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  1. Fire emblem Awakening PMU

    Swordmaster Olivia it is
  2. Fire emblem Awakening PMU

    Great choice!
  3. Fire emblem Awakening PMU

    You can pick both! Thanks!
  4. Fire emblem Awakening PMU

    Alrighty, That's one down.
  5. Fire emblem Awakening PMU

    Hi there! I'm going to do a Fire emblem awakening PMU, I need 14 units to be picked, this is excluding Chrom and Robin, (You can pick their classes) I would be so very grateful if you guys would help me out and pick the unit's I'm going to use and their classes, thanks so much!
  6. What happened to Alm's Falchion?

    Ah, I guess I didn't catch that, now I'm curious on this matter.
  7. What happened to Alm's Falchion?

    Marths falchion has never been shown to be heavy for everyone else, also Desaix never carried the chest there, the game says that it was a gift from the royal family, so its just ben there all this time.
  8. What happened to Alm's Falchion?

    I say that thabes is more of a little post game treat, I'm not too sure if it's canon or not.
  9. Thoughts on overclasses?

    I bought some overclasses without buying DLC maps and I just want to say for anybody buying overclass DLC without DLC maps, Don't. Unless you've grinded your characters on normal maps to lvl 20 in their upgraded class, it will be hell to try and sit there grinding for hours.
  10. Is Mage!Kliff really that bad?

    I mean he gets sagittae on Alms side and he can get it pretty early on if you grind, about his stats, honestly in one of my runs of FE echoes I made Kilff a mage, and I found it to be one of his best classes even with his low speed when he starts out
  11. Would you Reclass Faye?

    I'm not 100% sure if I want to buy the cipher characters, I might but who knows, I've seen what they can do and I agree Faye is better for the range
  12. I'm really excited for this set, although I would like to see more fire emblem sacred stones cards instead of fates
  13. Would you Reclass Faye?

    And she gets anew as a saint, anew is exclusive to her so you might not want to miss out on that
  14. Would you Reclass Faye?

    Nah, I say make her either a Saint (which Faye learns anew which is a skill only learnable by her) or a falcon knight. (I would go with saint for the exclusive skill)