina, even if she just runs Forblaze. And thank you! Oh you. Ok so.. If Chrom doesn't take a bane in SPD he avoids doubles from all manner of Nowis as long as the merges match up. This is why I don't consider -SPD to be a great option on him. -RES leaves him with little HP, but he doubles and kills just about any Nowi except for the TA3 or SB3 variants which I have Nino for. Perfect indeed. The only unit that would be initiating against her would be Nino who, with buffs can likely 2HKO her without dying on the initial counter. Assuming Lukas' Berkut's Lance build, Zelgius at +ATK and Lukas at Neutral, he survives with 3 HP. With things like merges coming into play it gets complicated, but Matthew and Nino's supporting tools are for situations like this. The SB Build on Lukas trivializes this however. Wo Dao+ on Zelgius destroys BL+ Lukas however. Yes, Lukas kills Zelgius on the counter if he survives his assault. Proc-ing Bonfire twice is enticing and likely what I'd go for if I go that route.
  14. So the feathers are coming in like clockwork, Matthew and Nino are both reaching the latter half of their +10 journeys, Steady Breath has come in and it's very much time to start thinking about what I want to do with the 3rd and 4th members of my final four. Each of these units will fulfill a certain role and leave the remaining available role to the other, which makes this really important. Tagging @Ice Dragon @Astellius @LordFrigid @Hawk King and @Hilda for guru-like wisdom and @NegativeExponents- @mampfoid and @mcsilas for insight. Anyone else is welcome to chime in as well. The units in question are Lukas and Chrom. I'm in posession of 2 DC fodders and one SB fodder. One of these units will get SB, which means the other will run DC and their build is pretty much locked in. It's only a question of who should run what, who runs it better and who having what is superior for the team composition. I'll show the complimenting builds for reference as to what you'll be getting. I have a +ATK/-RES Chrom, but since Lukas is still waiting on a decent nature, we're just going to use Neutral for these examples. Pair #1: Dragon Slayer & Mixed Wall Unit 2: Ylissean Sniper & Ginger Haired Wall of Death To give you a better idea of how to advise me, I'm going to post up my planned builds for their team-mates at their current merge levels and how they compliment them. They won't have what I have equipped now, rather what my endgame is. Matthew is +SPD/-HP and Nino is +SPD/-DEF. This is more or less what their teammates would look like in my head as of now. Matthew: Good old Matt doing what he does. Considering half of his team are slow EP units SPD Smoke is somewhat redundant though, he couldn't run DD3 or CD3 since the tank twins have a monopoly on that, so he could run ATK Smoke in his C skill and just about anything in his Seal Slot. Or I could be a douche and run Windsweep + Phantom Speed. He's usually the frontrunner, but with a team like this he shines as a support to make his team mates even tankier than he himself is. Nino: That Deflect Magic seal is only there to deal with a certain tiny handed mage, at higher merge levels he'd disappear and like she'd be running Drive Def 2 to be even more dumb. Usually serving as the nuke, Nino doubles as a cheerleader for her teammates. Providing +6 DEF/RES to their already nonsensical overall bulk. Drop in the Drive DEF seal and you may as well un-equip the weapons on your units. Yes @NegativeExponents- this is indeed my final 4 and you can assume all of them will be +10'ed. Nino and Matt are +7, Chrom is +2 and Lukas is +0 but currently has 7 copies on standby. There's an answer for just about anything on this team, but how it's dealt with will depend highly on what route is taken with Lukas and Chrom, so what do you think is best?
  15. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid In that case I'd say go with your gut. If you're that pressed for LnD3, +SPD is the nature a lot of people would probably go with in that case. +ATK is great for the max damage builds but +SPD had good coverage across just about any offensive build for a unit like him. While I still want +ATK/-HP, my +SPD/-HP Matt has served me well and not even the mighty Nino can double him without help. Also funny that Felicia is the dagger unit most people tend to use, even before refinery I'd see her more than Kagero.