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  1. The growth rates, that's... odd. I guess its a holdover from the games where between levels mattered, but since you're meant to get a character to level 40 quickly, growth rates seem a little like an artifact that shouldn't affect things. But I guess that makes sense. As for flowers, I guess it's not as bad as I thought... still, with flowers being a gated resource, it would take quite a while for me to get Nailah, L!Ike, B!Ike, Soren, Micaiah, and H!Micaiah to what the Gen 3 infantry start as, and those are just the infantry units I care the most about. I still wish there were another solution, but I guess we could wish that for most units that saw a stat increase later on.
  2. I'm just going to throw out there... Poor Nailah :( The other two new beast infantry get the infantry boost, but she doesn't? All she gets is equally distributed stats if you spend dragon flowers on her. I guess that's the price for the laguz coming out first, but still sad. (Would it have been so bad to add five points to all pre-Gen 3 infantry where it would make sense to add them? Or, just add five evenly distributed points like we can get from dragon flowers? Then you wouldn't have to invest an insane amount of dragon flowers to get infanty units to where IS obviously thinks that should be anyway...)
  3. Yes, it was- congrats on your Micaiah too! (And @Kirie!) I love her on offense- she can tank almost all non-green mages and some green ones, and she can tank one hit from Brave Lyn and kill her on retaliation (if Lyn isn't running Firesweep or Brave). And non-green armors crumble to her for the most part, especially if you are running a dancer. It's worth a try!
  4. Official Pull Topic

    ...I have been incredibly lucky this banner. I just wish it spread out a little more xD. First, a list of the 5* heroes I've pulled so far (in order)... F!Corrin Adrift (why?! She was never on my want list. But she was the free pull) Katarina (Number 2 for me- wasn't looking for her) Micaiah (Yay, that's my 10th copy! I only needed one more to +10, and I got her on the daily banner. She's +10 now!) Festival Soren (Yes! He had bad IVs, so I decided to keep pulling blue) Ylgr (New... but... really? Not a big fan of "little girls who fight") Greil (Yay!!!!!!! -Def/+Res, but I had a feeling he might come again) Festival Soren (I could fix the bad IVs! This one was still -Spd, but that would go away. New Soren: +Res) With that, I was out of orbs. Most impressive: Greil, Soren2, and Ylgr were all in the same circle. It was amazing! And I got all of that... in 120 orbs. That rate was amazing. However... still missing Ike and Mist, and I wanted both. Bought some orbs, earned some from the TT. Took a break from GD and pulled from Micaiah's daily banner until I could +10 her (done!), and got a pity-breaking Julia along the way. She could be +2 now. Returned to the Greil's Devotion banner with 40 orbs... and pulled another Greil, +Def! I decided to pull the rest of the circle, hoping for Ike or Mist... and got another Soren. He's +Atk now! So, nearly ideal assets for Greil and Soren, but not one Mist or Ike. Well... I'll keep orb farming. I have had amazing luck with this banner, with 5 on focus heroes (even if only two unique) and 4 off focus 5*s.
  5. I did it! My second 5-star exclusive 5*+10 (and fifth overall)! I got lucky with her second-to-last copy on the Greil's Devoted banner (one off-focus pity-breaker I didn't mind), so I just needed one from today's banner. And I got her! She's +Atk too! (It took nine copies before I got a single +Atk). I primarily use her in AR, where she is amazing. Imgur link: However... all of my 5*+10's are green and blue. Not a single red or colorless. Hopefully Sothe and the Black Knight will join them soon...
  6. I'm really looking forward to this banner. For a moment, I thought "ooh, I should see the datamine", but I'm going to pull anyway, so I just hope their stats are decent xD.
  7. I wouldn't assume people who did Ike/Soren supports were Ike Soren shippers. I'm not an Ike Soren shipper and I did that support, since they were so complimentary units and best friends. I may be in the minority on that, but it doesn't necessarily mean much. Ike/Elincia are a lot less complimentary units (two swords).
  8. I love this banner! I'll assume all relationships are family (I'm not an Ike/Soren shipper at all, but the person I ship him with is as far from cannon as my Zelgius family history). My sister (who also plays) and I are throwing all our remaining orbs from the laguz banner at this banner, and I'll probably buy some. We both want everyone. Even better... these are the first seasonals for everyone on this banner. And no one except Ike had had any alts at all prior to this banner. So, this is an excellent counter to the Onsen banner last month. And Greil! Greil! As melancholy as it is to have him on a Valentine banner considering what happened to Elena, I'm thrilled to get to play him. He'll immediately become my preferred axe armor, though Ike will have some serious competition in... oh, dear. Zelgius. I want new heroes, yes, but if we had to have seasonals, I'm thrilled about these.
  9. Choose Your Legends 3

    Oh, please let it be true. , so please let it be true!
  10. Oooh... I was hoping for Yune possessed Micaiah, but this is better. I've never played Echoes, but that means Mythic heroes may actually remain new heroes. So, great! We get a new hero, and this leaves a door open for a lot of great Mythic heroes that we wouldn't get otherwise. (Ashera and Yune please! Maybe even Ashunera...) Now, just to decide if I really want more legendary Ike merges... He's the weak link in my arena core right now.
  11. Aether Raids General Thread

    I made it to Tier 20! ...Just barely, but I did make it! I like my team of Eir, Eir, Titania, Red Micaiah, and Blue Micaiah (all light blessed). 160 lift allowed me to make a few mistakes and still make it to tier 20. I think I'll try out Nailah now... Looking forward to using her! My team for this week will probably exchange Eir^2 for Nailah and B!Lyn (I'll be trying to think of a Tellian to replace B!Lyn, but there aren't any Tellian archers in...)
  12. Choose Your Legends 3

    I, for one, will be sad if Micaiah loses the top two because people are trying to kick Camilla out. This may be her last chance, with Three Houses coming out soon. All of my votes are going to Micaiah, and I hope everyone else keeps at it too! Please don't try to push F!Robin up just to kick out Camilla- you'll probably only kick out Micaiah.
  13. Choose Your Legends 3

    Micaiah could win! I'm throwing all my votes to her in hopes she does so- don't want to see someone else overtake her now, and I'd love for her to take first. She's one of my favorite characters. ...And Zelgius in the top 20? That's amazing! He might be my favorite Tellian in my expanded head cannon. Finally, some Tellius love! Take note, IS. We need more Tellius!
  14. Can you add Ranulf? Thank you! Hopefully he won't be there for long.
  15. Choose Your Legends 3

    Voted for Micaiah! I would spread my votes out, but since she actually has a chance of winning, I'll be throwing all (or almost all) to her. One or two may go to Zelgius, Zihark, or Reyson.