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  1. When CYL3 comes around, who will you guys vote for?

    My 7 votes will go for Selena(FE8)... If she is released before CYL3 i will probably split my votes for Natasha, Calill, Leanne, perhaps Glen... Depends who is released or not, prefer to focus my votes for characters not in the game yet.
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes Wishlist

    Selena - The True Real One(such a surprise) Then for each game, I want the most: FE8: Selena, Natasha the queen of Jehanna, Glen, Duessel FE9/10: Calill, Jill, Elincia RD(with an improved Amiti please... she's so much badass in her FE10 version... I know she is the perfect candidate for a Staff Flier but... make more sense for the Younger Elincia not this one) Leanne, Nailah, Heather FE13: Emmeryn, Flavia/Basilio FE14: Nyx, Flora FE15: Silque Honorable mentions: Tethys, Gerik, Syrene, Cormag, Lethe, Miriel, Reina, Mozu
  3. Desired New Heroes and New Hero Banners Discussion

    She doesn't really exist, but her design was made for L'Arachel initially.
  4. Grand Hero Battles I'd like to see

    Just My Dream <3 And with Duessel to beat the Valter's GHB with the Imperial Three <3
  5. Capibara¬īs splicing nightmare

    Hey, good job for your work. I particularly love those:
  6. Glade had his revenge. Selena is more high than I excepted it's a little Victory. (She had a very good évolution compared to the first CYL) Happy for Jill, she is a character I wait for. Poor Calill and Natasha(she deserves his Joshua) :/
  7. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    @DDDHunterDo you use skill extension ? It could be the cause.
  8. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    @Hilda Wouah ! Very fun to see ! (And GG)
  9. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    Beat too... I changed the set of my Sonya to success... (Double Distant Def and Speed Ploy to Fury, Res Ploy and Quickened Pulse to kill the Green Manakete in the first round)
  10. As i can see, for people who played Tellius saga, it is often considered one of the best in storywise and characters(along FE4). And Ike was First during the First CYL. Dont forget that tellius characters was split during first CYL. If you combine both version of Nephenie and Mia, both of her are before Nowi. (And Nephenie are in the top 10) I think that Soren would gain the Top 20 and Titania too(not sure about this) and they are generaly well classed.
  11. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Selena - The Fluorspar Calill - First Rate Sage Natasha - Sacred Healer
  12. Special heroes of the 8th February

    Calill/Largo and Pent/Louise will be great, in their standard version of course i don't want an another Charlotte syndrom (But I don't think these characters are popular enough) :/ But badly It seems to be an another event banner...
  13. Best: Tellius Saga by far. Large and various cast. FE8 and Echoes have some interesting characters. And GBA have a great design and the Remaka go back in a Fe-Type design' since awakening. The Worst is Awakening, awful characters, boring for the better, (with despite some exeptions),and the design of them are the worst ever, (what's Cavalier's and Knight's Armors ? WTF ) Lot of people criticize Fates but IMO they tried to fix their mistakes, it's not perfect, but it's always better than FE13. (And it's subjective anyway)
  14. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    I thought his tome would have a more original effect...a little disapoitment. At least we didnt have a Legendary Raventome yet so its not as bad...