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  1. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    O-9, physic Jovi
  2. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

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  3. Astin suddenly became very interested in the sand at all the compliments, but was able to recover as the talk of teams came up. "O-oh, yeah, I mean, that'd be fine. It's not like we need to be on the same side all the time. Right? But... yeah, that's a good group. And if Christina gets the other two... Brant, Chris, Christina, you, me, Makoto, Tarquin, Elaine, the janitor, and Tonya... That's 5v5. So uhm... split the TKs into two sides, and then... I don't know. What do you think would be good teams?" It didn't really matter, did it? It wasn't like this was going to be some intense competition. It was just a fun time.
  4. "Oh... I'm..." Astin blushed and kicked at the sand as Avery started talking all sweet. "I'm glad I make you happy. It has been nice. I guess we'll see where the future takes us." They were getting a good crowd at this point. "Seems like we have enough for teams of three or four depending on how many of that group join. How do we think it'll be best to split up?" Glancing around at the group, Astin didn't see the most natural split. They figured Avery would want to be in their team but besides that, they weren't sure the best split.
  5. Astin waved away Avery's concerns. "I'm sure we'll be fine. We're just having fun here, right? It'll all work out in the end I'm sure. So maybe I can't jump as high as some people, I'll make up for it in other ways." Though if Brant and Tonya were going to be joining them... They would have to split the Russians up, that was for sure. Otherwise it would be unfair. Lost in thought on the best way to make teams, Astin barely noticed what Chrissy was talking about, mostly just nodding until Avery asked them a question. "Huh, wha, err, yeah totally. We've got it." Hopefully that was a valid answer to whatever they had just been asked and also hopefully they hadn't agreed to something ridiculous....
  6. Val's smile faltered slightly at Olivia calling her unique. That sounded like a bad thing. Was it? She probably didn't mean anything bad by it, right? She'd just said she looked great but still. Unique was just such a weird phrasing... "Yeah... Oh, uhm, take my shirt with you?" She tossed it at Olivia even though she was walking away and managed to land it on the other girl's head. Giggling, she quickly added, "Oops, sorry. Didn't mean to quite do that. Hurry back though, alright?" Shirt gone, she was left with the skirt and her towel and nothing to do. While the water looked tempting, she wasn't quite ready for that just yet. A bit of relaxing first would be nice, before we get into all of the running around and excitement. Making her way down the beach a bit, she found a nice quiet spot without too many people around. Laying down her blanket, she stretched out on it, face down, toes digging into the sand. "Mmmm, I could do this all day." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Fair enough I guess..." Astin could have said more, but Christina seemed to be done with the topic, jumping quickly to other options for team members. "Are you two going to get Kim to join in on your side? Seems like she'd be a good option if you think you need more talent. I'm sure Avery and I could work well with Makoto then." Though apparently Avery had different opinions as she started in on teasing them. Blushing, they quickly protested, "Hey now, I may not have those abs, but there's a lot more to volleyball than that! There's teamwork and making sure that everyone is where they need to be and precision. You can't just blast the ball as hard as you can or else it will go flying out of the court." She didn't seem to be interested in teasing too hard though as she quickly moved on to answering their question about all the people here. "Ri-right, that makes sense. I hadn't thought about that. I guess they all have families too, so that would account for it all too. It's too nice of a day to be stuck inside, but it's too hot to actually be out there in the desert. This seems like a nice compromise."
  7. "Ah, uh.. yeah. Ok." Astin blinked as Chris seemed anything but happy that they were asking about joining in. Still, Christina seemed fine with it, so there it was. "No need for you to apologize. She's not your responsibility or anything like that." Avery joining in was a good thing for sure. "Hmm, yeah, that looks like as promising a spot as any. Do you think anyone else will be interested in joining us?" Following after Chrissy, the sand warm on their feet, they let out a small content sigh. "As strange as this is, I can't deny it feels good. A few days to relax after everything, it's nice. Wonder who all else is here though. I wouldn't think there would be many crews at Central still. But there's a fair amount of people here." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`` Val's confidence was suddenly boosted by Olivia's reaction, reassured that she had picked the right outfit after all. "Ah, you think so? I'm glad you like it~" It was nice to not be the one struggling to recover for once. It was a new experience for sure, but one she was enjoying. "Well, I mean, it's the beach. We could go swimming, or just relax in the sand. Though you might want to put some sunscreen on. You're already turning red. No sense in coming to have a relaxing day if you end up sunburned. Did you have anything you wanted to do?"
  8. Astin hadn't expected the entire crew to be given the day off and sent to the beach in the middle of a war. That didn't mean it wasn't a good idea, but it still struck Astin as a bit weird. Unlike most of the group, Astin wasn't wearing anything special. A loose pair of shorts and a tank top had been the compromise they'd struck with their normal wardrobe and the fact that they were on a beach. Everyone else seemed significantly more enthused by this than they were, but that didn't mean they could find some way to enjoy it all. They'd been trailing a bit behind everyone but still heard Chris's suggestion. As much as they weren't happy about her presence, she had the right idea. And hey, they didn't have to be on her team, so it could work out alright. "I'll join in the volleyball. Avery, you up for it?" This was perfect. Not having to deal with the 'ocean', a bit of exercise, and this way Avery couldn't pester them about not doing anything. A perfect balance hopefully. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Val couldn't help but be stunned as she walked into the building. Even having seen some of the things that technology could do, what with living on the colony and all, this was still amazing. It was a perfect beach in the middle of a desert. Not too hot, not too humid, just... perfect. Glancing over at Olivia, Val grinned. The fashion show yesterday had gone well enough, but this was the fun part. She'd worn a long flowing skirt and a sleeveless top on the way over, but now that they were actually here, she figured it was time to reveal the swimsuit she'd picked out. Pulling the top off, she did a spin for Olivia. "So, what do you think?" The pure white suit clung to her body, with the only contrast being the light blue trim and an intricate gold design on the chest. The blue plunged in a fairly deep neckline and extended into a tie around her neck and wrapped around her hips as well, leaving the majority of her back exposed. "I thought about getting a bikini, but this one just felt more comfortable." She couldn't deny that this was far from her comfort zone and was honestly almost embarrassing. But at the same time it was comfortable and she couldn't help but feel pretty it in. That was what she had to keep focusing on.
  9. He literally said April Fools. It's not real.
  10. Name: Airi Shiranui Age: 15 Gender: Girl Appearance: All around an average looking girl. Average height and weight, with plain brown hair and normal looking features. The only unique thing about her is her different colored eyes. One is bright red while the other is gold. History: Airi comes from a normal family that never expected much from her. She was always a decent student but nothing noteworthy while her older brother and younger sister were both gifted students and her older sister was quickly recognized as a strong super with the ability to fly and super strength. When Airi recieved an invitation for the school, everyone justassumed it was a mistake but her parents decided to send her anyways. Ability: Nothing that she knows but surely there must be something there, right? Strength: 6 Agility: 7 Endurance: 7 Charisma: 9 Intelligence: 8 Intuition: 12 Mastery: -1 (1)
  11. Astin detached their arm from around Avery as they approached the movie theater. Glancing up at the selection of movies, they grimaced. The fourth in a movie series that they'd only seen the first two of, the nine hundredth superhero movie this decade and... Well, it wasn't exactly their type of movie, but eh. "Want to see The Last Kiss? Probably sappy all to hell, but it's better than the other two options that have showings soon." There were a few other options but it looked like they had just missed the showings for those. Avery had said they'd watch whatever, so hopefully this Last Kiss movie wouldn't be too weird... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The elevator cheerily dinged and Val exited along with Olivia into the hangar, glancing around. She didn't immediately spot any of the mechanics that wasn't busy, so she sighed and turned to Olivia. "Could... could you send a message to one of the people in charge here? I'm sure you've looked up their files already, so you know who to talk to. I would but, well, that's the whole reason we're here..." Hopefully she wouldn't have to beg too hard. Olivia was probably enjoying this a little too much.
  12. "Yeah that sounds nice. I don't know if they have those seats... Maybe they do. Man, I don't even know what's out these days... What sort of movie were you thinking of? Something romantic or more action-y?" They stepped out of the dressing room, back in their usual outfit again. They gestured towards the exit with a small smile. "Well, I suppose the first step would be to see what they're playing, huh? Don't want to get ahead of myself." Heading out of the store with Avery by their side, they slid their arm around her waist and gave her a gentle squeeze in thanks. They would have tried on more dresses or even bathing suits if she'd really wanted them to. She'd seemed so excited about it the night before that it would have been worth it for that alone. But the fact that she'd realized how uncomfortable they were and stopped made things just a little bit better. Even if openly displaying affection for her wasn't exactly in their comfort zone either, it still made them feel good and surely it would make her happy. And that made it worth it as well. After all, it was all about compromising, right? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I, uh, yeah. Won't be doing that anymore. In my defense I was a little hungover and... No. No that really doesn't make it any better, does it?" Val lowered her head to the table, blushing bright red in embarrassment as she realized what a mess she must be seeming like right now. There were really no excuses for her behavior and any explaining was just going to make it seem worse. And at the end of the day, it had been a stupid thing to do. Sitting back up, cheeks still red, she began to quickly eat the rest of her meal. There wasn't a lot left since it'd been a small piece of chicken, but it was enough to let her shut up for a bit. Once she'd finished everything but the apple, she stood up, grabbing that to take with her. "Well, hopefully one of the mechanics will be able to fix it. If not, I'll need a whole new one which would be awkward... And then you can see what I bought! Oh, not the swimsuit though. That's going to be a surprise, ok? Wouldn't want to ruin that early!" She smiled, wondering if that would bother Olivia or if she would be ok with it. She knew that either way she would likely play it like it didn't bother her but that didn't mean much. Besides, if she did push, Val would probably cave and show it to her. But a little bit of teasing couldn't hurt, right?
  13. "Ah, yeah, it's... I haven't worn a dress in a really long time. I don't really like them and just... They aren't my thing. I'm sorry. We don't have to shop for me though. I have lots of clothes. If there's anything you want to look at for you though, we could do that! I could buy you something. If you wanted..." That was a thing couples did, right? Astin ducked back into the changing room, eager to get out of the dress. "Or we could just go see a movie or something like that. It's up to you." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Oh, you think so? Thanks. I got it because it was nice and comfy but also a little cooler than my sweatshirt." She stared down at her lunch as Olivia chided her, though the blow was quickly softened. "I know it's just lunch. I'm just happy. I..." She trailed off, sticking a bite of food in her mouth. She'd almost said something silly, so best to just move on. "I need to stop by one of the mechanics to try and get my communicator fixed. It should just be a cracked screen issue. I hope. But after that I could maybe show you some of the things I bought. There are some cute things in there." She'd forgotten how much she liked wearing cute outfits. In college it had been so much easier to just wear sweatshirt and jeans all the time. Plus it was easier to hide in them. Olivia had started to help push her out of that comfort zone, but after they had broken up, she'd retreated back to the safety of those clothes. And then it had just been habit, especially since she'd needed to wear scrubs in her job anyways. Maybe she really just needed to have someone to wear the cute outfits for instead of just dressing for herself.
  14. "Well... This top is one of the new things. Probably the simplest... But I can show you some more of them later, if you want." She thought that was what Olivia had been implying though maybe she just meant in day to day not all at once. The swimsuit was going to wait for tomorrow though. She didn't want to ruin the surprise there... "And good! Oh, though, do you have a swimsuit? I wasn't sure if the rooms had any so I bought one but..." She smiled up at Olivia. "I know the medbay has to be boring at points. It's not like this is what you wanted to be doing with your life. But... I am glad you came on board." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Astin fidgeted, staring at their reflection, gathering up the courage to step out of the changing room. The suggestion of having Avery come help had silenced them momentarily but staring at their reflection was just as bad. They hardly recognized the person staring back at them. Ugh, this is just... Weird. It's been ages since I've had to wear one of these. But she just seems so happy... They stared at the mirror for a long second before realizing they'd gotten their head up in the clouds again worrying about all this. Finally gathering up the courage, they opened the door up, allowing Avery to see their new look. The dress clung lightly to Astin, following the slight natural curve of their body before flaring out slightly towards the bottom. It wasn't anything crazy, but somehow Astin suspected that wouldn't matter. "Well? What... what do you think?"
  15. Astin didn't see much point in replying to the talk about relationships. Dying or Avery dying wasn't something they wanted to think about, things already uncomfortable enough in their head, so instead they focused on the shopping part of her comments. "Er... Sure. If you think so." Astin awkwardly took the dress from her, before glancing around for the changing rooms. "I'll go... change I guess. Just the one or do you have other options you want me to try? I guess you could bring those with you while I'm changing...." Dress in hand, they made their way back to the rooms, ducking into the first available one. Time to make Avery happy they supposed. Not much else good in all this, but at least there was that.... ~~~~~~~~~~ "Ah! Uhm, well, the rest of the meal is healthy! So it's ok to have one treat, gosh." She stuck her tongue out at Olivia, trying to mask how flustered she was. At least she'd come down. That was nice. "Well... I thought you might not have eaten yet and it's getting late for lunch so you should be. Plus I like seeing you... And I got some new clothes! So I thought you might want to see them?" Thoroughly embarrassed now, with how silly everything sounded when she said it out loud, she popped a bite of the chicken into her mouth. Chewing and swallowing, she added quietly, "I... also got a bathing suit. Thought... maybe we could go to the beach tomorrow?"