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  1. Pilot "Got it. Heading back now." Astin stared sheepishly at the readings on the Ceres and added, "Yeah, I uh... Pretty sure you won. Sorry." Somehow they suspected she was going to be less than impressed with the damages. They'd been doing so well too... Shaking their head, they made their way back to the Riese, docking the Ceres in the usual spot. "Alright Juria. Time for a break before debrief. Go take a breather, alright?" Heading down the lift, they landed with a slight thud and sighed, leaning against the legs of the robot. Infirmary wasn't the right place to go now. It would be busy most likely with Kim and Christina and potentially Niko. Maybe just resting here for a few moments wasn't the worst idea. Slowly sliding down into a sitting position, they leaned their head back against the leg of the robot and closed their eyes. Just a few seconds to relax was all they needed... Physician Finally, Val peeked her head out from under her covers, staring at the cracked screen of her communicator. Seeing the time, she bit back a curse. While she'd been sulking, things had been moving on. She was almost certainly being missed in the infirmary right now, though with how few patients they'd had recently, maybe not. Still, time for the pity party was over. Scrambling around getting dressed, she strapped the communicator back in place, even if it was almost impossible to read it properly now. Gonna have to find a replacement somehow... Pushing it to the back of her mind, she headed for the door, ready to get back to the work she'd chosen to sign up for. Shouldn't have done it after... Ugh, just stop it and be an adult.
  2. Astin collapsed back against their seat as the machines warped away, the legs of the sniper's machine left behind. Once again, they'd manage to claim parts of Apotheosis technology for the crew, but once again it felt useless. Last time, they'd barely done anything to Vera. This time, they'd done something but it had been too late. Niko... Astin couldn't say they liked the boy very much. But that didn't mean this is what they wanted. He'd been abrasive and rude but he'd been a willing contributor to their cause and he had seemed to maybe be getting better. And now... Focus on something else. Come on. Flipping the comm to directly talk to Avery, Astin called out, "Avery, we'll need a salvage team out here. Got... Uh, got the legs of their sniper machine. Just the legs. But I'm sure you can do something with them. Or Buck can. Or... Something. Do you... Do you have any news on Niko? All we can see is he went down..." So much for focusing on something else. The problem was there really wasn't anything else to focus on. Letting out a deep sigh, they turned the Ceres back towards the Riese. Time to go deal with the fallout from this as best as they all could.
  3. Things were rapidly falling apart. Niko was down. Unclear if he'd survived though if any of them could have survived such an explosion, Astin couldn't help but think it would be him. Juria was scared, understandably so... "Juria, I know. It'll be ok, I promise. There's still a chance he could have lived. And if not... Well... I'll make sure you make it out alive. Don't worry." That was the hard part of having a copilot they guessed. The risks that they took affected more than just themselves now. It had never really seemed like an issue until the fact that they really could die at any second was shoved in their face. Taking a deep breath, they heard the call coming over the comms. "Copy that... leader." They didn't have a better call for him, so that's what they were going with. "Time to finish this. Before anyone else gets hurt." And that was really all there was to it. As Abby cleared the way out for Elaine, and the Riese hammered in a final shot as well as passing on information to the Ceres, Astin gritted their teeth. "One last time Juria. Hold on tight." Charging in, they pulled their blade back for a wide swing, not caring how predictable it was. It didn't matter. This was it. Slamming the blade down, they did their best to shear the enemy robot right in two. Astin cast Gain, move to 9-18, stab Carlos with the big sword
  4. "Copy Puppet. I've got your distraction coming." Man Avery was going to kill them for this.... "Brace yourself Juria, we're going in." Defensive position, boosters on, let's kick it. Pushing the Ceres to its limit, Astin sped past the Riese, right into the tangle of heavily armored bots that had been taking pot shots at them only seconds ago. "Let's see how you all fight in my territory. Try using your big guns now, HA!" And their it went, the mechanical fist flying out right past the head of the armored bot in front of them towards the sniper hidden in the forest. "Can't catch me by surprise now." See how they like cheap shots. Astin shields, accels, moves to 9-15, punches Carlos in the face or at least tries to distract him with the fist!
  5. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Kaya chuckled and shook her head. "Well, I wouldn't suggest running off just yet. You're still pretty young for all of that. But maybe some day when you're old like me, you can go on our own adventure, alright? But no need to rush that. For now just enjoy having a family and a safe place to live." She couldn't help but wonder if she might have been like Andrea if things had gone differently. Living in a castle, longing for adventure, always being told to quiet down, behave, listen to her father. It would have driven her mad and she wondered just how similar her sister was to her in that regard. Still, it was far too late to be worried about any of that now. "So where is your father now? Is he just letting you wander the streets of the city alone?"
  6. "Ugh, dammit! I'm hit, it's not great. I'm still doing better than some but damn..." Astin spat into the comms. Muttering under their breath about stupid cheater ranged robots, they glanced around. "Idol, if you can hear us, get back on the ship. We'll do whatever we can to cover for you. Merlin, Terminator, careful. These new guys hit hard and I think they're covering for that sniper. I'm not headed back in just yet, but I might have to soon." They began scanning the damages, trying to figure out how bad it was. Looked like the majority of the damage was superficial but a few deep gouges had happened right around the arm that had the fist attached. Using that might be tricky moving forward. Not that they were giving them much of a choice.... "I think I need to close in..."
  7. Astin spotted an opening left in the confusion of funnels and Hannah charging in, pushing their mech through the ensuing mess and chaos of exploding bots, to position themselves neatly next to one of the injured enemy mechs. "Another one down..." Astin moves to 19,10 Incision knifes Cress 2
  8. Astin let out a sigh of relief as Thorvald stepped in to take the hit for them, allowing their full concentration to go towards hitting the pesky Hunter attacking them. Somehow, they managed to score a direct hit with the energy blade, heavily damaging the enemy bot but not bringing it to the ground. Finally having a slight second to breathe, Astin was finally able to chime in on the discussion being had about the newly identified enemy robot. "I'm more on Merlin's side here, Red. That's a dangerous maneuver you're talking about for little gain. If we really want the mech, we can shoot it down and salvage it ourselves. Risking yourself out in the open to maybe capture an enemy mech seems pretty foolhardy. You're going to be an easy target for any of the enemy mechs, plus the enemy pilot. They get to sit still and shoot you while you're trying to board their mech. Better to take it down and salvage the wreckage and not risk your life."
  9. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Kaya chuckled quietly as the girl seemed to be warming up to her more. "Yeah, I'm your big sister, I guess. As for why we're here, I'm working with a group of mercenaries. We're trying to find artifacts that need to be protected and get them to safety. We've also been fighting the forces of... well he calls himself the King of Time. We're not sure what he's after, but he's stolen some things from here, harassed some other towns, fought us before... It's not something I planned to get involved in, but we came here to find out some more of what's going on with that." She wasn't really sure she should be telling the younger girl all of this, but it was a bit late for that. "But mostly we're looking for the artifacts. Nothing too exciting really." She didn't really think it was necessary to go into depth about the so called adventures they were having, especially to a girl Andrea's age. Though... "How old are you by the way? And... Antonius is back home... Any other siblings I should know about?" She had a joking tone to her voice, but in reality, she did wonder just how many siblings she had that she didn't know about up until now.
  10. Astin moves to 21,8 partially entrapping #2 and goes to town with Sawed Motor Knife flavor will come after attack result
  11. Astin moves to 22,8, SHIELDS and chakrams Hype #3 "We're moving to back Elaine up Juria. Hold tight though, this could get rough." Praying that they wouldn't lose their bet with Avery in their first encounter of the battle, they pushed forward ahead of Elaine, sending the spinning blade of energy out at the damaged enemy.
  12. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Kaya blinked in confusion, taking a step back herself, before a thought hit her. "... Ah. I have a half-sister it seems... Don't worry. I'm not here to hurt you or your father. Honestly I would rather be anywhere but here with him here, but it is what it is. The universe likes to play tricks on people I think..." The last few lines were more mumbled to herself than to the girl and as she trailed off, she sighed and shook her head. "I don't know what your father has told you, but I'm no threat to you or your brother or even him. I've no interest in playing his political games and I would never hurt the innocent like you or your brother. I'm here for something related to the temple I'm a part of, nothing else." She smiled, hoping to calm her half-sister at least a little. "I'm sure you'll tell him that you met me, but feel free to tell him I've no interest in interfering with his business here." Assuming he's behaving himself at least...
  13. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    "Ah, no problem..." Kaya trailed off as she stared curiously at the girl. Her questions made her realize that she had forgotten her gloves, which she quickly pulled on. "Ah, my name is Kaya. Nice to meet you Andrea. The tattoos are because I'm a part of a... Religious group I suppose you would say. They signify knowledge that I have. I normally keep them covered but must have forgotten."
  14. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Kaya left Telmara, wandering the streets of the city. She stayed away from the castle, eventually making her way up onto the wall overlooking the docks. Staring down at the ships, she sighed. This wasn't how she wanted things to be going, her doing her best to avoid a man she hated, risking missing something important because of it. Everything about this seemed wrong to her. But then again, there was nothing she could do but move forward. Her father couldn't hurt her. She was established as a prophet and as the leader of her group. What could he do to ruin that?