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  1. So I can either do that whole tap dance making everyone carefully HUNKER IN THE BUNKER to avoid Lucius... ...or I can just hurl Grima right into his face. Dark Spikes build too strong.
  2. @mampfoid I see I'm not the only one having fun with smokes. HUNKER IN THE BUNKER Once I realized Lucius didn't have to be aggroed immediately, the threat level of this map dropped like a lead balloon. The biggest issue was the Lance Cavalier which, since it ran face first into the Fell Dragon, did nothing but charge Grima's special which turned the stage into a joke. I didn't even bother to optimize the last turn solely because I couldn't really lose at that point. Also, I'm liking to pretend that Grima has her Dark Spikes combat art in FEH. Res Smoke, Atk Smoke and a "Growing" AOE is unholy. (She has all the Growing AOEs. Yes, a Camus died for this. No, I regret nothing.)
  3. Bound Hero Battle: Matthew and Hector

    @mampfoid A few attempts later, I realized that I couldn't semi-solo with F!Grima in any entertaining way (a.k.a. any way that wasn't literally the strat in my video, just with positioning people out of attack range). Turns out Hector does just enough with his special to kill F!Grima if I don't sit back and let her fully heal. Oh well, it was a nice thought.
  4. Bound Hero Battle: Matthew and Hector

    ...It never occurred to me that a solo with F!Grima could be done, now that you mention it. I'll get back to you on that.
  5. Bound Hero Battle: Matthew and Hector

    AI: "Send the enemies at the tank one at a time. Surely this is a good idea." It wasn't a good idea. Top-tier AI, IntSys. Also, Chill Atk doing work.
  6. Free roll gave my a horrifically Monkey's Paw'd Myrrh with +Atk/-Def. +Atk is amazing, but -Def destroys her gimmick. Hoping to pull a better one while this banner is still up.
  7. Legendary Hero Battle: Hector

    Thanks! I happened to roll a second B!Ninian and had the foresight to wait on building her just in case I rolled a better one - the first had a worse boon/bane, so I fed her Chill Atk to the team buffbot. B!Ninian herself sadly doesn't make the best use of Chill Atk. F!Grima's tanking would've been less hairy if Morth had Def Tactic 3 instead of 2. I need more coins.
  8. Legendary Hero Battle: Hector

    Did it with my under-construction team of F!Grima, Sanaki (F!Grima's support), Morth and Priscilla (replaced B!Ninian because heals were necessary). The biggest problem was figuring out a formation where the Green Cavalier wouldn't instagib someone with the help of the Sword Flier's Even Spd Wave. Bonus: my earlier attempts involved rushing Priscilla through the enemy formation so she wouldn't die to reinforcements... but in positioning my units I screwed with the spawn points, resulting in the most heinous thing I've ever seen the game do. Priscilla was tanking the Green Manakete during these attempts, and I couldn't kill the badly-spawned Sword Fighter with anyone but F!Grima. One unit would always survive and they would always finish off Priscilla.
  9. Legendary Hero Battle (Storm): Ryoma

    Obligatory Armor clear! Apologies for the lag, MEmu really hates this map with all these shiny things on it. This took me several tries to get right. Seriously, that Smoke Dagger Thief can go step on a LEGO embedded with a thumbtack.
  10. Legendary Hero Battle (Storm): Ryoma

    First Infernal clear. F!Grima had yet to be given an Ally Support partner, and I recently rolled a Sanaki with a perfect +Atk/-Spd nature and realized their skillsets compliment one another. Queue the beginnings of Sanaki, Empress of Begnion and her pet Destroyer of Worlds. (feat. Ishtar who was only there to get rid of those VERY RUDE rear reinforcements)
  11. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Does your FEH .apk have the right architecture? I've seen both a ARM and x86 architecture, and my emulators couldn't install the ARM version but did work with the x86 version. I recall APKMirror supplying both.
  12. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    Another silly armor clear. FAKE AMELIA
  13. 3rd full roll on the banner after I was pitybroke by a Siegbert (that is inferior to the one I already have), and out popped a surprise Ishtar. +Res/-HP, both her superboon and her superbane. So basically neutral with some gimped physical bulk (not that she was going to tank anything physical anyway). Could've been worse like my -Spd Lute.
  14. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Just giving a heads-up for a small issue I encountered: I can buy most things from the Shop in microG MEmu, including orbs, but curiously I cannot buy the "Special Orb Promo: May." All attempts to buy it on microG MEmu resulted in a generic "Your transaction cannot be completed." error and the purchase being listed as "declined" in my Google Play account. More curiously, the monthly promo purchase worked in non-microG Bluestacks (the Beta version that has not had Google Play Services disabled in the root), which I thought to check before posting this. I think the problem is one of the following: Buying a promo on a certain device/emulator means all promos must be purchased on that device/emulator. Something about the monthly promos is disagreeing with microG, and you will need traditional Google Play Services enabled to buy it instead (and have a means to defeat the resulting 803-3001 error later).
  15. I think I've figured out a good build for Ares. Weapon: Dark Mystletainn Support: Ardent Sacrifice / Reposition Special: Bonfire A: Distant Counter / Brazen Atk/Def 3 B: Vantage 3 C: Def Smoke 3 / <insert preferred Cavalry buff skill here> S: Attack +3 I toyed with some calculations against meta builds, and Ares absolutely has the potential to be terrifying. In spite of 73 physical bulk, he's surprisingly squishy, so Vantage is pretty much required. When he's allowed to get going after his first combat though, he becomes a murder machine; Bonfire at the start of every combat is disgusting. Distant Counter or his native Brazen Atk/Def are a toss-up: with Brazen and cavalry buffs combined with a Def drop on the enemy he can defeat virtually any melee he initiates on, but Distant Counter allows him to slay most ranged units who think they're safe. Ideally he'd like to do the Def drop himself with a Smoke after his first combat so he's primed and ready, but as that skill isn't widely available (only from Spring Alfonse) you may want a teammate with a Ploy to handle it. Quick Riposte makes no difference in the seal slot because either Ares or his opponent are dying in one hit regardless, so he wants the extra Atk.