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  1. FE10 Randomizer v0.5 - VERY WIP

    So I've tried using this, and I'm stuck on step 4 ;____; I likely am doing something wrong. I just can't seem to get the command line to open anything lol V_V
  2. Yes, but almost everything that they wrote about the world either wasn't in the original game, or they didn't have enough lines that made the world what it was in FE15, so I really don't think it's fair to play the "it was a remake" card even though they basically wrote almost everything from the bottom to the top in FE15 and they really didn't have that much to take from FE2 to help them out. And I guess I somewhat see your point @Ottservia .
  3. I'm not sure how this turned into a Alm discussion thread.....however it gives me the chance to say out loud that Celica WAS THE BETTER FE15 LORD!!!!!1!111! Okay but back to the topic, while I do agree that Alm was given a lot for his blood, doesn't every lord in FE also gets that? Now yes some more than others, but as long as it doesn't define who they are as characters, it should be fine, or at least for the most part. As long as their blood isn't the first thing you think about when you think about said character, it would mean they got written right in my opinion, and I know I can't speak for everyone, but when I think of Alm, his blood and how much gifts he got from it isn't the first thing that comes to my mind, which is something I can't really say about Corrin.
  4. Oh boy..... This right here is something I wish people would stop doing. Whenever someone brings up how bad FE14's story was, only for someone else to bring up FE15, someone ALWAYS say it's the exception for some reason, which is soooo funny to me becasue that game alone should have proven that IS could write good characters, and yet people still want to act like IS can't write to save their lives. And I know some other people might say "bUT ThIS GaME WILL HavE an aVaTAR" and all I have to say to say is avatar doesn't equal bad story, or at least not in my book. Really this is all I have to say about this thread, goodnight.
  5. Who do you think will be the main Villain?

    Did you just suggest that IS could do something right story wise?!?!?!?!?! But anyway, I do agree with you that this game shouldn't be dismissed so quickly becasue from the things I'm seeing about it, it does look like it has potential to be very grey, like I don't see the church being the only villains in this? Like I doubt that all the other 3 countries will just team up and go after the church, if that's the case that would be a very easy victory for the good guys, so I'm sure something will go down to stop it from being that easy.
  6. Dayni's Tellius Foray

    Tormod/Muarim/Vika are.....something let's just say, they aren't easy to train at all, heck I would prefer to train Meg or Fiona over them lol, of course it's up to you if you want to try using any of them, but I won't recommend it for someone who's playing FE10 for the first time. Also Tormod comes with a very good skill on him, remember to take it off of him, becasue you....might not get the chance to do it again for a very long time if you waited for later, and also just like last chapter, this chapter also has a master seal, don't forget to pick it up. I know master seals might seem useless looking at how units can promote without them anyway, but they could save you some exp if you used them on a level 20 unit, and of course if you wanted to promote a unit who didn't reach level 20 yet, which sometimes could be the case if you ended up using too many units and wanted them all promoted before the end of part 1.
  7. OMG dsuifnsduifhdsuifhi what a good idea for a thread. Anyway, um....Edward?
  8. FE10 Randomizer v0.5 - VERY WIP

    omg I can't wait to test this out!!!!!!!
  9. Why dose no one make Peri a paladin?

    I do though.....
  10. I freaking LOVE how much Astrid could get involved in the endgame, mostly becasue it just comes out of nowhere, but it really somewhat builds her character up in my eyes, and it's a shame most players miss it lol V_V I don't remember Haar/Jill having much to do in the endgame though? Or am I forgetting something? But everyone else on that list offers something from what I remember ^_^ And just like that....I feel like playing FE10 once again ;; Edit: Also I wish you put Pelleas in the poll as well V_V I feel like he makes the endgame better from a story point.
  11. Dayni's Tellius Foray

    Also I'm not sure if anyone already pointed this or not, but make sure that the characters that you want to keep using later in the game are promoted before the end of part 1, becasue you won't have much of a chance to do so if you waited until later in the game V_V And of course make sure Micaiah is level 20 by the end of part 1, which shouldn't be too hard to do. And yeah 1-6 has flying units, horse units, and a Ballista, so.....things could get hard for units with low defense if you weren't careful, I also remember there being a master seal to pick up on this chapter, so make sure not to forget about it.
  12. Dayni's Tellius Foray

    1-6 could be tricky from what I remember, keeping units that shouldn't be attacked out of range could be easier said than done in this chapter, but you also have a good amount of units that could kill anything to balance it out I guess. Really I guess my tip for 1-6 is that only rush when you have too, if not take your time, becasue one wrong move could put you in a bad spot.
  13. [FE9] Character Editor and Randomizer [v1.2]

    This is really fun <3 thanks for making it! It also gives me hope that maybe one day something like this would be made for FE10 ^_^