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  1. Fire Emblem Fates Challenge Runs

    Nohrian Exependables Run - Conquest Lunatic using captured units (generics, captured bosses, Azura, Corrin, Niles) I chose Lunatic because there are an insane amount of enemies with great skill sets.
  2. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Nina's Paralogue was pretty fun IMO. The General/Knight in the central room comes with Wary Fighter, Inspiration, and Armored Blow (a nasty skill set). Shining Bow on Niles helps if you have it, and it will also help with the Warding Blow Generals in Chapter 18
  3. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Just recruited Forest and Nina last night and caught some real good ones: a Paladin with Trample, Hero with Darting Blow, and a General w/ Inspiration, Armored Blow, and Wary Fighter. And the bases are quite nice. Max weapon ranks to boot. Gazak's a monster. Bases are insane. And he has Certain Blow, which is deadly when combined with Gamble, Beserker Crit Bonus, and Great Club/Killer Axe. And he has Pavise cuz sure, why not?
  4. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Tough break on Kumagera but I do understand the reasoning to killing him and not risking Niles. Niles is so important to your team for his utility and ability to capture. Don't worry there are so many cool enemies to capture in the game, so missing out on Kuma isn't a total loss. Some of my main prisoner units include: an Adventurer with Seal Str and Def (Ch. 16), Master Ninja with Move+1, Grisly Wound (Ch 17), and a General with Warding Blow (Ch. 18). They're actually pretty safe to capture.
  5. And Elise, who is my OTP for Odin, best fits the role of Lily (her personal skill is called Lilly's Poise). And while we're at it . . . Ted: Leo, who is pragmatic and intelligent like Ted Barney: Laslow (though you could make an argument for Niles if you want Leo and his retainers together. Barney does have some Niles-ish tendencies) Marshall: Odin Robin: Selena (?), could be revised but mainly put in to bring the Awakening Crew together. Robin to me is a less-bitchy Selena Wow, this sounds like a terrible parody/AU fanfic. Though I am surprised that the Fates cast parallels the HIMYM cast better than I originally thought.
  6. No at all! If anything, Odin is more like Marshall and Laslow like Barney.
  7. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Yea same here. I wish you could also capture Kotaro who would outshine Haitaka and Kumagera, already awesome units in their own right. He has a nasty skill set on Lunatic plus S-rank in shurikens and B-rank in swords. Paralogue bosses are awesome as well. Gazak has insanely good bases and great unique skills. Same can be said for Zhara. Senno though is a mediocre unit. But the lack of captured bosses is offset by the sheer amount of cool generic units you can kidnap.
  8. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    The main thing you have to worry about is the shrine maiden next to him with an Entrap Staff. I would take her out first and bait out the archers, before advancing to capture him (Leo w/ pairup works well). Kumagera has Countermagic so be careful when attacking him with mages or Shining Bow. I'm using him on my current playthrough and he is a beast. His base magic is decent enough where he can use tomes for decent damage. And at Level 5 he gets Death Blow which pairs well with Mjollnir and Killer Axe. He can even use Great Club effectively because he has Certain Blow. A can't miss unit IMO.
  9. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    That's fair. He's a pretty tough capture. And you do get better wyvern options later on in the game. In Chapter 14, you can capture the boss Kumagera, an Oni-chieftain who really kicks some serious ass. There's also a couple generics hanging around who aren't too dangerous to catch and come with some decent skills.
  10. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Great job on Chapter 12. Chapter 13 is no cakewalk. Hope Azura survives! When you fight Scarlet there is a Wyvern Rider with Quick Draw if you want to capture a generic wyvern with a unique skill. If that one is too difficult, some show up as reinforcements in the northwest after you engage Scarlet. Goofus and Gallant FTW!
  11. Only for class change access. A+ units will only get bonuses of an A support.
  12. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    I've always been RNG screwed in the past with him so he's always been relegated to pairup fodder, which he does do a good job at. Both his class options give good bonuses depending on what you need. But yeah, I think it's about high time I try out NosTank Odin and see what all the fuss is about. I have heard some good things about him. I think Nosferatu works better on the enemy's turn and pairs well with Vantage which Odin has access to.
  13. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    As @LordFrigid pointed out, a level 1 prison can hold 2 units. So you can capture both the Ninja and Samurai assuming you don't have anyone else in the prison currently. The Ninja isn't as tough to capture but the Samurai in the center room is a bit more difficult, especially if he lunges you off your position and puts you into the range of the LoD Samurai and the Malefic Aura Diviner. On my first Lunatic game I played this map super conservatively by having my whole team go room by room. If your Effie is strong enough she can potentially one man the left site (or at least the archer room) with a Javelin and Arthur backpack. It worked out okay on Hard Mode but not sure how it fares on Lunatic. She might need additional help. I actually found Azama's room the most difficult, but Niles handles the diviners quite well thanks to his high res (even with the WT disadvantage and hexing rod debuff). It's just that archer he needs to worry about. I think you got this! :) Curious to see what you do.
  14. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Wow this is a really awesome and entertaining playthrough. Chapter 10 is always a b*tch and you handled it like a champ. Haitaka is one of my favorite characters and I so wish he could form supports with your team. There's a really cool thread on the Fates section that lists a whole bunch of units you can capture. Chapter 11 has two really good ones: a Samurai w/ Lunge and Armored Blow (center room), and a Ninja w/ Seal Speed (Rinka's room). I remember running into them on my first Conquest Lunatic playthrough but never captured them. They seem like some handy units. Plus the character portraits are very well done.
  15. Skill Ideas Thread

    Oooh this looks fun! Haven't decided whether they'd be personal or class skills, but I'm leaning toward personal. Breaking and Entering (B n' E) - Allow a second turn after unlocking a chest or door at the cost of -1 to all stats (incl movement) for that additional turn. Can't get another turn if the second turn is used on a door or chest. Golden Aura - The unit also receives the benefits from aura skills he/she has equipped Pugilist's Paradise - Neither this unit nor the engaged enemy can perform criticals or offensive skills