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  1. I actually didn't post this here, even though I really should have: We might not be in complete agreement about every name, but I am seeing some trends here. Adrastea has recurring references to water, as well as to vengeance. Also, for some reason, to monsters with a fondness for drowning people (merrows, rusalka, possibly lamia...). The names are often Norse/Greco-Roman in flavour, though there's an odd sprinkling of Slavic influences in there, as well. Meanwhile, Leicester makes multiple references to King Lear, and in general slants English whereas Fergus slants Gaelic.
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    It's at 12 pm EST, huh... I'll be working. Hopefully I'll be able to catch some of it during my lunch break, but otherwise... I'll hear it from all of you, I'm sure. I'm feeling this funny little knot in my gut. Excitement, mixed with a feeling of dread.... This is probably going to be my last post on this topic, too. Tomorrow will bring the forum a fresh wave of threads, and I'll see you all over on those. Hopefully the threads will be sweeter than they are salty.
  3. FE16 "leaks"

    The artist for that piece is Mayo, not Hidari.
  4. FE16 "leaks"

    Perhaps October, yeah. I'll try to be optimistic with you, even though it's contrary to how I normally am. I'm not heavily following the rest of Nintendo's IPs all that much, but from what I understand, the big one for this summer is Octopath. Smash is probably sometime this fall, and if Pokemon is also set for this year along with Yoshi, then Fire Emblem is perhaps going to round out what sounds like a fairly packed end of 2018. And it's going to have to be packed, since as I understand it, the first half was pretty quiet except for Kirby. And yet, Nintendo seemed to have some pretty hefty sales projections for the Switch this year. Thinking about E3 is giving me a stomachache. I'm full of anticipation, but also, dread... FE16 could not show up. That would be almost a confirmation that it would show up at December at the earliest. FE16 could show up, but I could end up hating everything suggested about it from its reveal trailer. I mean, it's really unlikely. But it's possible. FE16 could show up, and it could have a super hype reveal. But I'd still be anxious about the end product failing to meet all its potential. Well... the date-to-mark is only 17 days away. What's coming will come.
  5. FE16 "leaks"

    That's the thing. I know they commission the card art ahead of time. That's why we already have rough art of Master Knight Leif for S15... like normal. So, why didn't they give us the rough art for S14 back during the S12 livestreams, like normal? Why would they completely neglect to mention S14 at all during S12, unlike how they would normally go about it? Surely, they had to have commissioned S14's art in advance. They probably got the rough art for these months ago. But, how long ago, exactly? If they already had it at the S12 livestreams, why didn't they reveal at least one or two of these to us, like normal? They broke from all their normal conventions at S12's livestreams, which were back in February. And that was after they'd gone so far as to tease us with a keyword during the November 2017 livestreams. I think that falls under "spending months hyping up the set". Like, why bother, if all you're going to do is reveal it to be a "normal" set? There doesn't seem to be anything unusual or particularly special about S14, so why was it given such special treatment almost a year in advance? Was it because, back in November 2017, they had intentions on making S14 unusual (by Cipher standards)... but by ~Dec 2017 - Feb 2018, it became clear that those plans had fallen through? So then, during the window of time where the S13 commissions were finishing up and the S14 commissions had begun, they had to modify their commissions for S14, leading to only having the art for S13 ready for early reveal by S12's livestreams - and as such, S14's art ended up finished in the 3 months between the S12 livestreams and now. If you look at the pattern of focuses, it's very obvious that White and Black were going to get another set soon. But if it were always intended for S14 to simply be a colour-repeat of S12, but with some White thrown in, I can see why they didn't mention S14 at S12... because trying to hype up another Blue/Green set after literally just livestreaming the current Blue/Green set is stupid. But then, why did they bother to mention S14 at S11 at all? If you're familiar with Heroes, then let me make an analogy. S14's reveal, to be frank, is approximately equivalent to FEH giving us the silhouette for a mysterious new Hero at the start of Month 1, not mentioning them at all for the rest of Month 1 and also for all of Month 2, and then suddenly dropping the trailer for the banner at the start of Month 3, which features said mysterious Hero... who turns out to be Lyn/Ike/Lucina/Camilla/Chrom/Robin/Corrin/Azura Alt No. 7 or something.
  6. FE16 "leaks"

    Ugh... as much as I loved what they revealed at the livestream... They finally gave us S14's themes! And, like normal, they also gave us early card art for S15! S14 is Awakening, Hoshido, and Tellius. S15 is NMotE, Nohr, and Jugdral. The reveal of S14 like this seems pretty abrupt. Why did they beat around the bush so much, if they were only going to give us such an anticlimatic reveal? Was S14 originally intended to be FE16's, but then FE16's release ended up later than they expected, so they had to change things around? In any case, since we now know the card themes for the rest of 2018, the earliest FE16's cast could appear is for March 2019, for S16 (heh). So, assuming they keep to the 2018 release schedule, it seems that FE16 will come out for ~November/December.
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    Both of these are Cipher OCs - specifically, these are Nieve/Niamh and Valjean. If they appear in FE16, it'll be as DLC content, just as Emma, Yuzu, Shade, and Randal were DLC characters for Shadows of Valentia; and if so, I highly doubt they'll be at all plot relevant.
  8. FE16 "leaks"

    They just want their 15 minutes of internet fame, I guess. For whatever that's worth....
  9. FE16 "leaks"

    Honestly, where do I even start...? Under the Smash Bros description, it's worded "characters reveal" instead of the grammatically-correct "character reveals". Under the Star Fox description, "NPC" isn't capitalized. Splatoon's description uses "Octoling" instead of the grammatically-correct "(the) Octolings". Yoshi's description capitalizes it as "Co-Op mode" (not "Co-Op Mode"). Luigi's Mansion's description then does one worse by not capitalizing "boss rush mode". Furthermore, Luigi's Mansion doesn't even have a subtitle. There are numerous other typos and odd word choices, e.g. "Guest and speaker" instead of "Speaker and Guests". On the whole, the vocabulary is several steps down from what is to be expected from a professionally-handled internal document (refer to Nintendo's investor reports for comparison). Columns are arranged from left-to-right according to what would be most interesting to the audience, and not what would be most important to the event organizers. If they were arranged correctly, the Schedule column should be on the far left, with the Event column (not "Title" - another weird word choice) next, then the VIPs, with the Description column coming dead last. All of the "Descriptions" are too vague for the fanbase to glean anything meaningful from them, which is suspicious; but, more importantly, many of them are also too detailed, and in the wrong way. Event organizers don't care about what is being displayed, only where and when events are being held. For example, a more realistic "description" for "Fire Emblem: Memories" might go, "10 minute reveal trailer, followed by 10 minutes of gameplay footage guided by (insert speaker name here), concluding with 10 minutes on the stage with the speakers. Exit with orchestral recording (track no.)." The organizers need to know about which microphones to turn on, and when; which stage lights need to go on, and when; what tracks to play from the speakers, and when; etc. There should be no mention of details like "the trailer focuses on the game's second mission'... because this information would be totally irrelevant to the organizers. Related to this, it should be noted that Fire Emblem almost always refers to these as "chapters" or "maps." "Missions" sound like something you might see for a game like, say, XCOM, not Fire Emblem. This odd wording seems to indicate that the person who mocked this up doesn't play Fire Emblem. Also related to this is the disparity in the amount of detail in the descriptions. The person who mocked this up is clearly familiar with Metroid and Star Fox, since Metroid's description is oddly specific about mentioning something as lore-bound as "a renegade Chozo", and SF's mentions "Corneria". Why mention Corneria, but not Hyrule? Why are Smash and Fire Emblem given vague descriptions like "showing some... mechanics" / "introducing the new... game mechanics", while Metroid and Star Fox get such weirdly specific descriptions like, "gameplay of the new flight system" and ""exploring the surface of a planet"? The document looks like it was printed from a really outdated version of Microsoft Word. It's using 12-pt Times New Roman with 1.0 line spacing, a standard Microsoft Office dropped more than a decade ago. Newer Word documents (newer as in, post-2007) default to 11-pt Calibri with 1.2 line spacing. And Nintendo, just like Apple, almost never uses serif fonts. As part of their company's image - and therefore, as a company policy to uphold that image - Nintendo nearly always uses sans serif fonts. Everywhere. TL;DR: Whoever mocked this up couldn't even be bothered to fake it properly. ...E3 really can't get here soon enough, huh....
  10. FE16 "leaks"

    I generally dislike the idea of minigames in my Fire Emblem. My reaction to the inclusion of Tap Battle in Heroes was pretty... lukewarm. That said, I'd be so down for a Gwent-like Cipher port in FE16. An officially localized form of Cipher, in a format that's easier to use and more visually appealing than Lackey CCG? Yes, please. I don't even care if it includes FE16 characters in it. Just make it an idle diversion, totally irrelevant to the plot. Heck, it'd probably be the only format of multiplayer Fire Emblem that I'd actually care to play. Smash doesn't count. It even makes sense from a business perspective. It it's successful enough in the video game, it can only make the physical TCG more popular. Then, make it a mobile gacha and really rake in the yen. Darn, now I've gone and needlessly hyped myself up for disappointment. Tch.
  11. FE16 "leaks"

    That's possible, too. They introduced a new OC last set - Nieve? Niamh? idr - so now, with there being so many OCs, perhaps they'll give these guys a mini-focus, too, and just run that with White/Black as the major colours. But, if so... why the secrecy? Why not just market it the same as any other set?
  12. FE16 "leaks"

    I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that the May livestream will be about FE16. In fact, I'm 99% certain that it won't be. The livestreams are always primarily about the next release, which in this case is Series 13. This upcoming May livestream likely won't mention S14/FE16, either; but they might drop us another vague hint or two. However, please note that the only other time Cipher livestreams have been so opaque about future sets has been for the first Shadows of Valentia set - which was funny, because nearly everyone who followed Cipher knew it was going to feature Alm and Celica, meaning the opacity wasn't at all necessary. But now, they're doing the same thing again... but this time, the fanbase really doesn't have a clue about who or what S14 is going to be about. Hence why everyone believes S14 is going to be "the" FE16 set. Now, it's one thing if they refuse to tell us anything about S14 at either of the S13 livestreams. But it's a totally different thing to try to avoid telling us about S14, at S14's own livestreams! Unlike other Trading Card Games, Cipher only has one card type, the unit cards. So hence, if S14 has FE16 as a focus, then there's literally no way for them to hold livestreams for S14 without revealing characters from FE16. And, as I've been saying... it would be super lame if, of all the possible places - Smash, Heroes, an E3 reveal trailer - IS chooses to reveal FE16 characters through a Cipher livestream. Anywhere else, and at least the characters would be voiced. Anyway, let me rant to you a bit about Cipher. Cipher has 8 colour types: red, blue, purple, green, yellow, white, black, and colourless. Each colour is themed around a different set of games/continents: Red: Archanea and Valentia Blue: Ylisse Purple: Elibe and Magvel Green: Tellius Yellow: Jugdral White: Hoshido Black: Nohr Colourless: crossover media, which right now means Aytolis and Zenith (Warriors and Heroes) You may be wondering why I'm talking about this. Well, each Cipher set tends to release cards for multiple colours at a time. Earlier sets only had 2, but, with the addition of more colours, more recent sets tend to be split 3 ways, and even up to 4. But if your main deck doesn't use any of those colours, that means that there won't be anything to interest you. Hence, the colours tend to take turns, and the livestreams tend to reveal both the next set and the one after. That way, even if you aren't interested in the current set, you'll tune in to the livestreams anyway, just to get that tidbit of news regarding the next set, or the set after that. S12 was primarily Green, with Blue and Yellow as secondary colours. S13 is going to be primarily Purple, with Red and Colourless as secondary colours. This leaves only White and Black.I think it's quite likely that S14 is going to use these two as its secondary colours. But what about the main colour? The smallest casts in the franchise are from Shadows of Valentia and Sacred Stones. When these games were introduced into Cipher, they were fitted into an existing colour: Red for SoV, which makes sense given that it takes place concurrent to Marth's games; and Purple for Magvel, rounding out all the GBA games into a single colour. But each time a continent with a large cast was brought in, it came with its own colour. So, unless FE16's cast is small, it's probably going to get its own colour. Why am I bringing this up? Well, when a person goes to buy Cipher cards, there are 3 primary reasons behind their purchase: To strengthen their deck Because they're a fan of the game(s) featured and want to collect relevant merch They're hardcore collectors Now, a new colour isn't going to have the depth in card variety that older, better-established colours will have, which weakens motive no. 1. And unless FE16 comes out before S14, S14 won't have motive no. 2, either. Connect these with the fact that, again, it's kind of hard to see the first reveal of FE16 characters being done through a TCG livestream, and you can see why I think FE16 could be here as early as late summer/early fall. Of course, they could reveal FE16's cast in a trailer/other promotional event this summer, such as at E3, and then use S14 as a vehicle to continue the hype train for a late fall/early winter release. But, if our guesses about S14 are true, I have a very hard time seeing Fire Emblem Switch being released too far from S14's release date....
  13. FE16 "leaks"

    If FE16 doesn't show up at E3, then Cipher's Series 14 will look so out of place this year, lol. (Assuming it is FE16's set, that is.) Imagine the poor livestream host? Trying to just do his job and promote S14's cards, when the only responses he's going to get are a flood of, "That's nice and all, but where is FE16?!" And that's ignoring the cards themselves. Not only would revealing the cast in this way be kind of lame... the cards themselves also feature character quotes, referential skills, etc., and hence could be seen as massive spoilers. Spoilers, before the game was even launched. A new low! Tsk, tsk.
  14. FE16 "leaks"

    It's great to see IS is on-track. I still hold the fact that the mysterious Cipher S14 is set for a September release to be highly indicative of something; it would be very odd to try to market those cards without establishing a fanbase for the characters first. So perhaps we'll see that August/September release, after all. You may think that a June reveal for a late summer/early autumn release seems improbably short. But IS has been on a trend of shortening the time between reveal and release; there had to have been a reason for why they chose to say nary a word about SoV until February, when the game itself was available by April! Now, I'm no marketing major, so maybe I'm talking out of hat here... but this maneuver seems to make business sense. To maximize the number of new buyers (i.e. not the established fanbase), it makes sense to try to cash in on the hype that is generated soon after a game's reveal. With the prospect of a global release on the horizon, or at least, a very short timeframe to overseas launch - perhaps only 1-3 months of a delay, at most - the timing of FE16's release date(s) can only be so flexible. It takes time to manufacture and ship goods, after all. So perhaps their line of thinking is, "We want the delay between reveal and release to be as short as possible. But if we can't move the release date any closer, then instead, we'll push the reveal date further away"? Perhaps I'm being too optimistic. But even now, I get the feeling that IS has already passed FE16 over to the localizers, and is already in the process of starting on FE17. The investor report's near-confirmation of a 2018 release seems to quell the suspicions that IS is/was suffering development issues bad enough to cause a delay, which makes this decision to wait until almost halfway through 2018 before revealing the game seem intentional.
  15. Desired New Heroes and New Hero Banners Discussion

    Assuming a trend of 3 banner units (one "star", one "co-star", and one "demotion"), 1 related TT/GHB unit, and 1 Legendary Hero per game/theme, so far we've had: FE10 (Radiant Dawn) Banner: Micaiah ("star"), Zelgius ("co-star"), Sothe ("demotion") GHB: Oliver LH: Vanguard Ike FE8 (Sacred Stones) Banner: ("Lyon route") Eirika alt ("star"), Myrrh ("co-star"), L'Arachel ("demotion") GHB: Lyon LH: promoted Ephraim FE13 (Awakening) Banners: - (Grima) M!Robin alt, Hardin, possessed Celica alt - Exalt Chrom alt ("star"), F!Morgan ("co-star"), M!Morgan ("demotion") TT: Gerome LH: (Grima) F!Robin alt I should also note that the first banner for FE4 (Genealogy of the Holy War) fits this pattern, if imperfectly: Banner: Sigurd ("star"), Deirdre (the only "co-star" listed here with a 4/6 base kit), Tailtiu ("demotion") TT: Arden "LH": Ayra (isn't a part of the elemental blessing system) The other two post-CYL banners, Farfetched Heroes and Children of Fate, either lack a dedicated GHB/TT, or lack the addition of the minimum "fifth" character who has at least 1 nonweapon uninheritable skill, a base kit that uses 5 out of the 6 slots, and is put on a banner separate from the main new character banner. Predictions are that Thracia is going to continue this trend. If so, then my wish/predictions are: FE5 (Thracia 776) Banner: Leif ("star"), Nanna ("co-star"), Finn ("demotion") TT: Eyvel; or else GHB: Ishtar (even though her presence in FE5 is very minimal, I write this latter guess only because of that figurine silhouette) LH: Ced (evidence suggests the next one will be green, but nothing says it has to be Thracian) After Thracia, some other banners I'd like to see... excluding laguz/beastshifters, because we still don't know when or how IS plans to implement them: FE6 (The Binding Blade) Banner: Guinivere ("star"), Rutger ("co-star"), Lugh ("demotion") GHB: Jahn. Or Idunn. M!Robin already took the title of "first male dragonstone unit", but I'd still like to see more of them. And the only f2p dragonstone unit we've ever gotten was that F!Corrin months ago, and that was for Android users only, anyway. LH: The realistic answer here would be a Hector alt. Still, part of me wishes they could give the attention to someone else. Like FE6 Karel. Or even Elphin. After FE6 finally gets its own dedicated banner, though, every game in the franchise will have had a turn. At that point, I really hope we finally get some FE16 news... because otherwise, we're probably looking at a whole crapton of alt banners. Not the worst thing that could happen, for sure; but boring.