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  1. Legendary Hero Battle - Eirika: Graceful Resolve

    @mampfoid SO MUCH EVERYTHING This was easily the hardest Abyssal map I've done so far. The enemies of pretty much every variety really put the roundedness of my team to the test, and I had to get really creative with positioning. The biggest pain in the neck was the Axe Cavalier with Lunge who kept pulling F!Grima into Eirika's range, and the damage output of F!Grima herself became a detriment when the only thing blocking said Axe Cavalier was the Axe Knight with Wary Fighter who I had to purposely avoid killing until I could land a hit on Eirika. Especially frustrating was that Eirika would survive the Growing Wind bomb with 1 HP until I remembered I had a Drive Atk seal, but after correcting that and erasing the pseudo-Black Luna threat, F!Grima could freely tank the remaining enemies. The last headache was the Thief at the end with Iceberg who happened to stand in just the right place to hit people other than F!Grima with his nuke, but once I remember B!Ninian could warp and finish off his friend, everyone else was free to rush him down.
  2. Legendary Hero Battle Across the Plains: Lyn

    Sure is windy today... This took me more tries than I care to admit. Most of my attempts to kill Lyn either ended in Grima getting dogpiled and taking just a little too much damage, or having to eat two hits from Lyn followed by one of that rude Blue Mage and Red Cavalier. Fortunately I managed to make Lyn do something dumb and run all the way to the back of the map because she only had one good Rally target, and while she was running around I played it safe on the island, picking off enemies as they came. Once all the ranged units were gone, Lyn posed no threat as long as I kept Grima's Spd up.
  3. Aversa's attempted coup against Grima didn't go very well. She killed more than half her forces along with Aversa herself. Harder than I make it sound: Aversa isn't a threat if her target doesn't get tagged by her debuffs, but the map still had some sticking points in the form of the Lance Knight (who has Panic Ploy and starts across from the ideal flier tank spot) and the Axe Flier (who has Aerobatics to get the drop on you, mostly by warping to the Blue Cavalier).
  4. This cannot be stressed enough. An HP-stacked Aversa completely shits on all the units flooding out of the enemy fortress the second they spawn. Anyone who loves Grand Conquest's rewards but hates Grand Conquests itself needs to promote Aversa and equip her special tome right away, it's very worth it!
  5. I've been experimenting to see how high Loki's HP can go with her base kit, an HP boon, and the resources I personally have available. The answer is 60 if she is fielded with F!Grima and L!Ike with an Earth Blessing. I then decided to dreamcraft and see how high far she could go with things I either don't have or won't change: L!Tiki as Legendary #3 (it'd make a viable team even!), Summoner Support, Arena bonus, and 10 merges... ...And this abomination was the result. It's the Cleric from Abyssal Marth all over again, but even worse and under player control.
  6. This banner actually makes me kinda mad because of C Infantry Duel. Yes, it's going to enable healers in Arena to chip out enemies for easy bonus unit kills, but at the same time it sends the message, "No, we're not removing the bonus unit kill system. You will use it and you will like it." Polished poop is still poop. The bonus unit kills don't need to be cheesed or fixed, they need to stop existing. Rant aside, nothing on the banner really interests me except for, despite the above, Loki because I'm a sucker for gimmicky support weapons. I'm not sure I'd ever use Kliff or Owain for anything but skill fodder; Owain in particular would've been really threatening if only he'd come out before the 2nd Halloween banner with all the Guard weapons.
  7. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    This BHB was a weird one. Not hard, just... oddly designed. The biggest threat on the map (Ephraim) has two mountains on either side of his spawn point, so if you go around the mountains you can just tank all the other enemies, Myrrh included, and just deal with Ephraim last and not have to worry about Flame Siegmund's effect. Also F!Grima with Growing Wind oneshotted Ephraim on his defense tile, whoops.
  8. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    +HP/-Spd H!Myrrh dropped into my lap this morning and I have begun to have terrible, terrible ideas. She hits 60+ Atk, Def and Res with all the buffs up. Bonfire adds up to 32 damage and procs every combat. This should be fucking illegal.
  9. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    F!Grima continues to prove her 3 merges and Summoner Support were the right choice. She managed to kill Xander and the Green Cav with 1 HP left, having to dodge buffs until their Panic Ploying asses were gone. She then resumed horridly, bloodily murdering everything as usual (except for the Sword Fighter, who was distracted by Groom Marth). I was actually dreading this map on Abyssal because I hated Xander's Panic Ploy on Infernal and remembered that the Green Cavalier started beside him for buffing reasons, just begging to get a Panic Ploy seal himself to hit both lanes of my spawn. Lo and behold, that's exactly what happened. Thank god F!Grima is a (literal) boss.
  10. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    Fun fact: for anyone here who rolled Laegjarn, Michalis happens to start with Fortify and Hone to fuel Níu. With a Fortify buff to Laegjarn herself, she can kick Michalis' teeth in and solo the entire map.
  11. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    @mampfoid All I needed to do was separate Michalis from his flier blob, but it ended up as this convoluted mess. This took me less attempts than Abyssal Ursula thanks to this team having pretty much all the Skill Inheritance it ever needs, but there were more than a few close calls. The worst part was that F!Grima could just barely NOT tank Michalis' Blazing Thunder nuke at the start of the map because of that one jerk with Hone Fliers, so most of my time was spent figuring out how to separate the two - fortunately Bridal Ninian was tasty bait. The second worst part was figuring out how to kill the Lance Flier and the Sword Flier at the same time, which required me to charge Groom Marth's Ignis just a bit (hence why I let him harass the Lance Flier early on) and give B!Ninian a Speed seal. Once they were out of the way, F!Grima could tank Michalis and clean up.
  12. Four-Fanged Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd

    From the hardest Abyssal GHB so far to the easiest so far. F!Grima Repositioned everyone across the river and bottlenecked everyone on the wrong side of the map. This map was not designed with Fliers in mind.
  13. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    That Flashing Blade Thief can go die in a Bonfire. Easily the most slapdash clear I've done. I found this Abyssal harder than Narcian and Navarre by far, but it took me less attempts to figure out. The biggest problem was - surprise, surprise - the Flashing Blade Thief, throwing Poison Daggers and 41 Res Iceberg nukes constantly from behind his friends. It was less about surviving the onslaught of Cavalry and more just trying to push through them all so I could Chill Atk the asshole before he cherry-tapped someone to death. The rest of it was kiting him into position so I could gank him, but that apparently wasn't necessary since Laegjarn's tactic-boosted Bonfire was enough to cleave the fucker in two after all his Fury damage.
  14. Grand Hero Battle: Navarre

    I needed to show a friend how I cleared it, so you guys can have it too. Navarre having all that Enemy Phase Res is rude as heck, though it's probably there to prevent exactly what I was going to do to kill him. Fortunately AOEs don't care about combat buffs and weakened him enough for Blarblade to kill him anyway.