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  1. Geez. Do you automate your HM farming? I don't think I could ever even dream of maxing out all my HM like that
  2. (Any game I haven't actually played or haven't completed - aka barely went past the first map - (will have an astirisk) is mainly inspired by non-mainline games) *Shadow Dragon: Marth SoV: Celica, Genny, Berkut *Geneology: Sigurd *Thracia: The Reinhardt FE6: Hector (I'm not far in this game admittedly) FE7: Nino, Nergal, Denning, Hector *Sacred Stones: Ephraim PoR: Ike (I'm about halfway though this game I think) *RD: Michaiah, 3-13 Archer Awakening: Chrom, Mustafa, Cervantes Fates: Oboro, Izana Heroes: Veronica, Helbindi, Bruno Warriors: No one, haha. *TMS: Sadly don't have it, although I find Emo Chrom's design interesting Cipher: Risen King Chrom Smash: Corrin
  3. I really, really hope Joker getting in is a hint towards Persona 5 getting a port on Switch. I've recently got into the series, but as someone who only gets Nintendo consoles for the most part, opportunities are few to actually play the series.
  4. Default. I never do dark themes. I'm used to seeing things normally
  5. Our Single Most Wanted Character from each game

    FE1: Pantsless Marth FE2: Gaiden Alm FE5: Eyvel FE6: Orun FE7: Denning Nergal FE9: Ike's Mom Lethe FE12: Kris FE13: Cervantes Priam or Naga FE14: Rainbow Sage Lilith or Anankos FE15: Brigand Boss Rudolf or Deen Cipher: Risen King Chrom
  6. Sonic's Side Special or Down Special. I feel the dev team could have gotten much more creative than giving Sonic what would now essentially be considered a custom move of one special in place of the other. Suggestions? I feel down B should work as a bounce or drop-dash when used in midair while Side does damage to any fighters that come too close. Alternatively, side could be a boost I guess (like in Smash Flash 2) or perhaps the boost kick from Sonic Heroes as a chargeable side special with a bit of endlag, like Ike's
  7. Aether Raid, offense or defense?

    I'm investing in defense first simply because I have no control over it (I'm prioritizing my defense fortress especially). After having to deal with many of IS's extensively difficult pve maps, I feel it's less important to focus on my offense. I will be building an offense bonus building asap once I get stones.
  8. Worst FE crossover?

    I'm assuming you mean potential given the limited selection. Fire Emblem x Cooking Mama Fire Emblem x Wii Fit
  9. What is Your Current Focus?

    I'm sitting in tier 17.5, occasionally 18.5 In terms of summoning, Myrrh and Legendary Marth are my current focuses. In terms of Merging, several units. For Heroic Grails. Black Knight (I just finished Masked Marth). For common units, Nowi and Roy I'm working on especially. Modes? I just do whatever. The game for me right now is making my units the best they can be and taking on challenges as the devs throw them at us. The way the game is designed keeps me interested. Especially with how many matchups there can be and how many skills and units there are
  10. Your Smash headcanons

    Chrom joined Smash because he wanted to check up on his daughter Lucina. That and he was gave in to the gossip among the Shepherds involving Lucina and Robin. Alternatively he was drafted entirely by some hilarious accident when visiting Lucina. The three Links have a gang and also play music as a band sometimes Pokemon Trainer tries to catch the other available Pokemon fighters and is confused as to why he can't. (He has also tried catching catching every other animal-like fighter....) Robin and Corrin are both aware that they are in a video game.
  11. Why Hel makes sense as the next villian

    Not all the orbs. Seasonals in particular talk about how they were summoned in the middle of getting dressed for a festival
  12. Least favorite FE ship?

    Chrom x Maiden. This one had to be mentioned. Oh my gosh XD
  13. Best thing about PoR and RD?

    AI, Shove, the forge, Base convos, and other things. Gosh, I'm only partway through PoR but I may need to update my favorite game through my account settings
  14. Units that are good in spite of their class

    Charlotte in her class. She can actually reach 100 crit according to a friend of mine, and in my file she was pretty scary.