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  1. What FE chapter did you have the most trouble with?

    Okay this will be random, but here is the story: So one day, poor little me chose to play FE13 on hard mode, becasue easy mode was just too easy for me, little did I know what I was in for.....And I remember playing this chapter, where you get Severa in it...and oh my god, it took me 3 hours I think? I had to keep restarting for so many reasons, and overall after that mess, I just wished FE13 had better difficultly system, that chapter had left a scar on me that I will never forget.
  2. Even if it ended up being like RD, that's not a bad thing in my book, and no matter what you think of the blood contract, it still made FE10 one of the most gray games in FE, which is very needed these days when almost everything is either black or white in FE.
  3. I would love if they did something like that again, really it's one of the many reasons I love FE10 tbh, so hopefully FE16 would give us something like that. It's a shame really, I feel like FE14 COULD have given us something like this, and in a way it did, but in the overall story it didn't bring out the world or make it any more complex.
  4. Is Rebecca "good" experiment (More like an LP xd)

    I'm NOT here for this Rebecca bashing.
  5. If you were in FE which class would you be?

    Healer, I feel like that class is perfect for me.
  6. Micaiah defenders <3 I love you already. And yeah whenever I see anyone bring up that Micaiah is too gifted, It makes me somewhat confused becasue really I can't think of any lord in this series that doesn't have a gift of their own? So I don't know why Micaiah gets the most crab for it, but again at this point I pretty much made up my mind that about 85% of the hate she gets is either very unfair or just double standers in some cases.
  7. FE14 cast is overheated, that is my truth!!!!!!! But okay really....I feel like almost each FE14 character has more to them, but having to dig through that sea of supports to find the gems might not be worth it.
  8. FE8 and FE10 have my favorite cast in the series. And I would say my least favorites are the FE1/FE3/FE11/FE12 cast
  9. But Micaiah wasn't on top when you first get to meet her in FE10, if anything she was on the very bottom, and really that's mostly the case for the most part of the game, even with all her powers, and if anything some of her powers ended up putting her in a worst spot, like....for example, her ability to see that Pelleas's heart was at the right place is what you can say put her on the wrong side at the start of part 3, because she knew his heart was the right place, she didn't question him much about why he wanted to start a war. And like her other two abilities, Sacrifice and Farsight while helped, they weren't game changing, or at least Sacrifice wasn't, but I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that she did start on the bottom, even if she had all those abilities, without the help of others, she wouldn't had been able to rise to the top on her own, even with those abilities at her side, which to me is one of the reasons I love her so much as a character and a lord. Anyway, I hope Edelgard gets to shine in FE16, I would like to believe the writers would do her better, and I do feel like she's the most hyped out of the new protagonists, so I have hopes they will do her justice here.
  10. I feel like while the female lords do get less screen time in the overall story, I still almost always end up liking them more : P They always feel the more human to me, which makes it easier for me to relate too. And really I feel like....the writers just find it hard to write for a female lord? That could be a reason why we don't have a game with only a solo lord who's a female, and while I would love for us to get a game with a solo female lord, I think I prefer games with multiple lords anyway at this point.
  11. Whats your FE waifu/husbando?

    Silas : P
  12. Lord or Lords?

    I like having more than one lord, while it could be risky, but having one lord is also risky. Like lets say you didn't like the one and only lord in the game, that could...really hurt the game in your eyes, but having more than one lord at least makes it so the chances are you would like someone at the very least, of course everyone here has a different opinion about what they consider to be a good lord, so having more than one lord, while making sure they have differences would for sure please people I think. It's true sometimes some lords steal the screen time of another lord, which sucks, but I do think they could still do a better job at this and make sure everyone gets the same amount of screen time if they put their minds into it, so I don't think it's impossible.
  13. Least Favorite FE Character?

    omg I also always make her a mage, she always turns out great for me.
  14. Least Favorite FE Character?

    I like Faye as well, you aren't alone.
  15. How would you rank the FE lords?

    Oh boy....I always wanted to rank the FE lords, and I finally have the chance too <3 1. Micaiah - I feel like...the first time I played FE10 I didn't really understand her character, however when I played it again later on I sure did, and she was my favorite lord in the series ever since, there are so many things I love about her, but I think one of the things I REALLY like is how different she is than most lords in this series, I don't want to go into too many details in case someone is reading this and still hasn't played FE10, but yeah she's one of the biggest reasons why FE10 is my favorite game in the series, oh and her inspiring so much hate in the casuals is also a nice cherry on top of everything. 2. Celica - I love Celica, and I'm not afraid to show it!!! I know some people hate some of the choices she made in her game, but I don't, I feel like to me the choices she made are very human, and she just felt very real to me, I feel like her character is a lot more complex than some give her credit for too. 3. Eirika - Okay I'm pretty sure this is mostly bias on my part, FE8 was my first FE game, and by that Eirika was my first FE lord, so yeah...I have a really soft spot in my heart for her, and just like Celica she felt very human and real to me, and also the mistake she did on her route of the story is something I honestly could see a lot more people do if they were in her spot, I know the chances are I also would have done it as well if I was in her spot. 4. Alm - When I first played FE15, I had no idea what I would think about either Alm or Celica, but to my surprise they both we're great, I liked Alm's story, I'm not sure what but something about it just felt right to me? And honestly I don't even care if he had to save Celica in the end, that didn't make either of them a worst of a character, if anything I found it cute. 5. Robin - Shock placement? Maybe, I do know avatars aren't liked, but I always get sad when I see Robin get dragged into the "ALL AVATARS SUCK" train...becasue...well....he didn't suck? I feel like what I love about Robin is that he didn't steal screen-time from the other lords, while also still get developed, I remember being very invested in his story the first time I played FE13. 6. Ephraim - Ephraim <3 While I prefer his sister, I still love what he offers to the story itself, and I feel like without him FE8 wouldn't had been as good as it was to me when I first played it, so while I don't have much bias towards him, but he was also apart of my first FE game, so he also has a place in my heart. 7. Chrom- I liked Chrom, at first when I first played FE13 I was worried he wouldn't be anything new and that I wouldn't care for him, but I ended up caring, I loved seeing him and Robin interact, and really just overall he was a good lord in my opinion. 8. Eliwood - Will be honest, when I started writing this post, I thought Eliwood would be lower, but....I guess I like him more than I remember : ) Or I just like him more than the others that are left, I feel like I'm not very crazy about any of the FE7 lords, I guess the thing that makes me like Eliwood is how...normal he is? Which I know normally that would be a reason to make me put him lower, but he does the whole "normal" thing right, and he also feels very human and real to me, which is always nice. 9. Corrin - Not placing Corrin last might shock some people, but I for one don't mind how messy Corrin was, I do feel like most of Corrin's problem comes from poor writing, but I also do feel like some people make him worst than he is. 10. Lyn - Just like with Eliwood, I thought at first I would place Lyn higher when I first started writing this post...but I guess not, I feel like Lyn was always one of those lords that I liked, but I didn't care for that much, I do feel like she did FE7 more good than bad, but overall when it comes down to it...I just don't care that much for her, which makes it sounds like I hate her, which I don't, I do like Lyn, but not as much as I thought I did. 11. Lucina - my least favorite female lord, really I'm not even sure if you can count her as a lord or not...I still don't get why they didn't just make her a game over character, but oh well, and just like with Lyn, I don't really care much for Lucina, I do like her somewhat, and I also like her story, but in the big picture she's also sorta just there for me. 12. Hector - I like him, and maybe I should have put him at least above Lucina, Hector is also a lord to me that stands out in the crowd, I guess the only reason he's this low is that..well...I just prefer Eliwood much more, so when Hector first joined the group, It took me a while to care, I still like him though, but I just feel like I can't put him higher, like while just like with Lyn, I do think he did more good to FE7 than bad, I still feel like his story mode all could had been removed and the game wouldn't had changed much, and those few chapters he only have on his route could had went to Eliwood, and again nothing would have changed really I think. 13. Sigurd - not going to lie....until Sigurd's last chapter, he's nothing new, really his last chapter is the only reason he's even this high, but without this chapter he's soooooo basic. 14. Roy - Ugh Roy....I really want to like him, but I can't help but feel disappointed in his character? Like I wish they went more crazy with it, I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here, but I just feel like they played Roy's character as safe as they can, which makes him boring in my eyes. 15. Seliph- He's also okay, maybe I should have put him above Roy, but Roy has softer place in my heart, while Seliph doesn't. 16. Ike - ...I can make a whole big post about why I don't like him, so I'm just going to keep this short, I find him to be overrated, and his crazy fans only make him look worst in my eyes. 17- Marth - Most basic lord ever? I think so, I really don't know how you can get any more basic than Marth, and also all of his games are my least favorite in this series, and it would be a lie to say Marth didn't play apart in that. 18. Kris - Easily the worst and most boring avatar in the series, at least Corrin HAD a personality, all Kris was...well...he wanted to work for Marth, and he also trained a lot....and that's it, and yeah I'm not a fan. I haven't played Leif's game, so I'm not raking him : P