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  1. Just a French Fan of FE

    Sacred Stones is a really great game! I have been taking french for years and it would be cool to have a real conversation in french, especially about Fire Emblem. Bienvenue et j'espère que vous avez un bon temps!
  2. Wow, well then it's a good thing I've been choosing Arizona over Brisk. I had no idea.
  3. I'm terrible with introductions

    Hello! Hey I got the same favorite Legend of Zelda and Pokemon game too, nice! I hope you have a good time here as well.
  4. My friend and I have been kind of hoping laguz from the FE9/10 will be added, since the Radiant Dawn Banner is so close to the 1-year anniversary. I'm also thinking it is going to be a large banner that adds a good number of minor characters, but maybe it'll actually just be characters that were popular on the Choose Your Legend poll that haven't been added yet.
  5. Hiya whats up

    Besides Fire Emblem I play Splatoon and Xenoblade Chronicles! What about you can I ask?
  6. Hiya whats up

    Thank you Ycine! I hope the same for you too and I definitely will.
  7. Hiya whats up

    Thank you!
  8. Hiya whats up

    Yo! I'm Eri and i plan to major in psych or art. I draw a lot, it's mostly Fire Emblem. It's been my main interest aside from Puyo Puyo and Pokemon. New Mystery of the Emblem is probably my most favorite in the series. What I like most about the Fire Emblem series are the games' plots, storytelling, and character designs (mages are really cool). Also, Twitter just doesn't give me the content that I need. (And actually I'm just bad at the technical stuff when it comes to the emulators and the like, I have already got a lot of help from the forums here in the past and I hope to know and learn more about the series from y'all in the future.) But! Nice to be here, yeah? It is about time I try to get a little bit into the Fire Emblem fanbase.