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  1. Best FE dad?

  2. "Is Rebecca good?" Experiment

    Who needs defense when you can dodge your way to victory : P ?
  3. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Tier List!

    Elincia is an AMAZING unit, really i never had trouble training her, even though she joins late, it never become a problem to me, she can EASILY catch up.
  4. "Is Rebecca good?" Experiment

    I just thought it would be funny if you supported her with Nino : P Another part of me wants you to support her with Louise becasue why have only one sniper if you can have two instead XD ? But if you don't want to go the funny route and feel like going for the serious one instead, maybe Dart or Lowen would be good after all, really just do whatever you think is right.
  5. "Is Rebecca good?" Experiment

    And another chapter where she got strength, and no speed...0__o
  6. "Is Rebecca good?" Experiment

    Support her with Nino : P
  7. "Is Rebecca good?" Experiment

    Now watch Rebecca get strength blessed but speed screwed : P I once got a Lyn like that and it was the most funny thing.
  8. Awakening is an amazing game

    I enjoyed the story, I remember being VERY VERY invested in the avatar past and what not, and really i feel like some people are too harsh on Awakening, I see myself enjoy playing it more than some of the old games ( FE9 as an example)
  9. "Is Rebecca good?" Experiment

    Wow....Rebecca getting two strength in a row.....who is that and what did she do to the Rebecca we all know and love ?
  10. "Is Rebecca good?" Experiment

    I also can't see the images V_V
  11. "Is Rebecca good?" Experiment

    I always use Rebecca #NoRegrets
  12. Micaiah Character Analysis

    I always roll my eyes when ever i see someone calling her a "Mary-Sue", I find her easily to be one of the best written main characters in this game, I sometimes hope we get another main character who will end up being a grey character like her, but I doubt it, but hey that means Miciaiah would forever stand out, she already stands out easily for being a magic user, and her story just makes her even better tbh.
  13. Would you Reclass Faye?

    I always make my Faye a mage, she always turns out amazing to me.
  14. Durability. Yes or no?

    I guess i just didn't like how Fates handled it, i know the chances are they would handle it better if they did that again in another FE game.....but really i never hated the fact weapons break with time, it just really gave a element of having to know when to use to each weapon....and if no weapons ever broke, you can just keep spamming the use of one weapon again and again, and i don't think that something i would enjoy XD
  15. Durability. Yes or no?

    I know i'm going to be one of the few people who say this, but i like durability for weapons