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  1. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    psh, cop-out. you should take some when you get the chance!
  2. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    sully post pics of the calf
  3. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    y'all should've sheeped my reads harder GG all. Oh yeah, and I was Futaba the Day 1 Networker. I networked four people who weren't myself. My logic's explained in the graveyard, but I'll wait for SB to post the quicktopics.
  4. Quick December EiMM [Sign-Ups]

    Hosting this as filler since SB's game is in *YLO and BBM said there were people who wanted to play in his game who he'd maybe have to wait a week or two for. Rules: - This is an Everyone is Mafia Mafia game. There are no day phases. Each night, you kill one other player. If you are one of the last three players alive, you win. Outside contact is enabled. - Aliases are on. When you sign up, PM me an alias (or message me on Discord). Players will target aliases instead of player names. When a player dies, their alias will be revealed. - All players have roles. By default, players have two BPVs (bulletproof vests) to begin with, but this may vary depending on role. - Players who do not send in a kill will die themselves. Idling your kill is not allowed. - Each night phase is 24 hours. - Pregame strategizing is not allowed. Game starts when SB's game ends, maybe add a few days if I don't have a reasonable amount of sign-ups by then. This way I should also have lots of time to fine-tune the set-up and make sure it's fully balanced. Sign-Ups: Clarinets Junk Lord Gaius Walrein Shinori Blitz Anime27Arts DefaultBeep Fenrir Aesir Bartozio SullyMcGully SB. Mackc2 Monde Grace
  5. Mafia Headquarters V4

    Maybe! I might not; I'd rather wait for more people to be available.
  6. Proto just claiming normal Rogue made me think it was weird when you claimed Macho without knowing about the log though (eg why would a rogue be macho, was snike scum that was going outside his given fakeclaim but got screwed by proto, etc). In the end Rein just really had a Macho rogue though lmao. Also Ice said you weren't macho when he dug up your flip which was really weird.
  7. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    Cut by me dying.
  8. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    Mich could be scum. He stepped his game up mid-D1 when he got lynched as Godfather too. It just didn't stop his lynch because he had scummy actions on record already. This game is a blank slate. Despite his lurking I don't think he's much worse than my main scumreads, though.
  9. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    I guess you're right in that scum is more likely to test the waters before claiming after subbing in. I still think the slot could be scum though and am just opposed to last minute wagons on principle and I'm heavily skeptical re-reading Sully would make me want to lynch him more than the slot I've been scumreading all game.
  10. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    I don't think the VT tell works because once scum know it they can abuse it. In a situation where people were clamoring for a lynch on a slot that just hadn't posted, subbing in and throwing semi-decent content out there is enough to sway a few votes off of you. scum!Gaius doesn't need to fakeclaim to survive.
  11. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    Before I forget: My roleclaim is that Refa and Michelaar are scumbuddies.
  12. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    I think you're clearing Bart too easily, honestly. Why can't scum!Bartozio do that? It's an extremely easy post to make regardless of alignment so scum!Bartozio can make it because he needs to look like he's Doing Things, and it doesn't really matter for him in the end because he's not actually committing to a read on you or Sully when he does so. I don't see how Mack's responses are alignment indicative. tbh I'm not a fan how he says he still thinks Shinori is scummy and re-enforces his Shinori case but makes an empty unvote in the same post he says he doesn't like unvoting without a new person to move his vote to. His vote ends up on the Ken wagon in the end even though he said he wanted to read Shinori more so I can't tell where his Shinori read actually went.
  13. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    I am cooling down on Gaius a little (despite being salty at him for the bad meta on me) but I don't really want to lynch Sully either. Surely nobody would feel bad about lynching Bartozio if he flipped scum? Might be too close to a turbo for my tastes, though. Alternately we can lynch him tomorrow, like the time I felt bad about lynching scum!RD immediately so I waited until Day 2 to push him. I think ultimately it's reasonable to lynch the VT claim in case I'm being dumb and second-guessing myself based on other scum reads that I could also be wrong about.
  14. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    Neither of them are getting lynched today from what I can tell, but my Mack read hasn't changed much from the posts he's made since I suspected him. Last night I was concerned Shinori could be scum trying to seem active by replying to all the suspicions on him but not actively engaging with the main game much, but after his PBPA of Bartozio I think he's just following his own whims and his play looks reminiscent of Kemono Friends. Overall I'd say he's just OK, maybe a slight town lean? I haven't really read him in-depth because I want to Get This Post Out Here(TM). My current Shinori read is completely independent of my original read on him, though, which was a gut read based on early posts. I actually am glad for Shinori's post on Bartozio, though, because it made me realize Bartozio's reason for keeping the Ken vote is... "[he] somewhat discourages people from posting reads, so I'm going to keep my vote there for now.". Wow! And you guys thought I was voteparking! He outright says he's leaving his vote there "for now" like it's just a placeholder because he doesn't know who the scums are. Then when he switches back it's just because he has no better read... Seriously, this is what apathetic scum parking on a wagon looks like, not me Pushing Ken For Doing Scummy Things. tbh everyone on the Prims wagon should explain how the hell my Ken vote is worse than this. @kirsche @Lord Gaius @SullyMcGully @Refa Same posts can be repurposed as a reply to Gaius. Again, his play persisted into the serious portion of the game, not just RVS. If he had kept posting after that and his posts were still scummy I would have still voted there. Anyway, if I die then lynch kirsche tomorrow for pushing bad gameplay theory as a reason not to lynch a scummy player and starting a mislynch wagon over meta while ignoring the actual context of my actions. Bart is a great lynch too and Gaius is also still a reasonable option but I'm actually wavering on it now because two of my last minute scumreads (kirsche and Bartozio) have interactions that point to him being a townie used as a scapegoat for their nefarious scum plans. If you made me guess the scumteam offhand I would say kirsche/Bart/Mack, with Gaius as an alternative to Bart. Obviously kirsche isn't getting lynched today, though, so not me over me applies.
  15. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    ALTERNATELY if Ken/Gaius flips mafia we lynch you for opposing the wagon for a non-reason and ignoring the actual cases on him. What kirsche says here is straight up not true because when a lynched player flips scum, you catch scum by looking at how people interacted with the wagon on them more than you look at the scum's actions. He's also devaluing the worth of a scum lynch, ignoring the fact that obviously a scum lynch is good because it PUTS US CLOSER TO WINNING. It's a complete non-defense and he also didn't acknowledge me restating the case on Ken since the last time he dismissed it, which bugs me because part of the reason I felt the need to restate it was because of how much he had oversimplified it. I do think kirsche is extremely scummy now for pushing the train of thought that you should lynch for associative reads and not scumminess. This is independent of Gaius' flip too; scum!kirsche's lack of an actual Ken defense could just as easily be because Ken is town and he doesn't care if the slot gets lynched.