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  1. I would gladly! Silvia already is in a revealing dance outfit, I don't think many would complain about her I guess unless she gets the famous butt/boobs spine break pose. Tailtiu, let me tell you something, I do not like her Heroes art at all. She looks like Mr. Burns in that X files episode, just very weird. I would gladly welcome a seasonal alt that draws her more properly. Elincia original version is youngified a lot which was annoying, but her seasonal version is pristine and amazing. They better not give Shannan that kind of treatment, a character like Oifeye who is one of the few present for both generations and very significant. Now Shannam would be a hilarious seasonal only character though. On the bunnies theme, I actually rather like it. The bunny appeal is huge in Japan and US as well as much of the world so it makes sense to capitalize on it. I think the bunny theme is such a huge draw that typically as far as power and skills this has been one of the weaker banners as far as seasonals go from year one to this one. We love bunnies. I would like to say that the only reason I pulled for Spring Kagero last year was her being the first flying dagger unit as well as having a good stat spread, but that would be a lie. These units look great. This is the best version of Veronica we've gotten, art wise, it is absolutely adorable and thankfully not perverse. Palla, yes definitely best whitewing, art is simple but good and I don't think too fanservicy. Marisa art is great, Bruno inspires me to go back to the gym (one of these days). Oh and besides the damage art Loki looks phenomenal, definitely very fan servicey but I don't mind. Also that bow, can't wait to find out what it is.
  2. I'd like to see pre possession groom Julius and bride Ishtar. Headless horseman Eldigan is suggested every year and would be awesome. Hey if they have to put Ayra in a bikini or something, I'd even be down with that. Judgral still has zero legendary heroes, zero mythic heroes, and zero seasonal units.
  3. Pros: - No Fates - All characters without an alt yet (well Veronica Brave is an alt but still only 2nd version of her overall), debut of Bruno - Marisa fans finally have a summonable version of her - Free Flying archer Loki is a pretty nice deal as that is not an easy move/weapon type to get a hold of. Cons: - Judgral.......when? - The units don't look very impressive, though Palla dagger looks useful and Veronica might be really good. I'll probably finish the circle of free summon and hope for a Veronica. I still don't have a flying green tome after all.
  4. If they kept Forseti Lewyn a green tome then they should make the effect entirely different. Kind of like how LA Hector and Legendary Hector with their weapons. In FE4 critical was a skill, the Killer Bow gave that to Jamke. Of course one could sell and buy it with other character, the ridiculously high price means that you were stuck with Jamke having it. The other thing is he had pursuit and adept both, along with the charge skill. So with killer bow he had pursuit (Doubles), adept (attack twice in a row dependent), chance to have multiple rounds of combat (which was super broken since it worked on melee units too), and each attack had a chance to critical. So the stat spread they gave him is alright as far as representing his stats in FE4, however the other stuff that made him special and a very powerful unit in his own game doesn't register here. There should have been a special skill or he should have got a PRF to help reflect the other things.
  5. I haven't really complained about Veronica, just like I've never complained about Ayra. Cause at those times both of those classes needed a big buff they were specks of insignificant dust in the game. Healers were never actually bad once the dazzle refines happened however they never were in the spotlight at all until Veronica came along. Legendary Azura is downright stupid design. Dancers are still the most powerful unit type on defense teams and they power creeped the dance skill and made it easy for her to single handedly give +6 or even +7 to all stats and give +1 move all with a single refresh. It is retarded, ridiculous, unnecessary and obsoletes every dancer except Dancing Micaiah and the herons. So besides how it is to deal with her, her design just dumb. I'm sure players could find a way to deal with mythic Surtr, basically Surtr but with +20 to each stat, it would still be terrible design though.
  6. That is true and it would make Julius a little special. Anything that effects breath wouldn't matter for Julius, unlike any other dragon while anything that effects tomes would. Yeah and the whole dragons finally getting a ranged attacker would be cool, especially since they've heavily beefed counter options. We got mystic boost (of which everyone has one Eir who obliterates dragons), legendary Marth, Alm refinement, the refinements of Julia and Deirdre, etc. It does sadden me that the final boss of my favorite Fire Emblem game is so lacklaster (never mind what was done with Jamke).
  7. I've spoken many times on what an awful mistake Legendary Azura was and yes agree the game would be much better without her. However that is a fault on the Heroes team has nothing to do with her original design (in Fates).
  8. Sword: Xane Lance: Altena Axe: Lex Bow: Brigid Dagger: Volke Red Tome: Azel Blue Tome: Illyana Green Tome: Ced Staff: Sara Breath: Naga Beast: Caineghis
  9. - True Grima (not possessing Robin) as it is too similar to M and F Grima already in the game. - Mozu cause I am afraid of what Heroes would do with her
  10. Forseti is a dragon though, but yeah tome users that can qualify as mythics are few. What I worry about is Forseti Lewyn getting the Legendary Ike treatment, which is pretty much being just a better version of regular Lewyn and making him obsolete. Not only is that boring it also feels bad for original Lewyn. I would prefer if Forseti Lewyn is a tome user to have a different color. They did it with Micaiah. I think Julius refine getting benefit from dragon buffs and halving damage from first attack from bows, daggers, magic and staves would make him pretty awesome and worthwhile to use. More fitting for a final boss unit.
  11. Mila is waifu material though so I think it is possible we get her now. Forseti should be a breath user (maybe breath effect like Lewyn's tome) if he arrives.
  12. What could Heroes take from other gachas?

    Waste of time that is a perfect phrase to describe how I view grinding. There is more than enough in Heroes for people who enjoy this (or let's be honest they like the rewards, monotonous repeating same maps over and over is as tedious as it gets). We have HM farming for feathers, one can go for rank in GC or TT+. We have other ways to spend extra time like Chain challenges, squad assaults and Grandmaster tactic challenges. WHAT I HATE ABOUT OTHER GATCHAS. I put that in capital to emphasize how strongly I feel about this. Is frickin' time sinks where you have to grind for hours on a daily basis to get equipments, leveling or whatever stuff. You aren't playing a game you are working a job for joke digital rewards rather than actual money. Sorry I have a life, and people who have lives shouldn't be punished and forced to choose between wasting hours a day doing repetitive tasks to keep up. Being able to grind for really can't miss/valuable resources would leave more casual players further behind, just cause they would rather listen to someone scratch a chalkboard than grind. The only other gatcha I have played is SMT DX2 which I barely touch cause it is a super time sink. Grind for brands (equipments) to get the best ones with the best properties, grind for mag a resource so you can fuse more demons, arena isn't a limited run but trying to get as many points so you want to be playing 24/7 if you can. It is all just the biggest pile of dog crap in the world. I haven't uninstalled it cause I enjoy playing the story chapters when they come out. One of the best things about Heroes, is there mostly isn't this extreme time gated stuff. Daily log in okay, not to hard to open the app once a day sometime. When there is a GHB it lasts like a week (or 5 days can't remember) either way plenty of time. Oh and if you don't complete it this run when it repeats you can still get those rewards for completing it. What heroes should do is remove the other grindy aspects rather than add more. Characters should arrive at level 40 and skills shouldn't cost SP to learn, if the character has/inherits them he/she can equip them. Simple as that, and hey saves a bunch of time. TT+, 1 run a day should be enough to get all the listed rewards (50k points) rather than needing 3 a day. GC it shouldn't take more experience to gain levels as you go up. Why I always stop at 20 cause it slows down so much not worth it to get 2 more orbs and a few coins.
  13. Aether Raids General Thread

    Do the Ophelia's (or other characters) running Hardy Bearing usually have it leveled up? Duma is a bonus unit this week, so I could run him on offense too and if they don't have Eir on their team maybe that can counter that strategy. Though they would also not have to have healers either, who depending on their placement may heal Ophelia first. I like running Aversa a lot, and I do have Gunnthra too. Horses (Gunnthra, Veronica or Bow Lyn, Hrid, Camus) with an Aversa have generally worked fairly well. Thing is my Hrid is +HP (so more bulk) but -atk which is going to hurt his killing ability. I have Silas as armor killer and Panne or Gray as horse killers, but neither are heavily invested into (no DC). Veronica can be a problem as far as horses cause I can't counter her so I have to player phase. Even if I can tank her successfully many times she is in range of a dancer and then she will go and attack one of my more vulnerable units. The rest of the horses I can usually handle (though firesweep anything is tough) without special devotion. Micaiah and Dancing Micaiah I have for armors, but I don't run into all armor teams much usually just one or two at most. As I said I don't have legendary Azura, so I rely on other dancers of which I have most of them (no Flying Olivia or the Hoshiden dancers besides Micaiah). For my vantage unit I was thinking of Camus, mine is at +3 and already is running vantage. Brazen Atk/def in the seal slot and attack tactic or hone cav buff and would that be enough to take out most mages? Guess I could experiment with that.
  14. Please don't speak of these uncomfortable things. Mythic heroes are the only alt free hero type left. Granted there has only been two so far, I'd like to think it continue. God characters that have no version in the game. I said before I think Idunn would have been made into the mythic hero if IS didn't feel forced to put her on this banner to sell it. The tragic girl who also is god like in power and been around for ages corrupted from divine to demon I think fits mythic perfectly, just sad she got to be a regular new hero instead. I mean they could have made Lugh and Thea more impressive and maybe they wouldn't need Idunn to sell it.
  15. Aether Raids General Thread

    I'm trying to rethink my strategies and teams since this is an offweak. Well offense strategies more, I finally got enough dew and upgraded offense fortress to lvl4 which should help. As I have said many times, no L! Azura, no null disrupt or null follow up, no ophelia, no Loki. Some of the common units. My highest merge unit is Aversa at +5, a few other units are at +3...there is no +10 high investment unit that can carry. So here it is, what about close counter or distant counter vantage builds? Apparently these are very popular, however that would require the vantage unit to be able to one shot regardless of color. I figure this is great against frail mages, or if using a bow user against flier teams. I assume this is a no go against teams with Veronica unless you have a way to safely take her out player phase first. Tier 21 and up players can you list your main offense teams and the thought behind their formation?