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  1. What are your hopes for Book 3

    This is a interesting idea. Combine two different skills to create a dual skills is cool... It could work with dual blows, dual stances, dual defiants, dual spurs, dual seals and maybe dual rallies and dual balms. Of coure they would lose some power. We wouldn't get a Swift Sparrow 3 by combining Death Blow 3 and Darting Blow 3.
  2. What are your hopes for Book 3

    In the weapon refinery, be able to evolve a Slaying Edge to a Slaying Edge+ would be cool. I understand why Candlelight is the only weapon that is able to evolve to Candlelight+, but I would like this treatment to the others weapons. I don't know about a skill shop, but a Combat Manual shop would work pretty well. IS could introduce a new type of Combat Manual that cannot be used for merges, because I know players would by 10 copies if a combat manual to do a +10 unit I expect a new 5* to 4* demotion. We had a 5*-4* to 4*-3* demotion, but I believe a lot of 5* exclusive units could be demoted to the 5*-4* pool. If not in the version 3.0, maybe in a near future. And for the story, I hope it returns to Askr. Maybe we could have a Kingdom builder mode with it.
  3. The State of Heroes

    Hm... Winter Robin and Winter Tharja artworks were already in the game when it launched in February 2017... I believe when IS was planning to release the game, Winter Tharja was not planned to be a Armored Unit, but the "popularity" of armored units in the arena probably made IS changes her from a Infantry unit to a Armored unit. To have both Winter Robin and Winter Tharja in the data make me believe the game was schedule to be released before Christmas, but it was delayed, and I don't believe IS would release a ranged armored unit in it's first or second month. Winter Tharja would probably have a different skill set, probably without Vengeful Fighter, as well Winter Robin wouldn't have a Brazen skill. I bring it because units like Tharja doesn make sense for being a armored unit.
  4. The State of Heroes

    Maybe you are confounding the banners... Azura was available on the Legendary Lucina Banner. Or you summoned in a different banner but think you were summoning in the Legendary Robin Banner.
  5. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    @Ice Dragon That's already a high price to pay which, despite I am not paying this amount for a unit, I am ok with a person who do it... but twice (2 +10 of the same unit) is too much in my opinion. However, like I said before, a person does whatever he/she wants with his/her money... That person spent way more than $1.000 USD last week, and I hope he/she doesn't need it in the future... The highest amount I spent in Heroes in a month was $100 USD, and it was in August for the CYL 2 and Legendary Hero Marth banner. Summoning a OG Lucina at 5% in the CYL 2 banner after spending a lot of money made me a little salty ...
  6. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    He spent more than 2000 orbs to make a +10 Veronica... imagine how many orbs cost to do 2 +10 Halloween Mias from that image...Of course that player could had some luck, but I am sure he/she spent way more than 2000 orbs.
  7. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Did you see the Youtuber Lu Bu Feng Xian's summoning section to get Brave Veronica using only free to play orbs? He spent over 900 F2P orbs and only got 2 Brave Veronicas... I felt his pain that day...
  8. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    Lyn and Florina, Ike and Mist, Marth and Tiki, Marth and Caeda,... Even Gray and Clair, Mae and Boey or Cain and Abel would work, but why Ephraim again?
  9. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Yeah... I also think that 22 copíes of the same seasonal unit is to much... 11 copies, for only one +10 unit, would be more understandable... And the Hectors, Takumis and Gennys could be from previous banners and Legendary Banners, so I don't think weird that player having a good quantity of them, but we got this Halloween Banner last week... a lot was spent to reach that result... and in a single week. I don't mind a player having 2 or 3 +10 Cordelias or Cherches because they are 3*-4* units. Wanting or not, we summon this type of units from every single banner, and we only need feathers to promote them. I got enough copies of Eirika, Male Corrin and Cain to make 2 +10 units of each. That's why I don't make any 5* exclusive +10 project... with the exception of Guunthrá, who pity broke me enough to make me have a +4 Gunnthrá. But, at the end of the day, It's his/her money, so he/she does what him/her wants with it... but it still bother me a little...
  10. Heroic Feats

    Oh... that's bad... I had this problem, but with Masked Marth... The first TT was too hard, so I didn't get the 5* Masked Marth and the Quicken Pulse Seal (which at least the seal returned in the first TT Mini), so I cannot have a +8 Masked Marth. Honestly, I can only have a +6 Masked Marth, because I sent home one copy of her for a reason I don't know why...
  11. The Map Matchup Thread

    One thing I didn't like about Book II is the maps are not based on main games's maps, but I know it makes sense because Book I happens in different worlds and, in some maps, in Askr, while Book II happens in Askr, Nifl and Múspell.
  12. Heroic Feats

    I would like another Groom Marth.
  13. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Wow! Someone really likes Mia and spent a lot to have this team. I mean... 2 +10 seasonal units? That's rare, I think... I can see that the first Halloween Mia has Pain+, while the other one has Gravity+. Also, a Hector (I don't know each one), a Lewyn and a Quan died for this Slaying Edge Mia. What we don't do for our favorite units, right? I killed a Brave Ike, a Black Knight, a Nephenee and a Micaiah for my Marth, and I don't regret it.
  14. Heroic Feats

    The event says "everyone can work together to try to earn 4★ Heroes", so unless they receive teh same treatment that Takume received, I don't think so... Alhough, there are seasonal Tempest Trial units, which have 4★ versions (LA! Eliwood and Groom Marth).
  15. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    Ephraim and Myrrh BHB is pretty easy... nice free 9 orbs. I wonder if we will have Abyssal BHB someday... Where is my Young Tiki and Mar-Mar Bound Hero Battle?