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  1. Errgh. I don’t have any orbs for Genny. It hurts. Glad to to see SoV getting a seasonal, even if this technically isn’t one. I question why this banner is treated as a special one. There’s nothing that really screams seasonal or holiday about it - more like it waa just done for fun. Maybe there’s something about Japanese culture I don’t know. I feel it would have made more sense as just a themed alt banner like adrift or fallen (though it’s up for debate whether those count or not as alts in some cases). Gosh I hope I get lucky.
  2. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    There’s also more copypasta. Outsiders get so sick of the oversaturation of comments about FE in non FE places that the fandom stops growing. As people die and leave the fandom as time moves forward Fire Emblem eventually is no longer viewed as financially worthwhile by IS, and they decide to cancel the series. I wish none of the previous corrupt wishes of this thread come true
  3. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Something I posted on Reddit. Figured I’d share it here. I’m not the artist by the way. I just put the art in unit builder. Skills:
  4. Enemy phase build IMO, perhaps with Iceberg or Glacies. Double Distant Defense with Renewal makes her incredibly useful. Mine’s seen me through a lot with this build.
  5. Does anyone have a link to the custom hero thread? Seems to be too buried in post history for me to search for it
  6. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    Granted. The comic is paranormal against your favor. It’s so hilarious that some people actually die from laughter. The comic also contains your credit card number, three digits on the back, and expiration month and year. It also changes to whatever identifying information is most relevant to you currently. Nobody has had any luck taking the comic down, and somehow, some way, you wind up getting blamed for it. I wish Game Theory would do a video on Fire Emblem at least once
  7. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    This is the victory jingle. No, you can’t skip it. This is also the case for all past and future games I wish for Granblue Fantasy and Fire Emblem Heroes to have a collab
  8. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    After you play it, you literally cannot have anything on your mind other than that game, and you can't just put it out of your head. I wish we get a sequel to TMS #FE properly marketed as a Persona game with FE inspired mechanics and features so that it gets the right target audience and that it gets a few more sequels due to the success of this one.
  9. Black Knight comes to mind first. Other than that idk. No idea where I saw the art that put this idea in my head, but apparently it hasn't left my subconscious since I first saw it.
  10. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    People don’t realize that they can select games other than the original Shadow Dragon when voting. Also, IS forget to add both Jugdral games to the poll. I wish for the next Fire Emblem game after Three Houses to feature Pepsiman. Heck, make him the lord character
  11. Did Feh drop a date at the end of the 4/4 Feh Channel?

    Seconded. I also heard Aether keep. I Fir you might be mistaken, OP
  12. Doesn’t he only say that in memes? Pretty sure that if I remember right of the royals, only Hinoka actually says it Hopping, obviously
  13. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    Her survival is a total pull - she does die at first - that raises a lot of questions in regards to the plot and vallite soldiers. Even then, she’s not deployable and can only speak word-salad after what happened to her. She still appears in My Castle and is summonable to My Room. All her unread support convos (and any in the record hall) are also affected. Due to a bug, all saves - including future saves - are affected. Your wish also spoils Scarlet’s death to some other user reading this thread who has just started Fates. I wish we had a FEH chapter that took place in the summoner’s world
  14. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Like others, can’t say I really care here. Haven’t played DL nor looked into the game after it was first announced. Playing GBF and Heroes is more than I can handle atm, and I’ve had to back out of the former a bit. Don’t think a collab would make me any more interested in DL.
  15. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    NPC Shaggy steals most exp kills on each map. A bit like Pent in his recruitment chapter. I wish we had a one off mii Fire Emblem game