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  1. Uhhh, they shoot over the walls? (though that only works if they’re outside)
  2. When Ryoma stabs himself in Conquest, it looks like he's stabbing his nuts.
  3. Niles will say "Hmm, what's this? Another piece for my collection?, when he gives you an item., The image of someone like Niles collecting things like rice or daikons is quite funny.
  4. I mean, now she has to do twice the work. I guess Corrin feels bad for her and gives her some money. I reclassed Corrin to a Dark Knight. Her outfit revealed her panties, so now she looks really silly in serious cutscenes.
  5. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I mean, Corrin dissing Azura? When Ryoma offers a peace treaty at the end of Birthright, Garon says “Sure, whatever”
  6. Funny examples of Gameplay Story Segregation?

    Odin doesn’t freeze to death in Cold Reception
  7. Well he did, but not in Conquest. Use Sofie on any boss in Fates. You'll then have them having dramatic conversations while wearing nothing but their undies.
  8. Lucina can kill her own dad. I just imagine her going “Fuck, fuck, fuck”
  9. What about Rhajat and Hayato? Poor guy looks like he's 12, and his daughter looks like a grown woman.
  10. Weapon Weirdness

    The Wo Dao literally means "Japanese Sword" in Chinese. But there's no Japan in Fire Emblem. (Except for Hoshido, but the Wo Dao doesn't appear in Fates)
  11. Man, why can't she just wear pants like a normal person?
  12. It’s a little known fact that Takumi’s full name is Betrayal Takumi Hoshido.
  13. Most useless unit in Fire Emblem?

    Gunter's not perfect, but he does have some uses (Though it bugs me that he's nowhere in Birthright) However, Rinkah suffers a lot in Fates. She's meant to be a tank, but she's got poor strength growths (Lower than Azura's), and that makes it hard for her to get levels. Another overshadowed character is basically everyone who shares a class with the royal siblings.
  14. It sounds more like he's mocking you.