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  1. Official Pull Topic

    After 43 orbs, I got a SPD-, RES+ Dragon Daddy. I sniped for it (does it have a gender?) because he pretty much makes OG Hector more dead than Armads's curse. This boon/bane makes his defenses close to Shenna, but with a much higher attack, so I'm happy with it. But, at any rate, s if Laegjarn's weapon is anything to go by, it seems Grima is also vunerable to the powercreep curse. I got lucky this time, but I spent around 280 orbs for a -ATK Bait!Hector in the first day. My condolences for your orbs.
  2. @Ice DragonSo you meant other axe armor could fuffil their roles better than Hector. Fair enough. I just took it the wrong way and assumed it was an argument against "Hector being a good character to get". I have no idea how I got that idea though, apologies.
  3. @Ice [email protected] Granted, being the axe armor with the most phisical bulk when Firesweep is a meta bow was not doing much favors for the OG Hector, but as Xeno pointed out, he is great right out of the gate for newcomers and his QR+ WF combo is amazing for PvE content (including the curent GHB).
  4. General "mass killings" thread

    Maybe this is not the exact place to reach this conclusion (mainly due to the small poll count), but there seems to be an agreement over the ban on assult-style weapons. They, as listed, as ill-siuted for personal protection, they are not needed for hobbies such as hunting, and even on a lobbyist perspective, I do not think there are a lot of civilians among the buyers. Also, I would like to question if citizens really need to carry weapons outside their homes in daylight. But there is a point Ana mentioned I would like to bold: while gun control would; it would certainly not end the homicides (though, to not be cynic, a reduction in the number of victms); and, at list in third world countries, they would not deprive gangs and such from heavy weapons. I think the problem is not limited to acess, but, as she mentioned, there IS an health issue underlined in this problem that could be adressed. @Shoblongoo, your graphic is also interesting because some countries, like Brazil, have thighter gun laws; but a lack of proper control could render the discussion pointless. (out of curiosity, Brasil is considered by some a developed country?, I'm Brazillian and this is newflash.)
  5. @Usana I have the exact same bug on a DEF+ Vector. No idea why.
  6. They also got a normal Chorm now! Their roster is growing fast
  7. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Yeah, now that I think about it, OG Hector is much better against dragons because of his all breaker/ possible 28 SPD with a boon. Also, if V!Hector has no superboons, the BST differrence between them is 2 with a SPD boon.
  8. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Then we already know who will be the first to break the 200 BST mark.
  9. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Well, I'm kinda pretending he shaved (and then grew again) because I don't think CYL (or any other Hector) will be that version, since it has no screentime.
  10. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    It is really nice that there is a reference to Linina and Hector's relationship. In my headcannon, this is the papa Hector we see in FE7's ending.
  11. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Not everyone has to like the game, but you should at least free pull for fodder. New armor units tend to have VERY good skills for armor emblem (March from Amelia/Henry, Panicbow from Jackob, Vengeful/Bold from winter...).
  12. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    While the left silhouette does not have a discernable face, at least not at least it's not another Camilla (it's probably Lucina or Azura instead). . I don`t think there would be much of a problem in they being Lilina and Roy, as long as they don't reference each other. Skipping this mostly because I don't like seasonals overall (unless it's something like performing arts)
  13. Silith judges your battle ballot.

    @Silith13 10.3? That's way more than I thought (gotta love the 1.6 love for the "why are they not here yet?" untis). Though I regret not giving Sharena a vote like @Vaximillian, the Askr trio deserves something- and they are only now trying to give Alfonse some "character"