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  1. Thanks :) I know i was v. proud. the thing was i thought i could bait the arrows, but something kept happening and Myrrh kept getting killed by either Narcian (or the arrows) hence the constant, chip, fly, chip, attack procedure. (I feel when my permanent fly squad is done - they will be more able to take hits, and i can be a bit more aggressive). - though I don't mind this way too because it also helps me learn AI movement, whom chases who, etc (though if i REMEMBER is a different story). since Sakura did most of the work, she gets to pretend she's Marth :D thanks! :) they really are. Sakura makes it up (a LOT) that i don't have Mia. i have a feeling that a flying healer will become permanent soon, RIP my orbs if that's possible (though just like SY Tiki if i had to vote one in permanently, Sakura would win). NInian is already +spd, so i was thinking atk +3 to help her atk (she can't hit anything harder than a pillow). it's a running joke - i LOATHE Fury 3 lol but it could help). It drives me nuts that i missed out on Hrid's sweet hone atk 4 (LAzura would looveee that) thanks mampf :) (I know. you are the one round OHKO :D )
  2. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    my hope truly - Velouria drops.
  3. @mcsilas, @Nanima, @Robert of Normandy, @Usana, @Zeo, @mampfoid, @Azuris, @Alkaid I don't know why I woke up this morning and said. "hey you know what. Let's try to do an Abyssal map." I wanted to try with a team - that is gonna tackle the LHB's this month/next month - but the mountains were proving to be a challenge. thus - per usual - we were going w/FlySquad. The issue was, who does what - while Myrrrh can eat the world, she was having a LOT of issues with this one (making me think she 100 percent needs QR3.). i probably could have used Cherche (and might try later see what happens), but i was determined to use this version of FlySquad. Today's Squadron: Trusty Bridal Ninian: +spd/-hp, and still A slot less (I need more Roys for Triangle Adapt, I'm thinking that's clearly the right choice, if not DB3) NY!Gunnthra - I wanted to use someone - not Elincia (though i think elincia would have made things a bit easier too) - at +hp/-res (her +spd merge hasn't happened yet) Myrrhbaby at +2 (and working with Summoners Support) - +def and. Flying Sakura +atk/-def. - who put in a lot of work in. (I love gravity on her). Enjoy!!
  4. Official Pull Topic

    @mcsilas ooh see that is so the danger of me and getting more HInokas. I've invested in my basic neutral one. so if i luck out and get more (during legendary/rerun because i'll save up), do I merge (at first) do i fodder them off for Air Orders. (which is a FUN little skill) do i give the buckets to a +10 Dagger Unit (Helooooooo, Kagero, pls get a PRF soon). it would have made life easier had game just given me +atk Or +spd/-def and made my life easier LOL @Alastor15243 Hardin is good :)
  5. Find & Vote sheet and analysis

    as i love them both. i'm more sad people didn't want SY Tiki (who is awesome) over Myrrh (who is awesome but she's armour) :(
  6. Official Pull Topic

    i didn't comment on this. this sounds like me - and how i spent. way way too much money trying to get Myrrh and Mia on halloween. and i snagged a Myrrh but no Mia and it was just like. holy crap i spent this much for Myrrh (whom i i love and adore and use her all the time) but it just puts this big pit in your stomach of "did i really do this?" I also have a big Valentine Lyn hole in my armour team but my orbs are earmarked for other things so i hope she really gets a re-repeat or that's a bummer no Lyn for moi. but i just wanted to say - i get it. I also. don't mind getting packs when i need to try even if it's a nope - didn't happen - IF it works within my budget. (and ideally i get either a good break, or great fodder/unit i am building) but i totally get what you went through. it seriously does. like. i got to 6.25 before i got buckets, and i mean - at this point i'm glad she was basically neutral, i can figure out how to give her better atk/spd buffs (why do i feel 'swift sparrow" is the answer - right now she's okay with Legault's "swift strike" and "the cleaner" but ideally as a Dragon slayer she needs to be fast or she needs to hit hard. but no way would i go in now. not with everyone's horror stories. my hope is she has a great green duet on Legendary and i score some more - but i'd also want to scalp her for air orders....)
  7. Official Pull Topic

    ooooofffff. This banner for you reminds me of the Halloween Banner. you will not believe how high my rates got several times w/o getting Mia. i truly truly feel for you Nanima. I also get that feeling of hating the unit that did come because you had such bad luck. I didn't really use myrrh or some of my pity breaks from that banner for a while, but then you start and it's like okay - but you always have that cloud that is so not fair :( Seriously. and honestly, While I'd still like a Mia i know Sakura is better, and i just have this feeling that the next flying healer is gonna be like Legendary Elincia or something. for whom, I'd whale for. this game. it knows. the next few banners are gonna be so tough... especially if i don't get free pull Azura :( omg yay!! :) i was tempted to go for Ike. I have an Amelia who would adore his entire kit LOL
  8. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    Thanks Nanima! no worries :) this is what happens when you are popular!! mcsilas can't tag still - but those were great clears, the Minerva emblem was my favourite (I might have to use some grails/feathers to use him. he's been popping up a lot!
  9. Official Pull Topic

    sorry that you didn't get who you wanted, but OMG. the Jealous. I'd love more Sylvia's, KIll to have a Celica and Flying Olivia. I hope she gets a banner soon, she keeps avoiding me way to go! :) I hope you can hold on to get Mist :)
  10. again. I just feel that it can be simple as this. split the pool. One banner has 1/2 the pool. the other banner has the other half. Legendary has everyone (or can continue to have half the pool, or the pool that has the best fodder or something) or. just have more 3-4 star banners. while i save, I would save some orbs for that kind of banner.
  11. Bunmer summer tiki didn't win YAH MYRRH! Pls free summon Azura. haha Lyn. surprised but i like her so. that's cool
  12. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo OOOH LUCKY (she is a No go for me.. which is a bummer. but.. bigger fishes to fry)
  13. Tempest Trials+: Greil's Request (Feb 9th)

    i had a score of 135,something and i was top 5K. it's such a slog after a while, but it was worth it getting 8000 feathers :)
  14. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    I will probably figure this out with FlySquad - I have no doubt they can handle it. but I was determined to give myself a little bit of a challenge, and use MagicSquad instead. and by that,, I mean, instead of using Myrrh to solve the problem, I decided to use Ophelia to solve the problem. Ahh. Bless Nukes. For Hard and Lunatic, I used Tharja as the cheerleader/debuffer/buffer for Ophelia, but it simply was not working - because of the cool new C skill of Air Orders. So, i had to run another Dancer. (so. yes. ;) my goal of not running dancers... not today!) MagicSquad was: HS!Micaiah - +Atk/-Res Lewyn +def/-res Ophelia +spd and Minizura (neutral) I honestly feel i have to record all my attempts until i get it because i got it after the third try (first time w/Azura) then it took me FOREVER to remember for recording. (so don't be impressed that i didn't need the guide ;) ) i just did it so many times i didn't need it. @Nanima,, @mcsilas, @Landmaster (sorry everyone else. SF decided i can't tag other people)
  15. Official Pull Topic

    One Blue. will i get HInoka?! HAH of course not :( Oboro. and i got Arthur on Cherche's banner what a bunch a phoeeey. @Zeo, congrats on your Ishtar, sorry about the cockblock of Lilina Elincia at +atk should be stupid fun @Diovani Bressan that's my big hope too. i really want Azura.