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  1. Mangoes are delicious, especially Ataulfo's. Those might be my favorite. I just woke up so my day has been awesome so far.
  2. Magvel 2896. CYOA.

    The Demon king is a lot of things, but most of all he's a shrewd businessman. He proposes a promotional sale to boost awareness of your tome. But how do you raise awareness of the sale? A.) Summon monsters, but staple fliers to they're foreheads. B.) Summon monsters, and employ them to go door to door and hand out the fliers. C.) Summon monsters, and have them help you save sping break (cause that's a thing in Magvell now)! (and also advertise your book) D.) Don't summon monsters, do a publicity stunt instead.
  3. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #189

    This is Hammerne, how does Hammerne make you feel?
  4. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #189

    Okay good. Here's more. This is arm, how does arm make you feel? This is hammer, how does hammer make you feel? This is arm AND hammer, how does arm and hammer make you feel? This is Armie Hammer, ow does Armie hammer make you feel?
  5. Hm, It's not Mrs. Gunderson. It is her scooter, there seems to be an odd middle aged man aboard it though. AHA! It's Mrs Gundeerson's nephew, Craig! You met him at a conference once. It was a marvel lookalike's conference. (He's the spitting image of Sorwdsman.) "Hey! It's the Behemoth! I've been looking all over for you." " The president asked me to open up a bbq joint in peyeong yang, for "diplomacy or some shit just get them thinking about something else and off my ass" " "Anyways I need a cook And I remembered that you liked to cook bbq or something." You're so tired from being the behemoth that you just say "yeah sure whatever" and get on his scooter with him. Congratulations! You're knowledge of traditional Texas style barbecue still leaves much to be desired! That's bad. But you did get a job cocoking barbecue. That's good But it is in NK. that's bad. But you havent gotten arrested yet! That's good. It's sort of a mixed bag.
  6. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #189

    Pfft, copycat wannabes. This is handsome bearded man worker with beard and mustache in building helmet or hard hat who holds hammer. How does handsome bearded man worker with beard and mustache in building helmet or hard hat who holds hammer make you feel? And do you like chocolate all that much? And do you consider it candy? (Also, sorry you're getting all the weird hammer questions man. I didn't think it would catch on like it did)
  7. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #189

    Tell me about it, the guy does this all the time. Anyways, hi. 1.) what makes that french toast goddamn crunch? 2.) what is your favorite style of shoe? 3.) Dio, or Diego Brando? 4.) What do you want to see opening/ending theme wise for vento aureo? 5.) Would you support my campaign for re-interview?
  8. Which of these would you rather do?

    Floyd Mayweather easy. Tyson famously has one of if not the strongest punches in boxing history. While Mayweather still packs a punch he's mostly a defensive boxer, and a light to feather weight. WYR Eat a cactus, or be forced to watch Lorenzo Lamas' entire filmography?
  9. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #189

    Eh, How hard can it be? I bet I could pull it off. 1.) Do you listen to music much? 2.) Do you have specific music you listen to during certain activities? 3.) Would you ever commission a painting of yourself? 4.) Can you drive a stick?
  10. This is Summer, isn't it? Well....

    Yeah it's closer to Tear Ring Saga or FE than it is to Berwick. The maps seemed very complicated to me (though that could've been added to by the fact that I don't speak Japanese). The game also forces you to use every character, so much so that if you don't distribute your exp right the later maps are unclearable (unless you're cool with losing some of your units). I got to chapter 19 (out of 20 or 21 I think) and that was the point I quit. It's a really hard game but it's super fun also, I can't wait for the translation.
  11. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #189

    Thanks, now i realize I wasn't being serious enough when I said I was serious. 1 What's your favorite special move/super fist? 2 Who's your favorite member of the Don Patch (the main character of Bobobo) crew? 3 How are you enjoying Dracula so far? This man is a detective named Jack T. Hammer. Would you task him with the tasking task of solving your murder? This is John Problem, the detective who kills people that ask him for help. Would you ask him for help? He had his chance, and he squandered it like a child does their Hallow's eve candy. He'll have to get me re interviewed if he wants more questions.
  12. Which of these would you rather do?

    I heard this thread needed some class. Don't worry guys, nothing classes up things like the professor. The mafia, I might could barter with them. WYR lose your voice or your ability to differentiate fruits.
  13. You rampage around the dmz, eventually dipping into south Korea. As you fight the soldiers you start to get really really hungry. As you throw one out of the way you notice he drops something shiny. It's a lunchbox full of spicy Korean barbecue! a.) eat the man's barbecue without asking. b.) stop in the middle of a brawl to ask the man if its okay to eat the lunch you stole after you accosted him. c.) ask the man where he got the lunch. d.) question whether barbecue is really the best for you, maybe you should be a super hero instead.
  14. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #189

    Hey how's it going. 1.) What makes french toast crunch? 2.) Butter is the worst food known to man and vivillon sucks, right? 3.) What is your preferred style of shoe? 4.) What's the story behind your username? I'm not that petty. But this is real hammer, how does real hammer make you feel?
  15. There are a couple different things you can try (that I know of). One is to start doing nothing except sleep on your bed (if you don't already). Like stop lounging or hanging out there. This sort of tricks your brain into thinking that the bed is the sleep place (that's worded weird but I don't care), and whenever you're there it's time for sleep. Another thing would be to stop looking at any screens an hour or two before you want to go to bed, they keep you up a lot. As for waking up: in my experience an alarm wakes you up and sheer willpower gets you up.