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  1. Without sounding blunt, try to be more positive about yourself. To answer the question though I would as long as we would have shared interests (liking the same things) but that would go for anyone despite their condition.
  2. From what I remember, I think the enemy's in the paralogue's and DLC levels will 'scale' with your best units like in fates; also by using second seals this will give your units more levels but also your enemies as they seem to have much higher level of stat gain on increasing levels.
  3. I know what you mean, all three of these avatars are terrible and they pander in game and to the player is just retch worthy at points. But I would like an avatar character in the next new game, but only if they have as little relevancy to the plot as possible and is more of a blank slate for the player project themselves onto.
  4. As vague as this sounds I really enjoy the style of turn based combat used in most fire emblem games along with the difficulty and challenge of the games which was one of they reasons I tried fire emblem out. What I dislike most is true hit/dual rn in fire emblem games as the displayed Hit rate is incorrect but, above 50% hit is actually higher than displayed and the opposite for below 50% hit. Also the child units in fateslandia, I just think they feel a bit to forced into the game I would rather they were just not in fates. Unless they where put in game as just normal characters and not space magic time children.
  5. Is there any downside to using Killer Weapons?

    They have -10 avoid, a low might of 6 and a 25% crit chance but it has a 4X crit multiplier. In my experience though they rarely see use as reaver, brave, bane and breaker weapons are so powerful and combined with the lower HP of fates the higher chance of crits they provide are not as relevant as the bonus counter damage and the ability to strike up to 4 times (in my opinion).
  6. What unit is the worst of their class?

    Vyland is the worst cavalier from FE 1 he joins in chapter 5 but has worse base stats than both Cain and Abel who are available from chapter 1. Vyland could be useful if both Cain and Abel are dead but the other 4 units he joins with are better even Roshea. Vyland Abel
  7. Which of the first two games is better?

    I think they are both under-appreciated games but I do much prefer FE 2, people often just never play either game and think their bad because someone else said so or something along the lines of "HURR DURR Grafiks not even good"
  8. What are you hoping for Story-wise?

    I would like to see a more world building to add more depth and also to create more reason/purpose for the quest. The return of light, dark, wind, thunder and fire magic types. Weapon durability, forging and some sort of repair feature in the armoury(s) A world map that the player has to go around No phoenix or causal mode as it defeats the object of fire emblem; what is the point in playing if their is little or to no risk? Some form of choice or player decision such as what route to take on the world map or situations where the player has to chose characters like Deen and Sonya , not the £30 Fateslandia 'choice'.
  9. A pet peeve of mine is the clipping of objects/entity's in games, although its usually unnoticeable/uncommon in most video games I always just seem to notice even the smallest amount of it.
  10. Jordan Peterson, my hero

    This thread and everyone in it -- https://streamable.com/kg4uo
  11. This Nintendo direct was filled with nothing but lies... Lies, lies, lies, lies, LIES!
  12. Enemies that frustrate you

    Any cleric/bishop that has a status or effect stave like sleep, berserk, hex and entrap (but it does make maps more interesting though) Also, the enemy normally sporting this portrait
  13. Your least favorite character is now the Lord of their own game

    I think fates would have been better if we got to see the real side of garon which is only briefly mentioned in a few supports and not the one note villain we got.
  14. Your least favorite character is now the Lord of their own game

    Dire emblem: Garonquest
  15. Did overambition kill this game?

    The first FE game I played was Fates and all I can say is that the game feels very empty there is hardly any world building (I dont really know where all the nations in-game are) and the character pool is as wide as an ocean but as deep as a puddle. Furthermore, I think the fact that fates was split into 3 could be a large reason for the game feeling rushed and unfinished especially revelation in which most characters that join have the same level and base stats that they had in their respective titles even if said character joins way later than they did in conq/birth e.g. nyx, perhaps if fates was a single game all of the development teams effort and resources could have been put into it.