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  1. Wait, we actually don't get to choose? Dear gosh
  2. These results. Oof. Myrhh- I wanted her on her banner, but she wasn't a priority. I was really hoping Legendary Marth would win so I could get more merges on him. Needless to say, I'm having mixed feelings. L'Azura- I already have her, and I certainly don't need more merges. She's alright, but I feel Nailah would have been much more valuable. I look forward to F2P guides featuring Azura's gimmicks; however, I can't help but think about how many AR maps would be so much less troublesome with Nailah. Green- Ugh... I mean I have a Legendary Lyn already (merged once). She's not that good. Maybe the speed bane I got with her initally soured my opinion of her quite a bit (merge updates fixed that), but I still feel there were better picks. I wanted Surtr, but I feel Legendary Hector would have been alright too. I guess on the bright side, all players should be able to have 3/4 of legendary element types now Colorless- Exactly who I was hoping for. I would be fine with Halloween Mia, and CYL Lyn and Veonica would have also made sense. I'm glad Duma won On the whole, this banner really wasn't what I was expecting. I'll probably hold onto my orbs until another banner featuring Legendary Marth or normal Myrhh shows up. I'll take Duma as the free hero
  3. I have a theory and hope as to how choosing houses will work. SoV’s was able to have so much better character interaction due to a smaller cast. What If the characters of the house you choose get cutscene priority?
  4. Robin wore a hood, and all of Corrin’s cutscenes were first-person. We see Byleth’s face clearly in a cutscene
  5. I look forward to this. A lot of things were confirmed that we suspected. I’m not too much a fan of a few implications of Byleth potentially hogging the glory, but I’ll hold hope for the best. I’m a fan of the cutscenes and feel the school setting can work. It’s nice to try something different every now and then. I feel that the school will wind up tangled in the problems the land faces as they go about normal daily life at the beginning. It’s a common thing in stories really. Either by their own volition or unintentionally. It looks like there will be a lot more new systems this time around. Also, I can’t help but think about how crushed I’ll be if any of the students die. I’m considering choosing Classic as my first run for the first time
  6. I initially read it as “another meteor.” Which just made this all the more hilarious XD It’s interesting seeing Fallen Celica here. I got a good laugh from this one
  7. Have You Had A Near-Death Experience?

    This happened to me once. I got a cramp while swimming as a kid. I was fortunate enough to reach the edge of the pool. I’ve never swum in the deep end of a pool ever since
  8. Your wishlist for the next trailer

    Hmmm. In addition to things others have said (amiibo compatibility, more of Byleth, perhaps). Seeing some of the facilities in the Hub world would be nice. A spoiler-free overall plot synopsis would seem fitting too. Also, I wouldn't mind if they made an unintentionally cheesy trailer or at least one that's memeable. Gotta love the memes that have come from some of them
  9. So my votes were for Duma, Legendary Marth, Surtr, and twice for Nailah. I really hope Nailah wins. Legendary Azura is great and all, but I feel Null C disrupt is much more urgent in the current meta.
  10. Man am I glad to finally see a Tellius seasonal. Maybe we can get a Jugdral or Valentia one next? Fury 4 I've been waiting for. Powercreep or not, I've been waiting for it. Shame it's seasonal locked but I hope IS gives it to a normal pool unit eventually. No surprise Ike had DC. I expecteded he'd at least have that if not his Ragnell. Radiant Aether surprises me though. I expected it to stay on Legendary Ike, but it seems to now be Ike's signature. If IS is just going to be giving that to Ikes from now on, I want OG Ike and Bicycle to get it. Especially for the former as he's essentially the "lesser Ike" without it.
  11. Heroes you didn’t care for that became MVPs

    There’s another one I wasn’t expecting to see. He never really seemed like that good of a unit to me, and I didn’t think his refine solved his problems. What’s your Seliph like?
  12. Heroes you didn’t care for that became MVPs

    I really, really want to see this L’arachel. Mind sharing an image of her build? I didn’t expect to see Odin in this thread. Did his refine really help him that much? Interesting reads by the way, everyone who’s responded so far
  13. Awakening Plot Hole involving Kellam

    *Most. In his recruitment chapter, enemy AI will literally ignore him. I don't remember if they keep ignoring him in the same chapter after you recruit him, but before they certainly do.
  14. Current State Of Fire Emblem Fan Translations

    Gaiden is fine... If you want to play Gaiden. Iiirc NES Shadow Dragon and New Mystery are fine. Binding is also translated. Every Thracia or Geneology I've played has been half-English and half-Japanese. Admittedly it's been a while since I've tried translations of either, and honestly I don't remember if I did actually try Geneology tbf. I think I did though.
  15. Awakening Plot Hole involving Kellam

    Maybe Kellam is a non-canon character and Chrom never found him