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  1. That's a good suggestion, I admit. Yeah, I'm looking forward to that patch. How's progress by the way? Also I must confess. I've been working on this alone non-stop and I think I need a break. But seriously, thank you for telling me this.
  2. Took some time, but I finally finished Chapters 4-7! Chapter 4: Joy and Sorrow: Notes: Most of the changes are slight dialogue modifications. Examples are Sirius's recruitment and the chapter ending. Chapter 5: The Liberation of Grust: Notes: The changes are mostly in the recruitment dialogues. Chapter 6: The Nest of Vice: Notes: Kris and Jagen's conversation about strenght has been slightly altered. Some changes in the recruitments and at the end of the chapter. Chapter 6x: Mercenary Squad: Notes: Changes in Legion's dialogue. Changes at the end of the battle. Chapter 7: Scarlet Sword: Notes: Nothing really noteworthy, just some very slight modifications to the dialogue. (Also Naga's gender still confuses me.) And that's all for now. I will be taking a long deserving break after this. So the next update will take much longer, please be patient with me. Also, feel free to comment if you have any advice, suggestions or feedback. I welcome it. See you later!
  3. Your examples help me a lot with fully understanding Marth, so thank you for this. Don't worry I will keep all of this in mind as I go through this. If you have any more advice, feel free to comment.
  4. I'm back everyone! Took some time, but I finally completed Chapters 1 to 3x! With this, we officially begin the main story of the game. Chapter 1: Grustian Expedition. Notes: Modified a little bit Kris's interaction with Marth at the beginning of the chapter. Also some minor changes at the end of it. Chapter 2: Rebellion at Macedon. Notes: Kris and Jagen's conversation about speed has been slightly altered. Extended the Boss's battle quote. Nothing much to say, really. Chapter 3: Abducted Princess. Notes: Kris and Jagen's conversation about skill has been slightly altered. Some minor changes at the end of the chapter. Chapter 3x: Lurking Threat. Notes: Changed the Chapter Title a little bit. Clarisse and Katarina's interaction has been altered. (Also decided to include Clarisse's battle and defeat quotes in the script, even if I think you can't reach her by conventional means). Next chapters will probably have more changes as we progress further into the story. And that is all for now. Stay tuned.
  5. Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it, really, so feel free to comment more if you desire. It helps me a lot. And don't worry about Marth or Kris. I intend to make them more bearable. Finished rewriting Chapter 1 not long ago and I'm satisfied with the result. You will see it soon enough.
  6. Hello everyone. I have returned with the last 3 parts of FE12's prologue chapters. I also made all of my works more easy to read, and I will also list some of the changes I made to the original script. Prologue 6: Bonds. Notes: No real changes aside from using the localized names. Prologue 7: Final Test. Notes: The only notorious changes are some modifications to Kris and Katarina's dialogue at the end of the chapter, but nothing much, really. Prologue 8: Assassination. Notes: The more notorious changes are at the end of the chapter. And with that, I have finished all of the Prologues of FE12. Honestly there weren't that many changes with it, but I think there will be more once I start with the Main Story of the game, which will be at a later date. I will also update this on the Fire Emblem Subreddit ,so you can also check there for any updates. That is all for now. Stay tuned.
  7. Hello everyone. My name is Sir Ragnell and I have come with an interesting idea: A few days ago on the Fire Emblem Subreddit, I made a Marth X Kris Support rewrite that fixes both of their bad lines in it. After some consideration, I decided to try and rewrite the entire story script of FE12. Using the translated script from Serenes Forest as base and the localized names from Heroes, I set to work on it. I thought this could be a fun experiment to try. So here we are. All of the script will use Male, Default Kris. As of now I have completed Prologues 1 to 5, you can expect more at a later date. Prologue 1: Meeting. Notes: No real big changes besides using the localized names. Prologue 2: Young Squires. Notes: No real big changes besides using the localized names. Prologue 3: Training. Notes: Once again, no real big changes besides using the localized names. Prologue 4: New Friends. Notes: Now we get to something, the most important change here is Elice's dialogue, which has been altered. Prologue 5: March Duty. Notes: Aside from fixing Kris's lack of direction, there is no real big change. As you can see, most of the dialogue is the same with some fixes on certain parts of it. But in the end I have the desired outcome. That is all for now. Stay tuned.