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  1. How would you react to a FE game where you played as a villain?

    I kinda wish you could make evil choices in Fates. Maybe recruit Hans or something.
  2. How would you react to a FE game where you played as a villain?

    Why be limited to Conquest? Make the Hoshidans just as terrible, so no matter what happens, Nohrshido is doomed!
  3. Not a pansy, "On the bad side but trying to be a good person" thing like in Conquest, but a full blown villain. Trying to take over the globe, summon an evil god, and kill anyone who gets in your way. Would you enjoy playing that game, or not?
  4. Worst class in the series?

    Armor Knights have wayyyyy too many weaknesses. They have poor movement, so it takes them some time to get anywhere and they can’t escape powerful enemies (Which makes them terrible for maps with time limits or thieves) But they can defend a point, right? Well, their high defense is compromised by crap resistance, poor speed, and the existence of the Armorslayer and Hammer. They should at least have normal infantry movement, IMO.
  5. If the Males in Awakening/Females in Fates had their own kids?

    Charlotte's: A young Mercenary with a sarcastic personality. Unlike her mother, she thinks Gold-Digging is dishonest and seeks to get money by fighting, which she loves.
  6. Your least favorite character is now the Lord of their own game

    Maybe it could go on her backstory. There's a lot in Fates backstory that is interesting, but isn't elaborated on.
  7. If certain characters were available on both routes...

    Oni Savage is locked out? Not entirely correct. Kumegara is a promoted Oni Savage, and he's capturable on conquest.
  8. The scene where Corrin becomes a dragon, when they turn back to a human, they become naked, and stay like that for the rest of the game.
  9. Best and worst dressed characters

    Mustafa is the real hero in awakening.
  10. Best and worst dressed characters

    Obviously, Nohr's crop shortage also applies to its fabric. :P Seriously, though, why does nobody wear pants? It looks quite painful when you're riding something. My personal worst is actually Nowi. Whoever designed her probably is on a list somewhere.
  11. according to the FE wiki, Unused data suggests that Charlotte and Odin was meant to be playable in Birthright, and Hayato and Rinkah were meant to be playable in Conquest. So, how would you input them if they actually were playable in said games?
  12. Best and worst dressed characters

    Panne is also a pretty bad offender. She makes Camilla look modest.
  13. Best and worst dressed characters

    Which Fire Emblem Character looks great? Conversely, which ones look like ass? Camilla is an example of both. Her face and little crown are cute, but her clothing is pretty nonsensical.
  14. The wrong end of the yato flies to Corrin, impaling them.
  15. Class names that don't make sense?

    The Weird thing is that that means that the guy named Joker is a batman. Pity there isn't a serving class in Awakening, otherwise we could call the game "Batman and Robin".