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  1. Not specifically of classes themselves, but I'd really love for something like Blazing's class unique traits to make a return. Pirates crossing the sea, Brigands crossing mountains, thieves being able to see farther in fog, and Nomads being able to travel farther than other calvary units in certain conditions. It added a whole other level of specialness to each class and importance for each class, and I'd love to see it again someday. As of late, all we have are mages moving normally on sand. I also want the Mage, Shaman, and Monk classes to return
  2. Things you regret doing the most?

    I once foddered a Michalis onto Halloween Nowi for Iote's shield. To be fair, she was my first ranged flier. I have no excuse for her stat spread not complementing it at all. I also once killed a spare L'Ike to give my Fae Warding Breath. I regretted this for SOOOO long as she'd prefer fury in most cases. I didn't expect it'd be key to clearing Abyssal Ursula though, haha. Still. Definitely one of my most regretted cases. Today I had to use two Saiases to give my Michaiah Speed Ploy 3, because I somehow managed to only chose only speed ploy 1 from the first Saias.... I have also wasted a LOT of orbs over my play history and definitely haven't always been wise with my orbs. I never did arena until I cleared all the story maps available at launch. Soooo many more feathers I could have obtained and used at this point. The first unit I ever 5-star promoted was Merric.... Yeah. He's useless nowadays
  3. I'm pretty sure it's: Villain- Anyone evil. Antagonist- anyone who is in the way of the protagonist's goals (If the villain is the protagonist, the heroic character is the antagonist). Protagonist is simply the lead character, who can be a villain. Basically, villain is a place on the moral scale while antagonist refers to story role (a force acting against the lead character or characters).
  4. I think there's a possibility Loki used Veronica's position in her absence. She can shape-shift and does a lot of work off-screen. I could see her using the position for various reasons, and during the time she may have ruined Veronica's reputation If I recall correctly, they died in a previous war, which is why Veronica is ruling. Perhaps we might see other relatives
  5. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    Lloyd and Eliwood. Do I even need to say anything here? Gwendolyn. Weird proportions as someone else has said. Sophia's neck looks way to thin for healthy function. Noire's back is completely broken. Cordelia- Something looked off in her art last time I looked at it. Looking back, I'm not sure what. Maybe her nose's position on her face. Legendary Tiki- It was on the border between adorable and moe-blob for me, but (Nightmare warning) seeing this ruined it for me. Lachesis- I haven't played Geneology, but she's supposed to be an adult... Right?
  6. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    The wish was for likeable characters, so nothing IMO Granted, but now every post I make ninjas someone else. The next Fire Emblem game is Fire Emblem in name only. Sonic Labyrinth Fire Emblem: Marth Labyrinth. IS never makes another Fire Emblem in the genre we all know and love. I want the next FE game with an avatar to include skin tone and some more ethnic hair options. C'mon IS. You're behind here.
  7. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    Every character in the next game is either Robin or Corrin, and the villain is Veronica. Edit: Ninja'd The durability is 1, and the cost is about twice the amount of gold you'd get by playing casually through the story I wish for a non-serious Fire Emblem spinoff game of a different genre.
  8. Where is the chat box?

    Are the chat boxes hiding and conspiring world domination?
  9. Parents- I really haven't seen too many good examples of parenting in Fire Emblem just yet.... [Several spoilers] ...except for Elbert and maybe Mikoto. Sibling- Elise and Ryoma Daughter- Nino. No doubts about that. Kana would be a close second
  10. So I was thinking earlier today of the possibility that Book 3's plot may be derived from Veronica's abscence from Embla. I was thinking this could lead to some interesting discussion, so I figured I'd make a topic on it. The main question I have is what may have happened in Embla during Veronica's absence and what plot may we see going forward if her absence was significant at all.
  11. Even if all the Ikes we have would sort of make his appearance less striking, I want Priam to get in this game badly. He needs to be expanded on past the incredibly little amount we know of him from Awakening. I also want Aversa, Gangrel, Kellam, Owain, and Cervantes. I wouldn't mind Emmeryn with a prf staff either. I've always imagined Aversa, Gangrel, and Emmeryn being on a banner while Priam is a TT+ reward. Dunno about GHB. At that time I had Walhart in mind as the GHB. Already exists
  12. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    Granted, but they're all offensive stereotypes. I wish for some aspects of PoR's forging system to return, like the option of coloring weapons
  13. Is Conquest Lunatic Fun?

    The chapter when Virion and Sully join. They die to anything on the map in that level despite it being their joining point
  14. Is Conquest Lunatic Fun?

    If you are actually enjoying FE:A Lunatic (I won't approach it with a 10-foot pole after my last experience with it), I don't know. Unlike FE:A Lunatic, Conquest Lunatic is fair. Difficult, but it's at least fair and was actually playtested unlike Lunatic Awakening