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  1. My Thoughts/Hopes for Three Houses

    One thing I'd love is that even if support bonuses are limited like in the old games would be the ability to see any amount of convos in a single playthrough a la Fateswakening
  2. My Thoughts/Hopes for Three Houses

    After getting a bit further in PoR, base conversations and some Elements of the forge from that game are things I definitely want to see. When I forged my first weapon, I was so surprised to be offered to choose my weapon's color. I'd really, really like a way to repair customized weapons though. Perhaps making a copy and combining? Or just restoring uses at a fee even?
  3. I once read somewhere that a Fire Emblem x Pokemon was once considered. That would be pretty interesting to see. Pokemon Conquest does comes close, but it's not exactly the same iirc. Agreed. In the past I've tossed around some ideas for a fan game that would play a bit like BotW in hindsight (originally I had SoV, Warriors, and Minecraft in mind). I definitely got to get around to it once I get coding and game development completely learned
  4. FE noob in need of some advice

    I also recommend Fates Conquest as it was the game to introduce me to the series and definitely gave me an idea of what to expect, haha. It got me hooked. Ignoring the games I started but didn't finish, I afterwards went Birthright -> Revelation -> Awakening -> Echoes -> Blazing -> Path of Radiance (Playing this one currently). They're all pretty great, granted people do criticize the Fates games' story/characters and Echoes for some of its maps. As for the length of a typical playthrough? Well most Fire Emblem games I can think of off the top of my head have around 20 chapters. Converting that to hours/minutes? I'll see if I can find a cleared save file that didn't get wiped when my 3DS broke and reply.
  5. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    You can, but you can't control it causing harm to yourself and those around you when trying to use it. You also sometimes use it in your sleep. I wish for the next avatar to have dialogue choices, a bit like the Persona protagonists
  6. Your avatar is now the final boss of the next Fire Emblem game.

    Ren Amimiya as the Final boss? I can only say one thing
  7. I casually pair people if they have good chemistry in my first runs. In later runs I may do it to see more conversations or for the sake of the child (especially for Awakening) stat, class, and skillwise. In the case of Fates, I often pair units to allow one another access to the others' class.
  8. My Thoughts/Hopes for Three Houses

    I want to see a few things from Tellius return. Recently I've been working on Path of Radiance, and there are so many things different there. To quote myself: There's the also the shove mechanic which I found really, really useful in Path of Radiance (not as a skill that can only be used by one class, but able to be used by everyone with a weight rule). Partnered allies that operate with a Direct Command I'd also like to see returning in some form. On that note, I'd like to see rescue again, even if pair ups return it would be a nice other option. I'm also hoping for an explorable world, akin to how you can visit towns in Shadows of Valentia but with free-roaming like in dungeons or the Fates My Castle (just done with models rather than sprites) rather than Shadows of Valentia's Visual-novel esque town navigation (it would be a nice way to quick travel though). If tomes are the way magic is used in this game, I'd also like the Anima, Dark, Light magic trinity from Blazing Blade to return.
  9. Let's Talk About The Enemy A.I.

    Another thing about PoR: Enemies take advantage of the horse mechanic. In that one early game defense chapter, Mia got ganged up on by a bunch of hit-and-run cavaliers. She survived one turn via dodge tanking, only getting hit my an axe ironically, but she got completely destroyed the next turn while another enemy seized the castle. It was scary with them coming one after another, and definitely clever.
  10. Let's Talk About The Enemy A.I.

    I was just talking with a friend yesterday about differences in Path of Radiance's AI that I noticed and am liking a lot in my current playthrough. Some bosses - for example - actually start moving if you're in range while others wait as per standard. The ones that wait sometimes have allies nearby also not moving. Some enemies, when their health gets critical begin to fall back either to go to a healer or find a unit with a vulenary to TRADE with. Seeing enemy units that actually care about living is interesting in itself. It's also the first time I've seen any Fire Emblem NPCs ever trade. Addtionally, there are foes that don't immediately aggro when you're in their range, so picking off foes one at a time in favorable conditions isn't always possible. I once had to put a unit in range of two additional foes to draw out one single unit. Idk if these things carry over into Radiant Dawn, but PoR's AI I definitely found interesting.
  11. [Path of Radiance spoilers]
  12. After starting PoR and learning about some of its significant differences in its gameplay mechanics, I looked back at the other Fire Emblem games I played - more recent and older than PoR - and wondered to myself "How have my units been throwing axes and javelins and shooting arrows through walls this whole time? And why haven't I questioned it until now?"
  13. Huh. Actually I had forgotten. I think she did. Eliwood is the only father of a Lord to ever survive a Fire Emblem plot then. On that note, some others: Patricide (adopted parents count) Dude who looks like a lady and is probably a healer Sister whose taste in men is basically her brother to which no other man can surpass Precious cinnamon rolls
  14. An Infantry Cleric will be the first healer recruited, followed by a mounted one. A dragon final boss. An eating enthusiast (a la Effie and Stahl). Once again, Eliwood remains the only parent to a Lord character to ever survive a Fire Emblem plot A unit that starts with garbage hit rate (Bartre and Nyx) Weird cases of rescuing characters from cells... ready with their mount for some reason
  15. Could dagger units become good now?

    I just realized something. Elincia's dagger is the first inheritable weapon in the game with a bonus against dragons. Not sure if that amounts to much given it's a dagger, but it definitely stands out