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  1. Can We Expect a More Serious FE Game?

    Seriously doubt they'd go that far unless the majority of fans said they wanted it specifically.
  2. What FE game should be Reworked?

    Another game that desperately needs fixing.
  3. What FE game should be Reworked?

    Ambush Wyverns too?! Fuck that shit.
  4. What FE game should be Reworked?

    I've seen Blaze's playthrough of that game and I agree. Why don't we fix Sophia's chapter too while we're at it? I already don't like Desert maps or Fog of war maps, having a combination of the two just to get one of the worst units in the series does not sound fun.
  5. What FE game should be Reworked?

    Fates was held back by a HANDFUL of stupid decisions but Revelation was the one that killed the story, I doubt they'd ever get rid of it but it really would be the best thing to do.
  6. What FE game should be Reworked?

    Oof, this game needs fixing bad.
  7. What FE game should be Reworked?

    Reworked in any way you can think of, that's part of what was being asked. Also good point on the Echoes bit.
  8. Hypothetically speaking if you could choose any Fire Emblem game to have it's Gameplay, Story, Mechanics, Presentation etc. Fixed/Redone in all the right ways, which game would it be, why, and how? Be broad or be specific, either is fine. It can be any game in the franchise, even recent ones or remakes. Go nuts.
  9. And it's certainly not leaving while Avatars are present.
  10. I have Asperger's so I really see no reason not to.
  11. I mostly agree, especially the bit I bolded. This right here is why the Avatar trend in FE needs to die, it's just an excuse for lazily written characters you can play dress up with that aren't fleshed out but also aren't avatars and they'll keep hurting the stories they're a part of if they keep showing up. They really aren't even necessary, never were.
  12. What are you hoping for Story-wise?

    Ohhh okay then. and yeah the Taguel suck.
  13. Who's your favorite FE Antagonist?

    I just keep hearing great things about him, can't wait to play FE4 after I scrape everything else off my mile long to do list.
  14. Who's your favorite FE Antagonist?

    "Thirded" I guess, it's a trainwreck Anything about Narcian in particular?
  15. Who are your favorite Fire Emblem antagonists? I'm asking because I've noticed Fire Emblem has an antagonist problem and I'd like to just ask who you guys/gals/others think are the best ones based on what you've played. My personal favorite would be Fernand because once you hear what the man has been through via DLC because fucking why not his actions are much more understandable and you can actually feel bad for him, unlike Berkut who's only sympathetic trait was a throwaway line about a "might makes right" upbringing and a couple post-Alm freakouts.