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  1. My first PMU! (Closed)

    Gilliam -> General. Because I will brainwash the whole Forest into liking Knights/Generals
  2. IVs and Alternative Builds

    This "ideal nature" debate also is dependent on the untis you face in the arena. Hector +ATK -SPD used to be claimed as ideal at first because every defensive unit team would either outspeed him or have a brave weapon. But the dragon unis that are now meta (Nowi, Fae and Y!Tiki) are slowish, reaching around 30 SPD (plus merges), making a SPD +/ SPD neutral Hector not get doubled with buffs,; which saves him in some situations The recent banner is a prime example of that. Any Micaiah is a RES tank with lots of attack that can run ploy (and can Sacrifice + Desperation +BA allows as an offensive option with an effective weapon). Zelguius has the same DEF as BK with a DEF bane, so vanilla BK (SB + QR) build on him can tank just as much even (SPD bane might screw him over in some builds, but you can just avoid those). Sothe can be a sweep support (SPD- might demand a partner with hone/supr/drive/whatever, but he can still reach 44 eff. SPD) or use LAD + Desperation (his 39/36 offensives are very respectable). As far as offesive go, it is more important to have a team composed of units that check common threats in the tiers that you are (ex: Rein + B!Lyn in lower scores and /Armor/DragonsFiresweep in higher eschalons). And for defensive teams, you just want to overwhelm the adversary with cheese so he surrenders.
  3. I might be wrong, but I think the reason they decided to make Zelguius have the black armor is because otherwise his quotes would have to talk about Benginion, because before the spoiler he "barely" has any screen time.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    @Cute Chao Funnily regular banners have a higher chance of getting a specific legendary character as long as they do not share the color with another (ex: 3% for getting a Micaiah in this from a given blue orb against against around a 2.6% of getting a B!Lyn from a in the last legendary). The legendary banner however are excelent for getting a lot of 5* skills/random 5*, but not to get your favorite heores (or a 10+ merge). This reddit post has more details:
  5. She doubling issues, but she`s a great magical tank even with a RES bane. With Zelgius basically BK with more bulk (and an arguably broken B skill) and Sothe having a supportive roles (and reaching at least 40 with phantom speed), this banner is somwhat RNG unscrewable. But sorry for taking her from you :/
  6. Not to rub in everyone's faces, but I'm pretty happy about getting a Micaiah for 43 orbs. She's might have the most accursed nature in Heores (+HP, -ATK), but she my Micky and I honestly don't think natures (sans -RES) interefere much in her role (besides, I have and +SPD/-DEF Lute, so it makes her more unique-ish
  7. I must say, I was not cheering for most of these characters, but the work on them is incredible. I want to pull everything now. And now I have a reason to use Jorge and Sanaki got a most interesting tome.
  8. I blame the Camilla hate on Fates' hit and miss supports (and by miss, I mean Gonzales with a hand axe bad) and the fact that her "uniform" never being addressed properly in the series (are noblewomen in Norh peons in political marriges or not? This seems to be case based on the conflict between Garon's mistresses, but I don't remember any dialogue on the matter), which turns her armor into simple fanservice. The fact that she gets into banners she is not exepcted (like NY) does not help. I also find kinda odd they are only going to release eight characters per poll (4 highest, 4 black horses); since then the next surveys would be a lot of repeated results, and it would take 6+ months to get the data and create the characters. Assuming they decide to release CYL untis for February, given that the CYL theme was about inheritance, CYL 2 could be about being a parent. In this case we probably would get papa!Hector (sword)/Chrom (lance), mama!Tharja (green tome)/Camilla (infantry axe).
  9. Anything Goes Birthright PMU

    Captured enemies are valid? Dammit, missed the chance to recommend Benny :(.
  10. Anything Goes Birthright PMU

    Oni Azama (S Rinka )-it's his true form after all "Death comes to everyone"
  11. SAVE FOR MERGES MAH BOI!!! On a more serious sidenote, Swift Sparrow is kinda an awesome skill and she works with almost any boon/bane (except the +RES -ATK).
  12. It would be nice if we knew in advance what the next Heroes with X would be. IS probably does not rely on orb sales based on that kind of surprise and they could add the 4-star focus for skills not exclusive for 5 stars; like a DB banner. . Additionally, it would be interesting if they could have limited polls well the regular roster has 250+ heores (ex: only units with damaging specials in a Moonbow focus). About 3*- True about units those being the only ones usable as 3 stars skill fodder, but for some players it is nice to have the option to have "skills for feathers" trough the "easily pullable", like all -blade or -raven tomes because people it might take a while for them to be in a Focus X. I agree. I think her 5* exclusivity only due to her popularity (along with Ninian). Compared to Olivia (which can be pulled as a 3*), she has +3 ATK, and +2 RES for -6 DEF and a different skill (SPD1/2/3 instead of knockback). Even compared to the recent Flyzura statwise, she has -1 HP, +1 ATK, -2 SPD, -1 DEF, +2 RES. What differ Dancers is mostly their initial skills (and PA!Azura's legendary weapon) and their weapon type, which give each their "niche" (fortify, raven usage...). I really don't see why they put Sanaki there in the first place (she isn't that popular, there are non-5 star with legendary weapon and there is nothing in terms of stats os SI that make her "above" others. Leo COULD be a exclusive if his weapon refinery gets Gravity+ and Pain (because that + Draw back can be annoying). I pretty much play the same way. The problem I think this current Gacha format has is that even "lucky results" can be unsatisfactory, like getting two B!Lyn and an Innes instead of the targeted Elise. As a side note, I have the impression that the 1-year banner will be a legendary CYL heroes- part 2 (with the "old CYL" in the focus). NOT BECAUSE I WANT PAPA HECTOR OR ANYTHING.
  13. Sorry to get into the discussion, but it seems you both are pinpointing the same problem: The polls are getting to big to pull non-focus characters reliably (and that can get in the way of getting certain skills). That`s quite a problem that (assuming my memory to be correct) has been on this forum before but I don`t remember if a solution was agreed upon and I know IS has not commented anything about it. It could be solvable by either or having more "skills" banner (as the Focus: Effective Against Cavalry) or limiting the characters obtainable in a focus such as a banner focused with Elibe units only having GBA units. The latter seems to be case (with the details tab), but I wonder if other think they`ll do anything at all or they have a proposal to solve this
  14. Hello everyone :)

    Repost from above post. Sorry for repost, I could not manage to put quotes in edits. Thanks. Personally, I think this is because SD is a bad entry point. Things like the artstlyle can get in the way of noticing the character's emotions the dialogue and the gameplay design (map, enemy placement...) isn't noticeable except in the hardest of difficulties. I got it because I wanted to play a turned-based RPG in the DS and had already played FF Tactics A2 and Luminous ARC. I played in normal mode and pretty much blazed trough it without much thought or engagement. I only really got into the series with the second game I play (BS). Your thoughts?