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  1. Pretty sure most people don't use Laguz lol, you really aren't missing out on much by not using them, and if Ranulf had those same stats and was on a game like FE7, he would had been good, but on FE10 he is nothing, now I do think Ranulf is one of the better laguz you get in part 3, or at least he has better basses, so maybe calling him "nothing" isn't fair on my part, but eh i don't care. And thank you <3 I'm not sure if I should be sad or if I should laugh at the fact Ilyana has gotten more speed than Ike...really it's both funny and sad. Anyway, I wasn't going to update this today, but I changed my mind and felt like updating it out of nowhere ^_^ We get Reyson starting this chapter, and he's another dancer basically, now him and Leanne are my favorite dancers in this, so the chances are I will be taking him or Leanne with me to the endgame. Also surprisingly I didn't have any shopping to do this chapter, but there was still few other things to take care of. Mia and Ike now have a B support together <3 I know they don't have a ending together, but in MY headcanon they do. I also gave Nephenee another bonus exp level up, and she got strength <3 she's now starting to look like the beast I know she is, really she can't be stopped once she gets some strength growth under her belt, anyway with that over with, I'm ready to start the chapter now. If there is one thing I remember about this map is that you need to be VERY strategic in how you place your units, really I will be needing all of them for this chapter, I really doubt I would be able to reach the boss and kill him, I don't do very good when it come to this chapter normally, so yeah....not expecting myself to reach the boss, good thing I don't have too. I still don't know why out of everyone in this game, Rolf for some reason has the best strength growth.....Like i'm not sure why they picked him to have the best strength growth, but hey i'm not complaining. Thank GOD that Ike's base speed is still enough to double these guys, if that wasn't the case....this chapter would had been a lot harder. Ilyana is the TRUE lord of this game, Ike who? Micaiah who? I'm like 90% sure Mia is going to be the MVP of this chapter lol, she just killed soooo many people, adept truly makes wonders if it's on Mia. Stay strong Gatrie ;___; I'm using him as a shield this chapter, but ugh he's running out of Hp and Mist is so busy healing other people to come and heal him. Ugh of course those two enemy units will go for Soren and Shinon and leave Mia and Ilyana Amazing <3 If only her brother can learn how to get some of those stats for a change. As long as it's strength, I don't care if she only get 2 stats in a level up. Speed AND Res <3 those are both stats that Ike needs. Rolf having the same strength as Ike <3 And I wish he would get more defense/res.....Maybe I should start giving him bonus exp level ups, he did just cap strength after all. Poor Haar and Gatrie....I've been using them as a human shield this whole chapter, but it's almost over now V_V More magic <3 she's still not anywhere near capping her Res though, but she's getting there with her magic. Ugh, I don't think I'm going to be able to reach the boss on time after all V__V And.....yeah, turn 10 came and left, and I couldn't get to the boss ;; I feel like had they given me 3 or 4 more turns, I might had been able too? IDK, but yeah that chapter is finally over with, really I feel like how you place your units will determine how hard this chapter will end up for you lol
  2. Awww </3 that's so sad, but I feel you, this was me when my Titania died, but I guess I didn't have to reset the whole chapter ;;
  3. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    lol I mean....where is the lie? And Isadora <3 Is it weird that a fan-game made me like her even more than FE7 itself?
  4. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Favorite Character?

    Micaiah is my favorite I think, even though I love so many characters from Tellius.
  5. Mia <3 Yeah she always turns out great for me in FE10, and lol Eduardo V_V get ready to get mind-blown when some stats reach 40. Ilyana and Rolf deserve more love, I almost always use them, and Soren? Anyway lets get right into the next chapter, sorry for not updating this yesterday V_V Got busy with some things, but I have a lot of free time today, so I was like " why not update this a little early today?" I had A LOT of shopping to do this chapter: Got Nephenee a new Javelin and a Steel Lance. Got Haar a Steel Axe. Got Mia a Steel Sword. Got Ilyana a Elthunder and gave her the Elwind Soren had. Okay....maybe that wasn't a lot of shopping after all : P and as for skills: Removed Provoke from Shinon and gave it to Gatrie I also gave Mist Shade, but the chances are I will remove it from her later on when I don't need to use her as a staffbot. And finally....supports: Not sure how good this support is going to be, but eh whatever, I just want to get some supports going already V_V I also made these two support with each other, I really just had no idea who to support Nephenee with, so I made her support with Mist for now, can totally see myself breaking this support later on, anyway now lets finally get into the chapter. As soon as we start the chapter, Lethe and Mordecai join the party again, we also get 3 new characters to look at V_V Ranulf, who I'm forced to use in this chapter, he's also a game over character in this chapter, so I can't have him dying on me, really I will only use him when needed :/ Oh look, more Laguz characters that won't be used. ...Lyre <3 I stan her in a ironic way, but yeah she's also not being used. I miss the days when one screenshot was all that needed to capture the whole map ;; Anyway yeah I don't really have that many memories of this chapter? I just remember it being very long. Mist got a level up right away, and it was....okay? I'm not sure what to think of it lol V_V And just like that, he capped speed <3 He's such a beast. Aw V__V Perfect <3 Ilyana now has the same speed as Ike, let that sink in., this green unit came all the way from the other side of the map, I'm assuming he came here so Mist would heal him, but of course he just had to take the spot next to Ike, the spot where I wanted to place Mist so can heal Ike, but now because of this green unit I won't be able to do it : ) I'm going to be evil and not heal him. I almost want to go for it, but I won't, I don't want to lose Rolf like that ;; but ugh I hate this spot, it's really hard to climb over it. I'm really only using Haar to weaken enemies. 5 turns later and he's still following Mist....I almost feel bad, if Heather wasn't dying right now, I would have healed him. We love a Ilyana who can double things. I feel like I've been on the same spot in this map for like 5 turns now ;; but I think I'm finally ready to move now, and Gatrie got a level up, just like Haar, I'm also using Gatrie to weaken enemy units for the most part. But maybe I shouldn't be considering she already capped speed/skill/res V_V idk This isn't scary at all.....NOT, but thankfully Mia dodged. Ugh I need to get her healed, but anyway she got another level up, and she got strength <3 I.....never had a Ilyana who was THIS fast, she just capped speed....I really don't know what to say? I have no idea how I'm getting so lucky <3 Still no speed ;___; he also capped strength after this level up. After 10 years of slowly climbing this chapter, we finally reached the boss, who is....scary ;; why does he has so much res and magic anyway? Is he a mage in disguise? I ended up giving the boss kill to Ilyana, but she didn't get a level up from it ;; but really both her and Rolf are like one battle away from getting a level up, so they will level up right away next chapter, this chapter wasn't too hard, but it took forever to finish.
  6. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    The GBA animations <3 Also I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who doesn't wait until level 20 to promote their units, really the only game I wait until level 20 are like.....FE4/FE9/FE10 for obvious reasons for whoever played those games.
  7. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    What's with Lowen getting a bad level up, only to get a great one right after? This happened twice now I believe, oh and congrats on making it into the half way point <3 And it's sooooo weird to look into GBA FE games stats after playing FE10.....
  8. Don't be sorry, we both foreshadowed her demise without even knowing : P and yeah I'm glad how those two are turning out Anyway lets get right into the next chapter, I'm NOT losing anyone this time around, really I didn't have any shopping to do, but I did do some other things when it come to supports and skills I made these two support with each other, I really ship them together for some reason? And yes, that's the only reason I supported them together, as if I will EVER support two units together for strategy reasons : P also planning on making Rolf and Ilyana support with each other as soon as they can. Now as for skills, I didn't do much, I only removed "cancel " from Haar and gave it to Nephenee, and speaking of Nephenee....I gave her a bonus exp level up. I'm going to FORCE her to get strength if I had too, anyway yeah this was a good level up, she really needed that strength, she even capped res, anyway now lets start the chapter. I don't remember this map being this big? but anyway, I really like the objective of this map? I find it to be very unique, also Haar is soooo useful this chapter, him being able to fly helps out a lot in reaching those supplies, I also refuse to lose anyone this chapter, so I'm going to try even harder to avoid having another death. The enemy having no chance of hitting Mia <3 queen of dodging "Cancel" is so useful on her....I almost feel stupid for not giving it to her last chapter More magic and speed <3 <3 <3 If this kept going, Ilyana is going to have more speed than Ike. I would like to believe Mia got angry that she wasn't able to dodge his attack, so she got a critical hit to make up for it. WHY is he getting so much speed?? His speed growth isn't even that good? More good level ups. Was this too risky on my part? IDK, but hey I won the battle of the killers bows in the end. And Mia finally capped speed, I don't think I ever had a Mia that took this much time to cap speed? I'm starting to worry I might run out of time V_V I only have two more supplies to burn, but there is still a good number of enemies , I'm also trying to release the horses, which also takes some time. Adept saving the day <3 Had that hit, I would had screamed and never played this game ever again. And now that the boss is trying to kill Ike, I think it's a good time to take a look at his, he's a dark magic user, which is nice, I don't think he's going to be too hard to kill though, even though he is a hard hitter. Those stats <3 other than res and maybe luck, he's perfect. Adept saving the day AGAIN <3 it's such a good skill, I almost feel bad for not leaving it on Micaiah's team V_V I hope they don't need it. She just capped strength and skill <3 and she got speed again <3 Ike is shaking. Strength <3 all I need her to get at this point. ......You know, I was hoping the last level up in this chapter would be a good one, but maybe that was too much to hope for V_V It took me until turn 14 to finish this chapter, really it wasn't that hard...well at least the early part wasn't, in the end I did worry that I might not make it, but I did, I'm just sad my Ike isn't turning out that great ;; I mean I know his speed growth isn't that much, but if Ilyana can get so much speed, then there is no reason Ike shouldn't : P
  9. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    40% isn't what I would call "awful" it's more like....somewhere in the middle really, could be better, could be worst, for me Lyn's strength always turned out fine, so I never really had a problem with her, but maybe that was just me getting lucky V_V
  10. NES styled characters!

    Those 3 <3 I love them so much, really I love most of Tellius characters. Ilyana NOT being in Heroes though makes me think she isn't very liked ;___;
  11. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    He needed that luck stat anyway : P And as for FE7 lords...I really don't find them that bad? IDK, like yeah Hector speed growth isn't great, he could easily get screwed over in some places, and I guess you can also say the same about both Lyn and Eliwood, but I really have so many great memories of them being good units.
  12. Wow......if this isn't foreshadowing, idk what this is. And use Kieran? I don't think I will? I think Haar would make a better replacement really, even though I'm still not sure if I will be using Haar or not, maybe focusing on a smaller group is better looking at how getting exp isn't that easy on hard mode? And no i didn't really cry : P But I did take some time off. lol Jules <3 Yeah I guess I do have other good units still, so really I still think I can move on just fine, and I'm pretty sure my Rolf is speed blessed? I wish he can give some of that speed to Ike : P
  13. You have such a good Kyza <3 I've always found him to be one of the most boring characters in FE until I went to his wiki page and found out he was different in the Japanese version 0__0
  14. Oscar always turns out great for me in FE9, I never tried using him in FE10 though, but becasue he's basically Nephenee on a horse, I would say he will be decent at the very very least. And yeah I don't think losing Rhys and Oscar would really effect me, so I'm not that upset about it, if anything things could had went down much worst last chapter, so really maybe I should be just happy that all the units that I do want to use made it out alive V_V And awww V_V sorry to hear that, critical ;-; I remember losing Titania once when I played was awful, I hope it doesn't happened in this run, anyway lets get into next chapter now. Starting this chapter, we get Ilyana, Nephenee, Brom, Heather and Haar back, before part 2 ended I made Brom carry a lot of stat boosting items, and lets just say that I used some of them right away : P I gave Mia Talisman, which made her res go from 8 to 10, I thought about using it on Ike, but I played favorites : P I also gave Ilyana ANOTHER Ashera Icon, making her luck go from 12 to 14. Also starting this chapter we can buy/forge weapons again, and I did a lot of shopping: Got Ike a Steel Sword and a Iron Blade Got Nephenee a Steel Lance and a Steel Greatlance Got Heather a new Iron Dagger Got Mist another heal staff Got Mia a Steel Sword, a Wind Edge, and I forged her a sword as well : P I called it "Violet" Anyway I'm finally ready to start the chapter now. This is one BIG map ;__; however thankfully we don't need to rush things like we had too in the last chapter, so I'm just going to take my time, and move very slowly, I don't really care about my turn count : P It's still turn 2 and I'm already feeling overwhelmed somehow ;___; Perfect <3 I'm loving how Rolf is turning out. OMG ;___; Had I lost Rolf just after that great level up, I would had been soooo upset. Ugh I missed Ilyana, finally there is a mage around that I want to use and take with me to the endgame, anyway good level up <3 I's Mist, so I can't say I'm shocked? Because it's Mist, so we shouldn't expect good level ups from her. Amazing <3 she's getting so much strength. Well....she just capped skill and speed, maybe I should start giving her bonus exp level ups? IDK. *1 hour later* Okay back, I needed to go and cry a little bit ;; You know....this is all my fault for NOT checking what weapon the enemy had...Really I wish there was someone else I could blame here, but this is truly all my fault ;_______; I just lost one of the best units in this game and I feel awful right now V__V Now that Titania is gone, I think I'm going to get forced into using Haar more than I want too. At least.... level ups like this make me feel better about this whole thing ;__; This level up is annoying for so many reasons, just ugh. Is it sad that I'm still nowhere near finishing this chapter? Anyway Ilyana with another great level up <3 Me and Nephenee have had ENOUGH!! Another Mist level up, glad she got magic this time around. And just like that, he capped skill, I hope he will start getting speed soon V_V I'm worried he might get speed screwed. Mia also capped skill, and is one point away from capping speed. This is the boss of this chapter....he's strong, but I will try to make Ilyana or Rolf get the boss kill, I think those two really need it the most out of everyone that I'm using, also as the boss is very far away, I'm just going to bait him to come closer to my units, he does moves which does make things easier a little. Giving the boss kill to Ilyana wasn't too hard thankfully, she even got a level up from it <3 not her best level up this chapter, but it's still a good level up, at least she got defense. And with that....this chapter ended, you know there is something funny about me having more deaths already in part 3 than how much death I had in part 1 V__V
  15. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    lol Pure water...I never use it. And I'm glad to see Lowen becoming better <3 really looking at his stats now, I would say he's already pretty good? Like the only things he needs more of are Luck and Res.