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  1. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    ...that the Magvelian clergy pre-order him a copy of Smash Ultimate so they could play that next time they had a dispute. The clergy reluctantly agreed, but noted they'd probably have to keep a third game in mind in case they had a conflict prior to December. Duma, of course didn't see what the big deal was. What is a couple months to a being who counts his life in millenia? But remembering these puny humans lived their entire lives in a timespan he could sleep through, he realized the time is probably a little more valuable to them. After some debate they decided the interim game for settling disputes would be...
  2. Anna only. Maybe Jake. I see no reason to bog the game down with returning characters. Though I will make exception for less-known characters who had left their own land at the end of their game.... just on the off hope we can get a better final ending to Abel's life. Ike on the other hand would be an outright hijack, even if his story feels incomplete.
  3. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    ...challenge Duma to a game of Mario Tennis Aces. Duma did not expect to repeatedly have his racket broken by Waluigi playing holymen, and became infuriated, but before he could strike the clergy down, one of them pointed out that if hardship builds character, losing a few games of Mario Tennis in such a manner would help him, seeing as he didn't have many lines to build his own personality with. After Duma had absorbed this distortion of his philosophy...
  4. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    ... realized it made their studies redundant, meaning they were out of a job. They accused Anna of witchcraft, and started the Saleh witch-trials, where the resident magic users of of Magvel searched out invading Valentian witches. However, as fate would have it, an actual group of Valentian witches had been sent by Jedah to test if he could spread his religion there. On being discovered they...
  5. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    ...Chris Hansen, who asked Lyn to take a seat. What he didn't know was the phrase had never reached the plains of Sacae and she had never heard it during her time in Caelin, so she took a chair and literally walked off with it. She began using this chair to engage in fights with other people's chairs to level it up, and before you knew it, what had started as a stool had reached level 36 and evolved into a sofa. However, Lyn was then challenged by...
  6. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    ...Sonic screamed "ur 2 slo" and used the opportunity to escape into the caverns. He was quickly ambushed by Master Belch, who entrapped him in slime. Slime and puke. Meanwhile, the other protagonists, unsure what to do now that they had the full spotlight became torn on whether to compete with Robotnik at swimming, or delve into the mines after the now screaming-Sonic. After much deliberation...
  7. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    No one. Manaketes only go into several thousand year sleeps because no one wants to deal with a dragon that got up on the wrong side of the bed. What is the square root of a tulip?
  8. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    In response to Dragoncat's question (And including my own) Heat rises and fire is an excellent source of heat. Ergo not only can the Elibean Fire Dragon fly with those flaming wings, it can do so much better than a dragon with standard wings. In response to Purple Mage's question: Because their madness twists their bodies like a warp spasm. Cú Chulainn - Wikipedia Is Super Smash Bros really Ness' further adventures after Earthbound? His crits had a "Smaaaash" effect in Earthbound, and the home-run bat, despite supposedly being "smash only" is basically in line with the weapons Ness uses. Also the Mother series didn't recycle protagonists, so it's the only place he's been playable since leaving. Most importantly, given most people didn't play Earthbound when it came out, the majority of Earthbound's fanbase trickled in from Super Smash Bros. Also Nyx. She just doesn't look it.
  9. In An Alternate Universe...

    America was never discovered by Europeans because Columbus sailed off the side of the Earth, Magellan's circumnavigation of the globe was unsuccessful (like dying in the philippines was), Galileo never got an apology, and "Round Earthers" keep making these asinine arguments on the internet. In an alternate universe where hair has nerve endings...
  10. It's a damn good thing my brother isn't on this site, given the things he shares with our parents cross most given lines in the sand society has ever drawn on what is appropriate, and just alluding to which lines (let alone how) would be ban-worthy. It's a good job it's just his sense of humor rather than things that actually happened.
  11. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Wonder if I'm allergic to Eevees
  12. Smash Ultimate Lyrical version leaked

    I knew you'd approve of that line.
  13. You know what Walmart has to do with Pokemon?

    To be fair, I was mostly making a joke off the name.
  14. You know what Walmart has to do with Pokemon?

    Both intent on conquest, albeit one more of the free market of the world rather than just the world. But Walmart is obviously the IRL equivalent of Pokemart.