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  1. FE16 "leaks"
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    I recently watched the anime Chronicles of Arslan, and I immediately thought that I wanted the next FE to have a similar story : with politics, alliances and treasons. Maybe it is because Arslan and Fire Emblem are very much alike : you have a lord, supported by a cast of characters, some of them even fit FE archetypes (hello Daryun), you have large scale battles, strategy, duels, schemes... I would really like FE16 to feel as epic as Arslan ! It made me think of what I wanted for FE16, and since we're like a week away from E3 I thought I'd share some of my wishes. First, I would like the story to feel as good as stated above. I would like it to happen over a large scale, with a few countries, I would like epic scale battles, like in the Tellius games, where even if you just had our small cast of characters, you knew that there was more happening at the same time, you were playing a small but decisive part of the battle. Then, I really liked SoV, but I wish battles will be more interesting and diverse. Like in Radiant Dawn were you had height advantages, and many different objectives. As for the graphics, I hope we get realistic female armor, like Titania in PoR/RD. Also I think they are going to continue what they did in SoV with the realistic animations so I am pleased with that. The most important thing for me would be decently well written characters, especially the main lord. Characters that you would feel for during the game. And I am sure the rest will be very good : I can't wait to hear the music and see the design of the characters, discover the new gameplay elements. So that's it, seeing Arslan made me want to share these wishes. LEt's hope we see more at E3, and for the next FE to be very good !
  3. FE16 "leaks"

    I have a theory : the s14 cipher key-word infinity/unlimited is in fact related to the wait since last year. It does not describe the future game but the fact that they left us without information for so long.