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  1. I started a new account and I accidentally free summoned a brave Celica instead of a Veronica. Does this matter (I mean is she a good unit)? Also I have two Eirs the free one and a -Hp +Def who should I merge to whom?
  2. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    So, did anyone see the notifications about the aether raids? About the new season getting delayed for a new feature that allows you to get more lift. So it does raise a question as to how they will fit the whole book iii reveal, the new banner, the whole aether raids things and Feh's rambling considering her speed.
  3. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Well I think that all of it is a matter the structure of the stream. Nintendo directs can talk nearly half an hour about more than 15 games or even more and give focus to some other for somewhere near 5 minutes. At the end whether we like said content or not, we still get a lot of it. And to bring an example, the smash direct in November was about 45 minutes or so and it introduced so many things and went into detail and all that stuff. In this time limit ( maybe a little less but) Feh channels don't cover and explain in a meaningful way half their things. They constantly waste time on meaningless things like an annoying owl (Feh) that I doubt many people like when getting information on the game and etc. So they maybe decided to get serious with the channels. If that's the case then we will get content and enough to get people hyped up about version 3.0. If not, then we get a total of 5 minutes ranting from Feh, a 2 minutes book iii cinematic trailer and new mechanics like light and dark blessings or beast units. Also it falls at 1:00 (a bit after midnight) where I live and I am usually awake at that time so it is the first Feh channel that I watch live.
  4. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    So it will be 10 minutes? I didn't understand. Anyway, I expect the into trailer for book iii, some demotions, one or two new features and information about a new banner but they will go into details in a video after
  5. So I have these two units (put them in spoiler to save space). A +Def -Res Hrid and a +Def -Atk L!Lucina. I am pretty happy with their + Def (they are running counters so the more defence the better). The problem is with their banes as they sometimes gets in the middle of their performance. Hríd mostly as his 22 Res isn't helping him and I have seen a lot of tomes (even greens sometimes destroying him), Lucina is better since she is with Veronica or Laevatein in the team. Now, I still have my summoner support to give to someone. So who will benefit from it mostly? Also is distant Def sacred seal and distant guard a good way to help him do better against tomes? On another note, is - Hp Surtr bad (affects badly his performance)?
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Well note it is a new account so I had stuff to spend. This are some of my best pulls ever from an Legendary banner. Nina Summer Noire Legendary robin Another summer Noire Legendary Lucina Hríd Laevatein Now pulling for a Surtr.
  7. So I created a new account and I was pretty lucky as I pulled a Nina, a laevatein, a L!Lucina from the Legendary banner and a free pull Istrar from the vantage banner (Veronica is my free CYL2 unit). Leavatain is +Def -Res which is nice as her Def with Fury and her B skill reaches 46 and with brave Veronica's C skill 50 and her Res isn't anything crazy so it doesn't matter. Now Nina she was bad natured and couldn't do anything with her so I foddered her off to L!Lucina for her Spd/Res Link. Said Lucina is +Hp -Res which is not bad considering my luck with natures. So when using future vision on Leavatain they both get +6 to all their stats, this means that Leavatain gets 24 more damage (I think this is how it works) and a statline of 65/40/46/28. Now Lucina that has B!Veronica nearby always, gains the statline of 54/44/35/27 (Counting close guard). And then is Ishtar which is +Hp -Def which is weird a bit and aside from desperation I don't know what to do to help her. So, should I run Close counter on Lucina? She has nice defences with links and Veronica nearby and can help her get into "enemy territory" without dying and doing nothing. Also should Ishtar run Fury and desperation (just some Ideas for builds)? As she doesn't have the best defences, she can't count on getting hit to reach the desperation range and aside from the whole Hp thing it also raises her stats. Any good C skills for Leavatain? She is getting future visioned on every turn so her C skill is a bit useless and I don't know what else to run her. Also who should get the flashing blade seal (Lucina gets 44 Spd and Ishtar gets 45/46 Spd when attacking so they can both support it quite well) and what seal should the other one run (heavy blade is occupied by Leavatain). Now a final one, any good bows aside from firesweep and mulagir for B!Lyn? Then again thanks in advance for helping me create another great team.
  8. Gonna do Corrin, blue flame is rarer than wrath also considering his defences and sometimes Fury (planning on giving him warding breath also to raise a bit his Res and for the fast recharge) going below 50% hp is gonna be easy. Leavatain will run wrath when I get another one from a nephene or something, or special spiral if I get a bad natured Lewyn. Now one last question, what are some good B skills for Leavatain?
  9. Well, I was leaning more towards wrath Laevatein as she will be used more and her team gives her said Atk and Def buffs. However, Dragonic rage/Blue flame/Fury/wrath 2/ atk/def bond A!MCorrin also sounds nice. With what I saw so far by testing them getting Corrin to activate his weapon is quite hard for my playstyle which focuses around going straight into the enemy and destroying him (reason that Ylgr's sorcery blade didn't work for me). Also my Halloween Myhrr is -Def and now I fixed this giving her Fort Def/Res 3, let's say I get a Distant Counter and give it to her what seal could fix her 39 Def(with weapon on) to make her weapon activate nearly always (she has Surtr and Fortify armor near her)?
  10. So I am in the middle of building my infantry team, I have Ylgr and Loki ready. But Owain, my original sword unit doesn't serve so well and I am thinking of foddering him off. Now, I got Leavatain from the L.Banner which is +Spd - Def. With Fury Leavatain reaches the great offensive spread of 39/37 and I am thinking of putting her in my team. On the other hand I have my adrift Corrin which is -Def, Fury fixes him a bit and sends him to 54/38/31/27 which is nice and with his weapon and Atk/Def bond seal send him to 65/43/36/27, when the condition is met. Now, Owain does for an excellent fodder for both these units, Leavatain can be a good wrath user (I believe) with her 37/43(at odd numbered turns) speed and the heavy blade seal and Corrin can make an excellent use of the blue flame special. Both of them will be added to the team( Leavatain permanently and Corrin temporarily as he will be exchanged with Smallzura at times ). So who to sacriface Owain to ?
  11. So any good builds or skills to replace her A and C ones? I came up with Fury or the Spd blow skill(for spd/stats), windsweep, C skill and Flashing blade (along with windsweep and her weapon is pretty good), as an alternative when she is with infantries and without a tome ally nearby. Is it good what are some other options?
  12. What got you into Fire Emblem?

    It is a looong story so read at your own cost. So my first introduction to the series was heroes. When it came to android in early 2017 I downloaded it day one, I didn't knew what it was about at all but I just wanted to play with something as I was getting quite bored at the time. I liked the game and found it fun (I remember tiki being one of my first units and destroying everything with her). After some months I broke my phone and it would take me quite the time to get a new one. During this time I first downloaded the awakening demo (bought my 3ds some months earlier for Pokémon and got Xenoblabe with it as well, so I was quite busy playing 4 games and didn't download anything). I loved it but didn't give the series any attention just yet. I got to know about FE from an awakening You Tube playthrough and fates all tree versions followed. Saw some begginer videos and downloaded FE7. I got stuck at a point so I gave up a bit. When echoes came out I got it pretty fast and finished it in a week. After this, in the following summer I finished 7 and 8 and watched playthroughs and read on the serenes site and in other places stuff about gameplay and such to get a better feeling of the series and here I am waiting for 3Houses like a maniac.
  13. On the topic of Ylgr, I got one and I am confused about some things. First, does sorcerery blade need only tomes to function or can it be activated with staffs and dragons too? As there are better units to use in my infantry team than smallzura. Also that is more general but tactic skills confuse me too. So Ylgr in the infantry team does not activate it but when I sent her for SP in tge ranged map with Veronica, Veronica got the +6 Speed at the beginning of the turn. However, at random turns the buff affected also smallzura (I didn't have wave skills or any stat boosters other than Spd tactic at the time). So how does it work? Can I use said skill in my infantry team, also if sorcerery blade works only with tomes what are some good skills to replace it with ( she is +Def +hp)?
  14. Hrid: Icy Blade - November Legendary Hero

    So I will pull red and blue (possibly just red) I have only one sword and having any of those appearing in the banner is pretty neat, also I only have two blue units (a +2Sumia which unless she domotes and I +10 her is pretty useless and fjorm and the blue units aside from S!Cordeliaare also neat, just in second thoughts about blue because there is even a slight chance that my orbs will be wasted on another unit I won't use. Now green is plain bad as none of these units interest me and I already have two awesome greens. Colourless is just F!Grima with two archers and I don't need any of them. Now Hrid is pretty good by the looks of it. DC , his Weapon and B skill are looking good together. Also how does his B skill work I am kinda confused with it, I think there are some similar type of skills but I am not sure, so can anyone explain it?