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  1. My Version of the Summoning Pool

    Oh, right... I didn't express my thought right. When I said "Ninian is only a good unit in dragon teams", it's was in comparison to Azura and not as a dancer unit in general. All the dancers are great, but I would prefer to have Azura in my team than Ninian. I use TA in my Ninian, but the other exemple , in my opinion, it's too much investment if the player doesn't consider to +10 her. Most of the units can become great units with a high investment like that. I would say "all the units can", but then I remember there are units like Odin... poor guy...
  2. My Version of the Summoning Pool

    Takumi is only a 5* stat because of his Close Counter. I agree with you that Takumi was outclassed by a lot of others archer, but his A-skill will not allow him to be demoted. Close/Distant Counter are high tier skills, so them will not be available in a lower pool so soon. The free 4* Takumi was a exception, because it's a free unit. I don't know why Luke continued as 5* exclusive after April's demotion. He is not a good unit, and I never seen Luke outside his original paralogue. He has Fire Boost, a skill that no one uses, and Panic Ploy, which is a good skill but could easy be his 5* sxclusive skill. Saber is other unit that deserve be demoted. Ninian is only a good unit in dragon teams. I know that dancers normally has low Atk and their main role as to give his dancer support to allies, but 24 is really bad. There are only 4 units that have less Atk than her (Azama, Odin, Felicia and Henry) . I prefer Azura, although her default weapon is bad. If Azura receives a exclusive weapon (Blessed Lance), the weapon and/or it's refinement will probably have some effect related to the dancer skill, making her a great dancer. If Azura doesn't receive a exclusive weapon, then she maybe can be demoted because she doesn't have good fodder skills, but I believe a exclusive weapon would give her more utility.
  3. NY! Takumi is a good unit. 34/34 makes him a good player phase unit,and his Atk/Res bond helps him in the enemy phase against mages. His weapon is one of the best daggers in the game. At the time, "slaying dagger" was locked at a seasonal unit, but thanks to Kaze it's not a problem anymore. He has a good speed, so sweep skills are good choices for him. His worst stat is his defense, so he needs to avoid physical units if Takumi doesn't have a sweep skill, desperation or have Atk enough/special ready to 1-hit kill. My NY!Takumi has Windsweep, so he don't have any problems against distant counter foes. I gave him Smoke Dagger, so he can debuff his enemies, and then Gunnthr√° (his support ally) can finish them. Thanks to Gunnthr√°'s legendary effect, Takumi reaches a high Res and become a good Mage bait by reaching 39 Res (27 from his neutral res stat, +3 from RES refined dagger + 4 from Gunnthr√° + 5 from Atk/Res Bond). He is one of my best dagger units right now. 8/10 Legendary Ike is a really good infantry unit, and he is also a free unit. Compared to original Ike, L' Ike has more HP, Atk, Def and Res, and 1 less Spd. His default skill set is also good. Having a Distant Counter weapon is always a good thing, and having a -1 cooldown Aether is great. Warding Breath doesn't make him a mage killer, but at least improve his survivability against them. Even if Ike isn't attacked by a magical enemy, Warding Breath will make his special trigger faster. Seal skills are not the useful so it's must be changed to a better skill, like QR. My Legendary Ike has most of his default skill set. I gave him QR 3 as B-skill, and Distant Def 3 Seal so he can reach 31 Res during enemy phase, and being Def boon makes him a really good bait unit. i use him in my Tactic Team, and having access to all tactic buffs makes Ike a amazing unit. If Legendary Ike had a higher Spd, he would be a 10/10 from me. 9/10
  4. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    I finally got a new unit from this banner: Elincia. I used the orbs from quests, log-in bonus and Tempest Trial trying to get her or Micaiah. I would prefer Micaiha, but I am happy with Elincia. Now, this banner is dead to me. Bye bye "Festival in Hoshido" banner... until next year or at least until your units appear in a Legendary Banner. Speaking of banners... today I got my last free summon in the daily banners. What were my results? Weapon Triangle: 3* Roy Vantage: 3* Fir Fury: 4* Sothe Hone Atk: 5* Leo (+Res/-Def). Quick Riposte: 3* Hinata Life and Death: 4* Saizo Blade Skills: 4* Frederick Threaten Def: 4* Oboro Death Blow: 3* Olivia Threaten Spd: 3* Clarisse Flier Boost Skills: 4* Oboro Death Blow 2: 4* Legault Powerful Specials: 3* Frederick Weapons to Refine: 4* Laslow Weapons to Refine 2: 4* Raven I got one 5* units in the free summons, and the units was not a focus unit. I will probably use Leo to give QR to someone else...
  5. My Version of the Summoning Pool

    I disagree with most of your 4*-5* list, but let's see... Ephraim could be a 4*-5* unit. He is good and get better after the refinement, but no good skills for fodder. SM!Eirika should continue as 5* exclusive. She is the best red mage cavalry. Eldigan? Maybe. Elise? No. She is a great unit. Faye? Hm... I would love to have her in the 4* pool, but having easy access to firesweep bow can be a problem in the arena. I am not sure about Faye. Takumi? No. He is the only access to Close Counter in the pool, and he deserve to be a 5* exclusive for this reason, although he isn't a great unit. Gray? Yes, he should be demoted. Hinoka? Maybe. Ike? No. I don't believe we have a 4* unit that have access to a DC weapon at 5*. Jaffar? Maybe. Azura? We only have Olivia in the 4* pool. Azura could be a good choice. Although, if Azura receive a new weapon, she should continue as 5*. Azura was considered to be one of the best dancers, and a new exclusive weapon with refinement will probably make her great again. Julia? No. Lene? She should be in the 4* pool since her original banned ended. She has Safeguard and Fire Storm Dance, which are great skills, but she don't deserve to be a 5* exclusive (in my opinion). Lucina? Hm... maybe, but I am not sure. Luke? Yes. He is not that good. Saber? Yes. I am sure he isn't in the 4* pool yet because of Slaying Edge, but he doesn't deserve the 5* pool anymore. Lyn? Keep her in the 5* pool. After the refinement, she become a great unit. Mia? She is great! She doesn't deserve the demotion. Minerva? Maybe. Mist? Yes. She need to be demoted. I would say keep Elise in the 5* pool and Mist should be a 3*-4*. Both Olwen should keep their 5* status. Why Priscilla? She is a 3*-4* unit and she is good where she is. Rhajat? Yes. We need the Gronnwolf in the pool. Ryoma? No, for the same reasons as Ike, although Ryoma doesn't have good skills for fodder. Sanaki? Maybe. Sumia? Hm... probably not. She is a great unit and has a great skill set. Having Close Def or Atk/Def Link at 4* could be a problem. Young Tiki? Yes. Amelia? Yes. Felicia?! Not. She deserve to be in the 3*-4* pool. I would be pissed if I have my pity rate broke by a Felicia. Exalt Chrom? No. He deserve to be in the 5* pool. Female Morgan? She also deserve to be in the 5* pool. Any flying mage don't deserve to be demoted. Dorcas? No. for the same reasons as Ike and Ryoma. The units that already are in the 5*-4* pool I skipped: Legault, Nanna, Male Morgan, Shigure, Soleil, Sothe and Ares (for this one, I still surprised that he got demoted). I would add one more unit to the 4*-5* pool: Karel.
  6. Building low tier units

    M!Robin's attack is not that high, at 29 neutral. With a Blarserpent, he will reach 41. Then, 45 Atk at Lv 40 +10. A +Atk Robin has 48 Atk. I would prefer to have a +Atk Robin. Your Robin being a +Atk/-HP with refined Blarserpent (+Def), will have 42 HP / 48 Atk / 33 Spd / 36 Def / 26 Res. With +6 Def/Res from the serpent tome, which I still don't know why we don't have the green and red versions yet, Robin can be a really good enemy phase unit. What are your Robin's others skills? It's not a problem for me but for players that care about BST, both your Robins have super banes...
  7. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    LA!Roy is great. Sadly, he is a seasonal unit, so I don't know when I will have another chance to get him again...
  8. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    Yeah... that's would not work very well... even if the refresh become a B-skill for healers, for a exemple, we would have a unit that can use Physic to refresh allies. a Range 2 dancer would be a chaos in the arena, although healers don't score that high.
  9. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    The "Anew" skill would be a good skill for a Legendary Staff Hero.
  10. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    There is possibility of having a alt Faye as a cleric, or even give "Anew" to Silque for some random reason. If Eirika can use Gleipnir, why not Silque using "Anew"? But the FEH version of Anew would be a assist skill (Restore 10 HP [or 50% of Atk -10] and grants another action to target ally.), or a special skill (Cooldown: 3-5, after heal a ally, grants another action to target ally)?
  11. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    Using promoted units with the weapon they get after promotion is a good solution to give the game some variety, or we would have way more sword units than we already have. Faye is a unique case... because she cannot use bows in her game.
  12. Building low tier units

    I've being working on Roy recently. He is +3 and I already have enough copies of him to make a +10 Roy. I only need feathers. He is +Def/-HP, and he has Refined Binding Blade, Swap, Bonfire, Distant Counter, Renewal, Spur Def/Res and Atk/Def Seal. A unit I am planning to build is Donnel. Mine is +Atk/-Res and right now he has: Carrot Lance+, Reposition, Luna, Fury 3, Lancebreaker, Threaten Def 3. I would like to have a +Atk/-Hp Donny. Titania is also a unit I am planning to invest it. I have a +Atk/-Res one too, and her Draconic Poleax will be a good thing in my Tactic Team. Faye is considered a low tier unit, right? I would love to do a +10 Faye, but she is a 5* unit so... this will probably not happen. I would have enough copies of M!Robin to build him, but a lot of Robins were used for Bonfire fodder... too bad...
  13. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    I would love to had my pity rate broken by a Elise, because I want her. I got Female Kana in this banner, and this made me angry because last month I tried to get Summer Elise/Xander in the Nohrin Summer rerun and Female Kana appeared too! 2 unwanted Female Kanas...
  14. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    I gave Close Counter to my LA! Roy, and with his Guard Bow and Close Def seal, he is a great unit reaching 36 Def/Res during enemy phase, 42 if he has access to Fortify Cavalry, 48 with Nanna's Ward Cavalry and because she is LA!Roy's Support. Others units I would probably give Close Counter would be Halloween Jakob and maybe Faye. If Faye was a 4* unit, I would +10 her. At least Zephiel and Eliwood are sword units in FEH. The others having a sword in their art is weird. Also, I have some problems with Reinhardt..."In battle, a mage-knight should be equipped with more than just magic", but "isn't magic everything"?
  15. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    Did you already use your free Takumi? And what unit you plan to give Close Counter? Depending of the unit, kill Xander for the skill can be a good idea. I killed a Hector to give my Roy DC and I don't regret it. Although, Festival Xander is a good unit. Also, now that you mentioned Halloween Nowi and Sakura... we didn't get a rerun of Permorming Arts. I am sure IS would not want to have 8 dancers available at the same time... I don't have Halloween Sakura or Halloween Jakob, so I am going full colorless in the banner rerun. I need the armored archer and dagger valor.