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    Hey! Just popping in to say how much I love this hack and can't wait to see it progress; definitely a gem of a find for me. :P Most concerns I'd have seem to have been addressed recently, but I will add a potential bug I found that I'm not sure if it was brought up. The boss for 1-10 (I think...), Fallon, has a skill that lets him do more damage to unmounted units. However, when attacking him with Belle he seemed to still get the bonus (I checked the numbers and did the math; the skill worked properly and did no bonus damage to Lily or Charles, but Belle was being affected by it). That's the only issue I've found so far, since as I said, my biggest gripes were already brought up (Owen getting a new dark tome too late, Kate's base stats seeming way too low for her level/join time). Other than that, I look forward to seeing more :)