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  1. Persona 5 Mafia - Day 4 MYLO

    I swear to every god if we lynch anyone other than kirsche today I will actually eat my shoelaces this time
  2. Persona 5 Mafia - Day 4 MYLO

    I'm not voting kirsche yet because we still have time in the day and need responses from other people
  3. Persona 5 Mafia - Day 4 MYLO

    kirsche we were probably going to lynch you today anyway I'm just going to post this here from the qt I would rather lynch confirmed mafia on mylo. we are not lynching someone we don't even know is itp on mylo. this is either a kirsche gambit or Bart really is itp but either way kirsche claimed scum and it's Mylo we definitely lynch kirsche today there's nothing else we do. I can only imagine Bart needs a certain character dead or something if he really is itp.
  4. Persona 5 Mafia - Day 4 MYLO

    oh I misread your post I'm a dumbass
  5. Persona 5 Mafia - Day 4 MYLO

    marth if kirsche was the one that took the kill, considering tracker got a result on him, I don't know why you targeting elie last night really means anything
  6. Persona 5 Mafia - Day 4 MYLO

    also town!elie would not have refused to cooperate in the qt with us like he has been. I'm pretty certain about that
  7. Persona 5 Mafia - Day 4 MYLO

    don't get me wrong I still think elie is scum but I want to know what you guys think
  8. Persona 5 Mafia - Day 4 MYLO

    towards the end of yesterday I mean. and then throwing potshots at me
  9. Persona 5 Mafia - Day 4 MYLO

    do you think scum!elie would have been so obvious about defending his buddy yesterday because that play+vote was horrendous. especially knowing a tracker was still alive
  10. Persona 5 Mafia - Day 4 MYLO

    I'm so sorry I would have been back to vote kirsche yesterday but they kept me overtime I know the post I made probably looked super awful
  11. The Second Well

    sb elie LG
  12. Persona 5 Mafia - Day 4 MYLO

    are we lynching kirsche today then I won't be here for deadline
  13. Persona 5 Mafia - Day 4 MYLO

    interrogator and trickster just being the flavor based names of the roles makes sense, because sae is interrogating akira, who is referred to as a trickster (AND THERE'S THE BONUS being that akira is a prisoner, so technically interrogator still makes sense in role name)
  14. Persona 5 Mafia - Day 4 MYLO

    sully you motherfucker bbm asked me