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  1. He'd be +8, but I sacrificed one to give Aether to Fae.
  2. That free Chrom took him up to +7 for me. Thanks game.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    @Rezzy Late response but my condolences. Congrats on the beasts, but sorry it took so long to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. @mcsilas Sorry about that Linde but at least you can merge her if you get another. Also fantastic Nailah! @mampfoid I'm tired so no pictures today. Got pitybroken by a +SPD/-DEF Zelgius on my first batch on the beasts banner. I did wind up pulling a +DEF/-HP Nailah a while later though! I kept going. I'm at a 4.00% rate and want to break it before being done with the banner for good.
  4. Bound Hero Battle: Klein & Clarine

    Yeah, one thing you guys have always managed to do that's surprised me is the variety in your posts in response to all of my clears which after a certain point carry a certain element. I struggle a bit more with that, hence the same-y lol. I will say as I've said before that your Eirika has always been a marvel to watch and the things I've seen her do sometimes even now still makes me jealous with my Matthew. I wonder if there was true PvP and we had full control of our teams, who would come out on top? Thanks for watching and replying. You guys made these clears worth it and you in particular would always inspire me to keep going with your own clears. I hope you continue to have fun on your own journey until the day you too, reach Eirika's epilogue. I'm going to continue to use my Matthew team to clear maps. They're my main team and the best thing I have in this game. I'm just done recording as it takes too much time and effort and I've grown tired. I'll continue to enjoy your clears, friend. It was fun doing things together.
  5. @eclipse If you could do me a favor. I know you're a mod so you can probably do things I cant. If you could go to my previous post, go into the "Special Clear" spoiler tag and add everything in the spoiler tag below this paragraph here to the bottom of that one. After that this post can simply be deleted.
  6. @mcsilas @Landmaster @Alexmender @Nanima @Azuris @mampfoid @Johann @SatsumaFSoysoy @Vaximillian @NegativeExponents- @Alkaid @daisy jane @Hilda @Cute Chao Yeah, I've got a bit of catching up to do on people's clears and stuff. I'll be doing that but I've been taking a bit of a break from the game. Something I'll continue to do for a while. I didn't realize how burnt out I was until I didn't actually have to record anymore. But I wanted to knock this out so here I am. Today is the anniversary of the day I first started doing clears. January 14th is the day of my very first team Matthew clear where I was gloating about how my Matt wasn't -RES and how if you don't take that bane he can tank everything but dragons and all that. Well, if you don't want to hear my mouth, the TL;DR is that I compiled all of my clears, Matt, Morgan and otherwise into 3 separate playlists that will rest in my new signature probably until I leave this place for good. So if you missed any clears I did or you want to experience mine and Matthew's journey through heroes, it's all there in chronological order from my very first clear to the very last. It's #153 clears in all. I've done 153 clears this past year if you can believe it. I'll also post up my +10 units in the other thread after a while, I wont tag a million people for that though. I feel like I've been long winded with this, so I wanted every post to have meaning and not seem like I'm rambling on. But kinda want to take this second to go over some of my very favorite clears. If you want to go down memory lane with me. Matthew Morgan Special Clears Weather or not you decide to burn up hours of your time reminiscing with me, I am curious. if you've been following me, What were your favorite clears? Matthew, Morgan and Special?
  7. AAAaaaand I pulled a Zelgius. Wrong RD character.... +SPD/-DEF. What a waste.
  8. Seliph doesn't seem like he'll do very much other than annoy people for a bit. In the end he's an underwhelming unit through and through. It's a shame, but at least he's niche. Deirdre's refine is pretty perfect for you. Same for me as I have the same nature but with -SPD instead of -ATK. I'm probably going to run Mirror Stance in the A slot and run ATK/RES Ploys. Odd Res Wave would be nice but Aversa merges are too precious. I have Ishtar too (as well as a million other blue mages) so she's not a priority. Definitely will build her at some point though when it's convinient. I'd go with Julia's CC refine either way, especially if you have both her and her mother. Gives them distinguishing roles and in Julia's case, you're not spending 350 dew for a comparable tome refine.
  9. Legendary Azura for sure. The quality of life improvements she would give to literally every player who ever picks up the game can't be beaten by any level of favoritism. She'd have my vote, every single one. The only people that shouldn't vote for her are the ones that have her already.
  10. Bound Hero Battle: Klein & Clarine

    Ha, you wouldn't think it, but I'm actually pretty quiet in real life until you get to know me. Yeah, my BH!Roy is pretty much a nearly perfect +ATK/-RES so he had what he needed to survive EP with the seal. It never came to mind to use the Restore staff for Priscilla, but I did give it to Maribelle for the Aversa special clear, probably one of my favorites if not my very favorite special clear. I hope Morgan serves you well if you do invest in him. Come to think of it Serra was one of my choices as well. Still haven't built her up even now... but she'll have her day. It's been fun indeed. I'll still be around, I don't know for how long, but for now I'll continue to enjoy the game, but quietly like a normal player. @Nanima Yeah, it was a little sad to see Ninian not see combat one last time, but we know from previous clears that she can scrap just as well as the rest of them. For Matthew, It was agonizing waiting those 6 months for the last copy of him, but seeing how things ended up here, it almost feels like it was meant to be this way. Patience aside I couldn't have asked for better timing. Go ahead and tag me. I might not always have the time to reply, but watching other's clears will continue to be something enjoyable, with or without my own to contribute. Thanks for watching mine as well. Knowing everyone's enjoyment of the clears is just as satisfying as doing the clears themselves was. @Anacybele I know you haven't been following my clears as faithfully as some of the other people on this forum, but you did know of my Matthew and his journey and you were one of the first people to reply to me saying I was going to build one the very first day I came to this forum, so you deserved to be included at the end as well. @Landmaster It's been a pleasure as always. I'm shocked by the fact that you went back and watched some of the older clears. But I will have a little something on Matt's anniversary (the 14th) for everyone. So look forward to that. Haha, to be fair, I was at a loss in the beginning. It actually took me a few minutes of sitting there trying to come up with what I wanted to say, especially considering this was the end. I didn't want to leave anything unsaid. And as always, it's been a pleasure. Look, I planned on using that song for MONTHS. There was no doubt in my mind that was going to be the theme for the final clear. Like I said I'll continue to be around for a while with some posts here and there! When I first saw Morgan people were talking about a standard Blade tome set for him but I always knew he had potential with his unique tome and I wasn't disappointed with the results. I love how he mirror's Matthew even if he's a colored unit. The symmetry (or maybe... asymmetry) they have is so astounding that I can't believe I waited until the end to put them together. Priscilla and Ninian are great, but I really didn't expect Amelia to end up as the unit she was. DC, Vengeful Fighter, Bold Fighter, so many skills I considered giving her when Wings of Mercy ended up being her most influencial skill and Darting Blow securing skills that would have never been possible otherwise. It's crazy. Color balance is something that worried me in the beginning but at this point I would never trade in Genny or Matthew for a blue, even if it meant a blue dagger or healer. It proves that perfect synergy is possible without color balance, and how much of a beast Matt can be with investment. I hope CC comes down like rain for the both of us down the line as I still have plenty of units that want it. I'm sure you have units that want it too, I'd tell you Matt's a great candidate but I probably don't need to tell you that at this point, do I? I don't know when you yourself will be done, but I'll continue to look forward to your clears. Even if they've sometimes been my favorites and will probably make me want to do more of my own. Yours and NegativeExponents were the ones that always reminded me the closest of my own.
  11. Bound Hero Battle: Klein & Clarine

    @kirauza343 Marisa's bulk impressed me here, I didn't expect her to tank that blue mage like she did, and even after that when I was concerned for her, she took nothing but 0's for the rest of the clear. Definitely the star of this one. @Alexmender Things seemed like they were going to be a bit dicey at first with the fliers boxing you in from the north, but the superior mobility of your own units allowed you to ferry them all to safety while Eirika did her thing. Ultimately an easy clear. @LordFrigid As soon as I saw L!Azura I knew there would be shenanigans, but still, Caeda consistently activating Flashing Blade's effect even after being chilled was incredibly impressive. Your other clears are incredibly impressive as well, L!Azura makes for some pretty awesome stuff in terms of clearing maps. @Nanima It's funny how most of your Takumi clears involve some manner of last stand where they all pick off the remaining enemies on the map coming from the south. In this case it was cool how they all worked together kill the last 4 units. Fantastic use of NY!Takumi's debuffs to secure kills that would have been otherwise nearly impossible. The 2nd clear may as well have been a shooting gallery. Gravity+ and OG!Sakura's almighty magic damage kept the enemies from doing anything other than lining up to be slaughtered. Even though I was certain there were times she could have survived EP, you still repositioned her out of danger and the enemies were not permitted to lay a finger on her. Even at the end you threw H!Sakura a bone and gave her the final kill when OG!Sakura could have just as easily secured the kill. Everyone put in a fair amount of work, but we all know who the true goddess was this time. It seems like that ATK/SPD Bond will be put to good use in your barracks for a long time. @mampfoid Very creative way to clear the map here! The Axe fighter was running the most irritating B skill he could have possibly run for clears like this, but you didn't let that stop you even for a second. A dancer's aid and clever use of Lunge allowed Marth to get a tri-kill on PP. Then there was L!Tiki for EP... Full tactics buffs on a unit like that is just unfair. Nevermind the Chill SPD from Ylgr to make things even easier. @Landmaster Nice seasonal clear there. Lunatic or no, your units were all incredibly squishy but they all still took some considerable punishment. Your positioning was on point though and you danced around death long enough to secure the win. My S!Leo is horrible, so seeing him perform here on both phases was pretty different. For the second clear, well.. dragons will be dragons. Not too much else to say about that. Just hearing someone unleashing their "Inner Matthew" alone was enough to flatter me. The clear didn't disappoint either though. The combination of H!Sakura tanking and keeping her team alive via Rogue Dagger+ and everyone warping to eachother's aid made the clear feel like a combination of both my Matthew and Morgan clears. But the fact that you did that with none of the unit types that make those clears possible for me (Tanky/offensive ranged units, 1-range nukers, dancers, healers) only impressed me even more. You definitely earned my respect with this clear. @Ginko Look at you bringing in the new year with new teams! Kaze shined for me here. I really want to build him now. He performed brilliantly and his RES is truly something to marvel at (even if Felicia is a thing). However, I hoped you would close the map with Hrid and that's exactly what you did. He tanked like a champ. Considering yours was -DEF, I can hardly imagine what kinds of things I can do with my +DEF one if I put my mind to it. Great clear and inspiration. @Sasori I've gotten used to seeing your Matthew. But Raigh in particular was a surprise as was the amount of work he put in. Looks like someone's ready for his refine! @mcsilas You really made a "seal" the deal pun... I was able to excuse that though, the clear was brilliant. Not only did you use seasonal Lillina and Cecillia, two units I completely forgot I had, but you found the perfect way to utilize both them and a Bow that may as well have vanished from existence. Absolutely brilliant. Hector had just enough HP to survive as did Cecillia, Roy clipped the fliers and Lillina secured clears that were otherwise impossible for the rest of the team. Poetry in motion. Well, here we are... our Epilogue. I'm kind of at a loss for words at this point. I've already said so much. But for now... let's just act like this is just another set of mine. We'll be going in reverse order again. We started with Matthew, and we'll end with him. Things will slow down for the end. The Azura LHB was the apex of my teams challenges. Here we just kind of get a montage of them one last time before the end. But for the special clear, we're going to go out rocking. For our final special clear, we've fittingly got a FE6 special clear. I said I was going to use Bartre and Fir for the final special clear and I'm a man of my word. Even if it meant using them on a map that they were not very efficient on and boy was this a challenge. I went through quite a few of my FE6 units trying to see what worked (Klein and Clarine were off the table since I've always kind of steered clear of the featured units on a GHB/BHB unless I'm doing a "me vs myself" theme) and after hitting my head a few times I re-discovered that I had Brave Roy whom I've completely forgotten about. I used him quite a bit the first few weeks I had him and he faded completely into obscurity. He had his day today however, even if it meant running 2 Roys. Fir was originally supposed to be the star here but Roy kind of upstages her, but that's alright, FE6 is his game. I still needed quite a bit of tools to secure victory. Bartre needed to be able to warp to his comrades aids. Due to Clarine and the dagger's combined debuffs, Fir needed DEF Ploy to play her role (a role she was able to fill even with -RES!) Even still she wouldn't have been able to secure kills if I'd gone +SPD instead of +ATK, don't regret that decision one bit. LA!Roy clipped the fliers and BH!Roy needed both a touch of ATK and DEF to survive the inital EP. Luckily we recently obtained the perfect seal for such an occasion. What I always enjoyed about special clears starting with the all dagger clear on the Julius GHB was that these clears not only allowed me to revisit some of these maps in their own universes but motivated me to build up units I would have never otherwise have. Some of my favorite clears of all have been special clears and they've refined and tuned my barracks in ways I never could have imagined. I hope you enjoy these units rocking out one last time. This is our final special clear. Now it's time to finish the journey of our little mage. I still remember that post I made back in April/May of 2018 asking who should get my spare CC from the free Takumi. Faye, Julius, ToD!Henry, Morgan, Sothe and I think LA!Lyn. All good choices but Sothe and Morgan were the ones that gel'd with me the most. What made me pick Morgan though was that he offered something unique in his magical damage, color and offensive buffs while Sothe was more of the same somewhat. I didn't have the team I wanted to be able to run a mirror team with Sothe so I had to come up with something entirely different, and boy was it different. The first map the Morgan team barely even had any SI except Morgan himself, except for the still extremely rare RES Smoke. That along with CC on him and Matthew are some of the best SI decisions I've made to this day. Fast forward 48 maps. Morgan's established himself in his own right as a great CC unit and while things might not always be as straightforward as with Matthew, he and his team have proven their merit by cracking various maps in creative and intuitive ways no matter how frustrating or difficult. They've always managed to overcome all of the various puzzles. From Morgan's debuffing to Ninians still unique role as a dragon dancer, to Amelia's unexpected role as the teams warping angel and Priscilla serving as the team's pillar. This team has grown as close to me as Matthew's, even if they've literally only been around for half of the journey. For our Epilogue, Morgan actually had to unequip CC and run Darting Blow. He needed to have less SPD than Ninian in order to avoid the Chill, but also enough speed to double the Wind Boost green archer. Luckily he'd already inherited it as his very first A skill, before CC even. That and the Drive ATK seal from Ninian spelled a final, poignant victory for the little strategist. I even messed up the strategy near the end by mistake, but it didn't matter. This team is butter, you know it and I know it. Thanks for the good times, Morgan. I hope you guys have enjoyed watching him as much as I've enjoyed cracking all his challenges. This is team Morgan's final clear. So... we're finally here. I knew this was coming when I decided I'd be retiring from clears. But... being here now, knowing that this is the end. I couldn't help but get a little choked up after all this time. You know? It's almost been a year since my very first posted clear with a +3 Matthew leading an unpolished team through Oliver's GHB debut. It was January 14th. It's a week away from the anniversary of my first starting clears. But I'm getting sentimental on a mobile game fan forum, that's not what you're here for, so let's move on. When I first got into Heroes. Matthew was one of the very first units I ever played. Of course he was, everyone got him for free. Free *2 Matthew and I said at the beginning "He's gonna be one of my mains!" Before I knew anything about the star system, stats, skills, promotions. It was barely a week before I stopped using him after seeing he couldn't damage anything, but still deep down I wanted to revisit him, and eventually I did. Trying to compare him to Kagero who was the game's only good Dagger at the time and having everyone else tell me not to bother with him. Honestly they were right, the game wasn't ready for him yet. Promoting was hard and expensive, a lot of the better skills weren't in the game yet and the Rogue Dagger was quite literally the weakest weapon in the entire game. He didn't even have the spread for a legitimate tanking build or of course an offensive one. Still every now and again I'd revisit him briefly, wondering what I could do with him, but never giving up on the dream I had since day 1. Then came the refinery update. It improved so many units, especially those who would get prfs and enhancements, but the biggest benefactor was Matthew himself. Providing a massive 5 MT to his ATK stat, a few points of HP and 2-3 points in a certain stat on top of providing the +6 buffs to both him and his allies was the best thing that could have happened to him. On top of that, smoke skills had become a thing and ATK Smoke completely changed the dynamic of EP units when it came to dealing with multiple threats. Pulling Lyn on the very first refinery banner after almost a year of pulling for her was a good omen. I revisited Matt. He wasn't finished and I never got that Seal ATK/SPD that I dreamed of for his B skill, but it didn't matter, I wanted to show everyone that a unit like Matthew could be just as potent as all of those map sweeping units. So I threw all of his merges on him and slapped him with a dancer, my best sword unit and a quaint little healer that could never seem to see any use and there was my team. The team you see today. The only thing I waited for was a Flashing Blade seal so I could drop Aether on him and watch him tear maps apart singlehandedly, a feat that I wasn't disappointed to see was a reality and not a fantasy. Sure summoner support plays a big part, but while I've proven that a unit considered to be one of the very worst if not even the worst unit in the entire game can be a frontrunner. I can say now that when 95% of the game's content drops, the first thing I do is throw Matthew at it, and 90% of the time that's enough to beat it. But it's not just about Matthew, it's shown how much the game has grown and how now any unit you like no matter who they are can be made into something amazing with the right SI. Matthew and his rag tag team from different FE's haven't been able to meet every challenge they've come across, but it's not to say anything against their synergy. They have perfect harmony. Harmony that rivals that of teams I've built in real FE games and I truly believe that at +10 across the board with access to unlimited SI, they could beat any and every challenge in this entire game. In these 62 clears with this team that I've done this past year, I hope that I've maybe I've convinced you of that and maybe, just maybe I've changed someone's mind about Matthew's value as a unit. As well as his deserving of a skill like CC, one that's still rare today. The Epilogue of our journey was nothing different. You've seen this team dozens of times and here they do what they do. Matt tanks, Inigo supports, Ayra sweeps and Genny covers the team's weakness. It's a beautiful thing that they'll continue to do long after the recording program is put away and likely until I the day I put this game down for good. He spent nearly all of the journey at +4 - +9 but I'm happy that for his very last clear we can see those beautiful and well earned green numbers and a light blessing for good measure. I'm sorry to have stolen your ears (or eyes, more technically) with this bible of a post but one last time I want to thank you all for following me and Matt on this journey that began almost a year ago from those who've been there since the beginning to all of the newcomers and believers along the way. A journey that proves that as long as you stay true to your goals and don't give up, even a lump of coal can become a diamond if you believe it's possible. There's a little something there if you watch until the very last second. Our little thief's journey is at it's end. Thank you all. And for the last time, Cheers~
  12. Official Pull Topic

    @SatsumaFSoysoy @mcsilas Fantastic pulls for the both of you! Unfortunately, seeing your pulls caused me to lapse in judgement. I ended up spending both my tickets and remaining orbs on the NY and Legendary Banners with nothing to show for it but some decent fodder. I shouldn't have revisited the banner after the fantastic sets I had and saved for beasts but, oh well. I don't really feel anything. Down to 5 orbs now, but still VG orbs and the stratum orbs so I'll have two or three pulls for the beasts still, better than nothing.
  13. @mcsilas @mampfoid So... I don't know if I was tired.. or the gamepress had the info wrong or if I was on the wrong page but... I thought my NY!Hrid was +RES/-DEF, right? Well... as it turns out he's +DEF/-HP. I couldn't understand how he had 39 DEF at lvl 40 when he was supposed to have 33 so I made sure he hadn't had Tempest bonuses applied. He didn't. Nice surprise. Pretty freaking amazing actually.
  14. @mcsilas @mampfoid @Alexmender @NegativeExponents- @Ice Dragon @XRay @Astellius @Hawk King Hey, remember Bartre's +ATK/-RES or +SPD/-HP problem? Well, the sins problems of the father are visited upon the children. Fir's got the same issue. I've got her *4 supermerged to +9 and I can go +ATK/-RES or +SPD/-HP. +ATK/-RES gives her a much needed offensive boost up to 30/38 for offense which is decent. At the cost however of some of her heralded RES leaving her at a paltry 30 RES. +SPD/-HP on the other hand, frees up her RES to a superior 33, boosts her SPD to 37 which is a massive 41 natural SPD, but her ATK takes a nosedive down to 27. 27/41 offenses are pretty pitiful in my opinion. Both Wo Dao and Slaying effect are stellar but the lack of killing power hurts. Which nature is better? Especially factoring in that the upcoming update gets rid of banes.
  15. I've done the BHBs already, haven't figured out the special clear but the normal teams were wrapped up pretty quick. Haven't recorded yet though. Kinda started to get choked up getting ready to do it. Might put it off for a few days. It's kind of hard to believe I won't be doing this anymore after this one.