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  1. [FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.1

    I've found a bug for a while (I'm not sure if it was an older version of the patch) but I hadn't had the chance to report it. So whenever I visit a village from the stage with Lute I can re visit the village infinite times. I don't know if this glitch has already been fixed cause I don't have much time to watch the discussion, but I thought I'd report it.
  2. Glaceo's sprite purgatory

    Wow those sprites are nice!
  3. New FE8 Fan Game Anyone?

    ok sure!
  4. New FE8 Fan Game Anyone?

    Hmmm, that doesn't sound that bad, but why suddenly getting a tendency to seize Grado? I really would love to help with the portraits by the way Even though I'm still at school, I don't have much time ( I will try making an older Ephraim portrait later)
  5. My Ms Paint custom portraits

    Here's an other thing I've been working on. It's a Female Archer
  6. My Ms Paint custom portraits

    Yeah I had that question too before , The thing you've got to do is; -Currently you are a "New Member" you've got to become a "Member" in order to post just comment almost everywhere, after 2-4 days , you should be a member (just try not to spam)
  7. My Ms Paint custom portraits

    Hello everyone, So I have thought of making a thread in which I post my portraits using mouse and Ms Paint.... It's not like I have a drawing tablet or something to make sprites in an other way, but I thought of noting that. If you'd like you could use the portraits but atleast give credit. I will be posting now and then, but not on school days. For now I only have this one portrait, Hope I can make more soon. All Portraits Till Now! I mean... this portrait is decent but atleast I tried.
  8. GFE1R [Generic FE1 Remake]

    I'd love to help with the portraits but... unfortunately I have no time.. So I will help whenever I can.
  9. Fe7 Multi Lord Seizing ?

    Hello, so I've recently found the Multi Lord Seizing hack and I hadn't had the chance to get it, considering all the links are broken. Can anyone give it to me please? -Thanks
  10. Fire Emblem-The Extinguished Blade

    You've done an excellent job on this project, I'm looking forward to the next patch!!!
  11. Questions

    Hello, so I've been making a FE8 hack for a couple of days and I've been having difficulties getting rid of the first cutscenes.(Not the text, the events) The thing is that no matter how much I search, I can't find the addreses to erase them.(By the way, if you could help me, please find a solution in FEBuilder). -Thanks
  12. GFE1R [Generic FE1 Remake]

    As Mage Knight 404 noted before, Stop being a wizard Looks great!!
  13. Stuff you want to see in fire emblem switch

    I have never played any of the newest Fe games like Awakening etc. The only game that I'm excited about, coming for the switch is SSB5
  14. Create an FE Character

    A young girl whose dignity growth rate is 0% I try to be funny but I fail miserably
  15. I made my 1st sprite!

    Ok well then, as I noted before, it's perfect, I love it :D