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  1. Cuphead In: Don't Deal With the Mafia (Day 4)

    Deadline is February 18th, 7 PM, PST.
  2. The Second Well

  3. Cuphead In: Don't Deal With the Mafia (Day 4)

    Role PMs are going out now. When you receive yours, confirm in your PM using your anonymous account.
  4. The Second Well

  5. Cuphead In: Don't Deal With the Mafia (Day 4)

    Going to have to delay game start until Wednesday, actually
  6. Cuphead In: Don't Deal With the Mafia (Day 4)

    13/13 now, will start the game on Monday.
  7. Cuphead In: Don't Deal With the Mafia (Day 4)

    I have two people who said they could be last minute joins (eg if I only needed one more person), but at the same time, somebody was busy and had to leave. As such, I just need one more player, after which I'll start the game.
  8. Cuphead In: Don't Deal With the Mafia (Day 4)

    before 2018 end anybody wanna take the last two slots in my mafia game
  9. Cuphead In: Don't Deal With the Mafia (Day 4)

    Who the fuck is Paperblade
  10. Antihero Anonydraft Mafia (Game Over)

    tbh I don't really see the problem with making an unconventional pick in a draft game. like you play to win and if you feel like you're going to play worse / do less for town if you pick a power role then it makes sense not to pick that role. eg I wouldn't pick doc as anything since I'm usually NKed in these games. Refa should have totally picked follower though because his playstyle is perfect for info roles (universal townread who never dies).
  11. Antihero Anonydraft Mafia (Game Over)

    If I had gotten pick 1 I would have chosen insomniac to be a dipshit memer so
  12. Antihero Anonydraft Mafia (Game Over)

    I understand why you would say that BBM as I would have thought the same remark from the same joke pov but I would have backed off on commenting until picks were fully set to avoid influencing the game. like just in the future U gotta be careful
  13. Antihero Anonydraft Mafia (Game Over)

    I agree mods shouldn't influence peoples' picks but these slips happen and it's why we have mod subs and other shit
  14. Antihero Anonydraft Mafia (Game Over)

    I would have hijacked Omar and Kokichi cuz if they're town you know you're not screwing up a power role
  15. Antihero Anonydraft Mafia (Game Over)

    I picked Vengeful cuz I was early on the drafting order and really didn't want scum to have it and thought it would be a pretty good role since I die a lot and like to kill people. Picking Doc or Follower would've gambled on me not being obvious enough in the anon aspect of the game to get namekilled had I been REALLY LOW in the drafting order I would've tried to pick something like hooker / follower / hijacker to gamble on town and scum both forgetting to pick it or overguessing it already being picked. I remember nobody picked follower in Anonydraft. worst case scenario is you get intel on a strong role being in the game i don't think anybody picked doc in anonydraft either lol so honestly good on shinori for making good use of his drafting spot