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  1. I hope not, but you're probably right. For heaven's sake, there's no way Tibarn would think I have the makings of a king (for one thing, I'd be a queen... one of my many issues with FEH). I didn't want to see a PR/RD Forging bonds because I'm afraid FEH would ruin it terribly. Tibarn and Nailah probably wouldn't even talk to me, let alone praise me. And considering who they are, I wouldn't want it any other way.
  2. Ah, that makes sense. My hair texture is extremely different. If strands escape, it's because there are shorter strands. I've never had silky hair, so your experience is much more relevant than mine.
  3. I'd like an all laguz banner, if only because there will hopefully be another banner to get Haar and Jill in (two of the most popular missing beorc), and we can get different beorc then. So I'm hoping we get Reyson and Ranulf, which would round the group out well. Skirmir would be okay, but I'd personally prefer Ranulf. Would like them much more than Lethe or Lyre, who don't get as much development. Anyway, hopefully we'll get a second banner laguz banner within the year, which could give us a group that includes Volug and Rafiel. If I can get Reyson, Ranulf, Volug, and Rafiel, I'd be content on laguz!
  4. Also @Mercakete I've got hair that, when straight, falls about a foot shorter than Eir's as well. My hair is also thicker, but it's naturally curly. It's never felt particularly heavy to me, and I can do a high or low pony tail as I want. However... Hers does look extremely thick. It probably would, if real, be a different type than mine. (So few characters have naturally wavy hair... Especially in the anime style. I can't quickly find anyone in FEH with naturally wavy hair. One of the reasons I really like Hermione... Her hair actually was described like mine. Anyway, enough off topic for me.)
  5. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Okay, for a more well reasoned post... I wish there was a new game mode. We need more to do besides summon units. However, I am ridiculously excited for Tibarn, and if Nailah was there too, her as well. If the other two are Ranulf and Reyson, this will be the perfect banner for me.
  6. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

  7. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Glad I could be of assistance! I try to be a spokesperson for the laguz, since PR/RD aren't the most popular games- they need more exposure (which IS seems loathe to give). I wouldn't be surprised if 100% Fates is the first banner, but I would be a little disappointed. Selkie at least deserves to get in soon. At least RD is coming in January.
  8. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Actually, only Selkie is more popular than all of the laguz, since most of the laguz are split over two games. When you combine votes: Selkie: 8855 Tibarn: 6611 Ranulf: 6312 Keaton: 5989 So the laguz are still popular. However, I'm biased- I've never played Fates/Awakening, and they have a huge amount of representation. RD/PR barely has any. So yes, they could get the most popular beast out of the way with Selkie, or they could get the top 2 and 3 out of the way with Tibarn and Ranulf. I also feel like they should spread the more popular beasts out to help sell less popular beasts in later banners, but that's up to them.
  9. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Just give us beast units. Please. I'll even take the first banner being non-laguz (even if it really should be laguz, of which there are a lot more than the ones in Fates/Awakening and the laguz are first). And I should be able to watch it live... Nice that it's earlier in the day (for me).
  10. Yes, flying singers are the best. I've only played RD and PR, so my most wanted units are: PR: Zihark (or Reyson) RD: Reyson (or Nailah with Rafiel) Yeah... Hard to narrow it down to one XD. And yes, Reyson is in there twice XD
  11. My biggest issue with powercreep is that my favorite units fall short when compared to new units. Ike was one of the first legendaries, so he pales in comparison to Marth and Hrid, who get busted stats and shiny new toys. That, and my favorite games seem to get only one banner a year total, means the units I want to use fall behind. When Veronica clearly powercrept Sothe (there is very little reason to use him instead of her), I was sad. I wish powercreep was moving more gradually. Then again... I've felt little need to pull for the new shinies. The banner I've been most excited about since the dancer banner was B!Ike's banner, which finally gave me a +10. So I guess that means powercreep hasn't moved fast enough to convince me to spend more money, but I've been disappointed by the game in more ways than one lately.
  12. Aether Raids General Thread

    Running dancer and regular Micaiah as well as the fifth offense unit has made the raids easier. Still lost one unit this week, but only one so far. Most used team is mini Azura, dancer Micaiah, Micaiah, Sothe, and Zelgius. Might switch out Zelgius- he hasn't been too useful yet. Maybe Ike? I'd like to keep the team as Tellian as possible.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Thanks! And my green Olwen could be +1 now- that's the second I've pulled off focus. But, I'll probably be pulling green less now, since B!Ike was my last +10 goal from that category (I guess Dancer Elincia, but I'm unlikely to +10 her.) It takes time, but +10 5* exclusives are possible without dropping tons of money.
  14. He's done! My first +10 5* exclusive! Of course, he's my third green... But their fault for making half of the Tellius demotions green (Titania and Soren versus Oscar and Sothe). Here's a link: So that makes Oscar, Soren, Titania, and B!Ike. Micaiah will probably be next when she shows up on her next banner, and she'll be my first non-mercenary. Sothe would make more sense, but I don't pull on colorless enough. (Give me a reason, IS... Like Reyson... Or Legendary Micaiah...)
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Hadn't spent serious orbs in a while, so a banner with B!Ike was welcome. Got my first merge (and a green Olwen) in the first 50 orbs, and figured I was done. That was when I realized I was one merge away from a +10 B!Ike... Which would be my first 5* exclusive +10. So, I spent another 100 orbs... And... He's done! I have a +10 Brave Ike! Will be posting over in the 5*+10 thread soon.