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  1. Seph glanced at Almira's outfit, honestly a rather simple one for a princess. A plain white dress wasn't what he would have expected, but he supposed it made sense for being on the run. He was distracted enough that he'd almost missed the way she referred to Misea. Him, huh? I guess that solves that at least. Good to know for moving forward. "Well, maybe we could try and find you something similar to what Misea likes for you to try on. Especially if you're going to be fighting with us, Astrid aside, dresses don't seem overly practical for swordplay, you know? Maybe you could find something you like that gives you a bit more freedom of movement. Though if you want to stay in a dress, I'm sure no one would try and force you otherwise." He'd realized halfway through that he maybe shouldn't be essentially telling her that she needed to change how she dressed, but he'd committed at that point. Well, hopefully she wouldn't get upset.
  2. The reveal that Alphonse was the reason behind Louise's situation was mildly surprising, but nothing shocking. What was perhaps more uncomfortable was how similar their motivations were to hers. Fighting for revenge and only revenge, the only goal. Brant's response wasn't surprising, but it didn't seem right either. It wasn't just Alphonse that had caused the situation. He would have been expected to sacrifice humans for the base. The base was more important overall. It was the same decision that had been made when their friend's squad had ended up dead. And it made sense, right? "It's not that simple though." They'd spoken up before they realized it, but continued on anyways. "Sometimes talking to people about things doesn't fix it. You act like something needs to be intentional or the wrong decision to cause the desire for revenge or like talking through things can fix everything. Sometimes... Sometimes feelings need to be acted out to be satisfied. Shoving them down, talking about them, sometimes it doesn't work. I-" They stopped, realizing what they were saying. "I mean, I don't think we should try and save her, obviously. But you act like her actions make no sense and because of that, it's messed up? How often do humans make sense? We're always doing things that make no sense. This makes more sense than a lot of what people do every day." Right? It has to. It has to make sense. Otherwise everything I've done... No. It makes sense. It does.
  3. Seph hopped out of the wagon, loosening the scarf around his face slightly, taking a deep breath in. Time to play pack mule for the girls it seemed, a role that didn't overly bother him. It was better than just sitting in the inn twiddling his thumbs, and besides, it was always nice to see a new town, see if there was any interesting information to be found. Well, somewhat new. It had been a few years since he'd been to Rolan though he remembered the general locations of things. The mention of the clothing store brought him back to the present and he nodded. "Store, right. I remember that place. Bought a new coat a while back. Obviously I don't have it anymore but still. It was a good one. We should be able to find some good looking clothes for you and the others." The story of what happened to the coat was a long enough one that he didn't feel the need to tell it now. It wasn't exactly relevant anyways, and Almira had been asked a question, so better to let her talk.
  4. So they were even going to rest here for the night. That was more generous than what Seph had been expecting. Wouldn't the smartest thing to do be to continue on the road? Still, it was no good to push until they were burnt out, so maybe Misea had a point in having them stop. Either way, Almira had answered his question, giving the expected answer though adding on a bit that made Seph feel guilty for asking. "No, don't worry. There's plenty of food here for everyone, there's nothing wrong with you having some yourself. I was just curious that's all." He'd mostly finished his breakfast at that point, having not been overly hungry himself, so he settled back, resettling his scarf back around his face, letting out a small sigh of satisfaction. It had been a while since he'd had deer, and it was always a favorite. Hopefully they would have some extras left for travel rations. "So, Misea, you know more about the situation than we do. You say we have time, so I believe you, but how quickly do you think the king will send a new patrol after us?"
  5. "Yeah, of course. I figured I was kind of offering that anyways by asking if they needed anything, but sure, I can make my joining official." His tone was light, clearly not offended by having his comments missed by Mina. "So outfits for Misea and Astrid, plus letting Almira pick out her own presumably. A horse. Glen, Lua, did you want us to pick up any weapons for you while in town? Or any other supplies of course. If you two are staying back here, it means you can't shop on your own." They didn't exactly need weapons, not with the supply that their employers had provided, but it was still something worth asking. Seph didn't really expect to find anything to buy for himself, but it was always nice to look. Glancing over at Almira, Seph decided to voice a question that had crossed his mind a couple of times since the vampires had been revealed. "So do you need to eat normal food or is it just that it seemed good to you, Almira? I had assumed you just needed blood and wouldn't eat other food, but clearly that's not exactly the case."
  6. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    "The Gifts do seem to be reappearing, yes. Perhaps even congregating... We would need all of them to summon the dragon, no? So perhaps that should be a new goal..." Thinking back on her vision, she blinked, remembering something. "Hmm... Well, either way. I know of the location of one other gift. Or at least, generally where it is and have a companion who knows even better. The Horn. At some point we may need to go ask if the wielder of that will join with our group temporarily at least. Or lend us the Horn..." Tapping her chin, she muttered, "I'm going to need to start writing all this down... Too many connections, too many threads..." She shook her head with a sigh. "Still, that's all I wanted to talk to you about. I'm glad for your thoughts and the stories you shared. I'll need to consider how to move forward from here, but I have more information now than I did before, so it is a start. It's probably best to get back to the others for now though."
  7. Seph snagged a bit of the deer meat for himself, before sitting down nearish Almira but not directly next to her. While she was nice, he figured she could stand to get to know some of the others in the group too. Glen was talking again, and Seph couldn't help but let out a snort of laughter. "Way to offer someone else's property while also insulting our newest member. As for watching the wagon, after last night do you really doubt that these two can't handle it? They may not be able to take their cloaks off, but I suspect they could still find a way to protect the wagon if needed." Shifting his attention to Lua, Seph nodded at her. "Good to know you'll be sticking with us for now though. I suspect more hands will be useful in this adventure. Is there anyone that you need to let know that you'll be going away for a while? I suspect we could probably find someone willing to deliver a letter in town if so. Obviously you probably shouldn't tell too many details about what we're doing but I'm sure someone cares about you enough to want to know why you're gone."
  8. It seemed like everyone in their crew at this point had some sort of fancy mech. if anything, Astin was theworst in that regard, but they couldn't really complain. None of the suits they'd encountered beyond the Ceres were especially suited to their combat style, and they'd been doing plenty fine in it. Still, seeing new suit after new suit of cutting edge technology was enough to instill just a bit of jealousy. Something they had to keep reminding themselves was dumb for many reasons. Esther wasn't speaking up it seemed, and glaring at her wasn't likely to change that, so with a quiet grumble, Astin shifted towards the rest of the group, catching the discussion of unarmed combat, something that was especially worrying to them. "Even if one of us is well armed, it doesn't really matter. Especially since she's not combat ready personnel. From what we've seen and what the Lieutenant has shared about her combat with Vera, if they chose to warp into our ship, it's going to be a problem. Even if every single one of us was a walking armory, if they have anyone else like Vera in there, it will be a problem. For whatever reason, they haven't done that yet, but Kim is right to bring it up as a potential problem as we become more of a threat to them."
  9. "O-oh. Right. That makes sense I suppose. Drinking blood cold instead of warm, sure..." Seph slowly stood up, nodding. "Yeah, it's good. Nice. You just look more, well, err, alive. I guess." That probably wasn't the right thing to say. Oh well. She still seemed happy. Following after her, he arrived at the tail end of the conversation, but he managed to pick up enough to know what was going on. "Some supplies might be nice, though to be honest, the weapons you had are serving well enough. Is there anything that you or Astrid will need, given you can't exactly join in on the shopping?"
  10. Seph had managed a deeper sleep than normal, but still light enough that the warm poke on his cheek was enough to stir him. "Mmm?" Opening his eyes, he looked up and saw a different looking Almira than the one he had been expecting. "Oh, uhm, hello. You look... different. A-ah, not in a bad way, just... Are you feeling ok?" She seemed pinker than she had been. If one ignored the small fangs, she almost looked human even. What had happened the night before?
  11. Glen seemed to be talking to himself, am annoyance too small to actually say anything about. But an annoyance anyways. Finding a small patch of moss a good distance away from the other man while still in distance of the others. Pulling his scarf off, he made a neat pile of out, clearly intending to use it as a pillow. Settling down, he stared up at the sky. I never would have guessed this morning that I would be working with vampires. Crazy what life throws at you...
  12. "Ah, ha, no, I uhm... I think I'll stick to not asking her questions." He shivered, though likely for a different reason than Misea. "Thank you for your answers though." The girl that had stumbled upon them was having what was likely the most rational reaction to finding out about the vampires out of all of them, something he could hardly blame her for. If he had been in a different place in life, it was possible he would have even tried to attack the trio. The fact that she wasn't trying to do that was at least a little hopeful. "I have my reasons. But it's pointless for now. I'm sure Misea will explain everything. It's not my story to tell after all. My name is Seph, by the way. Just try and believe me when I say that these three aren't exactly what stories would have you believe about vampires, ok? You're safe in their company." Or at least it seems that way for now...
  13. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    "I..." Kaya paused, considering everything Shylah had said and everything she had seen. What meaning was there to be found in her visions? Why was it important that she know of the origin of Timeaus? "I'm going to have to think about all of this... Visions of the future could help guide my steps. Perhaps even avoid futures that I don't want to see come true... But visions of the past can help inform my decisions as well. Perhaps even help me understand why I'm fighting and what I'm fighting for. I'm sure that all of this is connected to the vision that started my journey in the first place. It has to be. But the connecting pieces are still missing. I just need to find them. Somehow..." It was all so much bigger than she could have ever imagined. More than just the Fire Emblem, more than just their countries. There was so much more going on here than she could have imagined. A whole new Age in front of them, but what sort of Age would it be? One of light or darkness? Joy or sorrow? Maybe... Maybe she could help direct the course of the Age.
  14. Interesting. Didn't bite, literally or figuratively. I probably owe an apology though... "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to imply that you were uncivilized. Given your ability to be around us with no problem, it's clear that you aren't anything like the horror stories we tell the children when we're trying to get them to behave. But more than that, the way you treat us shows that the ones that are a problem, that come in and attack are not the entire race. Something which, while I've claimed to believe it, I'm not sure I've truly let myself consider before now." Not that they would have let me think like that... Even though we never ventured in to their territory, I doubt they would have stopped to ask if a vampire was biting someone consensually or not. That thought was uncomfortable and so Seph jumped away from it quickly, not wanting to dwell on memories. "But as for your question, if I knew it would save the human race? I would offer up my neck in an instant. But you just admitted you don't know that. And I doubt I'm subtle enough to hide the fact that I don't entirely trust you all yet, so no, not really." Glancing over at her, he smiled slightly. "She does seem to be enjoying herself, even with the knowledge that she's being hunted. So perhaps you're right and it's best to not risk that." A small chuckle escaped after her last question, and he shook his head. "Ah, I doubt my curiosity will ever be fully satisfied. There are too many questions that still need answers for me to stop being curious. But for now, I have no more questions for you. I'm sure I'll come up with more at some point though." The trick will be to stay subtle. I'm almost certain that vampires had nothing to do with my family dying. But what I don't know is how well our actions were known by the vampires. If they knew that there was a family trained to kill them. That could get dangerous if they know and hold grudges... So subtle. A normal level of questions is fine. Anyone smart wouldn't be completely trusting here. There's a line here, I just need to not cross it.
  15. It seemed like their party had gained a new member, at least for a little while. Her general attitude towards vampires was much more the norm that Seph would have expected from most people, which was almost reassuring in a strange way. Their group was odd, for sure, and this gave a bit of a sense of normalcy to everything. Or at least as normal as it could be. The newcomers seemed to be interested in Alex and Glen, while Almira seemed to have recovered from her bout of shyness and was chatting with Astrid and Mina. That really only left one other person unoccupied, and while Seph was somewhat hesitant, it was better than being bored waiting for the bodies to be burned. Approaching Misea, Seph nodded in greeting. "It seems like things are sorting out fairly well after all of this. I appreciate how blunt you've been about things." Even if I can't completely trust you. Just like you can't completely trust me I suppose. Strange companions our group makes... "It was clear that you hadn't told the princess anything about her part in all of this until tonight." A fact that makes it more likely you're lying to us if you think it's 'for the best' but better to not bring that up now. And best to call Almira the princess for now too. Makes it seem more respectful as I question decisions. "I understand your hesitance to have her try human blood. You clearly care for her and want to protect her. But if the fate of the world is at hand, can you really afford to be careful? I mean, you obviously know more about all of this than I do. I'm just an outsider with limited knowledge. But it seems like she wants to protect everyone. And wants to be friends with humans. Why not let her make the decision as to how she wants to handle it?" Time to shut up. You've pushed far enough. Even if it is important to know just how far she's willing to go to protect the princess over humans. Clearly we're well below her on the list of Misea's priorities, but where's the divide? How far can I trust these three before I need to start looking out for myself since I know they won't first?