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  1. Any hopes?

    any hopes? no children in 3H. no dragon as final boss, more funny characters, more psycho characters, funny online fight against teams or defending fights just like in radiant dawn.
  2. Do you think that we recruit more people when we travel around or is it different this time: getting more students if we increase a classroom level"?
  3. i dont like him, he looks like a highschool football player who bulling the weak ones.....
  4. General theorizing thread

    could it be that byleths father is the old guy who wields the legendarys sword? i know...byleths father is young but the old guy from the first trailer look like him.maybe from the future.
  5. Three Houses: Factions First Impressions Poll

    Black Eagles first! second the lions! Dorothea looks like someone photoshped a cape over her head but i like hear to...she will be my first fistfighter^^
  6. Sothis

    i also think that she shows us time travel. i dont think that she is a villan but it would be cool if we have an enemy who useses the timewheel against us^^ it would be something new^^
  7. i really want to know how it looks like if your unit failed the exam xD
  8. Woah they really coming up with 3h infos?????? okay now i cant wait anymore :( this is a suprised direct for me, never thought that dude was right aberout "13 is your lucky number " lol
  9. Your wishlist for the next trailer

    your all have many good things! what i really want to see what they do with online mode, 4 players map? conquest?defense? weekly quests? i hope they do something in that direction.
  10. Are you worried about Three Houses?

    There was an article about nintendo switch games from nintendosoup. Takahashi assures that all nintendogames from 2019 wont be delayed. SOmeone from the other thread post this: Sure it would be better!
  11. Nintendo know that we know that we think a direct is maybe in they decide to make the direct in march to troll us^^
  12. Are you worried about Three Houses?

    I have nothing against a delay of the game. My biggest worry is just if Nintendo gonna say:"Sorry we have to delay the game and start with a different story from scratch, so forget about 3 houses and evrything u saw"... that would be horrible^^....all the fake leaks coming back xD
  13. When do you think Three Houses will come out?

    i think we get a direct in march and our game end april or middle May. i dont think that we get some information in februrary. When they come up with a delay like metroid switch then it should be ok, nothing to worry about^^
  14. Are you worried about Three Houses?

    they said sorry today about metroid and they begin at 0. if there was a problem about fe 3h they would say nothing sure there release some information soon and thee game is not delayed
  15. after i saw the nintendo presentaition list the next direct could be middle january or end of january. so something can happen next week or the week after but im not sure cause it could happen in february, i justsaw that evry time there was a direct in nov then a januuary direct comes, if there was a direct in dec then the next direct was feburary.