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  1. No. There's three dogs in the family, and the poor fellow with the chicken is blind. Mind the chicken is friends with two of three. The third (who is the one who hangs around me) not really having met the others because of the set-up here being more than a little confounding. My grandparents had one since my father was a kid... so that' not an issue. But as one might guess, getting a blind dog on a trampoline would confuse the hell out of him... whereas getting the chicken on him is just a matter of letting it happen. I'd guess that it's more of an adrenaline thing. One can note he usually goes giant when it's needed. Though that makes you question why he was so huge in his slime bath in Sunshine...
  2. I mean out of the main series, probably needed to be clearer. I think that FF2 handles its new concepts pretty badly and in ways that have aged horrendously. It's also the worst of the "NES series whose second titles were out there" as well for similar reasons. I mean, All the Bravest is a thing, not even I would try to justify there's a lower point in FF than that. I try not to count All the Bravest... and this is coming from someone who would actually approve of the CD-i Zeldas being re-released, so that's pretty damning. Though it would speak well for the series if II was the lowest it got, given I found it passable. Even addictive. It's also a good thing you said "NES series", because if you were referring to any series having an out there "2", I'd have thought immeadiately of Pac-Man 2, the new adventures. Though does that even count as a second game when there were a whole bunch of other games including Pac Land and Super Pac-man in between? (I mean Miss Pac-man was there but that wasn't initially licensed).
  3. This sentiment seems familiar. To be honest, I've seen far worse. Always for some reason or another. Attempting to armchair detective The Jack The Ripper Case or the Hinterkaifeck murders resulted in finding some rather horrific images. Though whether they were horrific because of the gore or because of the stories that went with the photos is another question. That'd be amazing. Though, as vile, evil, (ever notice that evil and vile are anagrams?), grotesque, and irredeemable as the Shroobs are... even they probably didn't deserve Slaver's face (despite being the nastiest thing in the franchise). I mean, that Waluigi look-alike might have fit the role better. Oh I know. I know a bit about Steve, given that at one point in my life, I was lucky enough to converse with the man, a rarity given he was the type to avoid comic-cons and the like. More on his work at Charlton comics (because who else remembers those) than anything else, but I could rattle off a few odd facts that aren't generally known. "Or 1 chicken on a dog on a trampoline." Though that might require actually doing something to get the photo. Just remember, there'd inevitably be a death. OC villains tend to do that. Except Pretzel's yandere alternate reality self. From memory, the rather infamous wording after acknowledging he'd done wrong in the past was "I now choose to live my life as a gay man". Which kind of made it obvious he thought the "you're so brave for coming out" would over-ride the disgust at his actions. But if anything it made it worse. I've seen a number of jokes relating to using the phrase as a defense for unrelated crimes, not limited to bank robberies, speeding tickets, and fraud. Yeah, Holmes brain never was the same after they replaced Charlie Sheen. Thing is, the Emperor is meant to use dispel to remove buffs on your party and just got extremely unlucky and failed to when he needed. That battle is meant to be easy with the bloodsword due to increased damage output but not nearly that easy. Whereas the DCMC pamphlet may as well be an instant win in it's specific circumstance. Speaking of, Censored Gaming recently did a video claiming that the Spanish version of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time didn't get a proper Spanish translation, just a translation guide that came with copies. If that's true (which I was hoping you could confirm), I bet that'd give you a more natural feel playing the game than most over there. Mind I kind of suspect what it's like. I have a copy of Mother 3. I don't speak Japanese. Not the easiest arrangement. Going to quote this and not the scene, but the blue screen is the best. I once defeated a wild animal endemic to my country with a step ladder myself when it made the mistake of trying to attack me. Mind if I say what animal, it'd give the country away so badly it's not even funny. Maybe she couldn't be a Paladin of Verje because "The Roger" was "THE Paladin". It's like why the Milk Snake, a harmless creature, has evolved a similar colour pattern to the lethal Coral Snake. Like the milk snake's colour pattern draws caution from those who believe it has venom, the generic's palette fools commanders into deploying them believing they have a movement growth like Lionel. Alas, the commanders are fooled. For the generics are decisively lacking in that quality. Just as the milk snake can be identified by careful analysis of the placement of it's bands, so can the generic be identified by analysis of their statistic screen. Humblee healing, having forgone pay. He's divinelee protected. Not to forget Arkis, who is just offensive to women and an ongoing thread theme at this point. Even if he's not a Paladin. If there's one thing I've learned from reading fiction, it's that birth deformities give you superhuman strength. Look at Quasimodo, able to hurl masonry with relative ease (you really think ringing bells gave him that muscle?). Look at Killer Croc. Doomed to his scaly skin, but with the power to wrestle gators in Florida as his first job, and later to tear a bank vault's door right off by hand. I've always felt strict adherence to tier lists was a mistake of the "no-fun allowed" type. If you kill in one hit, what is a second even worth? Either way, I'm predicting a Pengaius request. Well I'm guessing that's a certain individual that a certain manakete is hoping to revive on Holmes route but is unaware the lack of body meant something else. I could also come up with a few toxins that are easy to come by. Like the cyanide in cherry pits. (one or two crushed pits being enough to kill). On a side note, I did a playthrough of the Dawn of Souls version of Final Fantasy I recently (I mean, that's the version of II I played, and it's a two-in one cart, so obviously) and named my team (A Warrior, Black Mage, White Mage, and a Monk) after characters that have been used in this and the previous two LPs. None of which are dead (at least yet). Want to take a guess at them and the reason for the name of the Monk, who is unique for being a class that doesn't have anything to do with the character he's named for. There's handling them badly and then there's FFII, imo the series worst by a long shot. I would argue the way things were handled in this one just is so poorly executed. The worst counting spinoffs/sequels/MMOs? Because I recall Dirge of Cerberus being pretty rancid. Though maybe I'm just sour because of the genre. And one hears things about the XIII spin-offs. Also the original incarnation of XIV, despite never having touched an MMO did get incredibly negative response. Just out of curiosity.
  4. Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

    While that may be true, the loss of some of the art (an eventuality that thankfully was avoided to my understanding) would have been a bit more difficult to turn back. Though, they could possibly be duplicated, I can't feel that'd be any more the real thing than a repro cart is in gaming. Just a substitute for those who cannot access the originals... for one reason or another. A cynical view point some might say, but I've dealt in collecting more than a few things (videogames being a fairly obvious one) and know how authenticity is valued.
  5. Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

    Actually a tough question. I really like a line in the German version which translates roughly to "the sinners I despise them, I'm of a different, better stamp". I've said it elsewhere, but that line embodies Frollo. He has contempt for everyone else because he considers them all to be sinners. On a different note, I find the Russian variation has a vocal asthetic that I enjoy. The English variation is again, top notch, though I have a native language bias there. If we look at play count, I seem to have played the Lukarios'klaw version the most times, curiously, so there's obviously something to be said there. Ultimately picking between them, I might just say the German version for the line, but it's tough by any metric because each version has merits, hence why I couldn't settle for one in the first place like I would under other circumstances. Another piece of music I love and have saved is Bloody Tears from Castlevania, but despite numerous iterations of that song, I was able to single out my favourite as the take from Dracula X Chronicles (whether that's popular as a choice or not I'll never know), and settle for it alone. Here I couldn't for reasons I'm not fully sure of. Naturally, my thoughts on the incident on initially hearing of the fire (while it was underway) wandered to the song (Hellfire, not Bloody Tears) and whether future generations would think of Notre Dame as distantly as I would the Hanging Gardens of Bablyon or the Colossus of Rhodes. A bygone wonder.
  6. Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

    No. I thought it too. But then I like that song way more than someone should and have it on my computer in 8-bit, Russian, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, the classic English version, the cover Lukario'sklaw did, and that triumphant version for the Frollo show. So I thought I might just be a little unhinged.
  7. While he didn't draw all of them, he did take over the series "The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones" mid-run and had a few volumes. More of an excuse to post a picture of a couple friends doing their best impression of Duck Hunt Duo. Except with a different form of poultry and a friendship born from a mutual dislike of foxes. Yeah, but it was Slaver. I'm pretty sure it'd be scarier if you wanted him to be left off with a slap on the wrist. It's an interesting game. Some of the mechanics are definitely poorly executed, but you have to remember it wasn't just pioneering them, but suffered from a single year of development, a thing that seems to make or break a game. For Majora's Mask, a short development resulted in a Zelda different enough to be my favourite for subverting conventions and having a dark atmosphere stemming from ideas influenced by both nightmares and stress from the looming deadlines (look at it, the whole game is a deadline in a way). For Final Fantasy II, we had a world that was open to the extent you could wander into the areas with late-game enemies right after walking out of the town you start in... and get your ass handed to you by a pack of werewolves for your trouble. Instead of towns simply becoming stagnant as the game went on, you'd see them change from the events of the game or even be destroyed. NPCs, player characters... the only ones you could be sure were safe were three particular ones in your party as death struck everywhere showing the war the game took place in wasn't a war in name alone. The biggest problem was the levelling mechanic was broken in ways. One infamous trick, and easily the most effective was to get into a fight with enemies who posed little threat to you, attack yourself to the point your HP was low, and win. You'd likely level HP and Stamina... and possibly strength and weapon level as a bonus. As it stood though, levelling magic fully was tedious and took ages (I can honestly say I never got any spell past the halfway point). Ultima is a major victim of this. Despite being a legendary spell that sealed away demons lore-wise, and despite having a portion of the story devoted to getting it that results in a death... Ultima is based on the level of the caster's other spells. Ergo if you haven't levelled it and 15 other spells all the way to level 16... you may find it less effective than the beserk stacking idea I had on the bosses.Some people say the algorithm also takes into account weapon levels, which would make it even harder to level. But the topper is the original version of the game had a bug for the spell where the algorithm for Ultima was broken so it could deal 500 damage at most. This made it virtually useless. While it's fixed in every subsequent version... it still is underwhelming for it's position in the lore. Overall I enjoyed the game... but I definitely see why some people call it the series black sheep. TL;DR version essentially being that it managed a story and ideas ahead of of it's time, but didn't balance the gameplay quite right.
  8. For some of us, it was tomorrow. So LP Canon is that Eclipse is best mod? Bonus points if you get Fari from Wand of Gamelon to bring Zieg back. "Here's the traitor your majesty". Because if you don't it's happening anyway. Well, technically she can kill him in PoR instead of recruiting him back... but that's non-canon because he's in Radiant Dawn. Sounds like Pretzel. Go figure Medeus wasn't the biggest threat to Archanea. Pretzel was. It fits well with an old trick I used to use where I took photos of my great-grandfather in military uniform, who had the same name and similar enough facial structure, and set them up in convenient spots to mess with visitors. Trick hasn't worked since I grew a beard out. Makes you see how myths of immortals spread when you've had fun with that sort of thing. That said, I'm lucky enough not to live in a time where I could have got staked for that. Morshu, Shopkeep of Koridai. It wasn't so much me knocking Orson as saying Zieg is the same concept but executed in a way to allow the player more chance to get attached to him before his death... rather than after. I just kind of feel like the guy got screwed over by comparison. By coincidence, Steve Ditko, the artist who co-created Spider-Man with Stan Lee drew an Indiana Jones series back in the 1980s. The more more you know. Because they wouldn't fit on a dog. Did you just say you hate Hawkwing and want to confine him to a store for the rest of his days? Pretty sure "Sirius" refers to how he has someone else waiting across the sea for him when he talks to Nyna in New Mystery. So that pretty much confirms Tatiana's alive. While checking that, I found there was also a memory prism in Shadows of Valentia which shows when Tatiana first found Camus on the beach... and he in his delirium refers to Nyna. If she was mentioned at all by the Whitewings (who I believe triggered the memories in "Zeke" by their presence) before they left, she probably worked put two and two together. Frollo would love this. Especially German Frollo, who has a line that translates to "The sinners I despise them, I'm of a different, better stamp". Which is the most Frollo line in anything ever. Well, Shigen, you've wasted your time. Judging by the time it took to register that you were supposed to be dead, I'd say Eugen killed whatever was there to begin with. Holmes is a vegetable. Let's hope we don't run into any vegetarians, or this run could be messy. And whatever was left of his brain. Jeeze. First evil Louise in New Mystery, and now evil Pent here. Let's just be glad that evil Louise and Pent never met so we don't have evil Clarine. Unless that becomes OC next LP. Just like a hollowed out bible used to hide a flask of whiskey. The plates are prepared. And the little turd even did the unforgivable. Using Vega. That's against the very principles of this run. How many did hiring Vega count for? He "apologized" for sexual assault of a minor by coming out as gay in 2017, as if being gay means it's okay that he tried to molest a 14 year old boy. Consequently ruined his career and became the butt of a number of jokes regarding the fact he seems to believe he should be held to a different standard because of his orientation. So basically. I was about to give a suggestion, but then say that you said "deuterangonist", so it wouldn't really count. Jar Jar Binks should have been revealed as a Sith Lord. It would have been hilarious if the idiocy was a perfectly rehearsed act and he was Vader's real mentor. Only way he could have done it better is if he revealed he was a patron of Slaver's. Kind of an inverse of this is my recent playthrough of Final Fantasy II (a game that kills so many characters, playable or otherwise, there's an entire scenario in later versions revolving around the ones who did die in the afterlife). I got to the final boss... and got a pre-emptive strike, meaning I had a free first turn without him attacking me. So my plan went "have everyone cast Beserk on the guy with the bloodsword, which said boss is weak to because beserk stacks in this game and raises attack ". Second turn I attack, and inflict maximum damage with that character while everyone else buffs with magic like Blink, Haste and Protect. Then the boss retaliates with dispel to attempt to remove the buffs, but fails to hit Firion, who has the bloodsword... which is the one character he needed to hit. I proceeded to attack again on my third turn and win. Only damaging the boss twice. Only letting him make one move. It was hilarious. I didn't even have to max out my characters to pull off this strategy.
  9. Because a big part of the appeal of your LPs is the fact they're humorous, which is something hard to achieve without the humility to laugh at yourself (which you do regularly). Also because the joke only works because this is a thread about dead characters, and I couldn't make a joke about the ones that survive.
  10. How about this for a twist. Arran GHB. Remember him? He was that Jeigan who was dying from a debilitating illness throughout 3/12, and was probably already suffering somewhat given his state in 1/11. Except now we get to see the guy in his full glory, because when you're in the realm of the dead, you're back to your prime. Arran gets another shot to redeem himself, but this time he's got the strength to back it up. Mind you I don't expect it to happen in a million years, but if IS did it, it'd be nice. After that serious answer, I could take a potshot (or shameless plug) and say anyone from @Saint Rubenio's iron man runs. I assume he'll forgive the jest given the advertising.
  11. Weird. After all this time avoiding being banned, you managed to get a banned IP. Didn't see that coming. I am seconding this. Please leave The Roger The Paladin in. That line alone made me a Roger fan. I don't care if it's a typo, it's a work of art and must be preserved for future generations.
  12. Well, Laughing Sports Man is a better character name than "Cloud" or "Squall" because it's not a random meteorology term. Sort of. See, it originates from the fact my brother once played a trick where he took a "Superior Spider-man" flier from a comic store and put it in the front of a copy of the Deadpool game in a store and it just stayed like that because no one cared. So I decided to one up him by taking something I'd previously made as a shitpost about Sonic fan characters and printing it, and throwing it into a box for Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive at a Retro Game Store. Later that copy sold, and to my surprise recently turned up again, picture and all at a pawnbroker... before selling again. Doing a google search, it also appears to have had an outing on 4chan at some point. Dolza was in that run by coincidence. He suffered from not being able to double during the latter half of the game, needed that ward that prevents crits due to having 4 luck, and was doubled by most enemies. Meant buying a lot of killer axes so he could just one shot things as much as possible... and picking his battles carefully. Rennac's biggest use there was as a support bot for Dolza Honestly, when it comes to Castlevania, I like most of the series. Not so much the Adventure on Game Boy, Castlevania 64 (Legacy of Darkness is actually playable though), Lament of Innocence or Lords of Shadow 1&2. Improbable on the grounds that despite that French grandmother, I've never been anywhere near France. Though when you think about it, his life was still ruined by Est. It just was the type to lead to a quick death this time. Castlevania II comes to mind. Sure it's cryptic, but if it didn't exist, Metroidvania's wouldn't have been inspired by it. Then Ecclesia wouldn't exist. Neither would the Morning Sun quote seeing as it originates from Castlevania II and was referenced in Ecclesia. Only part French. Which leads to a funny story where my younger brother was mocking the French, got told he was 1/8th French, and responded that he'd drain 1/8th of his blood so he wouldn't be. Something I continue to mock to this day. I have no idea. It's the real mystery of the Emblem I'm in a fairly good position with not being found namewise. I recently had a trip to a doctor where a patient with the same name got mixed up with me and they seriously asked if I was born in 1933 as a consequence. Leading to jokes about me being older than my own parents. Obviously he had real fire, because he just walked onto the site. But it's fine, because they were fighting bandits. Best I can guess after that is that mages have some sort of control over the intensity of their spells and it's gameplay/story segregation that they don't let them become fatal. To be honest, explaining magic becomes either a cop-out or a contradiction in all but the rarest cases. It'd be hilarious if you went to France and kidnapped some random thinking it were me. "You have a dog. You must be the right guy". Reminds me of the old (late 1800s) theory I read about poltergeists and the fact they were actually psychic manifestations of women's repressed sexual urges. Upon the theory being countered by an account of a single man being tormented by poltergeists, the writer of said theory claimed that the man must be a homosexual and it still counts. While there was no account as to whether the man in question was, I find it funny how it's "well how do you explain me then" "you must be gay". Wonder why occultism isn't considered a credible science with that method. Didn't you just elect to remain neutral? Closest we ever got was the toilet hand in Majora's Mask who has his "Ho. You saved me" line from Wand of Gamelon. Not that I didn't already do a far from the forest thread about that claiming it was him. Coincidentally, the deku scrubs at the deku play spot in North Clock Town have the "just so long as you have enough Rupees" paraphrase of Morshu's line. Not to forget his mustache. I know it's probably a coincidence, but I can't help but wonder some times. How are they "daddies" when one of them is female? I'm so confused. Is there something Maria senior isn't telling us? Nevermind. Queen Mario it is. He didn't read the spoilers, and is a better man for it. But you just said that in fiction water = safety. What did Renee fall in? So basically Orson but with enough chapters to actually matter, and a consequence of use other than exp waste. He's assumed that Martel's name means she's stupid and has forgot, even though she made reference to it. On a side note, seems like Martel is a name just destined to cause something to go wrong, whether it's the dumbest plan in the history of Fire Emblem, or a literal family tree discussion. I can't help but wonder if Kaga's notes didn't say "Martel causes dumb exposition" and IS just winged it off that for a chapter of Binding Blade. That poor Wyvern didn't know what it signed on for. And on that day, Holmes got brain damage. Whether it would make him more or less intelligent time could only tell. Why can I see this alternate world Pretzel as a future villain? The horror of watching a bad joke turn into a nightmare.
  13. Any Good April Fools Stuff You Saw Today?

    If they re-released the CD-i Zeldas and Hotel Mario on switch I'd inevitably buy them.
  14. Yeah... you kind of telegraphed that. Can't wait for this to be someone's strange dream in the main LP. I'm of the school of thought that a slur is only as bad as the context it's used in. If it's used thoughtlessly or with intent to insult, that's actually bad. If it's used in the context of mocking the ridiculousness of the slur (and believe me, some slurs have outright stupid origins and only manage to be offensive because of their history), it's kind of taking their power away. Mind that's something that can't just be done by one person. Society as a whole will have to grow, and I don't have the greatest faith in that. The cutscenes are legendary. To the point I just want Morshu and King Harkinian in a mainline Zelda even though it'll never happen. As for the grindy gameplay... well, let's face it. The level up system in Zelda II: Adventure of Link kind of had the same effect as gathering the snowball/fireball items (I've watched full LPs from The Half-Blind Gamer on youtube, and while that item only applies to Faces of Evil, the point is there's item grind). If I can cope with that, I can cope with this That's a shame. It shows actual effort went into the game. It makes me feel worse about it being mocked relentlessly now. I guess if they ever re-release the CD-i games I'm getting the whole set now. Some stories don't really need comment, because the telling is it's own reward. On a side note, the dog I mentioned who was cautious of new people? He always sits next to me when I'm working on my laptop. So in a way, he does tie back into these updates because he's always with me when I read them or comment.
  15. Attack the Poster Below!

    Avenges the Eevee by launching a cow into space so it will land on the next user from orbit.