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  1. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    congrats on finishing this <3 You worked so hard on this, so I'm happy you were able to finish it.
  2. I'm 22, I moved out from my parents house few years ago, and I still don't feel like a full on adult? Like I look back at when I still stayed with my parents, and I can tell that I did so many stupid things back then, and I do feel like I grown a lot from my high school self into me right now, but still....I can't look at myself right now and be like "this is what an adult should be like : )" I feel like I will fully feel like an adult when I start a family tbh? So I guess "Having a child" and " Living with a partner" are my milestones.
  3. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    I don't think I've ever used a body ring in my life, I sometimes forget their even a thing lol V_V
  4. catch it and make it my pet
  5. Opinions on Lyn

    Lyn <3 I'm not crazy about her, but I like her a lot. Eirika to me is what Lyn is to many people, but even though Lyn wasn't my first lord, I really liked her character, and her supports are great <3 overall she makes FE7 better by being there, and I wouldn't want it without her.
  6. Chapter 3C: The Queen (New characters that we will see, but won't join the party: Queen Asa, the queen of the kingdom of Tunetia, Prince Zerth, the son of Queen Asa, and duke Divilm, the father of Hope and Kaitlin) *At the royal castle of Tunetia* Solider: And that's all of my report, my queen. Queen Asa: I see, you may leave now. Solider: Yes your majesty. *The solider left the throne room, leaving Queen Asa and her son alone in it* Zerth: So Hope is still missing...and most of the soldiers we sent to Demancia are dead.... Queen Asa: Seem so, you know...I've just about had enough of this, you are my only son, does that stupid girl not know how lucky and blessed she is? Running away like that....just who does she think she is? Zerth: Mother... Queen Asa: I'm going to send a letter to Duke Divilm, you will have his second daughter instead, Kaitlin was her name I believe, I've only met once and she seemed a lot more lovely than her older sister, so maybe this is for the better after all. Zerth: Mother, would Duke Divilm even agree to such a thing? Queen Asa: He will, Duke Divilm won't miss the chance of getting more power, I doubt he cares which of his daughters end up getting married to you. Zerth: Mother....why Duke Divilm's children though? Aren't there many other noble women out there? Why are you insisting on making me marry one of his daughters? Queen Asa: It's simple, Hope and Kaitlin are the daughters of THAT woman... Zerth:....? What Woman? Queen Asa: Never mind.....hey dear, how would you feel about going to Kaitlin yourself and telling her the news? From what we've heard, it seem like she's in a town called Hwen, you can take few soldiers with you of course, go find Kaitlin and bring her back to Tunetia Zerth: Mother....are you sure that's a good idea? Kaitlin is searching for her sister right now, how would you want me to bring her back to Tunetia? Queen Asa: Dear...the only reason I'm sending you and not just some of our soldiers is becasue I trust you won't screw up, and as for Kaitlin...bring her back by force if needed be. Zerth: Aren't you being too cruel? Queen Asa: Maybe, Zerth once you become a king, you will learn that sometimes you need to be cruel. Zerth: Alright....I will take my leave to Demancia in few hours. - *In Hwen with Kaitlin and the rest of the party* *In the inn* Mary: Please please PLEASE tell me we have enough money now to leave this place already, I don't want us to stay here any longer and risk getting attacked in this town as well. Kaitlin: If I did the math right.....I think we have enough! After getting attacked in Ely, we traveled to Hwen, a town that was close by, we still needed money to get on a boat, It took us only couple of days, but we've all worked hard to earn the money we needed, hopefully my sister isn't too far away now.... Kael: We would had been able to leave earlier....if those 3 weren't with us. Kaitlin: Kael! Kael: I'm going for a walk. *Kael left the inn* Strix: He doesn't like us, does he.... Kaitlin: Please don't think too much of it...ever since that girl attacked us, Kael has been acting weird, he's not his normal self. Leo: True, he was always there for me back in Tunetia, I always looked up to him. Geri:....Okay lets take a look at the map, it seem like Hope is still going she going to Aurelia I wonder? Freki: Aurelia? Geri: Yes, Aurelia, hopefully we will find more clues once we get on that boat and reach the town of Ecrin, Ecrin is a town close to the border between Aurelia and Demancia, I'm sure we will learn more once we get there. Kaitlin: Strix, I know you agreed on coming with us to search for my sister, but are you sure? We don't know where our journey will lead us. Strix: It's okay, Kaitlin, I think....being away from Demancia for a while is for the best right now, the chances are whoever is after us won't find us there as easily. Kaitlin: That may be true, remember what Viserren told us? I remember him saying how only misery is waiting for me in Demancia Viserren...just who were you? I wish I was able to ask you few more questions before you left Leo: *Yawn* It's getting late....I'm so tried, I'm going to sleep, I will need all the energy I can get if we will be leaving Hwen tomorrow morning. Mary: I'm going to sleep as well, Ecrin town here we come! *Leo and Mary both left to their rooms* Kaitlin: I've never been on a boat before.... Strix: You haven't? Me neither....hopefully we won't get sea sick. Freki: If Lupa was still here, we could have just flew to Ecrin... Geri: Freiki... Freiki: I'm going to our room... Geri: Freiki wait! *Freiki left, while Geri followed her* Kaitlin: Is she....okay? Strix: I think she's sad becasue...well, I believe she met Lupa in Aurelia, so if we did end up going to Aurelia...that might bring sad memories to her... Kaitlin: I see... Poor Freiki...I don't think she likes me very much, but I still feel bad for her, and I sorta know the feeling of pain she's going through right now Strix: Aren't you going to go to bed Kaitlin? Kaitlin: No, I want to wait for Kael to return. Strix: You really do care about him, don't you? Kaitlin: Yeah....he's my rock, ever since we met, he was always there for me in my hardest days....and before I know it, he just become apart of my everyday life. Strix: Do you think he's going to be okay? From the way you and Leo talk about him, he seem like a totally different person. Kaitlin: I don't know if he's going to be okay or not....but I can't lose him, I already lost so many people who I loved in my life, my mother died when I was very young, my father also changed, my sister is missing, and now I meant to be alone? Strix: D-don't say that! Lets try and stay positive, look I'm sure we will find your sister, you won't be alone, so don't worry. Kaitlin: You know...You remind me of her, just like her, you also are trying to run from fate, I wish I was as brave as you two... Strix: Kaitlin....this journey hasn't been easy on you, has it? Look I know our group might not get along, but me and you...are friends, so I will be there for you. Kaitlin: Strix..! Thank you, and I for you as well, I won't forget everything that you have done so far for me in this journey. Strix: It's getting late...I don't want to leave you alone though, what if we got attacked again? Kaitlin: It's okay, I can handle myself, you must be tried Strix....go to sleep, I will keep an eye out until Kael comes back. Strix: I don't kn- Kael: I'm back.... Kaitlin: Kael! are you okay..? Kael: I'm fine...I just want to go sleep right now, lets go...* Kael grabs Kaitlin hand* Kaitlin: Okay....see you tomorrow morning, Strix Strix: Goodnight... I can't sleep....I wonder if Freki is keeping a lookout again? Kael wasn't sure if going into another town after what happened in Ely was a good idea...but it's not like we had much of a choice, we needed to get on a boat, and we also didn't have enough food to just camp in the forest...oh Kael... *Kaitlin looks at Kael, who's sleeping peacefully* I can't lose him... *The next day, the group was getting ready to get on the boat which will take them to Ecrin* Geri: So...this is the boat? Freiki: It's a little bigger than I thought it would be...just how much time will it take to reach on Ecrin on that thing? Kaitlin: About a day I think, or at least that what the captain told me. Kael: Wait, when did you get the chance to meet with the captain? Kaitlin: Well....when you were on that mission with Leo, me and Mary asked around about boats and such, which lead us to the captain. Kael: Wait, didn't I tell you not to leave the Inn becasue it's dangerous?! Kaitlin:....well I just wanted to help out a little, and Mary was with me anyway. Geri: Kael...calm down, or it will be a very long day for us if we were to get on that boat together. Kael: Don't tell me what to do! and you Mary! Didn't I tell you to not let Kaitlin out of the Inn even if she wanted to get out?! Mary:, I couldn't stop her.... and plus the Inn was so boring, I wanted to get out just to get some fresh Freki: Stop yelling! I have no idea how I will be able to be around you for a whole day on a boat, if you kept acting like that, I will throw you into the sea! Strix: Freki! Please don't make this worst... Leo: Don't threaten Kael, Freki! Kaitlin: Guys.....GUYS!! Stop! People are starting to look at us, lets just get on the boat already and act like none of this just happened! Kael:..... Freki:.... It's going to be a long day on the sea...But I'm feeling happy, I feel like....I'm getting closer to Hope, closer than I've ever been ever since this search started.... *On the boat* Kael: Kaitlin... Kaitlin: Oh Kael! What do you think of this boat? I've never seen one from the inside, I'm glad to know there is beds to sleep on... Kael: I'm just glad we don't have to share rooms with others anymore....or at least not today. Kaitlin: Are you okay Kael? You have different as of late. Kael: My head...feels weird, ever since that girl took control of mind hasn't been the same...sometimes I feel like I'm going to lose control of my scares me. Kaitlin: Kael...*Kaitlin hugs Kael* Kaitlin: Everything is going to be alright....lets stay positive... I need to find my sister as soon as possible....this journey has been tough on both me and Kael. *Few hours later in Hwen* Zerth: I see.... so a girl who looks just like Kaitlin was seen yelling on the dock....did you happened to know where the boat she's on is going right now? Solider: Yes milord! It's going to a town called Ecrin, it only took off few hours ago, so they aren't that far away. Zerth: I see, well it seem like we will need to get on a boat ourselves then, I hope you're fine with boats, Viserren. Viserren: Don't worry about me, prince Zerth....I'm only glad I could be of help to you. Zerth: Kaitlin...I'm sorry, but your search is over. *Somewhere else near the border of the kingdom of Aurelia* Hope: Who are you?! ???: S-save me.... Hope: First...tell me your name. Catrina: It's...Catrina.... Hope: Okay Catrina .....just who are you? She may look young, but I can tell she has a lot of power inside of her...I can sense it Catrina: The...Divine Guard..... Hope: The what? *Hope takes one step closer to the girl* Catrina: Don't come closer! I-I power....might hurt you.....stay away from me! Hope:.....Is that a wyvern with you? How did you get that? Catrina: He....just wanted to help me, but even power is hurting him.... What's going on here?! I never thought I would see something like this in a run down temple of all things. Hope: Okay...Catrina, just what are you doing here? Are you...hiding? Catrina:....yes....some people are after me, I think....they're getting closer now.... Hope: Hm, okay, I will protect you. Catrina: You....will....Why?! Do you want something in return?! Hope: Nope, just leaving little girls who need help isn't my style. Plus it been a while since I had a fight, I hope this Divine Guard will be worthy of me. *The sound of a door being slammed open is heard* Catrina:.....It's THEM!!! *About 13 Divine Guard members enter the temple* Divine Guard member: Look boss! It's the girl! we finally found her. The boss: I knew she was somewhere around here, but what do we have here....who are you?! Hope: Me? Your doom. *Battle starts* (Hope can use both swords and thunder magic) Objective: Protect Catrina while defeating all the enemy units Hope vs Boss: Boss: Who do you even think you are?! This is none of your business!! Get out of our way!!! Hope: Wow, I'm shaking in fear....not, come closer and feel my wrath! *Battle ends* Catrina: You...saved me....why? Hope: Is a reason needed to save someone? Catrina: Can i....stay near you for a while? Hope: Near me? Didn't you say I shouldn't get close to you? Catrina: Yes...I will follow you from....far away, I think I please don't betray me... Hope: Hmmm....I'm not sure if I want a weird girl and a wyvern following me around....but, I don't know if I can just leave you here....but okay, I'm going to Aurelia, it's up to you if you want to follow me there or not. Catrina: O-okay......I will follow you there.... Just WHO is this girl?! This is a bad idea....but I will feel bad to just leave her here, but I can tell she's a little crazy, so I need to keep my guard up around her...
  7. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    lol that random female enemy unit <3 she's iconic. *I press F*
  8. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    that perfect Lowen level up going to waste ;; And yes show Nino's level ups
  9. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    lol V__V rip my thread, it was fun while it lasted, I'm sad I wouldn't be able to finish it.....but oh well. You making maps again <3 drawing FE maps in art classes <3 I don't even remember it being there lol V_V I guess that answer your question.
  10. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    lol school <3 I miss school, I hated it when i was still in it, but now that I finished it.....I miss it ;; And as for me, I like to give Talisman to the characters who has bad res bases, and most of the time those people have a bad res yeah.
  11. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    Louise <3 I love her so much, my favorite sniper in this game. And Pent? I don't know her.
  12. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    We love a OP Florina. And Lowen is looking so good? and yes it's funny how he either gets Hp and Defense or everything else XD the RNG goddess is blessing him I see.
  13. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    Oh, glad it's not just me then : P And you using Isadora <3 I use her most of the time tbh.
  14. NES styled characters!

    How come I've only just seen these? ;; I love it. Also Jill looks great <3 I'm glad to see you enjoy doing these.