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  1. Project Exile (yet another) Thracia 776 Menu and Script Translation Thracia 776 has long been the FE community's white whale. Project Exile is my own attempt to finally put this English patch to bed, using the remnants of Kirb's patch as a foundation and taking the menu translation (and considerable technical advice) from Zane. The script uses a new translation, done by myself. In the spirit of transparency, and to help disseminate this new translation more quickly, you can view complete PDFs of my translation below. As you would expect, I've translated a few names differently from how many people might know them, but any changes were made for the sake of clarity. Without further ado, download links follow below, as well as contact info and the Discord server the patch is being coordinated out of. Download here PDFs of the script Screenshot gallery Installation: 1. Obtain an unmodified, cartridge ROM of Thracia 776. I cannot help you do this. Your ROM should have the following checksum values: File MD5 C3FD1CAD754256D7A013864D917F47FA File SHA-1 75B504921D08E313FF58150E40121AC701884517 File CRC32 FC519952 If you don't know what that means, this tool can help you: 2. Extract your unmodified ROM, LunarIPS.exe, and ProjectExile032719.ips to the same folder. 3. Open LunarIPS.exe. 4. Click the "Apply IPS Patch" button. 5. Select ProjectExile032719.ips. 6. Select your unmodified Thracia ROM. 7. Your previously unmodified file, which you selected in step 6, is the patched ROM you should now use. Its CRC32 checksum should now be equal to: 3175A6D6 Known issues: - Text on the world map has not yet been updated to reflect the translation, nor has the title screen been altered - In the shop menu, certain characters of description text will temporarily remain on screen after moving the cursor to another item - Win text for the Arena is not yet translated - The "Pick Units" header in the Deploy menu contains a minor error To preempt some additional questions: "What's your stance on names from Heroes content?" If it's in mainline Heroes content OR was in Awakening, I'll use it. Names from Heroes supersede names from Awakening (so "Loptous" in favor of "Loptyr", for instance). However, this has one exception: names that were ONLY in the CYL poll for Heroes will be ignored. If this sounds arbitrary, that's because it is. Joking aside, though, with names like "Carrion" it's easy to get the impression that the CYL list was probably a rush job and shouldn't be taken as gospel. "What's your stance on Project Naga?" To be clear, I and my team have absolutely no involvement in Project Naga whatsoever. However, to avoid confusion, since most players will be coming from Project Naga's FE4, any names that were used in PN will be used here as well, provided they aren't contradicted by Heroes material (so retaining location names such as "Connaught" over "Conote", for instance). PN was how I was exposed to FE4 to begin with, and I think BoH and the PN team did a stellar job, so this is the least I can do. "How can I help?" There are two areas I need help with, first and foremost: Firstly, the menu font could be altered to be more legible and technically flexible - currently, the number of unique character strings it can display is limited, unlike the dialogue font. If you have experience with SNES fonts and would like to help, please see the Discord info below. Secondly, precise editing of the world map has yet to be done, and location names are still untranslated ("Conote", etc.). If you have expertise with this area and believe you can help, see the Discord info below. Credits and Acknowledgments Script Translation, Localization, and Text Insertion by Cirosan Based on a patch architecture first developed by Kirb Incorporating Zane's FE5 menu translation ROM expansion by Kirb and dn Project Lead: Cirosan Lead Script Editor: Miacis Lead Playtester: KrashBoomBang Additional Programming: Miacis Ando HidoranBlaze Additional Script Editors: KrashBoomBang Shaleblade Bartz ShikiLoveShikiLife NitroAssassin524 Discord Administrator: Xylonphone Lead Script Editors Emeritus: Alan Smithee Shaleblade Both Kirb and Zane have continued to provide me with technical advice, and I'd like to stress that this patch would not have been possible without them. This patch would not be possible without the ROM expansion performed by Kirb and dn, and I wish to thank them again. Further Updates, Discord, and Contact Info: This patch is coordinated out of a Discord server generously maintained by Xylonphone (Discord tag: Xylon73). To keep up to date with the newest developments, and to volunteer for helping with the patch, you can join the Discord here: Have fun! - Ciro
  2. I thought I'd post some screenshots from Endgame, the credits, and the epilogues, as a sneak preview. The title screen was made by EnDavio, and inserted by HidoranBlaze, one of our superstar hacking duo. Since it looked similar to Unified Thracia's title screen, I did ask about its source, and as I understand it, EnDavio made it from scratch, but used a similar font. Note how the lowercase "a"s are slightly different and the shade of red is marginally darker.
  3. Thank you. Very rarely do people take the time to post messages of sincere gratitude.
  4. Script insertion is complete, and the game's dialogue, closing text crawl, and character epilogues are now fully translated (you can see the scripts in the discord server, by the way). However, I've agreed to briefly delay releasing so our hacking team can complete additional technical elements, like implementing a new menu font that's much easier to read, inserting a new, edited world map, and a few other things. The finished Project Exile patch will be released by or before the end of this month. In the future, the discord server is the easiest way to stay updated on the patch, but I do try to check the SF and FEU threads every few days. Oh, and since I'm all too aware of the Thracia Curse and how people tend to vanish, I've already sent copies of the script-complete patch to several key team members, with instructions that if I suddenly fall off the face of the Earth, they are to release it. Maybe that's a little paranoid, but you can't be too careful once you get this close to the finish line. So since I have so many backups in place, the short version is: be patient, because it won't be much longer. Millennium approaches.
  5. Yes. You'll have to patch a fresh ROM, but you can copy your save file over just fine. The time it takes to go through a chapter varies, but all I have left currently is the script for Endgame and the Epilogues.
  6. That sounds like a very ambitious project that would take a long, long time. How about this: when you have a proof of concept - by which I mean a few working chapters and most of the mechanics/commands are functioning - come back and ask me again. However, until I get a better look at what exactly your project would be, I wouldn't feel comfortable having it use my translation. Just use placeholder dialogue until your proof of concept is done; you'll save time.
  7. ...A week ago, I posted an update that completed 30/35 of the game's chapters. This should be obvious, but yes, it's still alive. What exactly do you want to use my translation for? What's the project? I need to know more before I can answer. When the next update is released, don't patch your old ROM - you'll need to patch a fresh, unaltered ROM. Other than that, your save file will carry over perfectly as long as it still has the same filename as the ROM. All saves are perfectly compatible with each new update.
  8. An update is now available in the OP. Five new chapters (18, 19, 20, 21, and 21x) have been translated, making the script complete through Chapter 21. The scripts for the new chapters are also available in the .zip archive in the OP. Only five more chapters are left.
  9. On Vita, Retroarch is the best option for SNES emulation. Personally, I've found that the Snes9x 2005 core is best for SNES-era FEs. Sound lag is the eternal bane of SNES emulation, unfortunately. Expect an update soon with 5 more chapters.
  10. Shadow Dragon - Full Content Patch This is a merged patch of all my (Cirosan's) previous mods for Shadow Dragon - it combines the Prologue in Hard Mode, Updated Gaiden Requirements Removal, Online Shop Items Integrated into Normal Gameplay, and Always Recruit Norne patches into one. This allows the player to recruit all units, experience all chapters, access all classes, and use the game's full inventory without content being locked behind death requirements, difficulty level, or the now-defunct Online Shop. As an added bonus, this patch also comes with a variant that updates certain unit graphics and battle background graphics to their FE12 versions; comparison screenshots can be found on the download page. In general, the FE12 graphics use a slightly brighter color palette and make the black outline around units less noticeable. Finally, this mod includes a version which includes Arch's Sync Patch. This patch updates growth rates, class stats, and weapons to use their FE12 stats; however, it makes the game considerably easier than intended, as the FE12 statistics for these things were balanced for an entirely different game. Still, the option is provided here for those who would prefer it. Note that the Sync Patch includes the FE12 graphical update. NB: All patches have a glitch on flashcarts - WHICH DOES NOT HAPPEN ON EMULATORS, ONLY FLASHCARTS - that will cause a softlock during the decoy cutscene in Prologue 4. This can be worked around by playing past that section on emulator (such as Desmume) and copying the save file back to the flashcart. The game will function perfectly on flashcarts after this section. The combined patch without any extras is FE11FCP.xdelta. The combined patch with the FE12 graphical updates is FE11FCPWithGraphics.xdelta. The combined patch with Arch's Sync Patch is FE11FCPWithSyncPatch.xdelta. USE ONLY ONE PATCH. This was made using the US version of FE11, so you should use an .nds file from that region. Installation: 1. If you have not already, download the Delta Patcher utility here: 2. Obtain an unmodified ROM of FE11. I cannot help you do this. 3. Extract DeltaPatcherLite.exe, your unmodified .nds file of FE11, and EITHER FE11FCP.xdelta OR FE11FCPWithGraphics.xdelta OR FE11FCPWithSyncPatch.xdelta to the same folder. DO NOT USE MORE THAN ONE.xdelta FILE; CHOOSE ONLY ONE. The difference is explained above. 4. Open DeltaPatcherLite.exe. 5. Click the "Open" button for the "Original file" box and select the unmodified .nds file of FE11. 6. Click the "Open" button for the "XDelta patch" box and select EITHER FE11FCP.xdelta OR FE11FCPWithGraphics.xdelta OR FE11FCPWithSyncPatch.xdelta. 7. Click the "Apply Patch" button. Users with older PCs may have to wait a few moments. 8. Your previously unmodified file, which you selected in step 5 as the "Original file", is the patched ROM you should now use. Download here Download DeltaPatcher from here (you need this to apply the patch to your ROM) Your original ROM's checksums should be: Original CRC32: 4CE55236 Original MD5: 5B7A037DFF5A904078404922642A01E8 Original SHA-1: 5174FBAB0C159CE247CCF133A8103B79FAE1435F If you don't know what those are, this website can explain: Patched values for FE11FCP.xdelta: Patched MD5 FA44BC145D5F31841B9B621777AF7940 Patched SHA-1 936E44BDB563077FFAF426C10236AB0DD76232DB Patched CRC32 909FB0EA Patched values for FE11FCPWithGraphics.xdelta: Patched MD5 E9048ECEB3319661DE525BE60AFA848D Patched SHA-1 F92BD90A3603E35C4F9DB17974B9B929677F4545 Patched CRC32 07EE5AC4 Patched values for FE11FCPWithSyncPatch.xdelta: Patched MD5 D2C4C612C6F1DFCE2F9D9B04ADBA225E Patched SHA-1 8B8D5CFDED647797EB3CD7DF000F072D50BB00AA Patched CRC32 28A351FF Credits and Acknowledgments: - Robert of Normandy a.k.a. RobertTheSable for their Gaiden Requirements Removal Patch. Permission was given to incorporate this patch into other hacks here: - Blazer for their suite of Shadow Dragon hacking tools, which can be found here: - Mariode for their update to said suite of tools, which can be found here: - SadNES cITy Translations for their Delta Patcher tool, which can be found here: - The FE Subreddit Discord, for balance advice and suggestions for item placement; thanks in particular go to Wishes, Hype, Krash, and Nino4999 - RookofSpades, Golddragon387, and Kruggov for their dutiful playtesting of the Norne patch - Arch for his Sync Patch, incorporated as an optional variant of the patch - Will and Sam for their inexplicably continued friendship Have fun! - Ciro
  11. An update is now available in the OP. Four new chapters (16A, 17A, 16B, and 17B) have been translated, making the script complete through the route split. The scripts for the new chapters are also available in the .zip archive in the OP.
  12. An update is now available in the OP. Three new chapters (14, 14x, and 15) have been translated, making the script complete through chapter 15. The scripts for the new chapters are also now available in the .zip archive in the OP. Also, a version of the patch with the vanilla command order (a.k.a., the "Top Wait" order) is also available. Finally, the Project Exile discord has been opened to the public again - an invite link is in the OP.
  13. The Project Exile discord has been reopened to the public; the invite link is in the OP. The next update should be done shortly, and will translate the next three chapters: 14, 14x, and 15.
  14. Yes, the script after chapter 13 is still untranslated, but the menus are still translated.
  15. Hi guys, I'm the co-retranslator and script editor for the patch update, and I thought I'd let you know that I put it on hold so I could work on a proper translation for Thracia 776. I could release what we had done before I made the swap, which was the whole prologue and 2 BSFE chapters, with numerous menu/name fixes, but I'd have to get the files from Hero, who has been incommunicado for a while. This is completely untrue, though. I don't know where you got that idea. It's true that we update things for newly-localized Heroes content, but you seem to think that's a Sisyphean endeavor when all it really means is going back and editing a few things.
  16. I made the mistake of basing the most recent update on a very, very obscure ROM, which makes patching the game difficult. Do you think you could wait until the next update? I have it fixed to be based on a much more common ROM, and it will contain translations for 3 more chapters. I'd estimate to be done in about 10 days.
  17. Much as I would like to accept, getting donations involved (especially on a Nintendo property) is the surest way to get C&D'd, so I'm afraid I can't. My goal is to be done by the end of April/sometime in early May, so that depends on when your break is. Would it help if I included an xdelta version of the patch in the next release? Is that supported on Mac? In fact, what patching software is supported by Mac?
  18. An update is now available in the OP. Four new chapters have been translated, making the script complete through chapter 13. Notably, this means that the game is now over halfway translated (18/35 chapters)! To keep things consistent with how the patch has progressed, I've also gone through all previous scripts and revised them accordingly. Finally, the scripts for the four new chapters (11x, 12, 12x, and 13) are also now available in the .zip archive in the OP.
  19. An update is now available in the OP. The script is now complete through chapter 11, and numerous other small bugs have been fixed. The scripts for the three new chapters (9, 10, and 11) are also now available in the .zip archive in the OP.
  20. ROM Hack and Fan Game Directory

    Could my FE11 Full Content Patch and SoV Disable World Map Reinforcements be added to the directory, please?
  21. FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!

    Project Name: Project Exile Platform: FE5 Showing: Mekkah has already generously volunteered to LP the patch for FEE3. He can pick any of the translated chapters (we're done through 8x). I'm also up for an interview, I suppose, if that's something people are interested in.
  22. A major update is now available on the download page which, among other things, addresses the problem with red friendly ballisticians. Shamelessly copying from the changelog: - Fixed a major bug with battle animations in the FE11FCPWithGraphics variant - Friendly ballisticians will no longer appear red in the FE11FCPWithGraphics and FE11FCPWithSyncPatch variants - All patches will no longer trim ROMs and leave them at the original 64mb size to be compatible with certain emulators Barring further issues, this should be the last update for this patch. Famous last words, I know. Oh, and pinging for convenience - @MegaTheGamer, this update fixes the animation glitch you found. I'm glad you were able to laugh it off in the Twitch clip; I've seen much angrier reactions to glitches.
  23. Please specify which version of the patch you're using, and provide a save file for me to test with. Also try other variants of the patch and see if they work - your save file is compatible between patches; just restart the current chapter (load the save made after the last chapter ended and before the next chapter began).
  24. I'll be posting another translation comparison using BSFE chapter 1, "Fall of the Palace," after my work with the Shadow Dragon Full Content Patch has calmed down. I'm kind of double-dipping with SD hacking and FE12 translation, sorry about that - but the SD work is winding down, so I'll be back to focusing on the translation shortly.
  25. I've updated the patch so that no enemies in Prologue 1 scale up, and only two of the enemies in Prologue 2 scale up - 3 and 4 have everyone scaled, but by then you'll have an army of five, a cache of vulneraries, and be in an outside map with lots of terrain to play with. This update also includes a fix to glitched Pegasus Knight animations in the FE11FCPWithGraphics.xdelta variant. I've uploaded a fixed version to, but they take a while to process updates, so you can find the fixed version here until then: EDIT: Update live on page APPLY THIS TO A CLEAN ROM; DON'T APPLY IT TO YOUR ALREADY-PATCHED ROM. Also, existing saves are compatible, but I would restart the current chapter you're on - load the save made after you clear one chapter and before the next starts.