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  1. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    My AA Score is low (under 5000), but nothing i can do about this until i get my last +10. lost 1 unit. (thanks, useless Ryoma) - but everyone else did their job well. Arena - deathless run (didn't feed Sharena a lot of kills, more concentrating on going deathless but she did manage some impressive hits, did not regret giving her Rutget's Atk/Def bond, nope, nope nope), and i scored a 517, so hopefully that gets me back to 20. next two weeks are Anna weeks and as I only have a Genny, i'm prepared to go back down to 18 and make my way back up. Good luck everyone else.
  2. Aether Raids General Thread

    did two battles, secured my spot in tier 20 - so now it's just trying to eat the -80 loss i will have every morning, to try to hover at 20. this mode sucks so much, just let me get into 21 and i won't have to give a single thought to this anymore.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    i had one red stone, and I was like, Flora? nope. no flora. only Hinata. Extra Fury - but Cain would have been SO much nicer right about now. as would Caedas and Firs.
  4. Tempest Trials+: Taste of Spring! (SPOILERS!)

    hmmm. I'll keep the 5* one (per usual), but i actually might kill the 4* one for Robin. (I am probably never getting a Rahjat so i was building a budget one with Robin).
  5. Official Pull Topic

    ooh don't you love it when someone is +their most dumpable stat? He's so hard to get i know so many people who struggle for fishing for him, and usually when he does show up, he's either minus spd, or minus atk. i know theoretically, Fury fixes that, (especially if budget-wise you give him renewal + renewal from his falchion) - but still would really like to have another Alm just so i can justify giving him expensive toys Got an itunes card, so i got some orbs Went Fishing for Kliff - Got Lancina (so I am officially 1 Lucina short from Lucy Emblem - that is Buncina, and I don't want her (or rather, Xander) that badly - I really wanted Genny, and out she came (bless) without having to touch into my actual orb stash. basically "neutral" for Genny - +res/-hp, my first Wrathful Healer was Genny Prime, so it makes sense my first Wrathful Cav is Genny on a Horse now i (try to be patient) for a Flying Olivia Banner/Free Pull, Myrrh Banner, or a Veronica/Maribelle banner. , (Or just continue saving until June) (pls let me be able to skip brides).
  6. Official Pull Topic

    hahaha he wanted to be the inverse of my brave celica +atk/-spd if swift sparrow wasn't so hard to get - I'd just give him swift sparrow and be done with it. I'd probably do Fury and Mystic Boost if I had more merges in him (but if i had merges in him he wouldn't Need Fury, would he.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    that was my Hope No Alms. he's doomed to be -atk forever.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    yah. 8 months of Grima - NO Grima. (to be fair. i wasn't super active back then, but that's not the point tee. heee). Yah - I know that is most people's reasons for doing it. So i wish everyone good luck in it. I know for me, I i barely care about AR to begin with and all of this manipulation to try to be better irks me, so i figure if i HAPPEN to get one - yay but i'm not going to kill myself to get one simply to do better in AR - unless it's A: a unit i love and B: it's a unit that will really help me get better in the overall game. but i shall cheer you and everyone on come May (that is, if it's even an astra hero)
  9. Tempest Trials+: Taste of Spring! (SPOILERS!)

    My team is probably going to be Alm, Faye, Nohrzura, and Elise (for healing) I know most of you guys use units not capped out (thankfully these aren't, elise/ nohrzura will be if they live long) but i just wanna make my life easier and get to top 1K relatively stress free and this means using my team that tends to survive (thus the maxed out units). funnily when I saw the trial units, i totally bypassed Alm and went I HAVE A FAYE!! - then it was like 2-3 beats "oh I also have alm" (still wish he wasn't -atk (sob) )
  10. Official Pull Topic

    oooh Lukas!! (he's my favourite too) good luck saving for Mythic. (sigh) i have to keep waiting until June for Grima. (I'm not going for Astra unless it's a unit i like. I'm fine being middle of the road for AR). I had to talk myself out of Genny (sob). I hope she's kind to me when she's on Legendary
  11. Official Pull Topic

    I'd love some extra Toasty Skewers for Sakura (she'll actually go TOASTY and hit you with marshmallows!) but i am HOPING there will be a Maribelle/Veronica banner soon. (sigh). pls game? PLS GAME? PLS. GAME?! (also bring me Flying Olivia kthnxbye) congrats on your Flora. +atk to boot!
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Speed Tactic is only on Lyn It could become a seal but i guess we'll see.I was just offering another option. Congrats on Lukas. My free circle had no colourless, because of course game knows i wanted a Genny. Free Pull was a Seigbert (completely neutral). so... yay for Random 5*. ( wish you were Flying Livvy instead since she's like never going to have a banner). but he's like automatically my best sword cav on the fact that he's not -atk. haha
  13. Official Pull Topic

    3 in 100 is great but sorry no focus units. :( (I think -if it were me I'd kill Ylgr for Speed Tactic over Sorcery - but that's only really if you use mixed teams. MIne is instantly dying once i start cultivating a tactics team)
  14. not sure. i mean i know (for me) if I get Lukas I'm glad, because i can HM farm him, and scalp him so fast for the lance, without being sad that i am giving up a fighter skill (which is why so many armours still live in my barracks). (OG Lukas would get the lance).