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  1. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Something about FEH dislikes whatever the basic emulator keyboard is. You have to download a third-party keyboard app like GBoard, install it, then disable all keyboard options in the emulator not related to the one you installed.
  2. Legendary Hero Battle of the Gods: Duma

    An attempt was made, but Duma's gigantic Res just didn't cooperate even with Growing Wind ready. I had to soften him up from over the wall to make it work, which wasn't nearly as entertaining. Fortunately, this beautiful moment makes up for it.
  3. Legendary Hero Battle of the Gods: Duma

    @mampfoid @LordFrigid @Landmaster @daisy jane "This is why I possessed a tactician." There's so much swag and close calls in this map that I lost track of which was which, save for that hilarious kill that Drunk Ninian got. Unsurprisingly since Duma and his buddies were stuck on the other side of the wall, all of the difficulty came from the massive amount of fliers, mostly the Fáfnirs at the start. It took a lot of trial and error to avoid getting instagibbed in the crucial turns of maneuvering around the wall, and I had to pull out the big gun fliers to make it possible, but F!Grima was up to the task. It probably would've been easier if I used a Bow Flier, but I wanted to challenge myself. Fun hint: enemies that don't have a path to your units won't move! And if no one is in range of the breakable wall (or they have a unit to hit instead), they will leave it alone, stranding themselves!
  4. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Thanks for the help. I decided to update to the MEmu 7.1 build. While I did get the Play Store in to be unfrozen after your instructions, it just returned server connection errors. I took this as a sign to upgrade, only for to give me the same issues... before I caught sight of a certain arrow icon and it suddenly fixed itself shortly after said arrow went away. Turns out Play Store needed to update and the earlier bricking of microG on meant it couldn't do this. Another hindsighted problem was that I'd recently changed my Google password, which explains the issues it was having before the failed microG update. I probably could've fixed knowing this, but whatever, runs better anyway. All is well now.
  5. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Wow, it's been a while since I've been here. First off, I'd just like to thank @mental_offence for this guide. Now then, I'm having a Memu-related issue. I'm still on the old Memu 3.3.0, Android 5.1.1 microG build since until now it has been working perfectly fine, but recently it has started having trouble accessing the Play Store. As of today, at first it would just give me an infinite loading bar when accessing the Play Store which I attributed to the microG core needing an update, but after updating (and forgetting to back up the old instance; bad Some Jerk!), it now just gives me a blank screen. Memu doesn't crash and I don't get any notice of the Play Store crashing, it just loads up a completely blank page. The issue isn't limited to the Play Store either, as accessing any Shop options in FEH causes the game to crash. It's not too dire of an issue as I don't appear to be getting any other errors in FEH, but this is going to cause problems in the future when I want to buy Orbs or update the game. Is there a fix for this, or is it time for me to update the emulator?
  6. Seeing as it's been weeks and we haven't heard anything from the usual translators, I've decided to fetch the Kantopia translations for Ch. 56 & 57.
  7. $75 USD New Year's Bundles

    Thoughts? My opinion on this is a bit two-faced. As Cosmic Break has taught me, any option that allows you to subvert the gacha is a viable one. Lots of people have spent more than the bundle's worth of Orbs only to not get the unit they wanted, and I say this as a dolphin who routinely drops $50 a month into the game if said month has nothing else that requires the money. For me this simply means not buying Orbs for February while still getting a unit I really want. That said, I'm not above calling this what it really is: a desperate and underhanded cash grab that sets a really shitty precedent. If NY!Laevatein wasn't a unit I wanted, I would just forget these bundles existed, even if I was getting my monthly $50 Orb pack while the bundles were available.
  8. Oh believe me, I wanted to, but that Green Bow would've leapt into her spot and blew B!Ninian to kingdom come if I had. I feel like that guy is there specifically to screw over B!Ninian and player-side L!Azura.
  9. @mampfoid @Landmaster @LordFrigid @daisy jane Keep your Legendary shenanigans. I'll stick to based Blárblade B!Ninian, thank you very much. As many people had figured out before the map even came out, getting rid of Azura early makes things a lot easier, though lacking any good rushdown options I had to improvise and bait her into range; fortunately this was much easier than it sounds due to her Aerobatics extending her movement range. Once she was out of the picture, F!Grima was allowed to clean house with her new Mystic Boost. It cannot be understated how ungodly powerful Mystic Boost is on a tank: anyone that does no damage to F!Grima is a free heal, anyone who gets instagibbed by her Growing Wind is a free heal, and the constant mid-round healing allows her to survive a lot of bullshit that she normally wouldn't. The only headaches she really had on this map were the Red Mage and Green Cavalier double-tapping her; once one of them was gone, the rest of the map just fell into place.
  10. Holy hell, that kit looks absolutely disgusting. The fact that she comes pre-packaged with the Arena Score Hax skill just makes it worse. Hope you guys have been investing in your Surtrs or Faes, because she's probably going to be freaking everywhere during bonus seasons. Meanwhile, I'll be preparing my anus for the new layer of Hell that will inevitably be her Abyssal Legendary Hero Battle.
  11. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Oof. The majority of this banner does not impress me. C!Fae: Had we not already had M!Grima for ages and Surtr recently, I imagine she'd be a lot more impressive, but as it stands both of them do her designated walling job way better. If you have either of them, C!Fae is just SI fodder unless you're playing favorites. C!Ephraim: +10 Atk/Def on command looks threatening on paper, until you realize that it's only active if he's not beside an ally, which runs contradictory to everything you'd want to do with armors. Armor March and Guidance do C!Ephraim no favors because they disable his main gimmick, but leaving him with 1 MOV means he will get clowned on by every hit-and-run tactic ever. If you're not running him alongside an ally with Shove or Smite, he's just a festive sandbag. C!Eirika: The only cool thing to come out of this banner. Aside from being our first ever armored staff unit (which means full armor teams finally have a healer), she also gets base skills that buff your strongest unit, and unlike Tactics buffbots she doesn't need to worry about positioning unless she needs to pop Restore+. This is very powerful for teams that are built around a single strong unit.
  12. Legendary Hero Battle: Hrid

    I suppose that's one way to circumvent Gjöll's effect. @Landmaster @mampfoid Meanwhile, he's my shameful clear. Shoutouts to the Lucius who died for this. To sum it up: FUCK. THIS. MAP. This is the second Abyssal that has sent me running for a guide (special thanks to PM1), though in this case I only needed to see one thing before puzzling out the rest: that Hríd was in range of Savage Pain. His Panic Ploy not only gave him another debuff to proc Gjöll's effect, but it also screwed up a lot of match-ups due to inverting Titania's buffs, leading to a lot of stupid deaths, so eventually I bit the bullet and the feathers and gave Veronica the cancer tools. I'm convinced knocking out Panic Ploy with AOE spam is the only way to do this map defensively, because goddamn. The biggest problems by far were the two Green Mages, especially the cavalier who has effective damage on three of my units which almost made me consider building a new team. Fortunately I discovered a weird thing where moving Titania to the left at the beginning causes the Green Cavalier to go around the ice instead of across it??? I'm really not sure why, but it got me the win. Once Hríd's Panic Ploy was broken and F!Grima could deal with him and the Green Mages, the map suddenly became a lot easier now that I had a corner to avoid all the Ploys.
  13. Legendary Hero Battle: Lucina

    No plans to pull for it currently. I'd much rather have Rally Up Spd+ exist instead.
  14. Legendary Hero Battle: Lucina

    @mampfoid Whoops, Forging Bonds messed with my accessories. This one was painful, poor F!Grima got thrown around like a rag doll. There was way more ranged damage than I was expecting, especially from Lucina; that Thögn bow is awful to attacked with. While I did discover that F!Grima could avoid getting doubled with every single Speed buff active, every attempt ended either with F!Grima not having the HP to take one hit, or B!Ninian getting sniped by the Bow Cavalier for trying to use Wings of Mercy to help her. Eventually I managed to get out of Lucina's Future Vision snipe range and nuked her on sight, fortunately she was the last major threat left on the map by that point. Raven is underused and you are cool as hell for making him work without needing the Shield Pulse/Pavise combo.
  15. Legendary Hero Battle (Storm): Ryoma

    Guess I'll kick off the thread revival this time. @mampfoid No chances to flex on enemies this time. But you get to see F!Grima be a boss. Not much to say about this one, really. The only real problem was the Bow Fighter that kept picking off B!Ninian, so I had to slot in Drive Atk so F!Grima could oneround him. After he was gone, it was just a matter of keeping Ryoma debuffed on approach so F!Grima could just beast through everything.