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  1. So my Alfonse is max level and *5 with 1000 SP. He still needs things (Probably going to give him Swordbreaker, Draconic Aura, Repo and some form of Hone.) but he's finally all promoted. Guess I'm in the minority, Anna is my favorite Askr unit and was promoted a long while ago while Alfonse and Sharena have sat at *3 since I first started playing. I promoted them to *4 a while back but now Sharena is my last unit to be promoted to *5. She's still waiting in the wings and she's also probably my least favorite of the Askr units. Anna's my favorite as I said and I like Alfonse as a character, he just stinks as a unit so it's hard to push myself to invest in him. If I have to do the BHB quests with him and Sharena and a coming string of quests specifically with him though... I'm left without choice. I'll throw Marth a Merge on my march towards +10, then I'll *5 Sharena after so I can use the trio for Book II.
  2. So, we all know the Refinery is coming and based on what we saw, generic weapons (Silver Lance+ as an example) gain the MT of Legendary weapons with a boost and can also boost a certain stat. ATK boosts MT by 3 for normal (silver) weapons 2 for legendary ones based on the stream. SPD boosts that stat by 3 and ATK by 1. DEF/RES boosts each respective stat by 4 and boosts ATK by 1 (for silver weapons) or 0 for legendaries. All boosts give +5 HP. for normal weapons (3 for particular legendaries based on Ephraim's prf?) Based on this we can assume it scales for tomes and we'll be seeing 16 MT Legendary tomes and 16 MT (ATK boosted) Generic tomes and their respective boosts. We can't say how this will affect Killing Weapons, Slayers and the like but it's still all speculation at this point. This is more of a topic of possibility and opinion (like most others) with a question at it's head. As you know, we have legendary weapon users who dominate with their weapons, fast and powerful or slow and devastating users who can run Brave Sword+ and Wo Dao+ as well as the Blade tome favorites and Raven tome optimals, but what about the units in the middle? The ones that don't fulfill any specific role best? For me I'm just going to toss out an example. Lillina - Bolganone++ (ATK Boost) Who do you think will benefit most from the forge boosts? Legendary weapon users included.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull, one green orb: *3 Gunter. Yep.
  4. I want Sakura, I want Nowi, I want Dorcas and I want Brave Ike. But I'm F2P and any orb I spend is an orb that isn't going towards the mega banner. And so I'm waiting. It helps that I only have 2 orbs too!
  5. And just like that, I immediately regret promoting Alfonse to *5. Felt like a waste, but i'm sure it'll be worth it when I have to do the quests with him, that or if the refinery boosts him somehow or he and the other two get an inevitable boost come the anniversary.
  6. Fury is necessary to increase Lute's offensive power which isn't nearly what I thought it was because she's +RES and not +SPD. It takes RES up to 40 which enables her to survive QP Moonbow Rein. (+ATK and DB3, but he can't be merged, be cav buffed or have the ATK seal) There's no saving Mia. She's just gimped. Going to give her the ATK seal and Lute the SPD seal for the Tempest. After that they should cap HM. Then unfortunately my favs are probably going to be benched outside of AA. Delthea remains my best Blue Tome and Xander/Olivia/Ike my best swords. The orbs will come flying in but the best thing to do is to wait until the Legendary banner drops and see where the chips fall. I still kind of want Dorcas but I'm not an idiot. Also, who else kind of wants to Promote the Askr Trio and use all of them for the Book II stages? It just... feels right. I think I'm going to promote Alfonse today and Sharena directly before the update.
  7. @Ice Dragon Ok, now I get it. Wonder what the rates will be for all the units on the 8% banner.
  8. That feeling you get when the character you thought was +SPD/-ATK was actually... +RES/-ATK. So both my Mia and Lute are +RES/-ATK. Unreal...
  9. Never played Fates, so it looks like I get to save as well. There will have to be a really awesome looking character with an awesome set of skills to get me to spend orbs. Otherwise Christmas ahoy. Hey, wouldn't it be funny if after all that hub bub about leaks with Tharja and Robin there ended up being no Christmas banner?
  10. I'm not even tall, you're just short. But seriously, 6,2 and above, those are the actual tall folk. 5,11 is the average male and I'm literally just barely above average.
  11. I'm literally 6 ft. After 3 years of believing I was 6,1.
  12. @Ice Dragon I'm going to be that guy right now and say I didn't understand that despite you breaking it down quite well. I'm not even sure what to call that other than math. Crap I need a refresher.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    I was silly with the 14 orbs I got as a result of daily + BHB. A last ditch effort for Dorcas got me a Cherche, Barst and a Selena. Reposition fodder is always nice. But those orbs could have gone towards the mega banner. Glad I got the impulse out of me early though. Now I can save legit. Also Goddangit @Alkaid, It's another Hinoka banner. You'd better freaking pull her.
  14. That feeling you get when you go into the simulator with your new units and see how horrible of a nature -ATK is.... is what I was about to say when I realized the simulator was unfinished in adding the new characters. Neutral Lute with Fury nets 26 kills. +SPD/-ATK Lute (mine) with Fury gets 21. ..is what I was going to say before I realized Lute's tome added her 3 SPD but has 0 MT, so I gave her a 14 ATK boost and the results changed. Neutral Lute with Fury nets 91 kills. +SPD/-ATK Lute with Fury nets 105. If her bane wasn't -ATK she would actually get 120. And this is without a Skill proc. I'll survive it, she's definitely getting the Hinata I just pulled. Turns out +SPD is better than +ATK for her. This nature is better than any variant of +ATK. Go figure. I could give her the Attack +3 seal to patch that up but it's on Rein and that's probably where it's going to stay. As for Mia... +RES/-ATK is just... garbage. Gives her unneeded bulk in 28/29 defenses and cuts her otherwise amazing 35/40 offenses down to 32/40. Unfortunately for her things hurt a bit more. Neutral Mia with her default kit gives 117 wins. +RES/-ATK gives 105 wins. I could swap out Flashing Blade for say Fury or LnD but then she loses what makes her unique. LnD + Moonbow basically makes her a Powercreeped version of my Wo Dao+ Ogma. Hits just as hard, is faster and has better bulk ironically. It sucks a lot, but the refinery should help her and unlike -SPD, this is salvageable. A -SPD Mia is beyond redemption and I can't even bring myself to post the results for her. For the tempest, I'm probably going to throw the Attack seal at Lute and the Speed seal at Mia. Really want a Dorcas still though. In other news, I have no interest in this Sheena I pulled. She doesn't appeal to me in the least and I have no idea what to do with her.
  15. Voice actors [Farfetched Heroes complete]

    Mia's voice in RD was hilariously bad. It's unbelievable that of all people they brought that VA back for the character. Nothing against Lani Minella, but Mia she is not.