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  1. Can someone tell me what the rewards are for each Tap Battle stage? I want to know if this is even worth my time. I may try for a new accessory, but with no orbs being gained from this I don't see the point in even wasting my time with this mode.
  2. @SatsumaFSoysoy Breathtaking.... @mcsilas @mampfoid @Alexmender @Johann @Fei Mao @Rezzy @NegativeExponents- @Cute Chao @Usana @DefaultBeep @Landmaster @Vaximillian @XRay @eclipse So... I have to go ahead and post this now. I'll cut to the chase. I'm going to be wrapping up as far as this game is concerned. I feel as if every day I'm slowly fading away and the game feels more and more like an obligation just because I've been playing for so long. The time I used to pepper throughout the day to clear the content has been dwindling, and I've been regretting the 1-2 hours of play before I go to bed and thinking about how valuable that sleep would have been. I kind of knew this would be inevitable once I finished doing clears, but sadly it is what it is. This isn't a "leaving" post where I'm going to uninstall the game as soon as I'm done with this post. But I've been feeling bad about people tagging me in their clears and me only watching half or less of what I'm being tagged in, or feeling obligated to go in certain topics because it's what I've been doing and I'm ready to move on. The game has been a blast and I feel that it's been filling a void of recreation in me. Talking to everyone on here and sharing clears, showing what one of the bottom 5 characters in the game can do, showing he can be a beast with the right build. It satisfies me, because of that I feel like I can rest and I don't have to feel bad. The breaking point for me was this anniversary banner. I got Duma of course, the unit I wanted the least instead of Lyn who EVERYONE ELSE seemed to get. But on top of that... after about 80 orbs... I pulled a Karla, who I've been gunning for for months, then back to back I got an L!Azura. But the problem was... for the first time ever... I wasn't satisfied. I felt nothing. On top of that I used to soak up every orb available but I'm pretty sure there's a full summoning session worth of orbs to be collected but I just... haven't cared to do it. I don't feel like being bothered. Aether Raids is meh, Arena is meh, haven't touched AA in a month. It just feels like it's time. I'm not 100% leaving the game yet. I'll probably still follow it here and there, see the new units and skills in passing, wait for Edward/Ross to be added and be mostly active until the FE6 banner next month. But after that specific banner I think I'm done. When my nephew gets his phone reset (because he's been having issues) I doubt I'll reinstall. This probably won't be my very last post as I'll probably lurk around and maybe post here and there for another week or so. But I'm done. So I wanted to say thanks for the good times guys. It's been fun and I hope the game continues to thrive and grow as FE is one of the franchises closest to my heart. I hope you all continue to have fun playing. Cheers~
  3. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    So this turns out to be a pretty refreshing banner here. It's got a pretty charming and different cast of characters. I've never played Fates but my first impression of these characters is a rather good one. As for the units, if I was going to pull it would probably be for Selkie and Keaton as they seem the most powerful, but Kaden is by far my favorite of the bunch. He's the most charming, has the coolest look and the nicest art. Between the 4 of them I'll be surprised if Valouria doesn't demote. Kaden has a link skill and is a cavalry beast with the Goad Beasts skill. Valouria has a beast version of a weapon we just got for free through Towel Camilla and she has Close DEF which has long since stopped being a premium skill. Sure she has the ward skill, but that's no real indication of rarity value. It took us forever to get Ward Fliers until Shigure came along and Goad was available for the longest, but it was the reverse when it came to armors where Goads were only on OG Hector until LA!Eliwood came along. So it could go either way. Ultimately this banner is a safe skip for me. I like all the characters and would love to have them as units. But I have no attachment to them as characters and between the coming legendary banner, the anniversary banner and the subsequent FE6 banner that's going to come the 2nd week of March? I can't afford to halfheartedly spend orbs. Here's hoping Valouria demotes. Though I wish both she and Kaden would.
  4. Ok... I'm going to be one of those guys and say: Holy crap Lyn won the green spot!! No, I didn't vote for her, I voted for L!Hector. I honestly didn't think she had a snowballs chance in hell of winning but it's clear people were voting for their favorites just as much if not more than for actual unit value. Either way, this banner is 100% a win for me. H!Myrrh was a bit of a surprise, but she's a great choice and probably one of the ones I'd have voted for, next to Hrid. L!Azura was a dead giveaway, if any other unit had won over her I'd have been shocked. L!Tiki was the only other contender and that was true to form. L!Lyn was the biggest shocker, winning over both L!Hector and Surtr. Unlike others though, I voted for Hector for the purposes of fodder, rather than personal wants. Duma on the other hand wasn't surprising. He's the newest unit and his only real comp was Veronica, H!Mia, F!Robin and Eir. I have none of these units. I pulled for Myrrh so she'd be a great catch. Duma would be nice to have and L!Azura and L!Lyn are must haves. I've been hunting for Lyn for the longest so I hope she or Azura are my free pull. Duma is honestly the weakest of the bunch for me. he'd just be nice to have vs the others who would really spruce up my barracks. Hopefully the legendary isn't enticing. Between these two and the New Heroes banner, my orbs are going to be seriously strained.
  5. @mcsilas @mampfoid @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @Landmaster @NegativeExponents- @Johann @Nanima I know I'm late and they've been here for a few weeks but... yeah, how about those pair up quests, eh? Easiest. Questline. Ever. That was easier than most of the emblem quests that get tossed at us every month. This is also a good chance to show off my +5 Dragonflower Matthew without his HP bane, how's he looking? So what units did the rest of you use for your pair up quests? They turned out to be pretty fun.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    @mcsilas @mampfoid @Alexmender @Cute Chao @Usana @SatsumaFSoysoy @Rezzy @NegativeExponents- @Landmaster @Sunwoo Yeah... so... ok. I had 60 orbs. And I was just thinking how I'm sitting pretty nicely waiting for both the anniversary, legendary and coming new heroes banners. Then I looked at Love Abounds with a sigh and moved on. But then I looked at the 3.50% on the Hostile Springs Banner and... I wavered. Just looking at that rate irked at me and I decided what the heck and went in. Sakura is the goal but if I pull Hinoka so be it. First pool was one colorless, pulled it, got a Gaius. Second pool had no colorless and one green, got a Soren. Could have been a Ryoma or Elise in the many stones but I didn't pull for them and rather than pulling just to get a *5, I wanted what I wanted. In the 3rd pool there were 3 colorless stones. The odds couldn't get much better than this. I pulled the top left one, got a (+SPD!) Kagero. But the one at the very top~ So I was feeling good about that and went back to the Love Abounds banneer. Thinking why the heck not. Green stones are rare of course. Only one or two in each pool and little by little my stock goes down to 18. I told myself I'd stop in the 20s but I just kept going for it. Knowing this will be the last pull I go in one more time. Two green stones this time. In the top left there's a Sheena. But in the top center.... I went in expecting nothing and I was gifted beyond imagination. I'm not feeling great but this has me pretty on high. I have to admit my reactions have been sedate recently but my pulls this year have been nothing short absolutely amazing. I was bumped down to 9 orbs from 60 but considering what I got in those paltry 51 orbs, it would be nothing short of ungrateful to feel anything but sheer happiness. I'm left tapped out in the orb department but there's still plenty of sources to get more from (2nd half of TT, Tap battle, SI, Tactics Drills, etc) and more imprortantly, there's nothing I'm actively pulling for on any banner so I can officially save for the next week and a half. Today was a good day.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    @KMT4ever Gimme that Chrom. I need 3 more to +10 him. @mcsilas I would definitely consider foddering off that Tibarn and waiting for a better one. Sturdy Impact is crazy and has lots of units that would love it. Flying Hinoka, Ephraim, ToD!Jakob, list goes on. Also don't worry, your CC will come. S!Frederick is more or less the same as Matthew depending on his nature but Saizo has better potential to be an ultimate physical tank, on the other hand his RES will always kind of suck, but without the RES bane he'll definitely do better than before. I'd suggest going that route since you can merge him. Even if you don't want to *5 merge him, a *4 +10 will serve you quite well. @mampfoid @SatsumaFSoysoy @Alexmender @NegativeExponents- @daisy jane @Landmaster So, another day, another banner. Last one. Was hoping for a free Takumi but no luck in the only colorless. There were 3 blue stones and Hinoka was probably in one, but there are simply too many things that want my orbs right now. Too bad, would have liked to patch that -ATK flaw and rock a +SPD Hinoka, oh well. Got to at least try to save orbs for the end of the month. So since I expected to spend orbs but I didn't, I went back to Love Abounds for another quick try at Hector. 5 orbs, one green stone, Beruka. 2nd go in, no green stones.... 2 blue ones though. Guess I'll just grab the one at the top and get my Oboro real quick. ....Guess I'm only pulling green now. Hector... will you come this time?
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Considering LA!Hector is the actual reason I'm pulling on this banner. Probably, but between the legendary banner and the anniversary banner, It's probably a better idea to wait for now.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    @mcsilas Nice Corrin! -DEF is never fun but the boon is great, looks like you won't be foddering him for his B skill so I hope he serves you well. +ATK Roderick is pretty nice too if you plan on building him up. Also yeah, I pulled Bride Tharja, which I kind of count as a loss. @NegativeExponents- Grats on the +ATK Niles! With his new refine he'll serve you well. I kind of want to build mine up too. @mampfoid The natures aren't the greatest, but those are some quality units regardless. Especially Grima and Myrrh. Have fun with Myrrh, I still don't have any armor dragons yet. As for me. The LA and BHB banners popped up for me. One green stone for the BHB, can't even remember the unit I got. It was that bad. As for the LA banner... one green and one blue, green gave me a *4. Thought about backing out but an LA!Lyn that's not -SPD would sure be nice. So I pulled. She had a ponytail, but it wasn't Lyn... @SatsumaFSoysoy @Landmaster So I pulled again, one green, trash. Then I pulled again, one green, again.But... could it be~! So... depending on how you look at it. I'm pretty lucky... or unlucky. While we're on the subject of changing natures, some revelations came about with the update. My +DEF Swordhardt turned out to be +ATK. And my +SPD Elincia turned out to be +ATK. So yeah, more hard hitting braves.
  10. @mcsilas @mampfoid @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @Ice Dragon @Hawk King @Kaden @Johann @LordFrigid @NegativeExponents- Yeah so... I have 4 Mias. I was considering Flashing Blade as fodder for Athena or something but I realize it's not really that great of an A skill so I'm just going to merge her. I have +DEF and +RES Mias (with -ATK and -SPD flaws, but those don't really matter anymore.). +DEF Mia would have 32/26 mixed bulk for decent physical hardiness (propped up to 35/29 w/Fury 3). +RES Mia would have 29/30 mixed bulk as the super asset equalizes her bulk with an emphasis on RES (32/33 w/Fury). Which Mia?
  11. Official Pull Topic

    @Rezzy A fantastic haul to be sure! @mcsilas Man things have been going your way like crazy. That Ike was awesome, then you finally pull Myrrh, then Flying Healer Sakura as the icing on the cake. This game doesn't make me as emotional as it used to, but I'd be lying it I didn't say I was a little jealous. As for me, well. I went for Red as I had the biggest chance for a good unit, even though I was tempted to go Colorless as well. Got B!Tharja. Could have definitely done worse, but not much worse, between Summer Micaiah, S!Tiki, H!Myrrh... etc the only thing worse than what I got would have been another S!Tana. Tharja's new but it's just another red mage and I have better. ATK/SPD Bond fodder maybe. Should have went colorless. As for the 2 other free pulls. First one was Olivia. And the Tempest banner free pull... The banners that come out at the last week of the month are gonna be huge, so I'm not going to pull on the seasonals for now, even though I want Flying Sakura and have a 3.50% rate on the banner.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Nothing to apologize about. I recently pulled an 11th Matthew myself. As for this banner, only one green stone. I pulled a Raven.
  13. Oh yeah, next month's update jumps up the SI limit from 3 to 4. Hopefully the rest of you were indecisive with your extra L!Hectors like I was. Now I can inherit both DC and VF3 to 2 armors of my choice. Life is good.
  14. Alright thanks. I can casually go through the backlog of old units and eventually build up a bit of a supply. As for refines, let me keep this brief. Nino: Utter nonsense, it's just bonkers. Odin's refine made sense because he was terrible. On a unit like Nino... she's going to be a nightmare to deal with now. Even ATK Wave as the refine was just overkill. Now she can run an Odd Wave skill and essentially always carry a bonus to her tome while doubling as a support unit. Ridiculous. Tharja: Just as ridiculous as Nino. A reverse Drive but with 2 stats and they're the most important ones? Again, nonsense. Eliwood: Pretty bonkers, honestly. Death Blow + Swift Sparrow for a whopping +10 to ATK and +4 to SPD when initiating. He can run Darting Blow for +10/10 offense on initiation. Run Death Blow for a titanic +16 ATK or Swift Sparrow for a more moderate inbetween in +14/8. Either way whatever he's attacking is going to hurt. I'm not sure what to make of this guy now. Is +ATK the better nature for him or +SPD? Either way, he's definitely viable now. Rather than competing with his son, now he's more of a Seigbert alternative. Though I do kind of wish they'd done more with his RES. Niles: Holy Crap this guy's refine... when I think about it it's actually dumb. Ok.. he gets 3 effects and they're all stupid good. He gets a Slaying Effect to start, so 2 turn Iceberg is still a thing... then he gets the Shining Bow effect for +7 true damage but then we're going to throw Flashing Blade on top of it? He's turned his noodle arm into a bullet. Sure he'll be relying on his special damage but with all of the cooldown reduction skills piled on hi he'll be proc'ing specials left and right. Nevermind the equalizer that is the true damage which will just bolster his damage even more. Then we factor in that Flashing Blade built into the weapon frees up his A and Seal Slots making for some pretty terrifying possibilities. Amelia: Eh... disappointing. The Slaying Effect stays and the refine assures that she pretty much always has +5 to SPD and to DEF but it's nothing special. DEF is fine but all the most powerful units are cracking away at your RES these days and as an armored unit SPD is utterly useless with all the fighter skills roaming around. Sure her speed opens up more freedom for Special Fighter use in the B slot, but... you have other fast armors like L!Tiki who can use the B skill just as well if not better. Or of course... use B!Ephraim... who is by all accounts a better unit and comes with the skill. All in all it's a loss for her. She remains a poor man's green armor and still deserves to demote. Oboro: Pretty simple. Armor Effectiveness and Close DEF. She can fight armors and with the right Asset, dragons as well. Nothing too special but pretty nice for enthusiasts. She'll definitely benefit from merges quite a bit. Hinata: Nothing too special. The base effect caters to him but... Fury 3 refine.... they wanted it to suit his character or... I guess his base kit but... it's dumb to me. He wants to tank things on EP but he's going to take 12 damage after every round of combat. This was fine for Bartre because he just wanted to run up and nuke Armors or run Brash/Desp after one round of combat. With Hinata though it becomes awkward. I don't know. He may be better off just running a DEF refine on his weapon for +8 DEF on EP. Seth: They did him dirty. TA refine is always horrible. Only unit with any business using that is Lyon. The SPD Tactic which... is... ok I guess? It's a rare skill so that's cool. He can run double tactics and they were trying to make him like Titania pretty much which was a neat idea... it's just... at the cost of the unit. It's a sad day for Seth enthusiasts. TL;DR: Nino, Tharja and Niles refines are ridiculous. Eliwood's refine is pretty great. Oboro's is decent. Hinata's is meh. Amelia's is underwhelming and Seth's is trash.
  15. Is it safe to do Heroic Ordeals for these Gen 1 units? There isn't going to be some time where using a certain unit gives a larger reward? I'd hate to do Ike's ordeal and then during the FE9 banner he gives 20-40 flowers as a bonus.