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  1. I wouldn't mind if they made everyone bi, I feel like it's the option that would make everyone happy without limiting options for any of the players, even if it's not perfect writing, it won't matter to me becasue it won't be something that I would think too much about, if at all.
  2. I feel like you're right to be honest, I don't know if I will say that IS ignores their female audience fully, but for sure we don't matter much to them in the big picture.
  3. Best 3DS Game

    This pretty much, I feel like some people would have liked FE15 no matter what becasue it wasn't like FE13 and FE14, but it's really not shocking looking at how much hate those two games get around here sadly.
  4. Female Byleth being a fashion mess <3 bless her heart, I feel like with time I will be able to get used to her outfit though. But yeah I would had liked it more if they just did what they did with female Robin in FE13, but oh well.
  5. Micaiah Personality Analysis

    She's a great unit if used right, like yeah it's harder to use her than characters like Ike, but at the same time I can't help but feel most of the hate she gets as a unit comes from people who only played FE10 once and had no idea what to do with her becasue it was their first time playing it, I feel like she's the type of unit where you need to know ahead of time how to get her working, or she won't turn out as good as she can be, like I'm not sure if I'm just really lucky or not, but she always turns out to be the best magic user to me whenever I play FE10.
  6. This face alone makes me think they aren't good But of course I'm not 100% sure of anything other than that there is more to them than we think.
  7. The Black Eagles, so Edelgard, I don't really have much of a reason for it really, I just want to learn more about Edelgard.
  8. Best 3DS Game

    FE13 all the way.
  9. I do agree that it doesn't look like something a teacher should wear lol V_V But eh I still feel like some people are making it look worst than it is? But I guess that's just my opinion.
  10. The female avatar design isn't bad, really the only thing that I find weird in it are the leggings? I feel like it could had been so much worst, even if it's a bit revealing, it could had been SO much worst, so I will take it.
  11. This very different from the other FE games, I can already see people not being fans, but I myself am down to it lol.
  12. I'm ready for the incoming hate that the avatar will get for not being irrelevant.
  13. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    omg I finally found another Peri fan, I'm not alone anymore ;-;
  14. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    The two people that voted for Laura...I will find you.