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  1. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    What if Crono's Final Smash was Triple Tech, and which triple tech he uses depends on which two allies Crono last called upon using his down special? By default, Marle is the first ally and Lucca is the second in the queue. Lucca + Marle = Delta Force - Crono, Lucca, and Marle catch opponents in a vertical beam of fire, ice, and lightning magic. Lucca + Frog = Delta Storm - Crono, Lucca, and Frog catch opponents in a tetrahedronic prism of fire, water, and lightning magic. Lucca + Robo = Ring of Fire - Robo spins Crono around while Lucca enhances Crono's sword with fire, hitting a wide horizontal radius. Lucca + Ayla = Gatling Kick - Ayla catches an opponent with a flurry of kicks charged with fire and lightning magic. Marle + Frog = Frost Arc - Marle enhances Crono and Frog's swords with ice magic, then they perform a X-Strike. Marle + Robo = Life Line - With Marle and Robo's help, Crono heals himself and his ally fighters. Marle + Ayla = Final Kick - Ayla catches an opponent with a flurry of kicks charged with ice and lightning magic. Frog + Robo = Triple Attack - Crono and Frog catch an opponent with an X-Strike, then Robo slams into them with a rising tackle. Frog + Ayla = 3D Attack - Crono and Frog catch an opponent with an X-Strike, then Ayla drops down with a kick for the finish. Robo + Ayla = Twister - Crono, Robo, and Ayla catch opponents in a vertical whirlwind.
  2. Create a Classic Mode route

    Warrior of Light - Restore the Power of the Crystals! Vs. Ganondorf on Temple Vs. Dark Link in Reset Bomb Forest Vs. Robin in Great Cave Offensive Vs. Bayonetta in Norfair Vs. Giant Squirtle on Pirate Ship Vs. Ridley in Palutena's Temple BOSS: Ganon Credits: Final Fantasy Main Theme
  3. Create a Classic Mode route

    Crash Bandicoot: Enemy N. Sanity! Vs. Sonic the Hedgehog in Kongo Falls Vs. Donkey Kong in Great Cave Offensive Vs. ×2 Yoshi equipped with Killing Edge in Gerudo Valley Vs. Incineroar in Coliseum Vs. King K. Rool equipped with Fire Flower on Summit Vs. Dr. Mario and Giant Crash at Wily Castle BOSS: Giga Bowser Credits: N. Sane Trilogy Credits
  4. 4 more DLC characters, place your bets now

    Provided we also get more Zelda reps, I'd be fine with more Kirby reps in Smash. After playing Star Allies, virtually any of the Dream Friends seem like viable Smash reps: Waddle Dee, Rick, Gooey, Marx, Adeline & Ribbon, Daraoch, Magolor, Taranza, Suzie, or the Mage Sisters. Dark Meta Knight is technially repped as a Meta Knight skin, but I could see him as either an Echo or more preferably as a more mirror-focused tweak on Meta Knight akin to his appearance as a Dream Friend.
  5. Who should’ve made the cut in the roster?

    Hoo boy, my suggestions bring the game's roster up to over 100 easy. I know that kind of roster is a pipe dream, but dang if it wouldn't give us a nice variety of playable characters.
  6. Create an Echo Fighter!

    Impa (the OoT version in particular) would make sense as a Sheik Echo. Though honestly, I'd want to re-tool Impa/Sheik's moveset to use more items from the Zelda series. Maybe work their daggers into their moveset.
  7. Create a Classic Mode route

    Shantae: Dance Through the Danger! - Each battle is based on a villain or boss from the Shantae series. Vs. Giant Kirby in Gerudo Valley (Scorching Dunes) Vs. Solid Snake on Halberd (Cape Crustacean) Vs. Mewtwo in Dracula's Castle (Hypno Baron's Castle) Vs. Bayonetta on Pirate Ship (Battle with Risky Boots) Vs. Shantae in Sequin Land (The Last Battle - Risky's Revenge) Vs. Ganondorf on Final Destination (Final Boss Battle - Pirate's Curse) BOSS: Galleom (Dynamo Tinkerbrain Battle/Chaos Realm) Credits: Dance Through the Danger
  8. If you could add two bosses, who would they be?

    It'd basically be a gauntlet boss battle, kinda like Dracula, but with five phases instead of two. You could also try Rival (Blue) as the boss, with a full team of six Pokemon: Tauros, Alakazam, Rhydon, Exeggutor, Arcanine, and Gyarados.
  9. If you could add two bosses, who would they be?

    How about Giovanni as a boss? Battle the original Pokemon villain's team of Persian, Dugtrio, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, and Rhydon!
  10. If you could add two bosses, who would they be?

    Honestly, probably Dr. Wily and Eggman. They're two of video gaming's classic bad guys! And goodness knows they've designed more than enough boss mechs, I would have taken one of those over Galleom. Though you know, given Smash's nature as a crossover series, I think I'd enjoy some boss team-ups, like Wily and Eggman co-piloting a mech a la Worlds Collide, or Captain Syrup, Risky Boots, and Tron Bonne forming a notorious pirate lady trio. Saves on boss slots and allows more room for fan service.
  11. Hints of more modes coming to Ultimate!

    I hear you. Smash Run is perfect for an online multiplayer mode.
  12. Hmm, kind of a "what if" scenario where Smash 64 had a full development budget? It would be cool if they did something like that today, complete with N64-style polygonal graphics. They could even release special edition copies on authentic N64 cartridges, packaged with N64 consoles and controllers. Or shoot, what if Nintendo did an N64 Classic that featured this new deluxe version of Super Smash Bros. as its headline title, kinda like SNES Classic did with Star Fox 2!? Super Smash Bros. Ultra 64! They could include third-party content as a token of good will towards the companies who still supported them back then, like Capcom and Konami, not to mention maybe include Cloud and Sonic out of irony. The only hard rule for reps would have to be that they existed during the N64 era, and that their series has gotten a Nintendo release at some point (*cough*FFVII*cough*). How's that for a Smash 64? Of course all Banjo-Kazooie content would probably have to be cut unless Nintendo cut a deal with Microsoft. But hey, dream list!
  13. If Assist Trophies Were Ever Made DLC Characters

    I'd pick Krystal and Zero. Krystal's the character I've wanted most besides Shantae, and Zero's moveset was practically made for Smash. I would request that Zero's standard Special be the Z-Buster since his saber can handle melee attacks. Heck, they could go for the double charge shot-saber combo from X3.
  14. 4 more DLC characters, place your bets now

    Could one of the remaining 4 be a Digimon? That series has kinda been the Sonic to Pokemon's Mario. Agumon or Renamon would be the most likely candidate. Agumon's practically the face of the series, while Renamon has popularity rivaling that of Lucario. Pac-Man represents the Namco half, Digimon can rep the Bandai half. Another off-the-wall suggestion: Pete of Harvest Moon, using tools such as a pitchfork, sickle, axe, and hammer as his weapons. If Villager from Animal Crossing can make it in, Natsume's own "peaceful RPG" protagonist certainly has a shot. I can picture the Classic Mode where he helps out six different ally female fighters as a nod to HM's courting system. Peach, Zelda, Robin, Corrin, Lucina, and Palutena come to mind. The FE girls being among the "suitors" would also reference the relationship system within their own series. Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden would be a good Koei Tecmo rep. Even more of a ninja than Sheik or Greninja, complete with the Shuriken as his neutral special and the Windmill Shuriken as his forward special.
  15. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    If by some miracle they added Crono, what if they announced his addition with a video animated by Toriyama showing him and his friends palling around with the Smash crew, set to the Chrono Trigger theme? Stuff like Lucca checking out Mega Man's tech while Dr. Light does the same for Robo, Crono and Frog helping Link and Marth defend a castle, Ayla battling Kremlings with DK and Diddy, and even Simon Belmont facing down Magus. Come to think of it, they might give Magus his own bit at the end, announcing his Assist Trophy with a video of Crono, Frog, and Simon getting ready to battle him complete with his own battle theme. Seeing Smash characters drawn and animated in Toriyama's style could be really cool.