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  1. I want Ross because he's my favorite FE8 character but partially because he had the only weapon in the entire game (outside of hand axes and tomahawks if the latter were even in the game, can't remember) with the equivalent of DC. Which mean's he'd be the next DC axe infantry to be released. His SPD was awful in FE8, but knowing how they like to powercreep and upgrade units, he'd likely have an emphasis on HP, ATK and SPD with mediocre DEF and abysmal RES. And you know what? I'm fine with that.
  2. Ross > Ephraim > Lute > Colm = Ewan > Amelia. While I do like other characters, those are my absolute favorites and half of them are in already. I like Colm and Ewan but I don't expect them to get in (particularly over Rennac or, God help us, another Lute). Ross has a legit chance of being added, but if Gerik, Cormag or... God help us again... Garcia get added, as far as I'm concerned, the dream is dead.
  3. @Vaximillian Now I feel less bad for essentially wasting 22 orbs trying to get a Neph. Lute is indeed cute though. (Now if we could just get Ross to show up...)
  4. Official Pull Topic

    @Alexmender @Usana @Cute Chao @mampfoid @Poimagic @mcsilas @Rafiel's Aria @NegativeExponents- Yeah so... no blue orbs as you'd expect. Just a lone red orb. Maybe it's Katarina. Probably not but it's free so whatever, let's do it. I took a shot at Neph anyway and spent 22 orbs for 2 Rodericks, a Jagen and an Oboro (with a worthless Seliph as a bonus) . Not the greatest haul but I did get what I got for my free pull and bumping down from 86 orbs to 64 is relatively painless. Either way, I didn't get exactly what I wanted but I'm mostly satisfied all the same. Likely won't be pulling on this banner again as the New Heroes and Legendary heroes banners loom over the horizon. Anyways, It's a win. Back to saving.
  5. If anyone would get the "Shade" skill that isn't from Tellius it would be him. Seriously though, since it's likely not to be an FE7 or 8 banner I'm hopeful for an FE6 banner or the Dawn Brigade assuming this isn't CYL. Honestly though an Awakening banner would be stellar, means my orbs are perfectly safe.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    @Poimagic Nice pull! I'd love a summer Tana to round out my flier mages but there are too many good banners on the way and I have to save my orbs.
  7. @silverserpent I figure that, but the wait is so irritating, especially for a skill that isn't even premium. @mampfoid SPD Tactic is a very high end skill though, I imagine you won't have to wait too long to see that on another unit. The next big new hero or seasonal will have it to entice players to spend money. On the other hand, there's nothing truly desirable about Seal ATK/SPD 2 outside of niche units like mine so there isn't a big incentive to give it to anyone which, frankly sucks a lot for me. The only way to get it is via a seasonal unit that is literally always going to share a color with another unit on the same banner which is otherworldly levels of inconvenient.
  8. Orbs being limited just reminded me that it's not worth pulling for Summer Frederick even though he's still the only unit in the entire game with Seal ATK/SPD 2 which my Matt desperately wants. But I can't pull for him because Neph is coming who has Wrath which my Lyn wants, there's a New Heroes banner which could be CYL2 (though it would be weird without a FEH channel) and a Legendary Banner with L!Lyn who I want. It's just not feasible to pull for him. Seriously we have 2 sources of seal ATK/DEF in the normal pool and now a source of Seal DEF/RES but still no seal ATK/SPD and it's been over a year at this point. When is another unit going to have it?
  9. Yeah so I'm late. So late in fact that this topic just about went off the front page. But that's alright, I don't mind being fashionably late. But let's face it, at this point I'm well beyond that. @mampfoid Brilliant use of SPD Smoke on that Cordelia! I knew Miracle would be a pain for you but Cherche cleaned Lucius right up once she was able to quad. It was just as impressive to see Cordelia scoff at WTD and take down Raven effortlessly. They really should... I don't know... do an Infernal+ difficulty for some of these maps or something like that. Raven would have been so much more threatening with Basillikos on this map. @Ginko Aha! I see that +7 Shiro! Getting close to +10 I see! An effortless clear here. That seems to be becoming a trend for you! I can't even comment on the second clear. I'm a fan of Sothe, but that team made the stage look so easy it was pitiful. @LordFrigid I... don't think I've ever seen a Hector with Galeforce before. You sir win a prize for originality. Nevermind of course the team of +10 *5 exclusives (barring Caeda). Hector is probably my favorite (male) FE character next to Ike... I'd definitely +10 him if I could. Alas, Distant Counter is simply too good of an A skill. Not worth a couple of points in stats for what it does for other units. @kirauza343 Poor Raven is absolute fodder in this map. It's way too easy to dispatch him as Celica showed here. He needed a Distant DEF 3 seal or something. If BHB/GHB bosses started showing up with seals people would probably riot though. Especially if they were seals we ourselves couldn't get. Cool use of the far left side of the map by Micaiah also, haven't seen that or used it myself I admit. @Alexmender 11 Damage with WTD... what even man... she didn't care about Swordbreaker either, not that the mage can do any damage. It should be illegal to be that powerful. Child's play as always for Eirika. The reluctant goddess of death and destruction. @mcsilas @Rezzy @eclipse @NegativeExponents- @Quintessence @Xenomata @SilvertheShadow @Rafiel's Aria @Cute Chao @Usana @Fei Mao @Johann @SatsumaFSoysoy @Poimagic @XRay @DarkLordIvy @Infinite Dreams and just this once @Humanoid @Glennstavos So it seems we've reached the end of our FE7 spotlight. It's been a really fun and nostalgic ride and as we wrap up my first and favorite Fire Emblem I want to go out with a rightful bang on both new fronts and old. We'll start out with a tried and true Matthew clear. When this BHB first came out I had already been using my Matthew team, but I wasn't doing clears yet and they weren't official yet. That and I had to swap out Ayra for Camus because of the swordbreaker mage. Well, not this time. Not that it would have mattered either way. The team supported him, but for this second go at infernal and in true Hector fashion, Matthew dealt with the opposition all on his own. I wanted to stress that this last FE7 clear was Matthew's show, and you'll know that in the first 15 seconds before the map even starts. Raven doesn't get to do anything (does he ever really?) and Lucius, while a Pain (no pun intended) is ultimately unable to kill the sturdy thief. And so we have our clear. Huzzah~ Couldn't have picked a better art for this one if I tried. On to the Morgan clear. Once again Raven didn't get to do anything, but this one was actually a headscratcher for a little while. I did a bit of experimenting until I realized Amelia and Ninian could play much bigger roles than I thought. I put too much stock into Morgan for some of these maps. Synergy might be even more important on this team than it is on my Matt one. The key turned out once again to be positioning (or rather, re-positioning) in order for the right units to take the hits and get the kills. Morgan was still crucial, but he didn't carry the team on his back. Amelia put in the work as well, but Ninian was the real star of the show if you ask me. At the end of it I don't think Morgan needed Desperation after all, but oh well, the team beasted. Fitting that an FE7 unit lead the way to clear this map, wouldn't have it any other way. And finally we have our special clear. No I won't be doing this for every GHB or BHB as that's a bit taxing, but this had to be done. Yeah so... Lyn was pretty pissed off that she didn't get to do anything in the last FE7 clear but watch Hector and Matthew roflstomp everything, so she came back with a vengeance this time. But seriously, for what's essentially the final act of the surge of FE7 content, I had to go out using my favorite character. I was determined to make it work and I did. It wasn't easy but it had to happen. For this clear OG Lyn and Brave Lyn lead the way. Hector #3 is there, but primarily for Ostia's Pulse. Priscilla also makes another appearance on this map but her role is even more crucial this time around. You would think that Ostia's Pulse was here for the Lyn's, but it was actually crucial that Priscilla activated her Swift Winds: Balm on the exact turn in order for the Lyns to survive the incoming enemy phase. Quite a bit of seal and skill swapping was needed to make this happen but they cracked it. Of all the clears, this was the most like a puzzle despite appearing the most straightforward. It's also the most satisfying. I got to do everything. Lyn got to use Galeforce, land the last kill and honestly take the brunt of the punishment despite her frailty. It's truly something to behold. I really wish they would just demote Lyn. As frequently as she gets alts, the real her never appears on a banner, and that's because she's honestly not that great of a unit, but they won't demote her purely because of who she is and that's frustrating. I'm fully prepared to give her Brazen ATK/SPD and Wrath (when I get the fodder) and I'd do so without regrets but not being able to +10 my favorite character and #1 sword unit of choice is such a bitter feeling, given how... undeserving she is of her rarity at this point in the game. But enough about that. Let's wrap this up and finally give my #1 some spotlight. Enjoy the show. I hope you've enjoyed watching these clears as much as I've enjoyed making them. See ya FE7, I hope it's not too long before we meet again. Cheers~
  10. I went with +DEF/-HP. But Since she's got 9999 SP as of the glitch, I'm not in a rush to build her yet. She'll probably get the Lightning Breath+ build even if I'm partial to the Light Breath+ build, but DC is too hard to come by without devoting orbs specifically to Hector banners. Thanks guys.
  11. Restart SP glitch.

    And just like that, it's gone. I'm already feeling it. But at the very least, every 5 star in my barracks got their fill of SP as well as a few *4's and my new Fae. Was nice while it lasted. Cheers~
  12. @Ice Dragon @Astellius @LordFrigid @Alexmender @NegativeExponents- @mampfoid @mcsilas @eclipse @Rafiel's Aria So I want to build a Fae. Build one is the standard, fairly cheap build that will make use of the cheap Lightning Breath+ build for easy DC as well as my spare L!Ike to turn her into your typical dragon of death. The second build is inspired by my Matthew for a "lol0damagefromeverything" type of build where she'll get a partner and use Light Breath + DC (more of my premium fodder) to become a rampaging and buffing dragon of death. She'll likely be +10'ed as well. I have my FE7 trinity of greens I plan to +10. Nino, Raven and Fae. Later down the line but yeah. I haven't decided what exactly I want to do yet... but I've 100% decided that I'm going to build her, just not sure how yet. None of that is why you're here though. The question is simple. Which nature should I go with? +DEF/-HP +SPD/-HP (x2) +ATK/-RES +HP/-RES +HP/-DEF (x2) +SPD/-DEF So yeah, eight Faes. I've never pulled a +ATK Fae. It would probably be easy to pick that, but not at the cost of -SPD or -RES I don't think. Her speed seems dumpable but +SPD is high enough to probably avoid some key doubles so I'm considering that. +DEF is good too though because it's a superboon and Warding Breath with a DEF refine will give her a solid 33/34 bulk statline + whatever seal I want to run for sustain. I've been sitting on this for a while, but this SP glitch means I can get the SP she needs in a flash, it won't last though, so I need to jump on this, and that means grinding SP for the ideal nature among what I have. Fire away.
  13. Restart SP glitch.

    I used this to dump over 5000 SP on pretty much every bench-warmer and procrastionation-friendly unit in my army. ToD!Henry, Tobin, ToD!Jakob, Athena, Ogma, Arden, Effie, Clive, LA!LIlina, Gunnthra, Linde, Kaze, Kagero, Priscilla, the Askr trio and quite a few more. So many units could benefit from unique builds or niche roles as AA counters but I could never build them because farming on those units is a massive chore. With this glitch that's out the window. To the point that I'm considering promoting a few units I was thinking about just to get the SP ahead of time. Fae, Odin, Roy, Felicia, etc. I doubt this will last. For all I know it could be gone with the double SP weekend so definitely get it in while you can.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    @mcsilas I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a little salty. ..Oh! Not of the Hector. DC Fodder is amazing and I wish you the best at picking whoever's best for it! Since you're not into merge projects I'd just say go with who appeals to you. Someone you use often who could use a serious upgrade. That or sit on it like I've done with my two DCs... and Steady Breath... and... Warding Breath and BAH, you get the idea. No, what makes me salty is that Matthew you pulled... it's LITERALLY my ideal IV. 4 points of ATK would bump him up to 50 ATK with a hone... 51 when he's +10... ugh. Well, at least the Flashing Blade seal will take advantage of his +SPD/-HP nature and I can run an ATK Smoke/Flashing Blade/Aether solo clear build. That would be crazy fun. @mampfoid Congrats on that Takumi! I wish I could do the same thing with K!Hinoka but Desp+Escape Route is definitely not an idea I thought of. Sounds like a lot of fun. Sadly I didn't pull any of these units and now that I see what's potentially CYL3 (why is this banner a week longer than usual, hm?) I have no choice but to stockpile.
  15. Hm... it's a New Character banner and suspiciously longer than the usual one... I smell CYL2 on the horizion. Dropping all other potential banners until I see what that banner is about. If it's CYL2, I'm blowing everything I've got on Hector and Ephraim. If it's not (or Dawn Brigade or something of that caliber) then I'll do a couple of pulls and spend a reasonable amount of orbs to snag L!Lyn. I'm at 24 orbs with the Chain Challenge orbs, Arena orbs, Tactic Drill orbs, Tap battle orbs and soon to be Tempest Trial orbs still to be obtained. I'll be saving for the rest of this month and should easily have over 100 orbs come the new heroes banner. That'll be a record for me. Though... it'll be hard to resist pulling on the new power banner. I want Wrath fodder... then the Distant DEF banner will have Rhajat who I still don't have... then the fighter skills banner which will likely be Hardin, Effie and M!Grima which is just nonsense. My God the banners are too much with this limited amount of orbs...