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  1. Dragalia Lost!

    Is this game worth it for someone that doesnt like gacha that much? It seems a pretty basic clone of weeb gacha game
  2. One of the hubs, like why would the story stay in the same place, its probably gonna be a journey across the country/continent so yeah
  3. "promise that you'll never forget me"

    + reminder the game was delayed to 2019 We wont get new info till smash comes out probably but the next direct after smash comes please talk about fire emblem
  4. "promise that you'll never forget me"

    Tbh i just think eldegard goes on a journey to make peace to the world and save humanity from the crests hurr durr! Not that refined but eh, I don't have high expectations for this game seeing that we know nothing besided the trailer.
  5. Heyo

    Nvm this acc i forgot the pass from this one
  6. Yume Nikki and it's new project

    idk a yumme nikki visual novel would be strange i think that it would be like the last game with no dialogue at all but a diary that you can read or something that would reveal her story
  7. Video game music

  8. Nintendo Labo

    the idea is fun but if i was a 8 year old kid (or even now) i would get tired 1 week after or the cardboard would break so meh
  9. First word comes to mind

  10. Yume Nikki and it's new project

    This really doesn´t reveals anything but there is a trailer