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  1. Dat Merc

    bicolas u have like no skill pls
  2. Dat Merc

    Merc pls U made m 2 pwetty
  3. The idiot's new and fresh Art thread ~

    i agree with what nickt said, it needs more cheek. and maybe a bit more of chin?
  4. i may be willing to do some, but only for money. those are a lot of sprites also, for one person,
  5. [Help!] The forum I like won't respond to my posts (´・ω・`)

    not a fun of the killer weapons but i rly like the poison and brave ones. XD
  6. [MiNi ME]

    this is my fave part of the tutorial xD as for how i do it i just select a 64*64 portion of the mug (leaving one line of background colour ontop of the head) and then resize all by 50%
  7. Moz's journey into spriting

    u used both fe8 and fe7 colours. the outlines clash. also u haven't shaded under the various parts, so they still feel spliced together and don't blend
  8. The Radiant Collection|

    Nephenee is: c: XD
  9. Dat Merc

    was inspired by Bicolas
  10. Dat Merc wow tho, the italian opening is so much better tho here:
  11. The Radiant Collection|

    2nd shade is too close to the 1st. i guess make 1st lighter and 2nd darker
  12. The Radiant Collection|

    i like hair but i think it's the vanilla palette das making it hard for u (is dat eli's dad?) vanilla red is hard to sprite with. I always have char edit my palettes cuz he's palette god c:
  13. The Radiant Collection|

    reyson's trim is a bit fancier than that, but other than that i like the palette on the clothes. hair could use a bit of darker shades (especially 3rd shade
  14. The Radiant Collection|

    i want an fe5 remake :C
  15. The Radiant Collection|

    i think it's a good one, but needs new palettes overall. serrapink is too candylike, and the armour palette is not orange enough. other than that i like, it probably needs some shading where hair meets the face tho