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  1. The Great Grand Hero Battle: Haar

    Tibarn killed everything himself. Sure, he had buffs from the herons, but that's still impressive. Tibarn is amazing! And this map is easy. I did it on the first try with the Tibarn, the herons, and Nailah. Even though Nailah did nothing.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Ranulf is my main goal, but I'm also summoning on colorless for 2 Caineighis. So, of course, I've summoned... Rhajat (really?! She's not new, and I never used the first one I got) Tibarn (yay, a merge!). Same circle as Rhajat. Micaiah (well, this is the first time I've pulled a 5* that I'd already +10'd... she's fodder, I guess). Same circle as Rhajat. Myrrh (also not new) Caineghis Neutral (yay!). Same circle as Myrrh. Lewyn (that's my fourth Lewyn... and I haven't finished leveling the first.) Caineghis +Res (I can stop summoning colorless now!) Surtr (what? I never wanted him. At least he's new... and +res/-def) No Ranulfs :( That's four green 5*s, but no Ranulfs. And none of them I really wanted. And I didn't pull a single Reyson. However, I'm one Sothe merge away from +10! So close! But I want to start sniping green now... Please, please better greens.
  3. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    I agree wholeheartedly! Tellius is doing a lot better now, and desperately needed it (as seen in the numbers). Now that it's on par with a lot of the other games, time for the others to get some spotlight. I really don't want to see it get hate for too much attention, and our orbs need time to recover! It's in a good place now.
  4. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    I'm okay with Jill taking a while... for Tellius fans, we'll need a chance for our orbs to recover, and for everyone else, there's a lot of other games that haven't had a banner in a while. Tellius desperately needed this, considering how little we got in the first two books, but we've gotten a lot of goodies this year and can afford to wait. Jill will come, but I don't want to see Tellius under fire for taking all of the attention.
  5. That helps some... I just wish they'd stuck a little better to source material and given him higher attack than Lethe. It's a little petty, but that's my biggest complaint- why make him weaker (as in attack) than Lethe? But that's probably partially because I've always liked Ranulf a lot more than Lethe.
  6. Thanks @Jotari! Can you add Rafiel please?
  7. ...Haar's the GHB? Oh dear... so few grails, so many options... At least I'm guaranteed to get him!
  8. Oh, my poor orbs... at least Ranulf is the only one I desperately want. I'm not a huge ran of the other Gallians (I'd be more interested in Skirmir than his uncle).
  9. Well, Nailah is still there, but you're right about Close Counter. Ouch.
  10. Ooh, glad I +10'd Brave Ike when I did. Though I didn't really do it with pity breakers. But good point...
  11. One small thing- it looks like they'll still appear in special hero revivals, so they'd still appear in Spring Festival and Hares at the Fare. Or... whichever one is not the newest one, I forget. Edit: Ninja'd.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    About 200 orbs, going in for Yune. Hoping for no Kageros... And for once, I didn't get any of the worst of the pity breakers! I did, however, get 3 Lewyns. I guess I have a lot of special spiral fodder... and a brand new H!Myrrh came in the same circle as a Lewyn! And finally... a +Res/-Atk (eek) Yune! Hopefully, I'll get a second one to fix that bane at some point. But I did get her!
  13. I beat infernal with the bird laguz! Took a few tries, but they were wonderful. Galeforce Tibarn is great, and Naesala netted a few kills. The herons worked overtime to keep everyone fighting. I'm loving being able to use Tellians to beat the hardest content.