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  1. Attack the Poster Below!

  2. Personally, I like Shadow Dragon. Name one other game in the series with as few maps that pull bullshit? No Swamps. No unbearable desert trek because for once the desert map has enough plains spaces interjected to allow mounted units an alternative, no fog of war or escort/rescue missions. Sure it lacks variety. But better to have one style of mission and have it done well than to have a dozen styles and have half of them broken, as Revelations proves. The trick here is simple. Subtlety. You do an edit of a store with a shelf full of the Tellius games, and a shelf labelled "rule 34 fanart of Pretzel and (Binding Blade) Morgan" with a "sold out" sign on it. That way, you show it and don't show it at the same time. Bonus points if the Tellius games are on clearance Lee must have decided to Leeve him a sliver of life so he could be EXP for someone else. Probably a good idea, seeing as odds are he's been in a burn ward since. Ironic when the mythical Dullahan is an entity more likely to cause death, seeing as when he stops riding, it is to call the name of whomever has been chosen to die. Wonder if the sword and rider are linked, and that's how the sword gets life force. So was she named after the tome or the tome after her or is this one of those things where the father married her because the name of his tome was similar? Damn it this hurts. I knew priests were also called "father", so it seems poetic that Katri thinks our good healer is FatherLee. I wonder which one the game wants you to pick. Arkis the sensitive. Explains his success with the other women. "Are you even listening" ~Arkis, on being ignored by a deaf girl "Would you care to spread your legs for me" ~ Arkis, to the paraplegic girl "Isn't that a guy's name" ~ Arkis to Martel On the vote, I'm going with Zeke. For the LEEtena event. Also, I would like to see the alternate reality where Raffin got a new Leese on life as a flier.
  3. Hard not to appreciate Lee puns when I've made a habit of making them. You could say I was filled with gLee tosee others making use of them.
  4. Reference to Evil the cat, Ruler of the planet Heck an Earthworm Jim villain who I was too lazy to get a picture of that I hadn't already photoshopped into a joke (Heckfire,). He'd always wear obvious disguises and frequently interject into anything he said therein "did I mention I am not a cat?" Pretty much like the shop-thief. Well, he has... had mercenaries and yet still has human-trafficking and thievery and all going on. Maybe he is. So keep her away from Panthers or else she may run off with one? Oh damn that's three replies. No Lee puns today.
  5. Who were some of your first benched units?

    Rath would be my first. I have a bias on Wil, and never bothered to use Rath, seeing as I already had a bow user. No regrets. Next would be Bartre. I figured with Dorcas being already somewhat trained from his part in Lyn mode, Bartre was just unneeded, a point that became more felt when Hector came in next chapter. Then when Lyn, Kent, Sain and Wil returned I asked "what use is having Rebecca, Lowen, Marcus (who was losing steam) and Guy (seeing as Lyn was practically a Myrmidon)?" After that, I benched Raven because I had enough swords in my opinion.
  6. Decent lord. Just keep him away from your cornflakes, and be sure any liquid is actually milk. (Too far? Maybe I should stick to Martel jokes and Lee puns) Pardon the double post... but I just realized I pre-empted that tavern scene unintentionally. Turns out my jokes re-write reality. The joke about Runan's smile is particularly telling. As is the milk... that turns out to be... Drugged. Almost exactly like my earlier joke. Now I feel like I accidentally caused this. I shudder to think on the consequences of my Martel jokes.
  7. Never shelled out for the DLC. Well except returning characters. When Smash Ultimate was announced, I knew I made the right choice. Well to be fair, Jesus had a jewish mother and earthly father. Seems like the sort of thing Hitler would do. I used to have faith in one party over the other. Not so much these days. I am smart enough to know I benefit from the current regime going out based on some proposed plans. But other than that it doesn't matter half as much as it used to. It's a good thing Lee is an honest man or this could end diabolicalee A better The Roger the Paladin? Poor bastard is even outclassed when he's good. "I HAVE THE POWER" BY THE POWER OF SPLITSKULL... The Eugen is God meme looks more plausible now. I mean Eugen just tells Runan to clear his mind of distractions (like that hammer and bits of skull) and he's good to go again. Sad, because it looks like he could have actually been good if he came at a different time. Especially if that movement growth hit more times than was likely. Leethal. So I've been using your address on internet surveys for years. Good to know. I was thinking he looks like Stromboli from Pinnochio. Come to think of it that's kind of similar circumstances in that he keeps Pinnochio in a cage and makes him sing and dance for money.... and Stromboli is one of the rare Disney villains that get away with no comeuppance... Stromboli? Is that you? Also did I mention I am not a cat? Worse, I already used my cornflakes joke about Runan's smile, so I can't even diffuse the situation with it. Seriously, if I sold that Frollo valentines day card, this town would probably be my number one buyer. Hell at Christmas they probably post this and it's not even a typo for them (and no, I don't know whose post it is either). Missed chance. You should have just put an "assist trophy" in his portrait box You mean criticalee
  8. Going to give some advice. Ike's aether going down counts as a meteor smash. Get 7 computer opponents, all set to level five, and have a time match of 2:30 on a small stage (battlefield works fine). Then get any three of them off the side and suicide aether them into a "meteor" KO. If you're unsure you've got enough, just keep doing it. It won't matter whether you win, but if you get more than one per go, you get a net gain so you probably can. Delightfully devilish? As long as they ain't patched it since I did it.
  9. In my case, what really bugged me was these were people who have always said about how apolitical they are and mocked me for bothering to vote in our own Country's elections "because all politicians are corrupt so it's the same result" (while there's truth to it, the fact they can say it on their election then 180 on another country's is ridiculous). What do you call it when someone is hypocritical enough to care about another country's elections more than their own? I mean unless they live in North Korea or somewhere with a rigged vote. That's different. My location of course is a subtle nod based off the fact I've joked about the Archanean continent being Eurasia, with Talys being Japan. Ergo there's a few places a smaller landmass to the South of the Asian region could be. I maintain, there's a handful of maps I like in Gaiden (The Great Gate, Rigel and Zofia Castles, the final battle with Duma, the ship maps, Greith's citadel, Mila's temple, and Nuibaba's abode). Each of these maps have one thing in common. Namely they're not a flat field and work best with a plan. Ironically, the replayability issue hasn't bugged me much on Gaiden either. Each time I play through, I come up with some rule or other. Whether it's "all villagers are mercenaries/archers/mages/soldiers" or "Alm/Celica are the only ones allowed to kill a boss", it works. That said, the fact it's a spiritual successor to Gaiden we have here is certainly a draw, and it really makes me regret my computer is on the verge of it's demise. Funny enough, I have an old Sgt Fury (as in Nick Fury, the white one, not hus black son Marvel replaced him with to make him look like his actor in 2012) issue set in the bygone days of WWII (after all, this issue was from the early 1970s), where J. Jonah Jameson was editor of the Daily Bugle even back in the war, and sent a reporter as a war correspondent with Nick Fury and His Howling commandoes because said reporter kept trying to fake news on the war (that is he'd make up articles and try to get them past Jameson despite the fact he was faking it). Funny lesson there. Even Jameson didn't like fake reports. Unless they were on vigilantes, which clouded his judgement because of how his first wife, Joan, happened to die While the poorly made card was my handiwork, it was made for an online joke rather than actually being sent on valentines day. So unless someone else sent it after seeing it, I'm innocent... as yet. Just gonna leave this here Amazing. Two replies to one statement. It's because you had to rub in I missed a Lee pun. Smells like brimstone. Elfire and Brimstone. Maybe she'd like a nice Valentines day card? Slim build, Waluigi moustache, hair dyed (I maintain) purple. Obviously someone worked out it was easier to get into Smash Bros as a Fire Emblem Character these days. Burning at the stake? Must resist urge to Frollo-post. Read this as "spamming match". Imagined them playing brawl as Meta-Knight.
  10. CD-i's King Harkinian in a mainline Zelda game?

    Don't worry too much. Life has a way of being depressing. Hence video-games as an escape mechanism. After all, half the point of fiction is that it can be used to forget what's wrong in one's own reality... even if only for a while.
  11. CD-i's King Harkinian in a mainline Zelda game?

    Well, that's depressing. I just wanted to do a thread about a ridiculous conspiracy theory to give people a hearty chuckle and get an excuse to talk about CD-i Zelda and how I'd actually like to see some of the characters return from the void of it, and now we're talking about unfortunate deaths. Anyway, on the notion, I really, really would like to see King Harkinian return seeing as he was in so much of the early Zelda media (the comics from Valiant, the CD-i games, the cartoon). I mean, barring the manual, Impa went from the same amount of origin (seriously, her first in-game appearance was on the CD-i, check) to being a full fledged character in Ocarina of Time, and a recurring character since. I feel ripped off that Harkinian is treated as an embarrassment. He doesn't even have to be a full fledged character. Maybe just a portrait in a hall of kings past in Hyrule Castle with a brief caption on him and his reign (in the vein of the various King Croacus in Super Paper Mario) While I fully understand burying Morshu or Duke Onkled or any of the other characters created solely for CD-i, King Harkinian was a formative part of the lore us western Zelda fans had up until Ocarina of Time. For me, he was part of my first encounter with the franchise (the cartoon episode with the winged unicorn), so I'm kind of prone to associating him with it in spite of the fact Nintendo wants us to forget him like the Koopa Kids from the early Mario Parties. Do have to wonder why we've never seen royals other than Zelda and the king, just getting the occasional mention of them. Wouldn't mind a plot with a would be usurper in the family who allies with a certain villain. Or tries to manipulate him.
  12. What's The Worst Thing You've Tasted I 2019

    My own tonsil-stone laced vomit.
  13. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    That's not even going into Samus and her computer with a dead abusive Commanding Officer's personality. So it's obviously to compensate for Peach being about as generic as one can get. What if Ogma and Cloud Strife swapped games? Would anyone notice?
  14. All part of the (humorously over-the-top) corrupt lawyer act I was going for. Loosely based off the "Black Rage Defense" used in this instance."Black_rage"_defense where the guilty party pretty much argued that slavery and other past wrongs against African Americans lead to him intricately planning a shooting where he murdered several people because of a spontaneous expression of his rage. You know. Because spontaneous expressions of rage lead to several weeks of planning. Naturally it didn't work and he is serving 315 years and six months to life imprisonment. Effectually, he comes up for parole in 2309. Provided someone finds a way to extend his life that long. Hatboy obviously copped it a bit worse, seeing as he got the death-penalty. Or maybe that's lenient.
  15. What would happen if Merlinus was on 4chan? I was more going for "corrupt lawyer" speech. Mostly because my brother wanted to be a lawyer, but used to make stupid arguments. So I used to mock how he'd go in court with such idiocy as trying to prevent his client from going to jail for manslaughter by revealing the killing was pre-meditated, or arguments based on another country's constitution. I had more than enough of the US election when it was going on and people here were way too invested in it despite having no way of influencing it. Lost friends for daring to put forth the notion it's not my Country, and consequently I have no horse in that race. Not good enough for some apparently. Magic hurts in the game. But to be honest, I love Gaiden and Echoes about as much as one can love a game without going into creepy territory. Maybe because they went and broke every convention of Fire Emblem (well not really, but they're very unique). I have a soft spot for that oddball sequel that is different from the rest of the series, whether Zelda II, Metroid II, Castlevania II, or Super Mario Bros. 2. Gaiden is one of those on many levels, with it's unbreakable weapons (which Fates brought back), minimum damage of one, two routes at once that join at the end, non-human enemies (though that's came back), skirmishes (again, it's returned), the villager trainee class, the branching promotions for villagers, the multi-tier promotions, archers that are actually useful. Yep. There's a magic there. When I discovered Echoes was going to be a thing, it was probably the most hyped I was ever for a game in the series... albeit noting I only started in 2011. I don't know. Let's ask J. Jonah Jameson if any facet of the media would ever be run be people with an agenda. He seems pretty on the ball about Spider-Man being a menace. Just makes me think of Carnival Barkers. Except he ain't running no side-show. Is Cloud Strife going to be here? Or maybe Ogma seeing as he kind of looks like him in FE 11 (well his battle sprite at least)? You'd be too. That was hot sauce. He's running for actual water. Shouldn't that thing be buried and rusted to hell? Codha wanted to weigh in on these jokes, but he couldn't find scales that would accommodate. Looking ridiculous as usual I see. Have to wonder what would have happened if you actually had a thousands of soldiers. I've got a battle axe that looks an awful lot like that hammer. Maybe it's been a hammer and I've been using it wrong. Wait... how can I NOT use a battle axe wrong in the current year? I mean, without being a murderer. Uh, let's forget that. It's like he's some sort of ogre or troll or something, and has superhuman size and strength to make up for his debilitating face. I disagree. If the other one was smart, they wouldn't have put themself in range of death unless they had a way of finishing the foe... like the cooperation of their partner. More like "unLeesh". Are they building a wall in the desert? To stop your guys getting into their country? Maybe we can get a scathing news article on them. Merlinus is never there when you need him. Same as Sean being pronounced Shawn. Irish people. He is their superior physicalee and spiritualee. Apparently, even you can't have Linde be your first casualty in two different games. As for the other, guy I imagine arabic Frollo put it best. (seriously, what's up with that translation?) Oh the irony. The extra HP may be a good crutch to leen on in an emergency. Maybe he meant small as in their collective IQ score? Would explain the hero of the battle. Eugen is all knowing apparently. Either that or one of the listed things that were skipped over was the key and Narcus was still working on the list. So is it the child sacrifice or the hat that makes him chosen? Curiosity. And chosen for what specifically? To be an asshole and die? R.I.P. Seamus. BBQ'd like Sigurd. Why does the grandaughter of the water mage use fire? I can't even come up with a joke about what she tries to be because of this. My game is ruined. Thanks a lot Linde. Told you those zombies were movie extras. You invaded Hollywood by mistake. What is it with you and Jagens? First Marcus now Raquel. If Arran didn't die (not that he didn't get better story-wise), he'd have somehow ended up in your end-team wouldn't he? One of the dead guys presumably. They don't need it. Are we in a Holee war? Elfire, Dark Fire. Now gypsy it's your turn. Looks like an underage Anna copycat too. Between that and the locked in the basement part, I think someone better call Chris Hanson.