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  1. In a hard cap sport where it is super hard just to make the playoffs and especially somewhat consistency, this is the 8th AFC championship in a row the Pats are playing in. People talk about lack of talent, but what do we actually see in these post season games most of the time? Good protection, wide open receivers, efficient run game, and on the other side doing anything is like pulling teeth. Philip rivers was hit like every play, he had to throw in super tight windows to get anything, there was rarely anything super open, run game was completely shut down. It's cause that old man in the hoodie he is a super genius. When do you see the Patriots ever blown out or beaten badly? In the playoffs? They either win (what happens most of the time) or they barely lose (rare).
  2. Favorite Shin Megami Tensei games?

    Devil Survivor 1 and 2 are my absolute favorites. Also liked Nocturne, Devil Summoner 2: Raidou vs King Abaddon, and SMT2 a lot.
  3. Does Anyone Here Play Shadowverse?

    I did play it from launch but quit early last year (2018), they heavily favor one class sword over all others (never nerf it but nerf any other class that becomes strong) and it was a joke of a competitive game as a result. They also really hated on combo and other more complex types of decks so heavily promote on curve playing strongest follower type basic decks. Also heavily favored towards aggro as opposed to control in there was rarely a really strong control deck. Good art, generous, an actual worthwhile story mode but their balance team is the worst I've ever seen in all the many competitive games I've played.
  4. Please everyone vote for legendary Azura. Now they might pull something with the upcoming legendary banner with a little nod nod wink wink by Feh encouraging everyone, but as of now L! Azura with the power creeped dance and insane Prayer Wheel seems like the ultimate prize. Being a legendary unit also so very limited and hard to get. Barring some huge broken surprise in January mythic banner (Is that Caeneghis or Dheginsea?) all my votes will go to her if indeed Hero Rises returns.
  5. Forging Bonds: Hearts as One

    Far from finished but this is the best Forging bonds by far. They hardly address the player at all, the units interact with other units and there is just so much more substance to the dialogue really learn about these characters from it.
  6. Entrusted Grand Hero Battle: Naesala

    What are you guys doing with your spare Naesalas? He seems too good to fodder off for something as common as swift sparrow, he appears to be a fantastic grail project.
  7. So only one story chapter this entire month, only one new heroes banner. I hope the story is exceptional though the whole 'contract' thing is annoying. Ah sorry to fight you but we are under contract, ah you won thank you for freeing us from the contract! Okay. My biggest problem besides alts with so many seasonal banners is it takes forever for story chapters to drop which only happen with new hero banners. Most of the paralogues are brief little side plots and the writing is even more shallow than the main story.
  8. Yes everything seemed as it was related to dragons including counter any range, but then the staff description stood out. I don't understand how this was not caught before the update was sent out. Unless in the future there will be a staff wielding dragon (or they can also equip other non breath weapons).
  9. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Naesala looks to be an excellent FTP unit, the skills he comes with aren't comparable to the banner units but stat wise and his weapon he is very impressive. I know Nailah is infantry the most boring/common movement type and should be the lowlight compared to these awesome flier units but I think she is the star of this banner. That B skill, that is actually must have, my god will that be just a super hard counter to firesweep and staves. Then you have distant counter in the A slot one of the most sought after skills, then she gets a personal skill on top of that in the C slot. Her weapon and stats and everything together makes her seem like a very powerful combat unit as well. Wow. I want her. I want all of them, but Nailah the most.
  10. Yeah the whole wrathful description thing seems like a grave error, I am sending feedback on this.
  11. A little early for this thread, we all know the January mythic hero is going to be super powerful awesome and likely pushed by Feh herself as they announce Hero rises. Considering the units we have now, Legendary Azura no question. Firstly you want to choose a limited unit, not one in the regular pool. So seasonal or legendary. I think legendary is the best type of hero (or mythic if you like aether raids that much) cause they give big stat bonuses to your whole team just for being on it. They also only appear every few months on a banner and share with 2 other units on top of that when they do appear. So pulling one is by no means easy, and the odds are lower than pulling for any other unit. Secondly is the unit powerful, unique. Something that stands out from all the very similar units out there? Finally does the unit have exceptional fodder? Cause otherwise the people who already have said unit, and aren't interested in merges will not get much value. That final point, Azura has blue duel flier which is highly sought after if you are into scoring high in arena, but that doesn't apply to everybody. Aerobatics is super fun but it isn't excactly distant counter or that awesome new B skill Nailah is coming with. So I guess how much do people who already have Legendary Azura benefit? That is my only doubt. However personally, Legendary Azura is broken AF, and I didn't get her on the last legendary banner and no guarantee to get her in the future either. I don't want to be left out, I want to have the busted +6 or 7 to all stats and granting extra move dance. Certainly will be a standout addition to any roster regardless of what one has, the only problem is having a 2nd isn't the greatest thing in the world.
  12. Forging Bonds: Hearts as One

    Tibarn will compliment summoner on courage, intelligence, and other things. Leanne will be shy but say she feels comfortable opening up to summoner and only summoner, will offer to sing a song. Reyson will ask summoner to teach him to fight so he can be strong. Nailah will be prideful at first but then be all over the summoner by S rank. Please just have these units support with each other and ignore the summoner. Are players' confidence so low that they need every character to worship them as a god and every female to want to jump their bones? Looks at Fate Corrin, yeah I guess so.
  13. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    I don't think there is any danger of them burning through units too fast, they release actual new units at the rate of molasses. New Radiant Dawn banner, the 2nd one in the history of the game, and the first banner introducing beasts? Go all out, no need to save for anything. When we are talking about old games (everything besides Fates/Awakening) much better for them to release all the heavy hitters as fast as possible cause these games are lucky to get one banner a year, sometimes two. Dancers whatever. If they run out they can release alts, was that our 5th Azura? How many Olivia are there? There is no worry about them running out of anything, considering how they can put popular existing characters into whatever role they see fit and release them ad infinitum. I love Judgral. *quietly leaves room*
  14. Yeah this is true, has made me go from super interested to playing the game very casually. It seems the game is going very hard to be whales only. Have the latest super power creeped skill/unit or be left behind and be at a severe disadvantage. I am excited about beasts, but look at Tibarn's inheritable (it shouldn't be considering how insane it is) A skill, or Surtr's weapon/C skill, or Azura's power creeped dance and prayer wheel. It has just accelerated so much that it is already causing massive balance issues.
  15. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Well putting aside personal preference/familiarity/love for the characters themselves this is the best new hero banner in the history of the game. 4 unit banner, no alts, no Fates/Awakening. Okay that is really stellar and quite rare in recent times, but what puts it way over the top is it is the first to introduced a truly new weapon type and transformation mechanic. This is much beyond colored bow, or our first tome user that is also armored it is something completely new. On top of that the transformations themselves look amazing and detailed, and the art is also excellent. Look there will be more OP armors, fun fliers, new weapon/movement combinations but those are just small wrinkles to a tired formula. This is much much more. God I hope I am lucky with this banner cause I want all 4 units, and 4 unit banners with no color sharing is rough for summoning.