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  1. Are there any characters with playstyles you would consider "unique" (in comparison to other warriors games, or other characters in this game)
  2. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    If mole Medeus and slime monster Duma were added my life would be complete
  3. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    There are a few heroes I'd want as a legendary, but none of them are actually likely. So I'll just choose the one I want the most. I'd want to have Olwen as a legendary hero. Rather than being a halfway decent daimthunder user, she would be equipped with her blessed sword, and maybe dismounted to differentiate her from normal Olwen.
  4. Which types of villains do you prefer?

    I guess I was being a bit too broad when I said sympathetic villains are better. I have a bias towards villains I deem sympathetic, like Lyon. However, villains don't need to be sympathetic to be good. As I previously stated, a good quality of villains is to push you further, and Psychopathic villains can be a great means to do this. BUT Psychopathic villains who aren't just there for the hell of it and have an actual reason for their actions, and exist for a reason are pretty great. thATS WHY PeRI suCKs
  5. Which types of villains do you prefer?

    I'm not sure that's what they're meant to be. In my eyes, villains are meant to push you to go further through their actions. They should be obstacles, but still be real characters.
  6. She's not Peri level, but she's still pretty bad. Faye doesn't really have anything to her other than being infatuated with Alm. There's not much more to her than what's on the surface, and the small amount of supports don't help.
  7. Which types of villains do you prefer?

    In my opinion, the moral gray is what makes a fire emblem game. So personally, I think sympathetic villains are better. It makes me feel actual emotions, rather than just killing them without a second thought.