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  1. 1. While I havent finished Bloodstained (though I've played several levels), if played on veteran (i.e. with knockback), it most seems to resemble Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse in my opinion. 2. Dracula X on the Snes and Rondo of Blood (or Dracula X Chronicles on the PSP) are largely different games. Levels, bosses, the story. None of it was safe from sweeping changes. One can't play Maria on the Snes, the Dracula battle goes up in difficulty due to a large amount of insta-death holes in the floor (which wouldn't be so bad if the series didn't have knockback), there's no "Branching paths" on the Snes and therefore you don't get two possible bosses in levels 1-5. There's a number of other differences, but a lot of people say the Snes game is a butchered port, and having played both I do admit I see why. Dracula X Chronicles is my preferred way to play (partially because you can unlock Rondo of Blood's original gameplay and a souped up version of Symphony of the Night) Another bit of advice. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest is, if you use a map, pretty easy. If you don't use a good map it's frustrating because the in game clues suffered from bad translation and don't make sense. The other thing is, because you need to grind hearts to buy stuff in the game and a game over will remove all your hearts (a mechanic unique to the game), it can become a bit of a grind. Don't take that the wrong way. I love Castlevania II and have played through it several times. It's just it's an acquired taste. It's just, I want to make sure it doesn't sour you early on.
  2. I compared the maps recently (offline). But as another thread said, no one expected to be called out on the changes because Awakening was written as a swansong before it's success. That and they didn't expect English audiences to see the differences either.
  3. Let's Talk About The Enemy A.I.

    My dream A.I. would vary from stage to stage, depending on the enemy commander. A reckless enemy leader like Hans would be cavalier about putting his troops in danger, while someone like Selena (The Sacred Stones one, not Severa), or Brunya would try to keep their fatalities to a minimum. Also more intelligent adversaries would come up with better formations, while things like the faceless or early game bandits would have glaring tactical errors.
  4. Create an Event Match

    Bad guy battle royale. You: Bowser Opponents: King K. Rool, Ganondorf, KIng Dedede, Ridley, Wolf, Meta Knight, Wario "These Johnny come-latelys have been stealing your thunder. Time to remind the world who the true 100% primo cut final boss is"
  5. It's been a while. He changed clothes. Just go with it. He probably felt remorse for causing the whole Demon Dragon thing. Either that or bleach isn't fatal to manaketes.
  6. Go away Hector

    I bet the residents of Hawaii Armads because of that blasted hurricane.
  7. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    Granted. Donnel ducked the attack, but gets benched due to getting rng screwed so bad it shouldn't be possible. I wish that Fates didn't feel like it was pushing you to use the royals so much.
  8. Smash Direct This Wednesday

    Captain N themed event match when? Other than event matches, adventure mode had been my favorite part of Smash since the Gamecube (believe it or not, third place used to go to the nifty character specific "break the targets" and "board the platforms" challenges before one was dropped and the other made generic due to the impossible task of crafting one per character with the growing cast). I was pretty disappointed when we didn't get it last time round.
  9. Google image war

    Well, well, well. Textbook example time.
  10. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    They were smacked with a rolled up newspaper whenever they made a mess in the house. Have you ever robbed a stage coach?
  11. Well, it says something when the highlights of a chapter were entirely the fanfic stuff. I didn't see the Albertus revelation coming at all. What else is left to say but congratulations on finishing the run, even if we could have said that after Brunja fell. Pretty much the end of an era right here.
  12. Now They're Just Being Plain Cruel To Waluigi

    Princess Shroob does the job even better, given actual Princess. Though you might have trouble getting her to be involved in friendly activities given she makes Ganondorf look pleasant. I came up with a logical reason for Waluigi's constant neglect. See, the thing you have to understand is, Wario is a Mario with his traits exaggerated, as said by @Interdimensional Observer, but not just in body as previously said but in his behavior. Mario smashes brick blocks. Wario smashes brick walls. Mario collects coins for lives. Wario is full blown greedy seeking any treasure possible. Mario is a mascot, but as observed in Warioware Gold's intro, Wario is plain egotistical. Mario eats mushrooms as power ups. Wario is just plain gluttonous. In some games Mario ditches Yoshi for an extra jump... but Wario takes disdain for one's mount one further by being able to eat his bike in Smash Bros. So, now we know Wario takes and exaggerates Mario's traits, let's look at Luigi and Waluigi. Luigi, beyond being tall and thin, is best known for being the second banana so to speak. For being overshadowed. See where I'm going with this? Whereas Luigi is overshadowed by his brother and consequently left out of games like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and until it's update, Super Mario Oddysey, Waluigi is left out of anything remotely mainstream and just plain overshadowed by everyone. I mean they even left the poor guy out of Mario Kart 7 in favour of Wiggler and Lakitu. Essentially, Waluigi suffers all the neglect Luigi ever faced multiplied by a factor of 1000.
  13. Vice's threads are a ripoff of the youtube series "Third Rate Gamer". Both make deliberately low quality accusations that one thing is a rip-off of another thing, sometimes ignoring chronology (like in the Kim Jong Un/Sanaki thread), and both stop abruptly before coming back. What a load of phallus flapjacks.
  14. Well, he's snapped under pressure. Whatever intelligent thought was there is gone. Martel's ancestor. Now that's a picture. Lycia's guy was Roland and I'm sure he did something wrong because the legendary figure he's named for accidentally killed his best friend. Is that grasping? He probably shouldn't have mentioned that. It might have stopped the weapons being used and gave him a little more chance. Not much, just a little. Well, that riddle of "Humphrey's" is a little obvious. Guess you are taking credit for the deaths you blamed on him after all.