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  1. Best FE dad?

    I haven't played that much FE so far, but I'm going to have to go with Elbert from Blazing Blade
  2. Your favorite Gordin?

    The best one obviously. The one from the OVA. "But MAAAAAARS..."
  3. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    No. I could go for some meatballs and spaghetti though. Serenes Forest Forums? Are Marth and Roy in this game?
  4. Is Dierdre even still relevant? I tried her against the Manakete squad some time back and against a few dragon units later. Haven't really used her much since those scrapes/failures
  5. A Topic of Cute

    From Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
  6. I had a rather interesting idea sometime back that honestly in hindsight is a bit of a cross between Warriors, Autobattle mode, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Tactics in some ways. Basically, gameplay is mostly the same-but different. Units will be deployed as standard, but there will also be a tactician character. Characters within a range of said tactician character can be directly controlled. Outside that range, units follow their last given order or act according to their own behavior, which I'll return to in a minute. Prior to battle, an empty map is shown, and you can set units ideal movement- essentially a prebattle simulation. No enemies or hazards will appear on this map. In the actual battle, they will try to stick to these routes when not under the player's reach. Each character can be given an essential behavioural set prior to battle which can't be changed unless they come in range of the tactician character. The idea itself is a sort of response to Awakening where it's not entirely feasible for Robin to give orders from across the map and taking a somewhat more real twist on it and implementing it in gameplay. I imagine the tactician character having a few special abilities or items that can be used in battle to make things easier, such as maybe an ability to "contact" a few far range allies per turn or rally a far off ally. The tactician character could also be paired with another unit who would act as a body guard as, ideally, you'd want your tactician moving along with the rest of your army
  7. A Topic of Cute

    The two most adorable pieces of character art in Heroes
  8. Fire Emblem: Hector, Lyn, and Eliwood as a triple boss or a tag-team trio. They’d have a shared health bar made up of each of their healths. I picture them using their original GBA sprites, maybe with some new animations tbh. Kirby: Galacta Knight Dynablade
  9. Poll : The next LORD that may you hope.

    Playing an evil empire isn’t really moral gray, and you can’t be the opposing group simply because of how it’s defined XD But what if the character you control is on the side without the Fire Emblem? The other empire is upset at the one you’re in, and they have every right to be. It’s your god/goddess that the opposing faction wants to slay and your royalty, believing it will solve their troubles. I’d say this idea could probably be played with in an interesting way done right. Neither side would necessarily be the good or bad guys for it to work well.
  10. Who do you want to see as Echo characters?

    I do agree and hope she would get her own moveset if she is implemented. Still, with Ganondorf’s existence- as a Captain Falcon semiclone- it’s still a possibility, thus my mentioning it. Seraphim has about the same trajectory as thoron, elwind is equivalent to excalibur, and arcfire fire/ragnarok by the way. Nosferatu is also in SoV. For another character I wouldn’t mind seeing as an Echo, it would be Giegue from Mother 1/Earthbound Beginnings dualing a villain and Mother 1 rep. Personally I’d prefer his moveset to use different moves from Ness and Lucas though if he did get in. He’d probably be Lucas or Mewtwo’s Echo
  11. Who do you want to see as Echo characters?

    Well, the whole point of an Echo fighter is that they're similar but different - in the same way Marth and Lucina are or Pit and Dark Pit. Marth is precise and more powerful while Lucina is balanced yet weaker as a result. Dark Pit is slower and more powerful than Pit, and some of his attacks hit at different angles. Celica could freely use magic at the cost of damage percentage (reflective of Gaiden/Echoes) or have slower start up or weaker damage on attacks. Tomes, in terms of gameplay, are just cosmetic- apart from the bit where Robin tosses them after they run out. Ladyblade could also be used in place of the Levin sword, using fire in place of electricity. Outside of battle she also uses fire attacks in dungeons regardless of weapon, though that's a bit of a stretch.
  12. Wanted Bound Hero Battle Pairs

    There was a time when GHB and BHB banners were units that were best used against the characters on the map rather than being the characters on the map. IS could do that for the banner. Xander and Veronica. I am completely serious on this one. It makes sense given their bond in the story, and IS need not explain it. (IMO all the BHB Battles are non-canon/ happen outside the story's reach). Olivia and PA'Inigo Black Knight and Zelgius - Bound in a slightly different way Male Morgan and Female Morgan (Same as Zelgius. Also, M&M lol)
  13. One idea I had once, which I probably will make as a fangame at some point was essentially a Fire Emblem version of Breath of the Wild – unintended when I first thought of the idea, but after playing it I noticed how much the idea I had and the game overlapped (down to an “Anna Horse Network” idea I had). There would be a number of differences though, such as some degree of weapon crafting (since Minecraft was one inspiration when I first thought of the idea) and perhaps an absence of wall-climbing.
  14. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    I actually wouldn't mind a plot twist where it's revealed all the player's choices were all just an act prior to his/her turning point, and Beyleth is revealed to have his/her own character and personality - that he/she was never really the player all along. It would be an interesting plot event to occur in a story, though it would put a definite downer on subsequent playthroughs.
  15. Poll : The next LORD that may you hope.

    I had a rather interesting idea for a “lord” character sometime back. Rather than the Fire Emblem standard, the protagonist would be a mage of some noble standing but not royalty with a goal of traveling the land to learn more about magic, perhaps trying to find an area or old books on past magic. Most people joining would either have common goals, be in it for the wanderlust, have relations with current allies, or travel with the party to repay some debt. I imagine battles being mainly bandit attacks, trying to clear out towns the protagonist is trying research, or saving people due to an overly has-to-be-a-hero body guard or unwaveringly moral sibling to the main protagonist (the protagonist mainly diverting from his goal out of necessity). It’s unconventional but something I figured was completely different than standard FE titles.