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  1. Zeugmas

    You're on the right track. Ran his fathers shop and twenty miles might make it flow a little better. Here are some more I went to a new age store, it really opened up my mind and my wallet. She took a deep breath and the stranger's car. They're by no means amazing, but they can be kinda fun to think about sometimes.
  2. The Last To Post Wins!

    It's a nice hat, I got it from the hat store over on fourth ave. Not a bad place, though the staff is a little pushy. Kept sayin' "tan hats are all the rage, why, we was watching that Bogart flick "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" and that Bogart fella was wearin' a smart lookin' tan hat". Well, I told 'em they ain't very learned about hats ifn they think the tan hat Bogart wore in Treasure of the Sierra Madre is any good. I tell ya, they didn't know shit about hats. I did find that fine grey hat like the one ol' Humph wore in Casa Blanca there though. So I s'pose they ain't all bad. If ya see my hat anywhere please let me know. I'm terrible afeared o' ne'er seein' that hat again.
  3. Zeugmas

    A zeugma is when the verb in a sentence applies to two or more other words in the sentence (usually nouns). Here are some examples The farmer grew potatoes, carrots, and bored. Hitmen could be quite expensive, so she took out a loan and her husband. They are mildly humorous, now post your own if you like!
  4. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Because people tend to be hypocrites, and society is made up of people (unless it's an alien society... dunh dunh duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu) Who's gonna get chopped?
  5. What is the avatar of the user above you saying?

    "I just can't get that dog out of my head. It darted in front of my car so fast, I-I couldn't stop. Oh god I'm a murderer! Maybe if I hadn't been in such a rush, or if I hadn't have been so stubborn and driven Julia away I might have payed more attention to the road! Curse you fate, foul temptress of all man's folly! "
  6. Comedy Critique Club

    8/10 One day this guy's wife left him for another man. It tor him up, but he had had a trying life, so he was used to hardships. The next day he was fired from his job, but he was used to hardships. The third day, he became very depressed and decided to commit suicide, he jumped off a bridge. But just as he did, a boat was passing through and he smacked right on to it, but he didn't die, because he was used to hardships.
  7. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    I was not aware people thought that. Why do people still think it's okay to chew with their mouths open?
  8. Google image war

  9. The "You Sell Table Fans, Get A Real Job!" CYOA

    Aw hell I'll do it meself. C What!? Is what this greasy man-child is saying true? You leap over him, grabbing a sample fan and dashing into the fray. Once your in the thick of it you start to regret your decision, everywhere you look there are people dressed in costumes shouting attack names, one guy who seems to really like Bleach (not like "oh that guy's into bleach. Like " Oh shit, that guys wearing a homemade version of Ichigo's Arancar mask while carrying around a seven foot long sword [Note to self: ask him where he got it later] and a Rukia body pillow"), and some real pasty kids (not pasty as in white, pasty with a short a, like the medieval savory pastry. You assume they're such big nerds that they eat all kinds of crazy period food like that.) wearing World of Warcraft T-shirts. You go and talk to the pasty kids, "Ladies and Gentleman! I bring to you the deal of a life time. I am selling premium gaming fans for only 80 dollars each! Buy it now and the shipping and handling is free free free!" The pasty kids huddle up and talk to each other. After a minute they walk up to you, "we have considered your offer, we decided we will buy all of your fans. Their power will be helpful, and they come in such beautiful airplane grade finishes!" Hahahahahah! SUCCESS!! You sold all of your fans! That's a huge wieght off your chest. What will you do now? A.) Go back home, call your ex, take your interview and take your life back B.) Go buy that Bleach guy's sword form him. You deserve it.
  10. SF Interviews 2.0 - Saint Rubenio

    Hello, I have the following queries for you. 1.) What is your favorite style of shoe? 2.) Have you ever seen yourself in profile? 3.) What makes French toast crunch? 4.) Hair, part to the left, right, straight down the middle, or no part? 5.) Do you play an instrument? 6.) Have you ever bought a rug?
  11. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    For kids. ...I'm pretty sure that's five. Not certain though, I need a second opinion. Anyone? What should I eat for dinner?
  12. Google image war

  13. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Is that the Simon and Garfunkel song? If so then no. never ever ever. What is the most contemplative season?
  14. The Last To Post Wins!

    It's a grey hat like the one Bogart wore in Casa Blanca. NOT a tan hat like Bogart wore in Treasure of the Sierra Madre! If you find one of those you can burn it for all I care.
  15. Google image war