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  1. I have indeed. That's actually the trickiest part, but it looks to be in a good enough state, barring a brief graphical glitch during the intro cutscene of chapter 1. I just need some final confirmation from my playtesters, and it'll be time to release it into the wild. The dev thread for it is here, for anyone curious:
  2. The update is now live on, so the link in the OP is once again the place to find the latest version - no further confusion with Mega links necessary, just use the link in the OP. Sorry for the delay. This update is compatible with existing saves, to be clear - just load a save from before any affected chapters (like one of the saves the game asks you to make after one chapter ends but before the next one begins). You'll have to patch a fresh, unmodified ROM - don't patch the one you're using now. Then just import the save file (if you're using Desmune, use File > Import Backup Memory). This update is only necessary if you were using the version of the patch that only unlocked the Gaidens - OnlineItemsInGame.xdelta - and IS NOT NECESSARY if you're using the version that unlocked Gaidens and unlocked the prologue in hard modes (OnlineItemsWithHardPrologue.xdelta). As soon as my mod to always recruit Norne is out of betatesting, I'll be releasing that mod as a stand-alone mod - and shortly thereafter, I'll be releasing a patch that combines all of my Shadow Dragon mods together (Hard Prologue + Updated Gaiden Reqs Removal + Online Shop Items + Norne Unlock). This combined patch will also include compatibility with Arch's Sync Patch, for anyone who's interested in that.
  3. That's very strange - on my computer, on all the files I've tested, Norne spawns there. Frankly, I might just have to accept this as a known issue and move on, if it doesn't cause any other adverse effects. So, just to confirm... * The spawn-point switcheroo doesn't impact anything else, as far as you can tell? * Norne spawns normally in chapters 2 and 3? * Norne's experience and inventory carry over between chapters correctly, and she does not return if she dies in an earlier chapter? * Starting from chapter 4, Norne can be properly adjusted using the battle preparations menu, including repositioning her, deploying/undeploying her, managing her inventory, and so on? If all of these are sorted out, as previous feedback seems to suggest, I'm ready to release this as a mod proper. Thanks for your continued patience with the playtesting - the mod wouldn't have come this far without you.
  4. That is indeed a bug, and it was caused by an error on my part when compiling the patch, so it wasn't on your end. An updated, corrected version has been uploaded to, but since that site takes a while to approve new uploads, you can find it here right now: [Outdated]
  5. This should be the last test build that we need, hopefully. Hard Prologue and Gaiden Reqs Removal included.!Q4sXzIbB!5hFqB8RPDOjsD9jTAbUkZP0C-j7YNnPV-r_MRpsBFOs Two things: * Start a new game entirely to test this one. Don't import an old save. Sorry for the inconvenience on this one. * Starting from Chapter 4 onward, can Norne be deployed normally from the battle preparations menu? Do her stats continue to carry over when she's deployed in this method? Does she continue to function properly? Norne should appear in her proper spawn points - of note is that in chapter 1, during the intro when all of the pirates are pillaging everything and Caeda flies to Marth's fort, Norne will already be visible on the world map. She'll function completely normally otherwise; it's just a graphical glitch resulting from converting an enemy slot to her's.
  6. Thanks for documenting everything so thoroughly. Based on what I think is going on, I have four key questions: * What happens if Frey is chosen as the sacrifice? How does this affect the spawn points in chapter 1? * How does the game spawn her in chapters 2 and 3 (both in cases where Frey was the sacrifice and in cases where anyone but Frey was the sacrifice)? * Does Norne's inventory, level, stats, and EXP carry over properly between chapters if she survives? * Does Norne stay dead if she's killed in an earlier chapter? We're getting close to figuring this out. Thanks to everyone for their help.
  7. Excellent. Let me know how Norne appears in Chapters 1-3 if she dies during one of them - ideally, if she dies in chapter 1, she should be gone in all further chapters, as is normal game behavior. It's relatively simple to add a new spawn point, although you're not adding one per se - you can't increase or decrease the total number of spawn points in a chapter. Instead, a took the spawn points of no-name, generic enemies in chapters 1-3, moved their position to be adjacent to Draug's spawn point (since we see Norne is a friend of Draug), and changed them to spawn Norne instead of an enemy, with the appropriate AI flags to match. It was all done in Nightmare and the Updated Unit Disposition Editor. Because of this, it would be theoretically possible to make a mod that removes the need to sacrifice the decoy or kill Gordin to proceed in prologue 4; however, as I consider the sacrifice to be very narratively-important, it's not something I'd be interested in making. As I said, I just wanted Norne around because she represented the last vestiges of the absurd "death requirements" design.
  8. Are you saying that Norne was recruitable without killing anyone (besides the decoy as part of the plot)? EDIT: Here's a patch that has the hard prologue included, as above!pgFWkDSL!IYP8VBoyMIWimfo_1XZzxIpkuZxp0G3V0dhwixRq29M But please do clarify if Norne was indeed recruitable without killing anyone besides the decoy. If so, please share a save (a .sav file, not a save state) made after prologue 3 but before prologue 4. Thank you.
  9. Start the prologue in normal mode and speed run all the way to chapter 4. EDIT: Here's a patch that has the hard prologue included!pgFWkDSL!IYP8VBoyMIWimfo_1XZzxIpkuZxp0G3V0dhwixRq29M
  10. Use the "import backup memory" option in Desmume to load the save. You have to do this before starting your own new game, however.
  11. Alright, third time's the charm. I believe this version should work. Try it and get back to me. Installation instructions are in the readme. Patch a fresh, unaltered ROM and start a new game when playtesting it!pgFWkDSL!IYP8VBoyMIWimfo_1XZzxIpkuZxp0G3V0dhwixRq29M
  12. Mod has been updated: * A third Elysian Whip has been added; Tiki is holding it in Chapter 19, and she'll drop it if you want to kill her to access 24x. The Online Shop allowed you to buy a maximum of 3 Elysian Whips, so having 3 added by the mod was only logical. * Falcoknights have been updated to use their FE12 stats; previously, as the class was not in the original FE1, the developers intended it mostly as an easter egg and did not seem to balance it. As a result, the Falcoknight had absolutely no advantages over the Dracoknight. Now, the Falcoknight has higher Speed, Skill, and a higher maximum Speed, but lower Strength than the Dracoknight, in line with their appearance in FE12. Download link is in the OP.
  13. Well said. I agree completely, and as far as I'm concerned, this is my last word on the matter: I firmly believe that our revisions communicate the sentiment of the original text more accurately, and in so doing, go a long way towards correcting the script's over-emphasizing of the avatar. Until the patch is released and everyone can judge our work in its full context, there's no point in arguing about the avatar further and dragging this thread - and our team - down with an internet slapfight.