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  1. "It... it's like they said. He is in a very respected position and he deserved more honor than the bow I gave him conveyed. Had I seen his tattoo I would have known but..." Hoshi was clearly flustered and quickly bowed more deeply to Daichi, barely listening to the rest of what he had been saying. But when the important of what he said hit her, she glanced over at Amon. "Demons..." They could be guarding the location of the gate... Hopefully Amon will know the right questions to ask. I do not believe the Hikiba will easily involve foreigners in their fight, especially not with the number of women we have but... She took a deep breath and turned and smiled at Eva. "Right, sorry." Walking in the direction she had indicated earlier, she took a few more deep breaths, trying to calm herself. "I am sorry, I, uhm... It is not easy for me to be back here. And especially for our group to have been greeted by someone like him... Still. Tell me what you wish to know, and I will help you as best I can."
  2. "Hmm? Oh, Eva, yes what did you..." Hoshi trailed off, turning slightly pale as the man revealed himself as one of the emperor's Hikibain. And she had barely acknowledged him. Still, he didn't seem upset. Well of course. He was more interested in what Amon was saying. She was lucky. But in the future, if she saw him, she would need to make sure to treat him with more respect. Right, Eva. "Err, right. What did you want to know about exactly?" Looking over at the men discussing the situation, she gestured to a spot slightly further away but still close enough that Amon wouldn't worry about them. "Perhaps we can talk about it, uhm, over there?" Anything to distance herself a bit from the Hikibain. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "All right? I..." Lumi hesitated. She barely knew the avians. On the other hand... she barely knew the avians. Out of everyone in their group, they might be the least biased about her personally staying or going. And they were peaceful... It's not like they would judge her for leaving a battle. Right? "Not... not exactly. I... was horrified and terrified by everything that happened back when we first were reaching the ships. That magic... I... expressed these fears to Pete. He and I had been traveling together for so long, I thought he could help. And... he told me I should leave. He's trying to protect me I know but I can't... Everything he said made so much sense. I don't want to be a burden on everyone. So I'm going to ask the captain if I can stay on board until she returns to Ursium. That's all."
  3. Kaya hesitated and then picked up the physic staff. "I'll take this one. My heal staff still has some power left in it after all and this could be really useful." Digging in her pouch, she pulled out the correct amount of money and handed it over to the shopkeeper. "There, that should be enough!" Waiting for him to count it, she looked over at Telmara and Jovi and quietly asked, "Could I actually... speak with both of you after this? Something... not quite right happened. And I need some other opinions on it besides mine."
  4. Spotting Amon moving over towards the Kigenese man and Eva, Hoshi summoned up what little courage she had and made her way over to them. Giving a proper bow to the strange man, she turned to Amon and quietly said, "I have a place for us to stay while we are in the city. My employer has business here too and we should be able to stay in his headquarters here." She didn't know how much the Kigenese man understood in Common or if they were trying to hide the fact that they were connected to Weyland, but she figured that not giving away more information than was needed was the better path to take for now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lumi had finally managed to convince Star that going back below deck was the thing to do right now and so managed to reach the stairs right at the time that Jo and Liam did. Hesitating, she gestured for the two of them to go first. "Ah, sorry, here, you go. Are... are you staying on the boat too? Why? I mean... Sorry. Not my business. Err... Do you know where the captain is? I should... probably talk to her..." Lumi was quickly realizing she had no clue where this ship was headed next or if it was even headed back to Ursium. Hopefully she'd be able to talk to the captain soon.
  5. Hoshi had reached the dock near the ship and was standing a bit back, glancing nervously over at Eva, Angel, and the men with them. It seemed that they'd been having a good discussion, but it was still stressful to see so many important looking Kigenese men. They were not people that she wanted to talk to right now, but she knew she very well may have to. Hopefully Amon would disembark soon. She'd realized that likely no one else knew that Weyland Enterprises had a base here in town, which might be a good place to coordinate from while they were staying here. And she did want to talk to Joanna. Even if the Avian was the protector of the Emblem, surely she wouldn't be averse to answering some questions, right? Hoshi didn't want the power of the Emblem or anything like that after all. She just wanted to know more about it. Hopefully they come down soon.
  6. "Oh... Yes. I think we have a mend staff... Velvet might be holding on to it for us. The physic... Well, how much do these two cost?" She gestured towards the heal and physic. Mentioning Velvet had reminded her that the demi-cat might have her own stock of staffs for sale, so if the price seemed unreasonable, she could always just talk to her friend. She might do that either way if she decided to not get the Physic. After all, she needed to be looking out for the group. And that included Velvet now too, so it was important. Important... What was wrong with that vision? Something still feels off about it...
  7. "Buh? Oh, uh, yeah... These are nice I suppose. The Physic would be nice I suppose. I'm not sure if it's worth it but... I suppose we can consider it at least." Kaya walked over to the counter, and lightly touched the three offered items. Glancing back at Jovi, she did her best to smile in a reassuring manner. "Ah, no, I'm... fine. I need to talk with someone at some point but... I'll be fine for now, don't worry. Telmara, what do you think about the staffs?"
  8. "If you're pushing forward, Oni-1, I'll be right behind you. It's too dangerous for you to go on ahead by yourself, but together we can hopefully reach Oni-2 before she's in any real danger." Following through with that promise, Astin moved forward in an attempt to slice into one of the enemies that had attacked them last turn. "Here we go." Astin moves to 20,21 and shanks Cressida 1 with ProtoSword
  9. "O--oh. Go--good." That confirmed that at least. All she was was a disappointment. Even Thales was disappointed in her now. He said he wanted to see her again, but that didn't make any sense. He was probably just trying to be nice... She watched him run off after Haruhi and smiled sadly. At least he still had one friend to care about. She slowly stood up, pulling the saddlebags off of Star. "No need for you to keep these on anymore... Guess you're going to be stuck on the boat for a while longer though." She gave him a small pat on his neck before throwing the bags over her shoulder. Looking around, she spotted Pete up by the Avians and Amon. She hesitated, considering going and saying goodbye to him, but she couldn't face him right now. "Later... I'll do it later." I should just go and put my stuff back down below... Get away from people for a bit...
  10. It seemed that Thales had explained what was going on to Haruhi who, now that Lumi thought about it, had likely had no idea what had been going on throughout this whole conversation. Haruhi had taken it poorly from what little Lumi could tell by the tone in her voice as she started not quite yelling at her before running off. "Guess... guess I disappointed her too, huh?" She shook her head and buried her head in hands. She'd even managed to let down the person who couldn't even understand her. "I'll just... Shut up and go away I guess..."
  11. Being hugged by both of her new friends was surprisingly uncomfortable given the situation. She had no idea how she was even supposed to respond to this. She let the hug go on for a few seconds before trying to slip out of the hug. "I just... I don't know what to do..." She stared down at the deck, wishing that she could just disappear. She just needed to make a decision, but every time she tried to figure out the way to handle it, she just got stuck in a loop that she couldn't get out of. She just needed a break...
  12. This wasn't fair. It just wasn't. She'd been so set on going. Leaving for the sake of the group, so that they wouldn't have to worry about her, so that she wouldn't put them in danger, leaving so that she wouldn't be a burden anymore and then these two just had to... Ruin it. Eva had tried, but at the end of it, she had just been saying the same things Pete had. And even that had left a little seed of doubt in her mind. A seed that these two had managed to fully bring to bloom. As Haruhi, a girl she had met less than a week ago, wrapped her up in a hug, she lost what little control she had and started quietly crying again. "I... I ju-ust can't... can't be the re-eason one of you dies." Stupid tears, stupid emotions, this was ridiculous. She hated all of it. Ever since she'd talked with Pete, she'd been falling apart. Completely shattered and while she'd managed to hold herself together at least a little bit today, all of that was undone. It was disgusting. She'd set out on her own and had been perfectly happy and content. She'd fought before and had been perfectly fine. Why had everything been so different this last time? "I can't... can't trust myself in battle anymore. I fell... fell apart. I do--don't want to do that again. Do--don't want to distract someone and get them killed..."
  13. "I... I..." Lumi glanced back and forth between Thales and Haruhi, tears threatening to appear yet again, something the pegasus rider was entirely fed up with at this point. "I know I was supposed to learn Kigenese from you and... And yes you're my friend but... " How come it was the ones that she barely knew that wanted her to stay while the man she'd been traveling with and considered a close friend was trying to send her away? Did he really care that much more about her? But with what Thales was saying... Maybe he just didn't believe in her ability to stay strong... But that didn't make sense either. All she knew is she was starting to get a headache from all of this. "No regrets... How can I know..." Words were failing her again, and she started to try and push past Thales, running away again, but her legs wouldn't cooperate this time. They turned to jelly, and she found herself sitting down hard on the deck, staring down at her lap. Quietly, she tried her best to explain, "I just... All of this happened just a few days ago. And yesterday, I was just... It wasn't something that you needed to worry about. I needed to figure it all out. And of course I don't want to leave you. I promised... But I can't... I don't think I can deal with something like what happened back there. And I don't want to be a burden to you. To Pete. To anyone. How can I do this with no regrets when I'm going to regret it no matter what decision I make?" The tears were starting to leak out again and she angrily brushed them away, hating herself even more in that moment. She couldn't even leave without falling apart. She really was useless, wasn't she? No wonder Pete wanted to try and protect her by sending her away.
  14. Lumi froze as she heard Thales' voice from behind her. Please no. Not him, anyone but him... Turning around, she did her best to smile at him before quickly dropping her gaze back down to the ground. "No, I'm not... Not leaving. Not exactly. I just didn't... There's stuff I need to get done before getting off the boat, that's all." Like unpacking and staying on the boat... Just tell him you coward. He's going to find out eventually, anyways. She let out a small sad sigh and managed to look up and make eye contact with him, a small sad smile barely noticeable. "I... I was talking with Pete. About... everything that happened. With that... magic. And he was just worried about me and how I haven't been sleeping and how I... He doesn't want all of this to change me. He... He told me I should leave. Go... go work with Weyland in some other form. As a courier maybe. And all I could think about was what if I freeze up again? If I get someone killed because I can't... can't fight. Can't do my job. And I guess I just thought that... he was right." The smile had disappeared and her eyes were being drawn back to the ground. She knew that she had to have just disappointed him and lost his respect but... This is better. Better to keep him safe and lose his respect than get him killed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hoshi stepped off the dock onto solid ground and let out a breath that she hadn't even realized she'd been holding until now. This was it. She was back and nothing terrible had happened in the first thirty seconds. Now it was her job to make sure that continued. For herself and the rest of the group. Drawing herself up as straight and tall as she could (a vastly unimpressive sight), she made her way over to the other ship, waiting for the rest of the group to disembark. If she was going to be in charge of this, she needed to start now. If she was honest with herself, she had been hiding from everything up until now. Letting Amon and others take charge before the port battle, and hiding on the other ship afterwards. But she couldn't do that anymore. Her boss had entrusted her with this mission. <"And I will see it through. No matter what we face."> The sentiment would have been more impressive if there hadn't been an audible fear tinging it, but it was a start.
  15. Kaya had been following right behind Jovianna, falling a bit behind as she glanced around, trying to take in the city, but always making sure to rush forward and catch up to the other girl when she noticed. They were making their way through one of the side streets when she froze briefly, staring off into the distance, like she was trying to see something far away. Suddenly she shook herself and glanced around, realizing that Jovianna was ahead of her again. Racing to catch up, she fell into a contemplative silence, no longer glancing around at all the sights but instead staring down at the ground while she followed the mage into the store. Her desire for a new staff being mentioned caused her to look up, and distractedly comment, "Err, yes, that's me. I... Oh, Telmara, hello, I missed you there. Erm, I was hoping to just get another heal staff to be honest, nothing fancy. Mine is almost out of juice I think..." She trailed off again, as she glanced back the way they had come, a small frown on her face. Something wasn't right about that...