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  1. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    This is basically the layout of my own prisoner run. Rules are based of what other players did and some are my own added stipulations. Logbook was not used. Rules and Preparation: - Lunatic Difficulty, Non-Ironman - The only story units allowed are Corrin, Niles, and Azura. Other story units can be used on their join chapter, but must be benched afterwards IF prisoners can fill deployment slots. - The prison must be built after Chapter 8. The roster must increase at a rate of 2 prisoners per chapter until all deployment slots are occupied by only prisoners and the Big 3. Chapter 13 should be the first Chapter with where this takes effect. And suffice to say this chapter sucks really hard. - No DLC Classes/Skills allowed (sorry Aether). - Skill buying for Corrin and Niles is not allowed. - But skill buying for Azura is okay since I want to keep her as a dancer at all times. I will limit the allowable skills to the troubadour and sky knight class lines. She will also be the only unit entitled to the Boots. - Castle visits for shops/armory/forging/resources are fine. Visitor reward items are as well. - DLC Maps are okay for the purposes of support grinding. Gen 1 units can be support-grinded if their child provides a paralogue with capturable enemies. Boo Camp and Ghostly Gold are permissible if you really hit a wall. (My Boon/Bane and marriage choices. Yours may vary) - I used a +Mag/-Luck Male Corrin with Diviner Talent. He married Nyx for the dark mage class line. - Niles married Mozu for the archer class line. It is quite the challenge but still very fun! Probably the most fun I had playing Fates. Rules aren't set in stone. Feel free to tweak some or add your own, whatever gives you the most entertaining experience!
  2. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    These guys were caught during an all prisoner Lunatic Conquest game. And yeah . . . I probably wouldn't recommend it for you. No max stat or broken units allowed
  3. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Chapter 23 is in my opinion the chapter with best recruitable prisoner units. Everyone already knows about Rallyman, but there are so many more others worth getting. These were the six I caught on my prisoner run (I caught Rallyman on my first Lunatic). I'll group them together by location for easy reference: Welcoming Committee Spear Master AND Basara with Lunge, Duelist Blow - Decent PP attackers that can breach formations and seal enemies with Javelin/Tomes Hinata's Squad (Amaterasu Brother #1) Spear Master w/ Amaterasu, Rally Luck, Rally Magic, Rally Res - Rally Man who? Works great with mages and low Res units. Healing utility just in case you weren't impressed with the rallies. (Amaterasu Brother #2) Spear Master w/ Amaterasu, Rally Strength, Rally Skill, Rally Speed - Same as above but with better rallies IMO. If only we had a Spear Master with Rally Defense . . . wait . . . Spear Master w/ Quick Draw, Seal Defense, Duelist Blow - Solid PP skills that stack well with Lancefaire. Seals the crap out of anyone he doesn't kill Sniper w/ Life and Death - Finally a unit that can use LD! +19 Damage after 4 Level-Ups? Yes Please! Wall Guards Basara w/ Armored Blow - Pretty versatile guy that can now deal with all types of baddies Good Luck On Chapter 23!
  4. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Great Job Capturing these guys! As units they're pretty strong. Wary Fighter alone makes them great, but Warding blow on top of that makes them dominate the player phase especially after they learn Armored Blow at Lv 15. With Wary Fighter and automatic A-rank in lances they work very well with Brave Lance since their high base DEF can cushion the penalty Brave Lance gives.
  5. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Good catch on Zhara. He's got a pretty good set though not as good as Gazak's. Captured units in paralogues are a bit tricky. On Lunatic I wait to do certain Paralogues until the enemies are promoted (Forrest's, Nina's, Soleil's, Ophelia's, Percy's). That way I get them at maxed rank for their secondary weapons. If they are captured unprompted only their primary weapon rank is maxed, and when they do promote via master seal their secondary weapon starts at E-rank. In the case of Zhara if he's captured as a Mercenary he will start with E-rank in Axes when he Master Seals. Whereas if he was captured as a Hero he would come with Max rank in Axes, which for Hero is B-rank. Not really a dealbreaker, but saves loads of time with that dreaded weapon grind.
  6. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Aww kinda bummed you didn't pick Shura for the Ninja R**e Cave. They have a pretty epic battle conversation. I so wish you could capture Kotaro :( Only enemies worth capturing in Chapter 18 are the Generals guarding the Hoshidan Siblings. They have Wary Fighter AND Warding Blow, and their stats are a little bit stronger than the other generic generals on the map. Like Kazuki from Chapter 17, these dudes are really awesome prisoner units. Shouldn't be a difficult capture since you can wait till you have most the map cleared out before fighting them. Pretty boilerplate on how to take these guys out: whittle them down with Armorslayer/Hammer and Niles swoop in and capture with Shining Bow (my Niles did 0 damage to them with any other bow). Mine turned out to be named Otto. Big Otto as I like to call him!
  7. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Awesome job, Rezzy! For a captured generic he's not too shabby (let me know what his name is once you recruit him), plus you can never have too many ninjas. Grisly Wound + Poison Strike is just too nasty. And Movement +1 is a great skill on a utility/range attacker unit.
  8. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Glad you caught this guy (the one with Grisly Wound AND Movement+1 in the treasure room, right?). He's doing pretty well on my prisoner playthrough. Master Ninja is just a great class overall and the unique skills he has really compliments the ninja class tree.
  9. Fire Emblem Fates Challenge Runs

    Nohrian Exependables Run - Conquest Lunatic using captured units (generics, captured bosses, Azura, Corrin, Niles) I chose Lunatic because there are an insane amount of enemies with great skill sets.
  10. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Nina's Paralogue was pretty fun IMO. The General/Knight in the central room comes with Wary Fighter, Inspiration, and Armored Blow (a nasty skill set). Shining Bow on Niles helps if you have it, and it will also help with the Warding Blow Generals in Chapter 18
  11. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Just recruited Forest and Nina last night and caught some real good ones: a Paladin with Trample, Hero with Darting Blow, and a General w/ Inspiration, Armored Blow, and Wary Fighter. And the bases are quite nice. Max weapon ranks to boot. Gazak's a monster. Bases are insane. And he has Certain Blow, which is deadly when combined with Gamble, Beserker Crit Bonus, and Great Club/Killer Axe. And he has Pavise cuz sure, why not?
  12. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Tough break on Kumagera but I do understand the reasoning to killing him and not risking Niles. Niles is so important to your team for his utility and ability to capture. Don't worry there are so many cool enemies to capture in the game, so missing out on Kuma isn't a total loss. Some of my main prisoner units include: an Adventurer with Seal Str and Def (Ch. 16), Master Ninja with Move+1, Grisly Wound (Ch 17), and a General with Warding Blow (Ch. 18). They're actually pretty safe to capture.
  13. And Elise, who is my OTP for Odin, best fits the role of Lily (her personal skill is called Lilly's Poise). And while we're at it . . . Ted: Leo, who is pragmatic and intelligent like Ted Barney: Laslow (though you could make an argument for Niles if you want Leo and his retainers together. Barney does have some Niles-ish tendencies) Marshall: Odin Robin: Selena (?), could be revised but mainly put in to bring the Awakening Crew together. Robin to me is a less-bitchy Selena Wow, this sounds like a terrible parody/AU fanfic. Though I am surprised that the Fates cast parallels the HIMYM cast better than I originally thought.
  14. No at all! If anything, Odin is more like Marshall and Laslow like Barney.
  15. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Yea same here. I wish you could also capture Kotaro who would outshine Haitaka and Kumagera, already awesome units in their own right. He has a nasty skill set on Lunatic plus S-rank in shurikens and B-rank in swords. Paralogue bosses are awesome as well. Gazak has insanely good bases and great unique skills. Same can be said for Zhara. Senno though is a mediocre unit. But the lack of captured bosses is offset by the sheer amount of cool generic units you can kidnap.