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  1. "Well, I figure the more I get used to it, the better, right?" They tried to be casual about it, but her talk of calling them her partner brought back the blush they had just managed to get rid of. "Ah... yeah, I suppose you could do that. If... if you wanted to." She seemed to be dealing alright with the leg, though she didn't focus on it long, hopping back up and getting ready to leave. "What? Already? But... I mean... Just... try not to fall asleep out there, alright? You gotta take care of yourself better than that. If you burn out, the whole ship loses something, alright? So... so promise me you'll take care of yourself." They knew their words were probably just falling on deaf ears, but maybe she would listen. Maybe... Off she went, with a kiss on their cheek, an offer that they could stay here, and a peace sign. And without eating her soup. A small sigh escaped Astin's lips as they covered the soup with a napkin, and then looked around. Eventually coming to a decision, they made a quick stop back at their own room, swapping out their usual outfit for a pair of sweatpants and an old t-shirt, before returning back to Avery's room with a book, a set of clothes for the next day, and their own pillow. Something just comforting about having their pillow. Laying down on the bed, they decided they could read there until Avery came back. That way she wouldn't return to an empty room, just in case the good mood didn't last.
  2. "What, I need an occasion to bring my girlfriend food?" Astin asked in a teasing manner. It was weird to call her their girlfriend, but nice. And if they were reading her right, it would get a smile which was the goal. "Huh, back to work? It's already five in the afternoon. Pretty sure you've got plenty of people working on stuff. You could probably take the rest of the day off, you know. Take the break you deserve. You're always working. It's ok to relax, alright?" She wouldn't listen most likely, but it was worth saying anyways. She wouldn't be any use to the crew if she burned herself out. Taking breaks was a part of that. As she swung her legs around, eliciting a slight blush from Astin as they realized just how little she was wearing, she asked about her leg. "Ah, no, it wasn't... I mean, it's different, but it's not a bad thing. I bet it's really nice in the summer if you don't have AC." Trying to keep the mood a little lighter, they chuckled at their own bad joke, hoping she would also do so. Smiling at her as they grabbed their bowl of soup and a biscuit, they continued, "But really, I hardly noticed. And I tend to wear sweatpants in bed anyways, so not like it'd bother me if the situation arises." If... Pretty sure she's more thinking when not if. And I guess I am too. She is my girlfriend after all...
  3. "Well... I'm not sure I was much help, but I'm glad you're feeling a little better if nothing else." She was still struggling with the issue, that much was clear. But she also seemed determined to stick with things. Hopefully that was for the best. As she walked off towards the freezer, the oven timer dinged, interrupting Astin's thought process. The biscuits! A few minutes later, Astin was back at Avery's doorway, a tray with two bowls of soup, some cans of pop, and some warm biscuits balanced carefully on top. Making their way carefully into the room, they set the tray down on Avery's desk before turning towards the sleeping mechanic. Quietly calling out, they gently reached out to shake her. "Hey Avery, time to eat, alright? Gotta take care of yourself."
  4. Val relaxed slightly as Olivia accepted things without an argument. If she'd objected at all, it would have made things a lot harder. This had been easier than she expected and while that worried her just a little bit, overall it was a good thing. "Ok. Good, I'm glad. Thank you." She glanced back up at Olivia with a small smile and nodded slightly. "That... that was all. I can let you get back to whatever you were doing if you want. See you back in the medbay, ok?" ~~~~~~~ It seemed that Christina had taken their question as an invitation to drop a little bit of everything on them. Her feelings, her past, her fears... Kissing? That bit seemed like it had slipped out and so Astin figured the best thing they could do for that right now was ignore it. If she wanted to bring it back up, she would. "Well... I know you're helping Kim out, but if it's stressing you out so much... I don't know. Seems like it'd be better to take care of yourself at least a little." They hesitated, not sure if they were overstepping their bounds right now or not. But she'd seemed to genuinely want to let everything out so, they figured it couldn't hurt too much. "I think that Kim would want you to be comfortable. I know that when Juria is worried or upset it can distract me... And since she can feel all your feelings, that's probably made worse... I don't know. If you think what you're doing is the best thing, then I can see why you would continue to do it, even if it is hard. Sometimes doing the right thing is hard. It hurts. But you still do it." They trailed off and laughed. "I'm all over the place, huh? I guess what I'm saying is... It doesn't matter why or how you got to here. What matters is what you want to do and what you think is the right thing to do. And if those two things collide... I guess you just have to figure out which is more important to you. Or... who is more important to you." That was as close as they were going to get to talking about the kiss comment, but they figured maybe it would help, at least a little.
  5. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Q-11, mend Telmara Kaya had reluctantly healed Aaron over Telmara first because the man had almost been down as well, but the second she got the chance, she rushed over to the fallen demi-human, and knelt down next to her, grabbing the mend staff from her side. "Here Telmara, it's ok. Hold on a second longer, ok?" Gently placing the jewel at the tip of the staff on Telmara's forehead, she focused, sending pure healing magic into the wounded woman. She let out a small sigh of relief as she watched the wounds patch themselves up, leaving no sign of the terrifying wounds that had been there just a second ago. "There. You're safe."
  6. So she did want to be like they used to be. Damn... Val shook her head, still staring down at the ground. "I can't.... I don't know. Maybe some day. I still like you but..." She finally managed to force her eyes up to meet Olivia's. "I want to be friends. I don't want to be dancing around things like we have been... I don't want you waiting around hoping that things... I know you followed me here but..." The pull of the floor was too strong, and she just forced the last bit out as quickly as she could, "I just want to be friends, if that's ok. You were a good friend. I want that again..." ~~~~~~~~~~~ Astin blinked, having not expected to be asked something like that. They barely knew her, only sort of trusted her, and yet here she was asking how they dealt with their issues. A rather ironic question, given the various discussions they'd already had that day. It still felt weird to be talking about this sort of thing with her but... They sat down across from her and frowned. "Well... I used to try just ignoring everything. But that doesn't really seem to solve anything. I was getting nightmares... still get them... I talked with Doctor Hart today. That helped a bit I think. Though I don't really know since it's too soon to tell." The other part of what she'd said hit them, and they switched back to that, "Though, I think some of it depends on what your problem is. Talking to someone always helps. What you said... Just playing TK Dampener. You don't like being out there? I know it's helpful but if you don't like being out there, why do it? You know that people here want you to be here for you, not for your abilities, right?" Even if they weren't always happy with her being around, that didn't mean others weren't. And she was different than Abby. She hadn't chosen to be out there. Still...
  7. Val blushed slightly as Olivia came out with a half buttoned shirt, staring down at the ground. "I just... wanted to talk about us. Not... not what we were. Just... what we are moving forward. That's all." Hopefully she wouldn't take that to mean that she wanted to get back together. Hopefully she would just be open to talking at that was it. ~~~~~ Astin stepped out of the bathroom just in time to hear Avery mumbling their name. A small smile graced their lips. Doubt was still in the back of their mind, but clearly Avery was happy. Maybe that was enough. It was getting later, and they hadn't had lunch. Maybe I could bring her some food too... Wonder what she likes. Making their way out of the room, they headed into the kitchen. As they did, they spotted Chrissy sitting alone with a tub of ice cream. Hesitating, they considered stopping and talking to her, but pushed on into the kitchen. Food first, talking to former Apotheosis members later. In the kitchen, they were faced with a wide variety of options. They didn't want to sit around for too long, in case Avery woke up and found them gone, so something quick was in the cards. They found some frozen chicken noodle soup, which seemed like a good option. It was always something that helped make them feel comfort and safe, so it was a good option. There were some frozen biscuits that they popped into the oven while the soup was slowly heating up on the stove. While the food was cooking, they headed over to Chrissy, and hesitantly called out, "Ah, uhm, hello. Christina. I just.... Are you ok? Enjoying your ice cream?" She didn't seem to be, but maybe they were just bad at reading people. It wasn't like they'd expected Avery to tell them about her leg or ask them out. Maybe she was ok...
  8. Astin had stayed with Avery as she slowly fell asleep, finally relaxing enough after the stress from the talk of her past to seem at peace in her sleep. The end result of this had been Astin trapped on the bed being used as a pillow. They hadn't really been able to complain, so they ended up just falling asleep beside the mechanic. For once in a long time, they'd managed to actually peacefully sleep for a few hours, undisturbed by nightmares. ~~~ Waking up in an unfamiliar bed, Astin sat up abruptly, almost freaking out before remembering everything that had happened and feeling the warm shape of Avery next to them. At some point she had rolled off to the other side of them, no longer trapping Astin onto the bed. Slowly slipping out of the bed in an attempt not to wake her, the slid into the bathroom, taking their now cold mug of coffee. Tossing it out, they quickly rinsed the mug out and filled it back up with water, taking a long sip, trying to clean out their dry mouth after their nap. Staring at their reflection in the mirror, they sighed. Am I doing the right thing here? She needs someone. I'm not sure that someone is me... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Val sighed, standing outside of Olivia's room. She was doing her best to hide out in the open, large hoodie enveloping her body, hood up and hands tucked into the pocket. She wished she could hide from this, but she was working with Olivia. It wasn't an option to keep trying to hide, which meant there was no sense in putting this off. Things needed to get sorted out and she needed to set things straight. Keeping one hand tucked in, clutching tight to her music player, she knocked on the door with the other, calling out, "Hey, uhm, Olivia? I... You said you'd be up for talking?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Colt let out a sigh of relief, collapsing down onto a bench, glancing over at the crowd starting to gather around Buck and Hannah. While he had been working hard on the bots, trying to make sure they were all fixed up and ready to go, Buck had focused hard on making Hannah not only whole but also... human. It still was unsettling, how human the robot wanted to be and was becoming. She could think like a human, talk like one, and now was looking like one. The only thing distinguishing her now were her "ears". It wasn't that Colt wanted to turn Hannah off. That'd be like killing her at this point and that would be ridiculous. She was friendly, she was intelligent, she was alive. But what Colt wanted was to find out who had done this in the first place and find out what they were thinking and why they had ever thought it was a good idea. Because this wasn't right. How many other robots like Hannah were there out there?
  9. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    <"Controlling the in and out phase..."> Hoshi paused, not really knowing what to say to explain it. It was something that she did mostly naturally and had never really had to explain it to someone before. <"Well... Uh... If you... Hmm."> She paused, considering her explanation again. <"There are a couple ways I could try and explain it I guess. If one doesn't make sense, I can try another one maybe..." She frowned slightly, annoyed with herself. How could she teach Haruhi if she couldn't even explain something as basic as this. <"I suppose it is like... pushing something yourself as opposed to getting someone to pull something for you. When you want to use the in-phase, you're pushing them around. Forcing them towards the enemy to steal their energy. And then you order them to come back to you, pulling the life force with them. If... that makes sense maybe?"> Hopefully it did. It hardly made sense to her right now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Thank you, Joanna. I think... I think the first step might be the meditation that Liam mentioned. Something that can help keep me calm. And focused. So that... if I am in a battle situation, I don't freeze. And maybe... Maybe some non-lethal combat techniques? I mean, they won't always be able to be used. Like against the Fallen maybe. But just so that I have the option of taking people out of the fight without.... without contributing to all the life that's been lost already." She knew it wouldn't always make sense. That sometimes she might need to kill people. But that massacre had made her realize that maybe it shouldn't always be her first option. She couldn't get so upset over something like that and then turn around and kill people in battle again. Not if she wanted to have any respect for herself.
  10. "Hmm, well fancy places like this tend to have a good selection. We could probably go check in the kitchen if there's nothing out..." Erion trailed off having first heard his name and then had the fact that someone was staring at him pointed out by Amalia. He wasn't sure exactly what the illusion they wanted was, having missed most of Jethro's comments but having caught Lane's and nodded in agreement with the man in black. "Don't know exactly what you all are discussing, but anything that might require someone to touch wouldn't work for my illusions. They don't stand up too well to touch. Sight, sound, all that would be fine, but touch could ruin it. At least, that's what it seemed like in the bits that I've been practicing." He headed over to those talking, still lightly clasping Amalia's hand, wondering if perhaps one of them would know about food. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Uri made his way into the dining hall finally, but was brought to a bit of a halt at the sight of Amalia and Erion hand in hand. He shook his head in disapproval before heading into the kitchen. She really is serious about this then. I should talk to her... Though she likely wouldn't appreciate it... Grabbing a small hunk of bread and some fruit, as well as some dried meat for Seraphine, he headed back out into the dining hall where he sat down near the rest of the group, listening in on the discussion.
  11. Astin chuckled slightly at Avery's comment and shook their head. "The fact that you even knew it was my birthday is exciting enough. I didn't exactly go around announcing it so it's nice. Plus, you're not broken. You have a lot of hurt, yeah, but that doesn't mean you're broken. And hey. My first ever girlfriend is still a pretty great birthday present. Even if it's a little late." They pulled her closer, so she was leaning fully against their chest and gave her a squeeze and then kissed the top of her head. "Don't beat yourself up over something silly like that, alright?"
  12. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    R-10, mend Aaron
  13. "Hey now, no apologizing. I don't care what you say or do with all of this, there's no apologizing. You had something absolutely terrible happen to you. You're allowed to cry, ok?" They began to gently rub her back, feeling completely helpless. What were they suppose to say here? Probably nothing. Letting her cry for a while about it might be the best thing to do. She'd clearly been holding all of this in for a long time and maybe purging some of the pain and grief would help. Even if it meant crying herself dry for now. And so they just held her, continuing to rub her back with one hand and hold tightly on with the other. They didn't try to talk too much, knowing that could just make things worse if they said the wrong thing. Better to just hold her, let her know that they were here, and let her talk more when she was ready.
  14. The story started off normally. It made sense that Avery had been on another ship before and even that her brother had been there, though that was slightly less common. But there wasn't going to be a happy ending to this story and they had a sinking suspicion as to how it would be ending. Terrorist attack... And her brother dying to save her. No wonder it was so hard to talk about. Astin didn't have any words, so instead they just wrapped Avery up in a tight hug, gently stroking her hair. Sitting there in silence for a few long moments just holding her, they tried to process everything they'd just heard. Finally, they quietly spoke up. "Hey, I'm not going to say it's ok because it's clearly not. But I'm here and I... I'll listen or whatever as long as you need me. So don't worry. Cry as long as you need."
  15. Astin was doing their best to concentrate on most things but the fact that Avery was in a bathrobe so the comment about the cup startled them, "Huh? Oh, I just... grabbed a random one I guess. Better make sure that gets back..." The reveal about Canada was surprising, but made sense. "Canada, eh? Where about were you living? Never was one for the double double myself. Too much cream, not enough sugar." They were rambling slightly, trying to help distract her a bit, something that seemed to have failed given her next sentence. Sitting down on the bed, leaving their mug on the desk nearby, they nodded. "I... Yeah, I can listen. But... are you sure you want to? I mean... All of this is clearly an issue and I don't..." Don't think I'm the best qualified. She'd be better off talking to Doctor Hart. But if she wanted to do that, she would have already. You can do this. She needs you. They sighed quietly and nodded again. "Sorry. I just don't think I'm the best person to talk to about issues from the past but I can't say no to you either. I want to help and if this is how I can help, then I'm here for you." Pulling their legs up against their chest, they rested their chin on their knees, watching her. "I'll listen as long as you want to talk."