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  1. Best Class

    ok. welp, back to grinding free DLC
  2. Best Class

    i dont think i have one for kana, but i do have one for corrin
  3. Best Class

    what do you mean by, "statues?"
  4. Best Class

    i thiiiiiink that i did atack boon
  5. Best Class

    i choose def. and atk. boon and banes. is that a problem?
  6. Best Class

    hmm. but i dont think as ninja i wwont be stong enough to get lvl 20 THEN gat into master ninja
  7. Thank Lord Arceus!!

    hmm. didint know dat.
  8. Best Class

    oh and one more, the class that you get when you use a master seal that i dont care to know the name of...
  9. Best Class

    so, thanks to all who gave me tips. but the final outcome is narrowing down to 3 classes! choose and whoever gets the most votes wins Lodestar Ballistician Master Ninja
  10. Another Newbie

  11. Best Class

    but then do i have to turn into ninja, THEN turn into master ninja?
  12. Best Class

    lol nuuuu! do i need kaze to be master ninja for ME to be master ninja?
  13. Best Class

    good to know welp, time to grind supports!
  14. Best Class

    can you weild yato at sword level b?
  15. Best Class

    cool, cool,