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  1. IF We Got a Sequel....

    For a game about performing arts, not getting a mirage based on FE dancer was a massive mixed oportunity, the agent lady could have been the dancer or Tsubasa herself even.
  2. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    Part of me want to belive...or he could be the true MC(with the other being route exclusive characthers) as they're harkening hard to Echoes style.
  3. IF We Got a Sequel....

    I would want a real crossover, seems Heroes pulled the idea better now in that front.
  4. At the end of the time...nope this game perfomed well as there were not RPG not name Xenoblade on WII U but at the bottom Line...this game was the worst choice possible for a crossover and the final product ailed for that, should have been an original IP when idols were introduced, since them all FE cameos are whimsical at best, just a contract condition at worst, is like atlus collapse of ideas midway and just make the worst of two worlds, seems this game ailed when they moved all the energies for persona 5, that is this is Persona 4.5 That a true crossover. This game performed as best as Atlus send it to die and still overperfomed.
  5. Just saw it was your birthday today. Assuming you're the same Nivek from, I love your TL.

  6. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  7. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  8. Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!


    Enjoy your 21st!

    You may never see this though...

  11. We Should make this one a fixed topic like the other two mangas one, take a while found it, and as a plus, this manga is completly Traslated
  12. What Happen to Shouzou Kaga

    So in few word Kaga is new Retired and playing Manhong, well that happen, in general feal weir when he go out of Nintendo and was when the franchise become global... in someway that was a missed oportunity... but well that is how is life. But in a Opinion, who Abbandon who? Kaga to Nintendo or Nintendo to Kaga?
  13. In general that is the question, since the Remake of FE1 in DS, simple Shouzou Kaga is like in criogenesis, Nobody know what happen to him, His company was close a few year after Berwick Saga(who was a little Sucess but still Sucessful), the last time was he giving a thought in his blog about the series 20th Anniversary. So someone know what happen to him, or his blog in that regard?
  14. Ike- Originally Saber was to be 'historical' Arthur King not his genderbender version... No know who to be the Master Nephee-Lancer- She is Awesome and a Forged weapon as Gayborg- Master should be Heather? Archer- Shinon is the only who i can fill the GAR to be an Archer(and Scream: Unlimited Blade Works) Elincia must be the rider- Calil has all the traits to be Caster(mostly being a Smug Snake) We lack the Berseker... Boyd is Perfect with Mist being his Master
  15. [OUTDATED] Elibian Nights

    I'm smell a bad troll.. a very bad one... So both Fiora & Farina is here, and Florina with Lyndis... so who is Lilina mothers? and poor Nino, leving his twins with Lucius only because the killers..